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Ash-Shams-Ash-Sharh Tafsir Ash-Sharh 1-8

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of the blemishes on rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim surah alumna

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or sort of the shot this will have several names

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and number one to it sort of the shot is a Maki sola and it was revealed after so little to have

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it has one record eight verses 27 words and approximately 100 Hello

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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Allah Allah casado rock, did we not expand for you your chest? Well Varna imeko Islamic and we removed from you your burden and let the uncut Allah rock which had weighed upon your back the Prophet sallallahu Sallam again is being addressed in these two solos remember the address is directly to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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and the question is being asked and unnatural aka sadara did we not expand for you your chest? Meaning of course we did. But for another Allah we did expand your chest

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just as in the previous right was that allow me etika team and for our what what are the Gabon and fadda meeting he did? So it says oh the same theme has been continued he was taught so many favors upon you and amongst the favorites that he was stowed upon you lm national has ever

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did we not open your chest for you?

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What does it mean by shadow side? Sure, by the way literally it is to cut something open and when something is opened then what happens? It expands it spreads so shadow sided is when the heart or when a person understands he comprehend something when we say it'll be slightly suddenly oh my lord open my chest mean what does it mean that enabled me to fully understand make my chest so vast open it up so that what is being said can actually go in what I'm trying to understand can actually go in it's not that it's too complicated too difficult for me to take in no Shara solder is when a person comprehend something so it settles in his heart.

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And then shareholder also includes that a person accepts what he has understood because sometimes you understand the concept but you find it very difficult to accept logically okay it makes sense. However you find it difficult to accept it.

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So Shara is also to accept. So we learn in the Quran that however Allah wishes good for Yeshua sadhana, hudl Islam he opens his chest for him for Islam meanings of that is just opens up to it. So he accepts Islam

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and unsure her. So that includes that a person is content, he is at ease with what he has comprehended with what he has accepted.

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Because sometimes you accept something as well. Once you find it very difficult, you take it once you find it very difficult.

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So shall Southern includes all of these things when the truth becomes clear. When it makes sense to a person is able to accept it and it's settled in his heart. The heart is at rest with it. So Allah Masha Allah casado, did we not open your chest for you?

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What does it mean by this? This is that we made it vast, we made it comprehend accept, understand, and be at ease with the command of the hokum of Allah,

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which hokum of Allah, the hokum of Allah that is sugary, as well as cuddly?

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What is the shuttering token of Allah,

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the laws that he revealed, and what is the father of Allah, the things that he has decreed in a person's life.

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So I learn natural law casado rock, did we not do this for you, that we enabled you to understand and accept and be happy with the decisions that Allah has made for you with the commands that Allah has given to you.

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And this is something very true that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was able to accept the difficult circumstances that were made for him. The difficult extreme difficult situations that were sent his way. And I'm not sure I like a sudden look.

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And we see that where other people could not have survived the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he remained strong, and he was a source of strength for other people as well. in Makkah, the persecution was so intense, it was so difficult, that there's a habit once they came up to him and they said, that pray to Allah for us. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam was reclining and he sat up and he got up. And he told him that the people of the past were persecuted much more severely than you and then would proclaim belief and he would be cut up from the middle with the

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saw he would be cut up from the middle imagine the kind of difficulties that people have the best effort. So his heart was able to accept the difficulties that Allah sent his way. And he was a source of strength for others around him as well.

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Think about it, if a child grows up as an orphan, typically, if there is a person who loses their mother or their father, or a mishap happens, you know, when they're young, it affects them so much, that they're psychologically affected by it sometimes, or they cannot get over it. They constantly have self pity, isn't it and they cannot face the challenges of life and what they blame is what happened in the past with

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that one incident, they cannot get over it. But Allah subhanaw taala made the prophets that a lot of slums are open, so that he accepted so that he was strong, he was confident he was able to deal with the difficulties.

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And also that his heart was open to the Sheree come of Allah soprano data how

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that we see that we're performing the Salah is so difficult for some people in certain Nyssa I 142. We learned what either como una celerity como Casa La

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we're in the halakhah Villa Illa Allah Hi, Shireen. It is something very challenging difficult for people and if you ask many people, they will not find fasting difficult. They will not find many things difficult. What do they find difficult? praying five times a day.

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But we learned that the prophets Allah said and what did he say? jurina karatu ie Nika Salah Jerry let converter I need the converter in the coolness of my eyes meaning true comfort, true happiness. Where do I find that in prayer?

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where most people find it difficult to pray five times a day the prophets have enjoyed brain who gave him this blessing? Allah, Allah Masha, Allah, Allah goshawk luck. Did we not expand your heart so that all the difficulties and challenges in your life are able to accept them and deal with them?

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The biggest problems came his way. But he was so bold. He was so strong, Abubakar Daniel was freaking out in the cave. And what did he say? Latin in the mahana.

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There was a huge blast, a sound that the people in Medina heard and everybody got up to see what happened. And when they approached us, or the profits of autism already coming back,

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he had already gone and checked what was happening.

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Imagine when he was sleeping, and this man came and he took his sword. And he said, who will save you from me?

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And what did he say? Allah will save me. And that man got so frightened. He dropped the sword. Any other person in this situation? What would you do scream out? Or you would start begging that please leave me.

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He was so bold. He was so confident. He had so much courage. Who gave him that? Allah subhanaw taala and unmesh la casa de

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did we not expand your heart for you? Did we not expand your chest for you? Will will Darnell and COVID rock and we remove from you your burden

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we remove from you your wish. What does it mean by wizard

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wizard is from the route letters? Well, they are and visit literally is a burden.

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And it's such a load that is heavy, it's heavier than hammer. Hammer is also the burden. But wizard is a much heavier burden. It's a much heavier load. And it's such a load that a person is carrying on his back. Because it's used for some things that a person puts in a piece of cloth ties him up and ties that to a stick and carries it on his shoulder. So imagine you have a whole lot of stuff in a bag and you're carrying it on your back.

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And as you carry it on your back initially it's easy but eventually it becomes difficult. Your back begins to hurt. This is what wizard is. Now the word wizard is used for sin.

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The word wizard is used for sin. And it's also used for a heavy responsibility because that also weighs down on a person. So what we'll learn our anchor is rock we removed from you your burden. What does it mean by this burden? this burden Some have said it refers to same. Why? Because the prophets are a lot of Salaam. Allah forgive him completely for all of his sins for all of his shortcomings. In total faith I want to do we have learned enough attention Allah katan Medina, Leah fear Allah Allahu Mata Kadima means ambiga.

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Allah will forgive all of your mistakes, all of your shortcomings, those that were done in the past, and those that may be done now. So ALLAH forgive him completely. But will Darnell uncover Islam

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We have removed this burden from you. So He forgive him completely.

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Now doesn't mean that the prophets of Allah they commit sin, they commit them.

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I have told you earlier that for the prophets of Allah, what is considered a sin is something that is unacceptable given the status given the position that they're for other people that perhaps might be okay. However, for them, it's not okay. Why, given the high position they have.

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So about Donna uncovers rock we have removed from you your burden, this burden of saying this is also with regards to other people that the higher the status of a person is, the more is expected out of him.

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For example, a person who has knowledge compared to someone who does not have knowledge. Now, if a person does not pray, the one who doesn't have knowledge, yes, it's wrong. But the one who has knowledge, yet he doesn't pray, it's much worse. This is why we learned that in the Hellfire, a man will be robbed. And he'll be punished in the most severe of ways and people will gather around him and say that you used to tell us what's happened in US jealousy said I will tell you what, I wouldn't do it myself. So this is true that the higher the status of a person, the more is expected.

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So what we'll do now is, we have removed from you your wisdom, some have said that this visit refers to the wizard, the burden of lack of knowledge.

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And this is referring to the same state which was described as lawn early

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on. And now it is being said was it because it was very heavy on him. Very difficult for him to not know what the reality was what the truth was, which is why he would stay in seclusion away from the people. So why will Turner and COVID rock we have replaced that reserve with knowledge? We have replaced that lack of knowledge with knowledge, and isn't lack of knowledge, a huge burden. Think about it, isn't it a huge burden? Yes, because you're confused, you're unsure, you don't know. So Allah remove that from him. And others have said that wizard refers to the heaviness of the responsibility that had been given to him which was extremely heavy on him at the beginning of

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Remember that receiving revelation? Yes, it was difficult. However, it was more difficult at the beginning, which is why he would come

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with huge gaps with long gaps in the middle. And initially, he felt it extremely difficult that he had to convey the message to so many people. So I will learn how to uncover Islam. In other words, we have made it easy for you, we have made this responsibility easy for you, we have made receiving revelation easy for you. And this wizard was such that unlike the uncut rock, which had weighed upon your back uncovered or known of God Knock Knock is to break or to violate something it also means to untie a knot Nakata to untie open the twists the knots of a rope and and the other is to place a heavy burden upon something a heavy burden upon something or someone until you hear the creaking

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sounds. Like for example, if a person getting up from record from So, do that what happens you can hear the sound from their knees. So, when something is carrying a heavy load, then what happens? It almost breaks it. So, under the under the rock it had weighed upon your back meaning it was very difficult upon you to carry that burden It was so difficult that how am I going to convey or what am I supposed to do? What is the purpose of life.

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And the wire itself was also very difficult for him initially, but then gradually, a lot made it easy for him and let him on the hook

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or a foreigner like the croc and we raised high for you. Your refuge. What a foreigner and we raised What did we raise locker for you, Vic Crocker you're mentioned

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meaning that a loss of panatela granted his messenger fame.

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Allah granted his messenger a good name. How How is it that his dicker his mentioned Allah subhanaw taala is raised

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in so many ways.

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That first of all, his name is mentioned when and

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how that before the Sadat is the other and in the event of shadow law in the law, a shadow of a pseudo law. So his name is mentioned and five times a day the otherness pronounced five times a day

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five times

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Just imagine, and there's always a part of the world where some sort are the other the time of it is entering. So as it's entering, the other end is being pronounced constantly round the clock, the other end is being pronounced. So that means the profit sort of Allison's name has been mentioned what a foreigner like any clock.

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Then secondly, Allah subhanaw taala has also made as mentioned, great how that in every Salah, we are required to send the Select on the Prophet sallallahu sallam, in the Tasha hood. Allahumma salli Allah, so fanatical, and this is an obligation, this is something that's filed.

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And then thirdly, what a foreigner letter, they clock in another way as well. That every time a believer performs a ritual, an act of worship,

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whose instructions whose way is the following

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profit. So

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just imagine, a person is performing Voodoo is fasting, or he's doing naked,

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the way he's wearing his clothes, putting the right hand in first, the way he is walking out of his house, entering his house,

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as he sits in the car reader, there are I mean, in every act of worship we perform who so naturally follow the messengers that

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automatically that is famed for him automatically, there is good mention of his name. Because think about it, you tell somebody to do something and they do it. Don't do feel happy. Don't do that when you feel acknowledged. So what a foreigner look at the clock. What a foreigner look at the clock.

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Allah says for in nursery you saw for indeed with hardship, is these in Nevada are three, yes, sir, indeed with hardship, there will be ease.

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Because if you put both of these sources together, yes, there was difficulty there is difficulty there will be difficulty, but with every difficulty, there is always ease as well.

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With every challenge, Allah subhanaw taala also creates ease.

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Now, if you notice over here,

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for in the mercerie, you saw in the mercy you saw in both of these ayat, Allah

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is part of the land and use isn't Akira.

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What does that show

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that there is one difficulty. However, the ease, many,

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there is one challenge one problem. However, at the same time, Allah subhanaw taala has also provided ease and that is of different different types in different different ways. And this is so true.

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If you think about it, most of the times are we you know,

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most of the times there's ease,

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then similarly, whenever there's some difficulty along with that Allah subhanaw taala also gives these notice it's not bad, what is it Ma, that if you're facing one problem at the same time, so many things are made possible for you. But what happens, we sit with that one problem, and we don't look at all the ease that Allah has created for us. What do we focus on? On the difficulties on the problems we just sit with them? And we complain about them, and we don't mention the blessings that Allah has given us What have we been taught?

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What am I veneer material for had this

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so far in numerous resources in numerous use. For example, if you think about it in Makkah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Yes, he had to suffer a lot of difficulty, a lot of hardship.

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But along with that, there was also ease how there were people who were accepting Islam,

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he was receiving revelation grounds or being prepared for future for to hurt already.

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So, in nursery you saw there is always ease with difficulty and if a person truly believes in this, that yes, I am having this difficulty, however, there is some pain, there is some hate with this, there is something that Allah has made easy for me along with this, then he can have a positive attitude

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and only then he can survive the difficulty only then he can survive the challenge Otherwise, the slightest thing is enough to make a person give up.

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So, this is what gives a person confidence that okay when finding it difficult in one way or at least there is ease in this way. So for in namara nurses law in America or CSR

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for either for Doctor funds or so when you have finished your duties for either for a doctor, when you have become free, then funds are then standard

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for all the fellows fell line for and for all is to be empty, to be vacant to be free. So when you have become unoccupied, meaning whatever work you were doing, now you're over it, you're finished.

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That task, then what should you do? Take an endless break no

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funds other than stand up and notice the word NASA, NASA is to fix something. So fix yourself again.

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What does it mean?

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From sub, bind yourself again to something, enroll yourself in something so fancy because NASA is what?

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To firmly fix something right. So you have to firmly fix yourself for either of the funds.

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And remember, funds have gives us to me that first of all, fix yourself, meaning do something stand up. And secondly, it also gives meaning of exerting your energy, but in your effort from some get busy in something else. Even though the guy who said that what this means is that when you have finished the performance of the for the obligations, then Phuntsok beading stands for pm and a

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similarly, even reversal, the parent who said that when you're done with performing prayer, then fansub fidra then start making the which I had said that when you have become free from some task of dounia, then what happens then you should get busy in some matter of the alpha.

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What does this show that a believer should never sit? idle, empty handed? With nothing? No, this doesn't affect a believer.

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Does it mean that a person never ever relaxes never ever takes a break? No. The thing is that even the break that a believer takes even that is something useful and productive.

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Even that is something useful and productive.

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So for example, if you are tired, you just mopped the floor, just vacuum the floor. Okay? Now you have to sit down, okay, you're sitting down, but don't just sit idle with nothing on your lips. Just thinking about random things. No, you can sit down and at the same time, you could be doing that.

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What else?

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For example, if you're tired reading, if you tried studying, then perhaps you could listen to something, take a break and listen to something.

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Yes, spend time with your family. And then when you're sitting with them, don't just talk about useless things, but talk about beneficial things. That even when you're sleeping when you go to sleep, then follow the sooner that sleep with your will do and sleep on the right side say out of the car. And then your sleep will also be whether

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you sleep with intention that inshallah you will wake up the next day with more energy, you know, with the intention to do more tomorrow. So even your simple recovery better. So the point is that a believer never ever waste his time.

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He never sits empty handed. He never spends his time with nothing. No, he's always busy doing something good or the other. When he finishes one thing he starts something else.

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Because when a person sits idle, then what happens shavonne comes and distracts him when a person sets his mind is not actively engaged in something productive, something beneficial then what will you start thinking about? negative things? You will think I am so tired you will think I've done so much you will think this is not fair. You will think Oh this is so difficult. But when you're going going going when your mind is busy and productive things then you don't get a chance to think about negative things at all. This is why we should never ever sit idle never sit with nothing in our hands No, we should always be busy something

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there is a quote that a believer dies between two actions one that he has just done and the other that he was about to do

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about to do

00:23:53--> 00:23:58

so this concept of risk taking a break where I'm just going to sit and do nothing

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well can you turn off your brain you can't turn off your brain your brain is constantly working so it's constantly working you have to occupied with good stuff if you don't bad thoughts are gonna come shadow is gonna come there.

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So for either for Dr. funds or when you have become free from one task, then get ready in something else. What a lot of bigger follow up. And what is it that you should do that your Lord director longing or in a bigger firm, inclined, turning whole be desires towards Who? Your Lord,

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pay your attention due to Allah.

00:24:42--> 00:24:49

Direct your mind to Allah. So even when you just sat down after cleaning, after studying,

00:24:50--> 00:24:55

pray to Allah, do his liquor, mentioned his name, exalt his name.

00:24:57--> 00:25:00

This Think about it. There are so many things that you can do in

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A minute so many ask God you can say in a minute, there is a card on which it's mentioned as to how many times you can save different cards in just one minute.

00:25:10--> 00:25:17

For example, a stuff little stuff that a lot, if you try to say it in a minute, how many times do you think you can say it?

00:25:19--> 00:25:31

Around 40 to 50 times easily, easily. If you spend two minutes saying as tough as you can find it as another two minutes and how many minutes do we just sit on the sofa just sitting,

00:25:33--> 00:26:03

sitting, doing nothing. I mean, you're taking a break, okay, your back is hurting, you want to say, Fine set, but don't sit idle, make use of that time as well. So for either for us the funds of erotica for anything is that every time when you think about Allah, when your mind goes to Allah, you will definitely engage yourself in doing something good, whether it is thick, or it is too far or it is talking about something good. We learned earlier that what it could mean would you

00:26:04--> 00:26:43

Every person has a particular widget or a direction that he faces. If for example, a compass wherever you put it will point towards north. Such is a believer, wherever he is, in whatever situation, who is he facing his heart so his mind goes back to his heart, his heart goes back to his Lord. So what a lot of bigger for her. Pay attention directly your longing to your Lord and when you will do that. When your desires to please Allah remember him, you will find something to do. You will find something to do something to say then you will not sit empty handed. You will do something you will make use of your life.

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bismil you

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love it?

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Why would he not have because?

00:27:36--> 00:27:52

Why? Because that's the purpose of our lives. Every moment we stay away from what you love, because that's a waste of life, a waste of life, every moment that is away from the worship of Allah, that is a waste of life.

00:27:53--> 00:28:18

And also turn to Allah direct your longing to him so that he will create ease for you. Whenever you're in difficulty. Whenever you're lost, you don't know what to do you think it's gonna be too difficult. The next task might be too challenging turn to Allah, He will help you He will make it easy for you. When we are afraid typically what do we do we discuss the issue the problem with other people

00:28:20--> 00:28:30

that we should also take time out to ask Allah for help for either a bigger follow and if you notice in the previous what are what did we learn from that helped you in the past he will help you okay.

00:28:31--> 00:28:37

But for that you have returned to him You have to beg before him. And Allah has also promised in America refusal.

00:28:38--> 00:28:49

And twice he says in America are so useful with difficulty there is he so don't give up. And this is true that in our religion, there is definitely ease with difficulty.

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That for example, in Salah if a person is unable to stand, what can you do certain if he's unable to do that, what can you do lie down and similarly, when it comes to fasting, if a person is able he should and if a person is not able he can fast other things, or he can just get video.

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If a person can afford to go for Hajj, he should go, but if he cannot, then Hajj is not obligatory on it.

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So there is ease in our religion.

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Sometimes we just have this in our minds that I have to save up the budget. Similarly, we just have this in our minds. Religion is difficult. Deen is difficult. Get this out of your mind.

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Don't think it's difficult. It is easy. Notice how many times user use use has been said so many times. Why? Because religion is easy and shaytaan makes us think that it's difficult.

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It may be challenging, but it is possible. This is why Allah says that for either for other forms of when you become free, that busy in something else.

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Get busy in something else because as you become free from something time will continue to pass.

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You cannot stop the time. Can you stop it? You can't. You cannot stop the time from moving on from passing on. So you have to avail every moment of your life. You cannot waste even one.

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No person can pass the time. And we learned the incidence of dumar is nine to 10. Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, are you a Latina ama no in our new de la Sol atomia. Giamatti. First sorrow in a decree la was great. And then after that, when the Salah is over, then what should you do for either codea to salado, and Tasha to fill out whoever the woman probably LA, when you don't just sit there doing nothing, get up and do something else no.

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So in one task is over, get busy with something else what you know, because

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if a person is busy doing something, and then he stops, he takes a long break. And then he starts to do something good again, then he has to learn how to put an effort all over again.

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Because when you're on the go, it's easy for you to keep going. But the moment you take a break along break what happens, it makes you forget what you have learned. So it becomes even more difficult, it becomes even more challenging.

00:31:14--> 00:31:23

For example, if you're used to walking every day, and you walk every day, for example, an hour, it's easy. The moment you take a break, getting back into it, oh my god, it's so difficult.

00:31:25--> 00:31:36

So this is why a person should always remain busy doing one thing after the other. Because when you remain busy doing one thing after the other, that every new task you take, it becomes easier and easier and easier.

00:31:37--> 00:31:43

And when you sit idle when you do nothing, then even the smallest things appear to be so difficult.

00:31:45--> 00:31:48

And they do become very difficult because you're not used to it anymore.

00:31:50--> 00:31:53

Children they end up saying I'm bored. I'm bored. I'm bored. Why are they bored?

00:31:55--> 00:32:06

Why because they have nothing better to do. So you should get them busy in something. And the statement I am bored we should expand it from our lives. completely remove it Don't say that.

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Let's listen to recitation of these Ayah

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subclinical bottom where we have to kind of show the world that either

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the stockbroker wanted to be a Santa Monica