Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 28 – L286A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Julian Kadeem amerit firoozeh Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah for him rubbish

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silly MD world of data melissani of Kuru Kohli probenecid and Arima lesson number 286. pseudo jamara is number one to 11.

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translation, you serve bihu it glorifies lillah he for Allah, Ma, whatever, this summer wet in the heavens, warmer and whatever, fill out in the earth. Alan Malik the sovereign and produce the most pure Allah Aziz Z's they always Almighty, and Hakeem, they always always who he is a lady, the one who Bertha. He sent fee in Amina, the unlettered ones Rasulullah and a messenger mean home from them. Yet Lu he recites or lay him upon them irtg his verses. We use a key him and he purifies them while you are limo home and he teaches them alki taba the book, well, heck matter and the wisdom

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we're in, even though canon they were men from absolute before Luffy surely in Berlin, a strange, moonbeam clear.

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Well, Helene and others main home from them, llama not yet. el hecho de join, be him with them. Wahoo and he is an RCS they always Almighty, and Hakeem, they always always there Lika that fabuleux is bounty Allah of Allah, you d he he gives it man whom Yeshua He wills, Allah who and Allah Lu possessor AlphaGo of the bounty, and Arlene, the great

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method, Lu exam example, and levina of those who hamilo they were made to carry a terracotta that are similar than lamb did not millou her they carry it tomaselli like example, and female of the donkey, yummy Lu he carries as Pharaoh books bitser how bad method example alone of the people and levina those who get the coup de beleid bi ad with vs. Allah of Allah. Allahu Allah, led not yesterday he guides along the people of worldly mean those who do wrong.

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Old say, yeah you have or you alladhina those who had to they became Jews in if xantham you all assumed a nickel, that indeed you earlier are close friends lilla for Allah, men from doing other than anass the people Fetterman No, then you all wish for a remote, the depth. In if quantum you were saw the thing, ones who are truthful

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while and not yet them unknown, or who they will wish for it ever there ever be mad because of what are demouth it sent ahead, ad him there hands one law who and Allah are Lehman, always all knowing below the mean with those who do wrong.

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All say in indeed, and motor that under the that which the field Runa you all sleep men who from it, for inner who So indeed it moolah become one to meet you so much, then, Dora Duna you all will be returned Illa towards Arlene nor alive of the unseen was Shahada and the scene for you in a bit will come then he will inform you Bhima with what content you were Dharma loon you will do.

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Yeah, you have oh you Allah Deena those who am a new day believed either when new idea it was called Lissa allottee for the men from yo de la Juma. The Juma first our venue all hasten Isla

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Towards victory remembrance Allah of Allah, whether or anti war leave albear the vying the Polycom that are you all higher on is better lakum for you in if kuntum you were Darla moon you are known

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for either than when it was completed a sweater to the prayer, fantastical, then you all disperse, fill up in the earth orbital and you all seek men from sub Lila bounty of Allah with guru and you all remember, Allah Allah gefahren much La La calm so that you don't flee home you will attain success what either and when our Eau de saw TJ rotten trade or LA one amusement, in fact, boom, they broke away, he lay her towards it, what are cuca and they left you are standing both say ma whatever, in the LA near Allah. Hi Iran is better men than allow the amusement woman and then at ijarah the trade one law who and Allah Cairo is best a recipient of the providers

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that listen to the recitation of these verses

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he use of visual images

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methylene Miu

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Miu as

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the movie

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Al-Jumuah 1-11 Translation 1-11

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