Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P25 258A Translation Al-Jathiah 1-37

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of disconnected sentences and phrases, making it difficult to summarize. The group discusses various topics including war, religion, and the upcoming election, including a mythical situation involving a woman named Yomi and a woman named Lika, as well as a woman named Lika. They also mention a book and a woman named Lika. The group does not come to a clear conclusion regarding the mythical situation involving Yomi and Lika.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Muhammad who want to Salli ala Rasulillah and Karim a MacArthur with the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah watchmen over him. Rubbish. Lashley Saudi where Sidley MD, Washington Earth data melissani

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lesson number 260 Surah two jatheon is number one 237 translation, hammy, hammy, then Z Lu, a revelation al Kitab. Off the book, mean Allah from Allah. Allah Aziz the always almighty. Al Hakim, the always always in indeed. See in a summer word, the skies the heavens, while Earth and the Earth

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surely signs little more meaning for the believers. Wi Fi and in contact, your creation, warmer and whatever. Yeah, Busuu he spreads. Men from the button crawling creature.

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Don't signs the Coleman for a nation for a people you can own. They believe with certainty.

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Walk the love and difference alternation

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a lay of the night when the * and after the day warmer. And whatever unzila He sent down? Allahu Allah, Meena sama from the sky, men from this thin provision for here, then he made a life, be with it. Al herba the earth, BARDA after Moti her its death, what asleep and circulation

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as the year of the winds, I don't sign the coalmine for a people ERP loan, they understand

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that I had to science versus Allah He of Allah, let's do her, we recite it, or Laker upon you will help with the truth for the AU. Then with which Hadith in speech, BARDA after Allah of Allah, what if he and his signs you mean own, they will believe Waylon will decode for every a second big liar. A Seaman big sinner. Yes. Maru, he hears I vs. Allah He of Allah Tatler it is recited. Are they he upon him so much? Then you sleep he persists was stuck to be run as one who is arrogant. Get as if lamb did not Yes, Maha he hears Saba shit who so give him good news bear other than of a punishment a Lehman painful? What either and when our Lehman he knew men from IR Tina our vs. Che en anything

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it doesn't bother her he made it who's one of mockery hola Erica those law home for them or they're been a punishment Mahina humiliating men from what are you him? Beyond them? Johanna mu is health, wellness and not you've me it will have you on home from them. Math whatever got Cebu, they earned che anything. Wala and Nora ma that which it took her do they took men from dunya Allah besides Allah Alia as guardians, what to whom and for them? Are there been a punishment or Lehman? Great?

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Heather, this Puddin is guidance, one Latina and those who care for rue de disbelieved bat with verses, but of the hem of the Arab law home for them. Are there been a punishment? Men from villages in a filthy punishment? A Lehmann one that is painful.

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Allahu Allah, under the is the one who Sahara he subjected Lakhan for you all Elba hora de si

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later Judea so that it flows and full the ship's fee in it be Emery he at his command

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while he took the who and so that you all see men from fugly his bounty while our lagoon and so that you all that grown you all are grateful was the Hora and he subjected? Luckily for you, oh, man, whatever. This summer work in the heavens, warmer and whatever fill up in the years, Jimmy and altogether men who

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from him, in that indeed fee in Delica. That is surely signs the coalmine for a people yet affect your own. They reflect. Paul say, Linda Dina, for those who are mono they believe young. They forgive. Linda Xena for those who love not your Juna they expect a Yama days. Allah Allah, Leah Jizya so he recompenses bohlmann of people Bhima with what ganhou they were exe Boon they earn mon whoever our Mila he did slightly hand righteous, fairly nifty he so for himself, woman and whoever asked, he did evil for or lay her so against it so much, then he left to rob become Europe to their own you all will be returned. One accord and certainly at Dana, we gave Bernie children is la isla

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of Israel, Al Kitab the Book while hokhmah and the judgment

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one Naboo WA and the prophet hood was the canal home and we provided them men from a play but the good things what football now home and we prefer them are the upon an island mean the world. What are they now home and we gave them vaginas, clear proofs, men from the matter from us or not easterner Biddeford Illa except men from bark Aster math that Jaya whom it came to them, and Earl moved the knowledge. Bahian due to rebellion, buying a home between them in indeed, Rebecca Europe, Jacobi He will judge Boehner home between them Yo Ma en de Allah Yama for standing. FEMA concerning what Ghana they were See he in it yesterday phone they differ so much, then there are Lurker we

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appointed you

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are Allah upon Shetty our team, Allah

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and ordained way

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men from the matter set to beer her so follow it Wallah and do not that the beer you follow a Hua desires and Medina of those who lead not Jana moon they know in the home indeed they learn never you'll know they will avail unka from you mean Allah from Allah, che anything we're in and indeed a worldly mean the wrongdoers Barbu home some of them earlier close friends bout of others. Well Allahu Akbar Allah wa ala Yu is friend and with the theme of those who adopt those who are righteous

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Heather yes Basa is insights visions, Lynas for the people wha hoo done and a guidance Why rush Mattoon and immersi lecounte for a people up known, they are certain

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or Hasib he thought Alladhina those who eat you Tara who they committed a say he add the evils and that Niger Allah whom we will make them can Medina like those who knew they believed ye may do and they did? A Salah hurt the righteous deeds. So same. Mattia home their life, they're living well, Mama to whom and their deaths. They're dying, sir, evil man, that witch Yes, goon they judge

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Well, halacha and he created Allahu Allah, a Samoa, the heavens while up and the earth will help with the truth. While he teaches and so it is recompensed. Guru, every Epson soul Bhima with that which cassava it earned, while home and they learn not yoga moon, they will be wrong. Fo ater have then you seen man who it to her that he took he adopted Illa who his God, however, who his desire, what Allah Allah Who and he led him astray, Allah who Allah, Allah upon human knowledge will hurt them and he set a seal Allah upon seminary he is hearing will call be he and his heart, what your Isla and he put Allah upon bustle at his site reshare with a covering salmon so who yesterday he he

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will guide him men from verde after Allah, Allah salah, do the knot that Tarun you all take heed. You all take a lesson.

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What are no and they said a man not hear it. Inner except higher tuna. Our

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Life dunya of the world number two, we die when Asha and we live warmer and not usually Kona, it destroys us INLA except at the time warmer and not LA home for them be there Lika with that, men from Aleman any knowledge, in not home day in law, except you're well known, they assume, they suppose

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what either and when taught law it is recited or lay him upon them i atuna Our Verses by Hina as clear evidences.

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Math not Ghana, it was her jet to whom their argument in that except and that they said to you welcome the other inner with our forefathers in if quantum you were saw the ones who are truthful, all say Allahu Allah Yeakel, he will give life to you so much then you meet to come he will give that to you so much then Yeji Morocco, He will gather you

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ILA to Yom de Eliana the standing law, not labor any doubt fee in it? What our kin but Accelera most a nurse of the people left not yarder moon, they know what Allah He and for Allah Dominion Smls of the heavens while up and the earth way OMA and en de Docomo it will stand a sir that our Yoma even that day

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Yuksel he will lose Elmo pollun The followers of falsehood.

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What are our and you will see color every own Metin nation. Jesse atan one that is kneeling?

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cola every Oh Martin nation to the it will be called Isla towards kita be her it's Aloma today to rizona you will be recompensed man, what quantum you were dark maroon you will do Heather this kita buena our record our book, young people it speaks or lay come upon you will help with the truth in indeed we couldn't know we were a stencil we have it written

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or the stencil we get recorded.

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Whatever Gundam you were dark maroon, you will do.

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So as for Alladhina, those who are Manu they believed wire may know and they did a saw and they heard the righteous for you to say to him so he will admit them. Rob boom they rub fee in Russia at his mercy. There Lika that who it is Al foes the success and Mubin the one that is clear? What unmapped and as for Alladhina those who Cafaro they disbelieved a felon did they're not talkin it was it my versus toddler it is recited or lay come upon you first stack bottom but you all were arrogant. Welcome to them. And you were a woman of people Majidi mean ones who are criminals. What either and when the law it was said in indeed what are the promise Allah Allah? How can is true was

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Sir to end our law not riba any doubt. See her in it. Alton, you all said math not nerdy. We know math what Assaraf is to our in not No no, we think in there except one and assumption. Warmer and not national. We'll be mistaking, at all ones who are convinced. Why bother? And it appeared law home for them say he or two evils. Ma that which are made do they did Wahaca and it enveloped be him with them? Ma that which candle they were be with it yesterday on the mock walk ILA and it was said Aloma today, Len circle we will forget you gamma just as necesito you all forgot Lika meeting Yomi come off your day. Heather. This will not work on and you're aboard. And now who is the fire warmer

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and not look home for you men from NASA at any helpers? Valley calm that are you all be undercover because indeed you are. If the hustle. You have to

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versus Allah of Allah, who's the one in mockery. Valhalla ended deluded you al higher to the life at duniya of the world fell Yeoman. So today, last night you heard Yuna they will be taken out

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They will be removed

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minha from it whenever and nor home, they you start a boon they will be allowed to

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fall in love. So for Allah Al hamdu all praise Rob Rob Osama word of the heavens will rob and Rob up of the Earth

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Alliance the mean of the world while a who and for him Al Kibriya the greatness fee is a summer word the heavens will have and the earth were who were and He is Allah Aziz the Exalted in Might and hockey be always always

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the recitation from the beacon

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Bismillah you're watching

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a longing not as easy as in thanking

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me walking

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follow me on wealthy lady

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Amina Sana this false myth this

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mother than

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what the

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old me

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didn't get

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there be a

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back in 18 Yes Now I did learn to

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further sheets will be

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very well either ideally

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movie Mills knew all

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one of them

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Pauline had

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one lady in

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Middle Ages in

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a law ladies

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coffee Henry worried

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was a hot

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lead me on

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follow me I

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have a few

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more images here MoMA be monka

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people do Joan

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what Dana Lebanese

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may not believe

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the vein

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TV monka

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law you should

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wear a lot

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a lot even

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Angeles even been added or how see

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saw the

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while Han sama was blogging How

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will haunt

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me while

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Alicia was

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the new

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one walk on man here

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you believe

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one man

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wow either to

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Makkah and

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Paulo to be

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is Dean

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in two

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me who saw the Hannity

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that is of doom that's that is too much to

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modeling what a

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will be most dancing while

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while he learned Leona

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to live on

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their behalf

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news oh love what

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Besana Love y'all help

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me all

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