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Ash-Shams-Ash-Sharh Tafsir Ash-Shams 1-10

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altavilla English Shivani rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim

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lesson number 309 sir the chumps and number one 215

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so the Shams is a Maki surah. And it was revealed after sort of ricotta.

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It has wonderful 15 versus about 54 words and approximately 250

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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why shamcey while the HA HA by the sun and its brightness, while kamari that Allah and by the moon when it follows it

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one hand, either gentler her, and by the day, when it displays it will lelee either I'll show her, and by the night when it covers it

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in these areas, right at the beginning of the surah, Allah subhanaw taala swears by several things, the sun, its light, the night, the darkness, so on and so forth. Why? Because all of these things, all of these creations, what do they point to the perfection, the power, the great knowledge, the great mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that where there is a blessing in the sun, there is a huge blessing in its light in its heat.

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Similarly, the moon, the light that it has in the night, and how it follows the sun, and how the night and the day also follow one another. So, all of these creations they point to the power of Allah, the mercy of Allah, the knowledge of Allah, because in all of these things, there are many many benefits for people. For example, the first thing that is mentioned over here is what Shamsi what to her by the sun and its brightness,

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what is the heart behind some of the reflectors bought higher and the higher through is to be exposed to the sun's light and heat. What is it it's the light and heat of the sun and it is to be exposed to it.

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And basically it is when the person is in the heat in the sun in the light and he cannot find any shade.

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We learned that other medicine um he was told, when he was sent to gender there were unlike Allah tell the movie hawala, tell her

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that you will not feel thirsty, and you will not have meaning you will not even be exposed to the heat and extreme light of the sun, that is disturbing.

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But we see that this light this door,

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this is when the light of the sun has completely spread. And this is when we are also to praise for that. But this is the light and this is the heat which is so important for those who live on the air.

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Just imagine without heat without this light, could we survive, could we get vitamin D? No. Similarly, so many other creatures, if you look at it, the plants the fruits, they need the sunlight, they need the heat in order to grow. So for there to be life on Earth, there has to be Baja. So Allah subhanaw taala swears an oath by it was Shamsi whoa ha ha by the sun and its brightness. Well Comrie either. And by the moon Allah swears an oath by the moon. What characteristic of the moon in particular, either color when it follows it? With regards to the sun, what characteristic, its brightness, its bright light its heat. And with regard to the moon, either

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Tella De La Hoya it follows it. What does it refer to the sun, meaning as the sun sets, then what follows it up in the sky, the moon and the word tele yet luteal one, you know literally means to follow an end to our his recitation, which is why the law is what kind of recitation in which as a person is reading, his understanding follows his armor follows yet Luna who Hakata lava t. So we'll come and eat at Aloha and when is it that the moon follows the sun after sunset? And how is it that it follows it in terms of first of all coming up in the horizon being visible in the horizon?

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And secondly, it atella when it follows it in light, in the sense that during the day, the sun is giving light to us. And then during the night What is giving light to us. The moon? Yes, the light of the sun is very different from the light of the moon. However, during the day we have a big light and during the night we have a small lamp. So we'll cover it either tele This is also a huge Mercy of Allah. Because imagine if there was no moon in the night sky, first of all, something beautiful would be missing something very beautiful. And then

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Secondly, we will be deprived of the moon light, which is also essential, which is also very, very necessary. We learned that in the past when there was no electricity, and people had limited resources. Yes, they had lamps to burn, but everybody did not have that luxury. So we learned that some of the scholars, they would study in the light of the moon, and they would write in the light of the moon, just imagine. So we'll cover it at Aloha, and the different sizes of the moon as it grows, as it shrinks in its size. That is also a huge mercy house, that it tells you about the time of the month, which time it is, what are we required to do now? So while comedy either

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one, either gela and by the day, when it displays it, Allah subhanaw taala swears an oath by the day, what feature of the day in particular, either gentler her when it displays it? What does it display? What does hair refer to her Some say it refers to the earth. Because when there is the day, with its brightness, everything becomes visible, and otherwise, the Earth is hidden. For example, if you're ever traveling by night, on a plane, and you look down, then what do you see complete darkness,

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all you can see is perhaps light somewhere, and that also in areas that are populated. But if you're going over water, or if you're going over mountains, then you can see nothing under you it's just black completely.

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But the same place when you fly over during the day that the entire Earth is exposed.

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You can notice even the different colors that the streaks of different colors in the sand, or in the mountains, or the different shades that are even there in the water. Some parts you will find extremely green, some parts blue.

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So when the hairy evangelia It's the day that displays the entire Earth. The day displays the beauty of the earth the features of the earth, and without the day, the Earth would be invisible to us when the heavy digelar and the word gela is from the roof actress Jean lamb well, jello is to throw light on something to make it clear and jalwa is when something is exposed when something is beautified It is revealed. So imagine let her it displays it exposes it.

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And some have said that her over here refers to the sun. Some have said that gela her hair refers to the sun. So the day is what displays the full glory of the sun. The day as it comes as the time for the day comes. That is when the sun comes now obviously with the coming of the sun comes the day.

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But what is it that displays the beauty the glory of the sun? It's the day if there was no day if the light of the sun didn't spread in a way that they would be? How would we see the beauty of the sun?

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The beauty of the Sun is visible How? By the spreading of the day by the brightness of the day when the Hattie evangelia when mainly evaluate will show her and by the night when it covers it.

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Then the next thing Allah swears by is the night and what feature of the night eval show her when it covers in Russia, it means to cover to overwhelm. So what does the night cover? What does it entailed? If we take the first meaning the earth it covers it completely conceals it. And the example that I gave you if you're ever traveling at night, in a plane and you look down it says no literally something has covered the earth. It says though a black sheet has been put so that everything underneath has been covered completely. So when Laney they insure her and you'll show her how can also be understood as the sun that has the night comes the sun is hidden. It is not visible

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anymore. The glory of the sun, it's all gone, when lately they have shown her.

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Now if you look at it, all of these orbs that are mentioned over here, they all centered around the sun, that the shapes is larger than the armory that Allah had. The moon also comes when the sun goes away. Then the night and the day all of this is related to the sun

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into the trc 937 Allah subhanaw taala says, Well, I have to know who will lay new Muslim women who know how for either whom Muslim would assign for them is the night we remove from it the light of the day, so they're left in darkness. So this night and they coming and going, the light coming and going all of this is by what? by the sun.

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So the sun is a first thing that Allah subhanaw taala swears an oath by in the surah was chiemsee Yoga, because as I mentioned to you, it is an

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Huge sign, it's a huge miracle. It's a big ayah that points the greatness of Allah, His perfection, his knowledge, His mercy, which is why we see that Ibrahim Raisa when he was arguing with num, Ruth, and Ruth was saying that he is God. What proof did Ibrahim anisong give that for in the La Jolla de the Sham seminary machete factory Herman and luckily, it is my lord who brings the sun from the east Are you bring it from the west. So what happened for bolita Lady Gaga, he was dumbfounded he was shocked because he did not have the power to do that.

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So the sun and everything about it the night the day, everything related to it, it's a huge sign of the power of Allah supplanted a huge sign which is why Allah subhanaw taala swears an oath right.

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Then was Sunnah a woman her and by the sky and he who constructed it was summer he another owed by the sky woman.

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Now in these as you will see was similar in one Urbana, how well only one map or her map is being mentioned in these ayah and Matt is also being sworn by because the first person is a Santa and the second person is Madonna. Similarly, one out first person and second person will melt or her.

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Now what does it mean by this man? I will explain this to you once, because in all of these if this is mentioned,

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first of all, this is understood as matter of muscle. And what is not muscle mean? It gives the meaning of his muscle? What is his muscle?

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Give me an example of is a Muslim lady. So, ma mazola gives the meaning of anlaby. This is when we translate my as that which this is when we translate it as that which because what does it mean? That which are the one who, right?

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So one

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means man vanilla, meaning the one who built it, the one who constructed it. But now the question is that what's the difference between man and man is for

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living, and man is for non living? Man is for RTX. And Matt is for right. Now who has built the sky? A loss of planetary obviously. So why is my being used as opposed to man? Why is my being used?

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Some have said that, when you ask when you talk about someone referring to them as who as money, then you asking about the person who they are, you're just asking about the name, you're talking about the name. However, when you refer to someone as what, then you're talking about their attributes, you're talking about their features, about their actions about their characteristics. So when Nirvana meaning, who is that? What is that being that has constructed this guy? Do you understand? So one would be that the one who has created it? Yes, who has created a lot of panel data. But when you say well, Nirvana, then it says though, you're saying, what kind of power must he

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be? What kind of power must he possess? What kind of ability must he have? That he constructed? The sky will Nirvana.

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So you understand the difference now?

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And some have said that MMA over here is not muscle, but rather it is mastery. Yeah. What does he mean by mastery that we're gonna have meaning how remarkable it's a statement that is being made. That how remarkable is it's been at its construction.

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So in the first meeting with Mr. Berner has referring to a loss of panel data in a second meeting manner. how remarkable is it's been at who's been the winner of the sky.

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So, in the first instance, the person has been swarmed by a loss of primary data. And in the second one, more than that, how amazing how remarkable is its construction.

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how remarkable how amazing is the construction of what of the sky, so was summer a woman?

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And it's amazing, that if the sky is so strong, so high, so huge, so amazing, then definitely what does it point to the greater power of a muscle?

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That if the sky is so great, that how great must be the creator?

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If the sky is so amazing that how amazing must be the creator

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If the sky is so firm and solid, then how much stronger is the creator, well novena Ha.

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So Allah subhanaw taala swears an oath by himself. And really if you look at the sky, it is amazing. If you look at how high it is, how vast it is, how spacious it is, how colorful It is, however changing it is. And then on top of that, there is no imperfection in sort of the look, I have three to four. Allah says, matter of management of our folder in basara. helter amin photo, do you see any photo in the sky? No soldier in basato kiloton em Kirby Laker versatile, classy and well, who has seen you will find no imperfection, no flaw in the sky that Allah has created. So a summary, we'll never know how amazing is its construction.

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And look at the word Banana, banana, that he has literally constructed it because the word construction what meaning does it give

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a firmness of completion. And then one elderly woman for her and by the earth, and he who spread it? meaning how amazing is the one who has spread the earth? Or secondly, that how remarkable is its extension? how remarkable is its openness, how remarkable is its spaciousness. Baha is from the reflectors for her well, by her. And the higher through is to spread something. What does it mean, to spread something? Some have said that the word bajo and that they are the same. When America danika the HA HA we learned that her earlier over here we learned by her so far, and then some of Saturday mean the same thing. And what does that mean? To spread something far and wide to make it

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spacious? So when are we women, for her her

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mateja mateja from the same route is used for a house that is like spread out, it's open, it's vast, it's spread over a huge piece of land.

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You know, some houses, okay, they may be huge in the sense that they have three four storeys, however, how are they small and tight, extremely narrow, especially the kind of houses that they're building these days, that you'll have a house that is spread over four floors. But how is it extremely narrow and tight there on one floor, you just barely have two bedrooms and a washroom. So this is the opposite of

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the hill is to spread something, spread something over a huge piece of land. So mateja is a house that is spread out that is vast that is open that has been built over a huge piece of land. So we'll only run out to her.

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And this is amazing that the earth is round in its shape. However, when you're standing on it, then it's so spacious. It's so vast, it's so broad in front of you that it seems as though it's an endless plane, that you keep walking, walking, walking, traveling, traveling, traveling, driving, going on the train, whatever means you have adopted, but it seems as though it's an endless plane, it doesn't feel like a ball. It doesn't feel like as though the earth is round. So we'll have the rim at the Ha ha, why is the most apparent it made the earth in this way. Why? So that we feel that we are in a spacious place. We don't feel constricted.

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And then we can also do many things on it. So what are the one that the ha ha?

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When I've seen one so and by the soul and he who proportioned it or how amazing? Is it? how remarkable is it proportion?

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The next thing Allah swears by over here is the knifes the soul what soul is this? The human soul?

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And it refers to all human souls lapsim every human soul whether that's all is going to end up agenda or in Hellfire when of sin every soul one is aware her and the one who has proportion it or how remarkable is its proportion.

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Now what does it mean by the test? We have the knifes What does it mean by this we have the nuts that we as you notice to smooth and something fashion something it is to proportion balance. So when I say that, how amazing is the one who has proportioned it, and how remarkable is its proportion. And this is in two ways that this we have the nuts isn't doing this, first of all that so we're her in terms of its Hulk in terms of its Hulk, and secondly Sawalha in terms of its fitrah in terms of its nature. So for example, with regards to Hulk, we see that a lot of panatela has created everything, everyone, especially those that are living

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Those that have rules how, in the best way,

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in the best way, in the way that is most suitable for it. For example, for human beings in order to do something in order to do whatever they wish to, they need this human body. We need this human body. Can you think of doing something without your hands without your arms? Imagine if we will create without arms? Would we be able to do what we're supposed to do? No. Similarly, feet are necessary. Similarly, the way our body is the way we have been given two hands to feed a perfect balance in the body, this is also necessary. So every knifes every creature, how has Allah created it

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in the way that is most suitable for it?

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The body that it has been given is the one that is most perfect.

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We learn into the pie of 50 that allele of akula Shay in Hong Kong, who's the one who has given everything its Hulk its body that how it should be.

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And then some Mahajan and he also guided it. Secondly, the three of the nerves is with regards to its fitrah

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that how he has balanced it, how he has proportion it how he has made it perfect with regards to how

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that within every creature he has instilled fit within every human being fit for is there. And what does that fit for?

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What does that fit for? The heat recognition of a loss of private data is lost into the room by a 30 return for open work Jacqueline Dini. hanifin Fitzwater law he Letty Fatah, NASA, I'm a

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photographer Sara Lee created the people on it. So he instill this within every human being. So an Epson one is a word,

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and by the soul, and he who proportion it, or how amazing how remarkable is its proportion, that Allah has given it the best form, and Allah has also put the kettle in the person for allama hafele Judah, what akua ha, and he inspired it with discernment of its wickedness, and also its righteousness for Alabama.

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Alabama is from the roof letters, lamb, her knee, in ham,

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lamb, ham and lamb, not lamb. This is lamb. Lamb is to swallow something to consume something, although it's similar to the meaning of lamb. Because meat also what do you do? You eat. So lamb is to swallow to consume.

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And whatever you swallow, whatever you eat, it becomes a part of you. It goes inside of your body, and it affects your body, it becomes a part of you, it either gives you energy and strength, or it completely drains you of energy and strength, depending on what you eat. And this is the literal meaning of the word love. And an L Han is to put to inspire a thought, a feeling an idea or something in the heart of the person

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to inspire an idea, a thought a feeling where in the heart of the person in the knifes of the person

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who does it have a loss

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and sometimes through the angels as well.

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Now, one is ill harm another is worrying. Worrying is also inspiration. But worries too. Only the profits and Ill harm can we do other than the profits as well. You know, sometimes you say I just have this feeling a very strong feeling. And I know that Allah has put it in my heart. So what is this? This is like a very strong gut feeling. This is what it sounds like, for example, the mother of musasa what do we learn about that? a hyena in a mimosa. So what was that why that was inherent? That that thought that idea? that gut feeling was put in our heart. So what did she do? She put her son in the basket and put the basket in the sea. So it wasn't that the angel came and told her to do

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that. No, because if an angel came and told her it would mean that, you know, Revelation or something like that. So basically that idea that was put in her heart What was that in her?

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So one is in ham, the other is where he and another is

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what's what's what's what's there is also a thought and idea a feeling that is put in the heart of a person but that is from from shavon. So over here we see that for L hammer her that Allah inspired the knifes what for Jura? Ha it's for June. And also what akua also it's the two things Allah has put Allah has inspired in the heart of

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Every person

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for June and the core, what does it mean by Fujio?

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Sin, wickedness evil? And what does it mean by taqwa fearing Allah and as a result, avoiding sin, avoiding disobedience. So does it mean that Allah has made people sinful by nature, and also God fearing by nature, what this means is that Allah has inspired the recognition of for Jews, and the recognition of the poor.

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He has inspired the recognition of both

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so that a person knows what is wrong, and he knows what is right for Alabama for Georgia.

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And this is something true as well, that when a person strives to do evil, then what happens if Allah inspires him to do more evil, and when a person strives to do good to stay away, then what happens? Allah inspires him to do more good as well. What do we learn into the South if I follow Mirza Who? As a Hello Okubo. So Allah is not unjust to anyone, but he inspires him with evil thoughts or that he gives him bad ideas? No,

00:26:18--> 00:26:32

Allah has given the recognition of both, but whatever a person adopts, whatever a person chooses, whatever a person wants to go for, he is made to go after it and that is what we will learn in the following surah as well. So for Alabama, for Georgia, what.

00:26:34--> 00:26:50

So Allah subhanaw taala has put the recognition of both in the heart of every person and we see that the Nelson Loma we have learned about that earlier as well. Nuff said the woman what is that knifes? The one that reproaches a person for having done wrong?

00:26:52--> 00:26:58

So we see that little children even or people who are very far away from their religion, even they know when they've done something wrong.

00:27:00--> 00:27:11

Why is it that if a person has done something wrong, then he will lie about that? No, I didn't do it. Why would he lie? Because he knows he's done something wrong, right? So he will try to conceal it from people.

00:27:12--> 00:27:22

He will not go on telling other people about it, he will hide. Why? Because he knows his heart is telling him what you've done is wrong. So for Alabama for Georgia,

00:27:25--> 00:27:27

then Allah says other humans that

00:27:28--> 00:27:35

he has succeeded, who has succeeded, the one who purifies it. Now this is the job awesome.

00:27:36--> 00:27:53

This is the job person. Up until now, there was a person oath. And after the odds, there was a little bit of explanation of what then ups so when FC will mess up. And then for allama foodora What's the job awesome. But

00:27:56--> 00:28:14

if you think about it, in these I add a lot of parameters with an oath by what the sun and its brightness, this is how the color is. This is how truth is this is how righteousness is bright, visible clear. And then after that will comedy either.

00:28:16--> 00:29:07

Darkness, one night either gender one Lady Aisha. So if you see, opposite things are being mentioned, brightness, darkness, day night, then the sky and the earth was similar in one urban area will all be on opposite things. And all of these opposite things. They are very, very clear. They're distinct from one another. No one confuses between the sky and the earth. No one confused between the night and the day. No one confused between the sun and the moon. No, they're very distinct, very obvious. Likewise is the recognition of good and evil that Allah has placed in the heart of every person that you do not get confused, but it is those who continue to suppress their fitrah continue

00:29:07--> 00:29:16

to ruin their fitrah there are those who get confused eventually. And that is a punishment for them because fellow miserable as ever localu

00:29:17--> 00:29:50

so then Allah says, Allah Hamza cara, who has succeeded, the one who purifies his knifes zeca ha, what does he refer to? Then ups? So the one who does that? That's clear of his nerves. That person has succeeded zeca he who does he refer to nzqa the person and someone said that the care he also refers to Allah soprano. Because after all, who is it that truly purifies people? Allah soprano.

00:29:51--> 00:29:59

However, Allah gives the field to the one who tries himself as well. So a person has to try himself to purify

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And Allah will assist him in that process as well. So called a flow Harmon zakka.

00:30:06--> 00:30:08

Now what does it mean by the density of the nerves?

00:30:10--> 00:31:01

Remember the two things the two components of this gear, the first is Dalia from hilarya. To get rid of to empty so to get rid of food you impurity to get rid of food you because food and taco both are there, the desire to do evil the desire to disobey, it's there. However Allah has also put that recognition. So, what is the struggle in life? What is the destined life? that a person continuously tries to get rid of that for you? And this is until the last moment of a person's life. No person can say that now I have done my Ischia know, Allah says Allah aku and full circle, don't claim yourself to be pure know, Allah is the one who does this gear, so called afla Hammonds, aka, where

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will he be successful in the hereafter. So, this gear first one includes the FLIR getting rid of food or getting away from food, and secondly, the Hillier adornment beautification. So how is it that an absence beautified

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was a you know if you could do become with a man and with the so called afla Hammonds, aka the one who is constantly striving to stay away from food you to go closer to the core, that person will be successful? We have learned earlier the airflow Hammond does occur with the charisma of the first one. So what is essential for success? This gear turnips what are the Herberman the SIR and he has failed? Who has failed? The one who that's the one who corrupted

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Harvard is from high Yeah, the flavor and flavor is to fail, to become unsuccessful, to be disappointed. So who has succeeded, the one who does is does care and who has failed in the test of life.

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The one who corrupt systems.

00:32:15--> 00:32:24

So we see that a person has the ability to do both. He can either do the scale business or he can corrupt business.

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A person has the ability to do both. He can purify his nerves and he can also corrupt his nerves. Both are possible. It's up to an individual. What does he do?

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Does he beautify himself? Does he enhance himself? Does he improve himself?

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Or does he corrupt himself?

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The word de ser is from Dell CMC in some have said that originally this word is the successor and the final scene has been eliminated. And instead it has been replaced with an Elif y just to make the pronunciation easier. So the word is actually the successor for Allah and the route is dancing See, and that Sasa? What does that mean to very someone were

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in the mud, so that sees is

00:33:13--> 00:33:17

to hide to cover? We have learned earlier and we had to sue for

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that when a person is given Good News of the birth of a girl. He wonders what should I do? A home schooler Allah morning, I'm here to figure out that should he keep that child with humiliation? Or should he bury her in the truck? So let's say you do so is to bury something.

00:33:40--> 00:33:46

Now, we learned earlier that Allah subhanaw taala is inspired, along with produce altered taqwa.

00:33:47--> 00:33:51

And there is never a woman when a person does something wrong. Your heart tells you

00:33:52--> 00:34:04

this is why it is said that it's tough to call back. Seek fatwa from your heart, even if others leave you for Why? Because your heart will tell you. Your heart will tell you if what you're doing is right or wrong.

00:34:05--> 00:34:15

And every time we make a mistake, the guilt the voice of the heart, it speaks up. It doesn't let you remain calm. It doesn't let you stay as you are, it speaks up.

00:34:16--> 00:34:29

So one is that a person responds to that call. And as a result, makes amends seeks forgiveness, apologizes. And the other is that a person buries that call.

00:34:30--> 00:34:53

hides that call. Berries it suppresses it. So the one who suppresses that called berries are called does not respond to it. And as a result keeps on doing wrong to the point that the nessa Lola is finished. It just becomes a model. So then what happens? That person Allah says harbor he has failed.

00:34:54--> 00:34:58

He has failed in life, what could have been the Sangha

00:34:59--> 00:34:59

and then also

00:35:00--> 00:35:25

If you think about it, when you bury something in the ground when you put something in the ground, you're putting it under dirt. So when you put it under dirt, is it going to become clean or dirty? Dirty? So what are the Holloman? The Sahara means the one who has made a dirty, the one who has stained the knifes stained enough made a dirty cow by committing one foot after the other, staying away from Taco Bell called the hub and

00:35:26--> 00:35:30

someone said that the word that says from the router is Dell senior,

00:35:31--> 00:35:36

that senior and the sir is too corrupt to spoil, to ruin something.

00:35:37--> 00:35:42

So, when the Sangha, he destroyed it, how did he destroy it by not doing it

00:35:43--> 00:35:45

by not doing that?

00:35:46--> 00:35:50

by not doing that? So called Herberman the Sangha.

00:35:51--> 00:35:54

We will listen to the recitation and a few more points about this.