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At-Tin-Al-Baiyinah Tafsir Al-Baiyinah 1-8

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misshapen rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim surah Filipina

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Susan beginnen was revealed after sort of a fun arc. There is a difference of opinion as to whether the students machir madonie.

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Those who say it's maddening is because in the surah, the Al Khattab I mentioned, the people of the book are mentioned. And also the fact that they disbelieved even after the prophets are about a certain game. And this was mainly were

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in Medina. So this is why there is a difference of opinion with regards to the solar

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image has recorded from Anissa banally that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said to obey even

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Verily Allah has commanded me to recite to you learn the Quran Latina cafaro in Africa.

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Allah has commanded me to recite to you the surah

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obey even carbofuran who said, Allah mentioned me by name to you.

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Allah mentioned me by name, do you he told you to recite the surah to me? And the prophets of Allah said and said yes.

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Imagine so it'll be even gobble up the line who he wept. He cried.

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When he heard that the above mentioned me by name to his prophet that recite the solar to him.

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The solar has one record. It has eight verses 94 words and approximately 400

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim lemmya Camila Dina cafaro mean Adam kitabi while mushrikeen mon fokina, Hector, dia homolka Hina those who disbelieved among the People of the Scripture, and the polytheists were not to be parted from this belief until their came to them clear evidence

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lamea Khan, what does it mean by lamea?

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lamb not yakun it is, it will be meaning this will not happen. He will not do this, who and Medina cafaro. Those people who disbelieved which disbelievers. First of all mean Alan keytab, from the people of the book. And secondly, while mashiki

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who are the people of the book, they are the Jews and the Christians.

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And they have been called fmlp tab. Why? Because they had their scriptures at Delta and the Hindu, when the prophets on aloneness, and it was sent as a messenger. Yes, their scriptures were altered, they were corrupted, they were not in their original form. However, they were still present with them, they followed them they adhere to them, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sent. So this is why the Jews and the Christians, what are they called? As Lupita people of the book

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and the wish the keen Who are they, those people who worship idols,

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whether they are those who worship the stars, or those who worship idols that they have made themselves, or those who are mushrikeen from the bunny, or even any kind of machine, the one who worships other than Allah, Who is he, a Muslim? But you see over here, that Urban keytab and mustachian. I mentioned separately, they're mentioned separately meaning Islam, which again, have not been mentioned.

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What does that show? That? Yes, the keytab technically, in a way they are machine as well how?

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That for example, they worship restarted. So that's obviously should there's no doubt about that.

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However, their case is slightly different from the machine. How?

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How are they slightly different from the machine?

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That they believed in some of the prophets, they believed in some of the books, they have some kind of belief about the angels, they have some kind of belief about the Day of Judgment. They have their belief about Allah subhanaw taala they have some kind of belief about decree?

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Yes, their beliefs are corrupted. However, they do have some kind of belief. But when it comes to the machine, did they believe in the day of judgment? No, they completely rejected.

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Similarly, the prophets of Allah know, the books, the scriptures, no, because they believe in the scriptures and they would believe in at the landingi before the prophets of Allah said, Okay,

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so you see, the point that I'm making over here, is that the Anglo cabina machine, yes, technically, they're all mystic. However, they are dealt with differently, which is why the rulings with regard to their food or with regards to marriage with their women, they are different compared to the rulings which are with the machine and all of these commands we have learned earlier in Silicon Valley.

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Merida in detail.

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salami, Akane, Latina cafaro Minh Adam kitabi well machine

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and why are they called disbelievers from among the People of the Book and then we're seeking Why are they called alladhina cafo. Because who did the disbelieve in the prophets of Allah.

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So Allah says these people, they were not going to do what one fokina they were not once do this join wants to separate, separate wants to detach, detach from what? From their professional. They were not going to stop there go for someone *ing, you can understand this word is daddy King once we leave. So they were never going to leave. They were never going to leave what their ways, their practices, their ship, their Cofer

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until when had that up to home albina until a clear evidence came to them.

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If a clear evidence would come to them, only then they would leave their ways. The machine were so firm upon their ship. The al Qaeda also were so firm upon their religion, they were adhering so firmly to their faith, their religion, and Allah says they were not going to leave it at all. Until when

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a unit came to them until a clear evidence came to them. Only then they were going to leave this is why Allah subhana wa tada sent a banana.

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Now, what's the meaning of the word one for key?

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One for King is the plural of the word one.

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What do you think the root is?

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For calf calf, we have learned earlier for qu raba. And what does that mean,

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to free. So when someone is freed, they're detached. They're separated from where they were before they have left the prison, they have left the place they were in before

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someone 14 wants to leave, wants to rid themselves off wants to separate themselves. So they were never going to leave their ways their ship their Cofer their practices until the beginner came to them.

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Now the question is, what is albena?

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By Hina is a clear evidence, a clear proof. And this is from Diane, and what is beyond me

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to make clear,

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and begginer is that which clarifies the truth,

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that which clarifies the truth. So anything and everything through which the truth becomes clear. through which the truth becomes evident. What is that? By?

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Anything through which the truth becomes clear, that is very you know, which is why the word beginner is also used for evidence, because when you've given evidence, then the truth becomes clear.

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When you don't provide evidence, and the truth is not clear.

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So had that t mobile unit. So in other words, to take the people of the book and the machine out of their false ways for them to leave their false ways what was necessary that Allah would send a buy here.

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Now what is this beginner? Allah describes the beginner.

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What are the soudan mean as a messenger from Allah? So what is the beginner karasuno mean Allah, a messenger from Allah, and who is this messenger referring to?

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the prophets that alone is unknown. And notice the word was who was around his neck era.

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Why is it Nikita? Does it mean any messenger? No, Nikita is also for the purpose of the flame to show talim to show the honor great honor. So a great messenger from Allah. What does it show

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that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was a messenger, a great messenger sent by who? Allah soprano.

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And the word was to learn shows to us that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam deserves respect and honor such respect and honor, which is not deficient meaning it's not that we are falling short in respecting him, which is why we are to follow the commands that Allah subhanaw taala has given with regards to his respect, which are for example, saying for the Allahu alayhi wa sallam every time his name is mentioned.

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Similarly, in sort of hedgerows, we have learned about many other commands,

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but we should not even go to another extreme of Gulu

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Sora sunan he deserves respect.

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And that respect should be without knucks and without all of what does not mean falling short, deficiency and Hello, exceeding the bounds. So the solar minima so he was a messenger sent by Allah. Allah sent him to the world

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worlds the people of the worlds as a machine as an idiot.

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We learned through them this is 79 we're also naturally nasty or sooner we have sent you to the people as a messenger in sort of a con i want about aka lady natural for Kannada AB de Nicola de la la Amina la de la. So asuna minna la yet Lu sur from la hora and this messenger he will recite what surfen that are with the Hata scriptures that are

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now when you read the word Zohar, don't think of it as crawls.

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Think of it as scripture book. And it's not necessary that that scripture is in a book form. Okay, because the Quran when it was revealed to the prophet SAW the Lotus and it wasn't revealed in a book form. No, it wasn't. So So have fun, Mahara. What does it show

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that the responsibility of the messenger was to read the Scripture that was revealed to him,

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read it for himself and also read it to others to the people.

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Why? Because this hold on is a source of guidance. So he was to read it himself. And he was also agreed to do others and serve as a plural of Sahar, which is a plural of Sahiba. I mentioned that you earlier, literally it means sheets, but over here, it's referring to the scripture in the Quran. But the sliver of the Scripture is what is the hora? What does moto hora mean? One that is completely purified and cleanse.

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So how is the Quran completely purified clean, what is it pure from shake, and anything that is evil, anything that is negative, anything that is wrong, the Quran is pure of that.

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So for example, nothing of bad manners, bad etiquette is in the know, in the Quran, we only learned about respect, good o'clock, good manners, good behavior.

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What is right? So everything that is evil to put on is completely pure from that so yet to serve this messenger, he recited a scripture that is completely purified,

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fee her in it, meaning in the scripture in the syrup is what cuttlebone writings that are a Yuma correct? meaning in the Scripture, or writings that are absolutely correct, there is nothing wrong, that is written in the Scripture. kutub is a plural of keytab. And generally we understand the work he does a book. However, keytab does not just mean a book, but it means more to that which is written.

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So it can apply to a book it can apply to a document, it can apply to a piece of writing as well. So over here, if he had quoted one, it doesn't mean that in the Scriptures, there are books No, that doesn't make sense. In the Scripture, that is pure that has been given to the messenger there are writings, meaning the content, what is written in the book, what is written in the Scripture, what is it that the messengers reading? What kind of teachings are there they are Kazuma so Kota refers to the writings, the calm the laws, the revelation, what is it that has been commanded? What is it that has been revealed? What is written in that scripture, that which is a human, a human, we have

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read earlier in certain calf Alhamdulillah, a lady under Allah, Allah Allah who

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have the service by him, what does he mean that which is Mr. Payne, that which is right, proper in itself, that which is more than that, which is free from if rather than the fleet being free from extremes, it is completely balanced? And it is also one that sets right. So it is right in itself? It also sets right it also rectifies it also puts right? And secondly, it's also perfectly balanced.

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So the writings meaning the commands, the laws that are given in the Quran, how are they

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perfect, upright, and they're also a means of Islam. They're also perfectly balanced. So Allah says, if you take it back now to the first ayah, that the disbelievers from the people of the book and the mystery came they were never going to leave their ways until the beginner came to them. A clear evidence came to them. And this clear evidence is who the Messenger of Allah and this messenger of Allah What did he conveyed to the people the Quran and what is the Quran? What is the Quran? Mata Hara kotova Hema, so when this came, it was only then possible

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These people would leave their ways.

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And this is true. If you think about the machine of Makkah, they were an idolatrous nation, and they were drowned in their idolatry, their entire religion, their entire culture, their lifestyle revolved around Schick. Just imagine if in every household, there is an idol, and the center of the city muck, the Kaaba, in that around that our idols, everything you see, is all idols, everything you witness is all shaped. Can you imagine a person giving up all that lifestyle?

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Can you imagine a person giving up that culture that way of life?

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It's only possible when there is a clear evidence in front of him that proves to him that this is wrong. And this messenger what he has brought is right.

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So this is the only reason why a person would leave shirt can go for what the truthfulness of the truthfulness of the messenger.

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What does this show?

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What does it show the truthfulness of the messenger? Because the machine was so lost, they were so engrossed in their ship, for them to come out of it, for them to completely relinquish it for them to completely change their ways. I mean, it's a big deal.

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So the fact that the machine left there with adopted Islam, what does that show the truthfulness of the messenger the truthfulness of the Quran.

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Similarly, the Anunnaki tab, they were also so firm on their ways for them to leave their ways. For example, Herbalife and Santa Samaritan fantasy for them to leave their ways and adopt Islam. I mean, there's got to be something very special about Islam. There's got to be something very obviously true about this religion, about this book about this messenger, that they gave up their ways and they adopted it.

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So you see what is being made as the evidence of the truthfulness of the Quran of the messenger. What the fact that these people left their ways.

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The fact that they completely changed their lifestyle.

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Think about Makkah before and look at it now. Where it was the hub of ship. Now it is the hub of the

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amazing what an amazing change where there were so many wrong things going on. It's like completely revolutionized the entire Arabia completely changed. So Allah says these people were not going to leave their ways, no way they were so firm on their ways that we're never going to want

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to buy here we chose on the messenger it's vegan a clear evidence.

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And this beginner is assuming Allah yet Lucifer Mata hora de Hakuna Kojima.

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So, the fact that these people change, they embraced Islam. This shows that the Quran is Mata Hara kotoba

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perfect teachings, and every person who leaves his waves accepts Islam. And what is that proving? the truthfulness of the book of Allah, the truthfulness of the religion of Allah.

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However, we see that everybody did not accept, everybody did not believe. So for example, from the machine, a Buddha, for example, he didn't accept. Similarly from the people of the book, there were many who did not believe. So Allah says, The farmer can levena Udo kita.

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And the people of the book did not differ will matter for the follow Christ from the phone book to differ amongst one another. So they did not differ. What was the difference amongst the people of the book

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that some believed in the profits of a lot of them while others they did not believe?

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So Allah says, that will matter for the con La Nina Uchida. These people did not differ amongst themselves in their except member, the manager a common beginner until after they had come to them clear evidence. So in other words, before that, they were all united on what? Before the Quran came before the messenger came, they were all united on their false ways.

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After the messenger came after the Quran came, this is when they differed amongst themselves. This is when some became believers and some remained as disbelievers.

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So before the Messenger of Allah, they were together, they were united. How are they united on their ways, and they were in fact waiting for the messenger subtle loveliness and

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they were waiting for him. Instead of 89 we learned what a manager a monkey table men are in the left hand column, Mr. Juan, what can oh man Hello, yesterday Hunan alladhina

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Hello Maria hamato careful that before the Quran came before the messenger came they used to yesterday hoonah Medina couple days to seek victory over who? those who disbelieved How? By praying to Allah, that Allah send that messenger, send that messenger so that we can become victims of this, then we can dominate over here we can become victorious. And this is the reason why the hood had come to Medina and settled over there. This is why they had come over there because they knew they were told that the last messenger is going to come from here. However, when that last messenger came, some believed and others disbelief and those disbelief, they said, Oh, no, no, this person is

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not true. We weren't waiting for any messenger that completely changed, completely changed. And this is why we see that there's so many different opinions amongst them. So all of these differences they came about when,

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after the messenger of a loss of a lot of certainty, because the one who sees the beginner, yet he doesn't accept it, then he has to come up with many false things in order to cover up his mistake. So the beginner is there The truth is evident. And those who don't believe they have fallen into differences,

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Allah says will mount will middle and they were not commanded inland yet Buddha law, except that they should worship.

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If you think about it, this messenger who has come the spinal messenger who has come this beginner that has come What are they being told to do?

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worship of law, and how meclizine Allah has been making their religion sincere for him making everybody sincere for him mostly Sinhala Dean Dean over here means arriva as well. And what does it mean by meclizine?

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That worshipping only Allah not doing any kind of *.

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So if you think about it, the message of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is what? of Islam we have to heed? Why aren't they accepting it? Why should they not take it? Why should they not adhere to it? So in other words, if they're not accepting it, who is at fault? They are at fault. It's not that there's some problem there is some discrepancy there is some issue with the revelation with the messenger. No, it is beginner. And the fact that so many people have accepted they have changed. That is an evidence of this is true. So if these people don't believe it's their fault,

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some have said that Mr. amiral they were not commanded when in their scripture,

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in their scripture in the Torah in the Gospel, what were they commanded to do? That Leah Buddha law homophily Sinhala, who Deen and the same message has been given to them now in the Quran as well. The Quran is not telling them anything different. It's the same message. So why did they reject meclizine Allahu Deen and how should they make their religion sincere for Allah? By being Hanukkah? Hanukkah is a Florida Hanif who is honey one who inclines the truth. One who is an absolute monotheist one who believes in to hate sincere Morehead and he is firm under hate does not swear from that way. However,

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when you came a sonata and that established the solder, where you sit at the end of the visit with Erica de Nakayama and that is the upright religion, what is the upright religion giving the hug of Allah what when it comes to believe the heat and then about the Salah, and then the hackers people.

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This is the upright religion, this is a religion that they were taught before, but they altered it they changed it, they deviated from it. And this is the religion This is the message that Allah subhanaw taala has said with Anika de Nakayama. This is the upright religion and any person who leaves this upright religion Romania Potomac, Leyland Islam, Medina, for the New Covenant men who it will never be accepted.

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So, we see that one religion is that which Allah has sent, which is upright and the other is that which people have invented

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which is right, the one that Allah has said

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which means your

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lemmya Tony Levine aka boom in you Li kita v1 machinery keen,

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see her Tzu

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levena kita

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So what is the upright religion? What is the correct religion

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after heat

00:25:38--> 00:25:43

of performing Salah, on giving Zakat, and that is a religion that Allah has revealed

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in the Medina Kapha rumen and if kitabi indeed those who disbelieve from among the People of the Book, while mushrikeen and also the polytheists what is their end phenol region? They will be in the fire of hell.

00:26:01--> 00:26:10

It's made very clear in alladhina cafaro Minh lol kita because there are those who say that the unlocator believe in Allah.

00:26:11--> 00:26:15

They believe in the messenger. So what if they don't believe in the profits or loss or what's the big deal?

00:26:17--> 00:26:30

And they use some out of the Quran to prove that such people will be forgiven, or that such people will also go to Paradise. But what does Allah say? In alladhina cafaro min lptv? Well, mystic infinity Johanna.

00:26:31--> 00:26:37

They're not going to paradise. Because what's the criteria for going to paradise that people believe in, but

00:26:39--> 00:26:48

they believe in a tsunami in a law, they believe in the last messenger of Allah. If a person does not believe in him, his Eman is not acceptable.

00:26:49--> 00:26:52

Because then he's not on a dino Kojima.

00:26:53--> 00:26:56

And if he's not on the right religion, then all of his deeds are wasted.

00:26:57--> 00:27:10

So in the Medina cafaro Minh Alcatel Machina fanatee Johanna Holly Dena fee her abiding there eternally will echo Sharon berry Yeah, those are the worst of all creation.

00:27:11--> 00:27:15

Worst of creation who, those who disagree.

00:27:16--> 00:27:22

Cheryl Maria, Maria, is from the root letters about our homes that borrow at What does borrow mean, to create

00:27:23--> 00:27:28

from the same root is the name of Allah subhanaw taala Albury, the creator.

00:27:29--> 00:27:35

And birria refers to the entire creation. Anything that Allah has created can be referred to as budhia.

00:27:37--> 00:27:49

This includes the earth, the skies, the moon, the sun, the animals, human beings, so out of the entire creation, who is the worst? Who is the worst? Who those who disbelieve

00:27:50--> 00:27:58

in throttle and fall I have 55 Allah says in the shower, the word bearing the law, he ladina cafaro for whom law you know,

00:27:59--> 00:28:26

the worst of all creatures in the sight of Allah are who those who disbelieve, and so they do not believe those who don't believe that the worst of creatures because as we mentioned earlier, at least the rest of the creationists fulfilling its purpose it's doing what it's required to do. It's obedient, submissive to Allah. But the human being when he doesn't even believe in his creator, when he doesn't even acknowledge him doesn't give him his help, then what does he become? The worst of all?

00:28:27--> 00:28:34

Also, remember, we discussed earlier that the higher the status, the more is expected? I mean, the human being is

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insanity as Anita Queen, but yet if he doesn't believe someone other than us philosophically, so those who disbelieve they are the worst of creatures who lead eco home shovel birria they're the worst of the creation.

00:28:52--> 00:29:10

And on the other hand, in Medina, Amman or amin asylee had, indeed those who believe and also do righteous deeds. This is also important, believe and righteous action Bula ecohome hazelbury they are the best of the creatures, the best of creatures

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in certain Nyssa is 69. We learned while my mother in law what was Sula for Ola ecomondo Dena anomala, were an Indian man and he was the DP for Shahada was Salim the best of creatures who are the, the prophets of Allah, the truthful ones, the martyrs, the righteous, so those who believe in do righteous deeds, who will they be with with them? So Allah ecohome Haileybury, they are the best of creation,

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who's telling us about this loss of primal data? So whether we accept this or not, whether we think like this or not, this is a fact this is a reality.

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That the worst is the one who disbelieve the best is the one who believes

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and this is a standard

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Allah, this is a criteria of Allah. Does that over there recompense who's of those who believe and do righteous deeds, the best creation? their reward is there in the opinion is with their Lord. Allah will give them their reward. And what does that reward Jenna to adaline Gardens of eternity, Arden of eternity in which they will live forever, and these gardens that get even tactical and how underneath which rivers flow, Holly Dena Fie her

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abiding there in eternally. Notice earlier it was said also with regards to the people of health, Canada and if you hover over here we see additional description about

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the agreement tactile and how about that Why?

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To show that his mercy is greater than his anger.

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And only Allah who I know will do and he was pleased with them and they are pleased with him. Allah is happy with them. Why is he happy with them, because of their email, because of their almost Sonic and what to do and who they will also be happy with him. Why? Because of the reward that He has given them, because of the way that he is appreciated their efforts.

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Their Lika that is meaning this reward is that Allah is happy with him and he is happy with Allah. This is for who live on Kashi

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for the one who fears his Lord,

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the one who has Hachette of Allah, the One who fears his Lord, He is the one who will have Eman. He is the one who will do our mozzarella. He is the one who will be given this reward then he can even crush Europa. Because the harsh fear of Allah, the fear of Allah is what leads to a man in good action.

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This is the root cause of what obedience and on the other hand, lack of fear of Allah is the root cause of what disobedience. This is why they said it lm testa he was not my *. When you don't have China's when you don't have high albula then go ahead and do whatever you want. Do whatever you please that meeting then follow your desires, then this is what a person will do.

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To the root cause of obedience is the fear of Allah. And the root cause of disobedience is lack of

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Paulina Faena.

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This is for the one who has fear of his Lord, who has fear of Allah,

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the One who has knowledge in the mind of Shalom and everybody. So what does it show? The more knowledge a person gains the right kind of knowledge in the right way with the right perspective?

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Bismillah Allahu Allah, then that will increase a person in the fear of Allah, when that will increase him in the fear of Allah it will increase him in obedience as well.

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So chronicle the whole movie humbucker the show to a la ilaha illa Anta Mr Whittaker wanted to I said, I'm ready.