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Al-Fajr-Al-Balad Tafsir Al-Fajr 1-14


AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the history and use of face masks in various culture practices, including physical and intangible facades. It also touches on the use of words like "will" and "ar wages" in various culture practices, as well as the history of the concept of "will" and its meaning in the language used. The transcript also touches on the use of language in various culture practices, including physical and intangible facades, and how it can lead to negative consequences.
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Lesson number 308 sort of fragile, sort of magic is ima kiesler. And reseted was revealed after sort of delay. It has one record 30 versus

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Bismillah. R Rahman r Rahim.

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One Fogerty, by the dawn what I earn in our end by the 10 nights was chef very well, what? And by the even, and the odd will lately there is and by the night when it passes healthy their legal customer Libby hedges? Is there not in all that and all sufficient for someone who has perception for someone who has internet? Meaning Yes, there is. The first person the first oath is well fetched by the dawn

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and fed from fudging law. Fragile is when something bursts, when something breaks apart, splits apart, you find June ahead of JIRA.

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Fragile for June is also from the same route because that is when a person is bursting with sin, meaning he is committing one crime after the other openly, he doesn't feel shy, he doesn't feel embarrassed. So failure is to break to break open to tear apart how on a very large scale on a very large scale.

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And technically, fragile refers to the light of the morning, when it tears through the night sky. The night sky that is dark black, when fragile comes in when dawn comes in what happens there is a crack in the horizon, which is why you call it the crack of dawn.

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it marks the beginning of a new day. And it starts with the gradual coming of the light. And eventually the light grows, it spreads, and then the darkness recedes until it's completely gone. And the day has overtaken completely.

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so fragile is basically the beginning of the day,

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the beginning of the day. So Allah subhanaw taala swears an oath by fragile.

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Why is it that Allah subhanaw taala swears an oath by budget. Because first of all, it's the beginning of the day.

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It is when the day begins. And this is a very, very important time. Why? Because as a new day begins, that what happens, those who are asleep, they wake up. People, it says though they're coming back to life, animals, birds that were asleep, that weren't making any sound that were resting in their places. Now they come out, it's as though everything has come to life. Birds fly out of their nests, people leave their houses. So it's a very, very important time. This time of budget is a very important time. This is why a lot of primadonna swears by it.

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Secondly, a lot of penalty swears by federal Why? Because fudge is something that only a law can bring about. No one can cause magic to happen. No one can cause for you to come in. This is exclusively in the hands of Allah.

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Allah asks us in certain classes is 71. There are a ton in German Allahu la como later Selma then in a Yeoman piano. Have you thought about this, that if Allah made the night eternal, until the day of judgment, Manila Hanalei De La Jolla, tiecon, Biblia. flf is Maroon? Who is that God that could bring you light? Who is that God who could bring you light? If Allah makes the night permanent? Can anyone bring you light after that? No. So what does it show? That fragile is something that only Allah brings about? It's only in the hands of Allah.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala also swears by fudge. Why? Because this is a very, very important time of the day. How is it a very important time of the day? There are many Riba that acts of worship that have to do with this time.

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Like for example, if a person intends to fast, then he has to stop eating. At this point, he has to have made his intention, especially when it's a mandatory fast before this time, so before he has to finish eating, and he has to have the intention.

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Similarly, once this time enters, then every Muslim is obligated to praise for that budget as an ETA, which is why we must pay attention to this time, we must give it importance and get up at this time and worship a loss of prime time. And we also see that while fragile

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This is a very, very important time because Allah subhanaw taala has put a lot of Baraka in the morning as well.

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For person gets up at that time worships Allah subhanaw taala does some work. There's a lot of benefit in that.

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However, it's very sad that the majority of the people, what do they like to do like to sleep at this time, or the right to sleep after they have prayed fragile even. And it's amazing how sometimes surgery is early. And sometimes it's so late. I mean, I feel that it's almost psychological, that people have just handicapped themselves that I have to sleep after budget. It's not mandatory, you get this out of your head that you have to sleep after budget.

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You know, sometimes you have to force yourself develop that habit, and you can do it. And if you think about it, this is when the fifth row of people within the fifth row of the creation, little children, they will wake up at this time who teaches them, who teaches them Allah subhanaw taala because this is within human nature. This is within, you know, you will see so many creatures, birds, animals, this is the time that they wake up before that they are asleep. So this is a time that we must pay special attention to Allah is wearing an old by it, wild tragedy. And remember, when Allah swears an oath by something, then what does that show its great importance.

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So this is not an ordinary time of the day. This is a very, very important time of the day. So we must pay attention to

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what I earn in a rush. And by the 10 nights Lakeland Florida name, and I shouldn't 10 so by the 10 nights,

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meaning Allah subhanaw taala swearing by 10 nights, which are these 10 nights.

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Some have said that these 10 nights it refers to the last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan. Why? Because these nights there are very very virtuous because amongst them is Laila to amongst them are the odd nights as well. When worshiping Allah subhanaw taala standing in prayer, making Dora reciting the Quran dr will lay all of that is highly encouraged and highly rewarding.

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And why is it so that these nights are so special because amongst them is later and later toccata? What is the last panel data say about it

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heileman official, it is better than 1000 months, 1000 months, just imagine and this later to quarter is one of these 10 nights.

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So if you get up every night and pray, if you pray every single night, you're sure to find you short to benefit from the latest quarter as well.

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So when I add in our and there are many acts of worship that can actually be done at this time that are exclusive to this time, for example, erotica.

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erotica is something that you do at this time you cannot do you know in the month of their head during the month of Muharram or in the month of suffered no, you do it in the month of Ramadan and the prophets of Allah Islam sooner was what in the last 10 days and nights

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so when al in Arusha, Allah swears an oath by this time because it's a very important time of the year very important than nights of the year. And some have said that Leyland actually it refers to the first 10 days and nights of the hedger because the word Nyan yes it means nights however in Arabic, I mean, when you think of the night, obviously you think about the day as well. And if it's 10 nights, what's in the middle, the days as well. So Liana nourished, meaning the layer and the and how are the first 10 days of the month of the ledger, because these are also days that are very, very important and special. What do we learn from

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that a good deed that is performed in these 10 days, is very beloved to Allah subhanaw taala even more than do you have to submit Allah unless a person goes for jihad, with his wealth and his life and he doesn't come back.

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So any good deeds that is performed at this time, it's something that is very, very beloved to Allah subhanaw taala.

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Now, what are some of the good deeds that a person can perform during these days, these days include yamaraja So when a person is at Hajj, benefiting from that time, otherwise fasting, similarly, there is your winner as well. So a person should offer sacrifice for the sake of Allah soprano that

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there are many good deeds that can be performed, fasting offering sacrifice, similarly remembrance of Allah soprano tada and there are many many studies which tell us the importance of these 10 days which show that a person must take benefit of this time.

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If you think about it, Frederick is a very important time, a time of worship.

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Then similarly these 10 nights they're also very important whether they are of the month of Ramadan or they are of the month of June.

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They're very important. Why are they important? Because acts of worship are bound to this time.

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Just as acts of worship are bound to the time of budget, if you pray selected budget, even five minutes before the actual budget, would it be accepted? So that's the budget? No, it's bound with the time. Similarly, if you perform erotica, if you fast outside of Ramadan, outside of the first 10 days of the hedger you fast, will it bring you the same amount of reward? No, because this is a special time, this is a special time.

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So Allah subhanaw taala swears an oath by this time

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was sure for what what and by the even and odd, what does it mean by Scheffer? Scheffer is that which is even in number, either part of a pair. So for example, 2468 and cefa literally means to join one thing with the other and shofar from the same root intercession. Why, because a person is alone, he needs help. So another joins him and he advocates for him, he pleads for him intercedes for him.

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So in that way, he has support.

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So Scheffer is even number that which is even

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and and what opposite of that, by the way, the word what is also read as with their two spellings, what and also with welltower, what is what that which is uneven, that which is odd, that return not be divided by two, which is not a multiple of two. So for example, 13579 remember your math? I hope so. So a chef, very well what Allah subhanaw taala swearing an oath by Schaeffer and what is it referring to?

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Some have said that a shepherd refers to the entire creation. Why? Because the entire creation Allah subhanaw taala has created it out in various inserts zaryadye 49 Allah says woman cliche in Hakuna, though Jain everything we have created it in pairs, and who does what to refer to Allah?

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Because Allah, He is one he is unique, he is alone. We learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that Allah subhanaw taala is with it, and he also likes with it. And when it comes to his names, how many names does he have 99 that is also with

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this is why it is liked that a person when he does something good, a good deed. He does it in odd numbers. Like for example, after the solder when you say your uncle, how many times he says

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33 times, and 133 times. Similarly, if a person is eating something, it is like that a person eats it How?

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In odd numbers. So for example, when you're drinking, how many sips three, if you're eating let's say grapes or dates, and how many should you pick up one or three or five. And similarly, there are many other things which show to us that the odd number is preferred, when it comes to salata labor when it comes to family, even that a person should end hell with the odd number one or three or five, ended with an odd number. Why? Because this is something that Allah subhanaw taala likes more. It doesn't mean there is a problem with even numbers. It doesn't mean they're sinful. Or they're evil. No. It's just that one is like more violence.

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It's comparatively better, because Allah likes it. And the thing is that when you love someone, then you like everything they like, isn't it? Even if it's a number, isn't it? You like even the number that they like you like the color that they like, you like the things that they like to wear you like everything about them everything they like, Why? Because you love them.

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So when a person loves Allah, Allah is with it. Allah subhanaw taala likes with it, then he will also perform his acts of worship and even other things that he does in the same number as well. He will not take it as a burden. That why do you have Jake three? I feel like only two. What's the big deal? Take one but we don't want to take one. So I shove very well what then with regards to a shepherd well what it has also been said that a shepherd refers to their event that the acts of worship, that are either chef and what the author refers to their event that that are what

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so for example, some prayers we perform when you look at two or four. So there are

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other acts of worship we perform them how like for example, the width of the motive Salah How is it supposed to be even one and McGreevy is three. Similarly, some money

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of Ramadan, they are 29 days and others there are 30 days.

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So acts of worship How are they Schaeffer and and what?

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So a shepherd? What what what does it refer to

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the creation that is Schaeffer or what or the mature the commands in the last panel data has given the *tier which is either chef or unwitting. Was chef very well what?

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And then after a chef very well what Allah subhanaw taala says when lately either yesterday and by the way, that Hadith that in the law withdrawn, you have been with that Allah is with it and he loves with us. We learned that Allah is Allah dude, he loves certain things as well.

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So of the things that he loves is with an odd number and this is a hadith that is reported in Bukhari.

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When Laney either yesterday, and by the night when it passes yesterday from the roof at Racine, vaya surah, which means to travel.

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And in particular, it means to travel by night, to journey by night. So we're lelee either yesterday, and by the night when it travels, what does it mean by that traveling of the night,

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as it journeys on, as it moves on. And this is so beautiful.

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Because when night is at a particular place, and then fragile comes in day comes in what happens to the night, it moves on, isn't a travels, it doesn't finish. But it moves on to another place, isn't it? Because the earth is such that you can't wait to load later. I don't know that the night and the day are constantly revolving.

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So a lady either yesterday, it traveled, it sets off from where it was and now it goes to another place.

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And it keeps traveling keeps traveling until it comes back to where it was. And then it goes again. And budget comes again.

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So a lady either yesterday, and by the night when it buses. And this time of loss of data swears by one lady there yesterday the night as it's going away as it's moving on. Why? Because this time is also a very, very special time. How is it a very special time? This is the time when Allah subhanaw taala descends to the lowest Heaven, isn't it? So the last third of the night this is when Allah descends to the lowest heaven and he asks that is there anyone who wants something that I may give him anyone who's asking me so that I may respond to him? Anyone who wishes forgiveness of that I may forgive him so a lady either yesterday This is a very very important time as well a lot descends to

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the lowest heaven at this time well lately it is it

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and as the night travels as it moves on, there are many acts of worship that can be performed such as in South Africa with a similarly selected ratio before that solid demography. So when lady either yesterday important times, Allah soprano Donna swears an oath by them.

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And then after that, unless as healthy there Lika Casa Olivia hedges? Is there not in all that an oath sufficient for one of perception? hanafy that liquor? Isn't it in that in what? That oath that liquor refers to oath? Which oath that has been sworn over here, while federal alienor ashlesha free? Well, what what lady it is, all of these four things that are mentioned here, five of them, in fact, because wish everyone was there to exam over there. So five of Sandra mentioned here healthy danika isn't it in that or someone and owed meaning in order to convince someone an oath to convince? And what's the purpose of swearing an oath?

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Do show the object as a witness as a lesson, a sign of Allah subhanaw taala has enormous power, his enormous ability, his blessing, like for example, when a las panatela swears by the time of budget, by the night, by the day by the sun, so on and so forth. What do these creations show? What do these times show? The power of Allah, the favor of Allah?

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So, isn't it in all of this and all to convince and evidence, a lesson for who? Liddy hedged for the possessor of hedge for the one who has intelligence? Meaning Yes, there is. Yes, there is in the odds that our last panel data has sworn over here. There are many lessons there is an oath to convince for who for the one who has aged headedness from the root that has had deep and what has happened.

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mean rock hydrous rock a boulder. What does a rock do?

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A huge rock just imagine a huge rock What does it do?

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It prevents you from moving on from digging further. It basically prevents it stops it hinders and alcohol intellect is called hedger. Why? Because it stops the person from doing that which is wrong.

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It is a means of keeping a person away from harmful things, your uncle will tell you don't drop the hammer on your foot,

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your uncle will tell you sleep, your Apple router, you get up and get ready and go to school before you're late.

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So Apple stops you from doing wrong and makes you do that which is right. But which Apple is

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that which is

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that which is solid, that which is proper sound.

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So those who have hedged, those who have intellect who have sense, who can hold their temptations back, who are able to stop themselves from doing wrong. For them, there is a huge lesson, a great evidence in the exam that a loss of primary data is wearing.

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What's that great lesson,

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then, if you think about it, the time that is mentioned here, but the 10 nights, the month of Ramadan, or the month of the hedger, then a chef and what everybody that is either a chef or or alworth, then will lelee either, yes, the important time, the night when it departs such an important time to remember Allah to seek His forgiveness, to bring it to him to bed before him. So, a person who has intellectual will use his mind, what will he do? He will take advantage of these times. He will not sleep through these moments, he will not let these opportunities go by No, he will benefit from them.

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And remember that all of these sources in which the customer is taken many times that person is not mentioned. It's implied and what is that? That the Day of Judgment is definitely coming.

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So when a person realizes the reality of the day of gentlemen, realizes the reality of inner Elena yerba home, Soma, inner Elena is our bone, then a person does not lose these opportunities, he takes benefit from them. So Allah asks, her Viva la casa Malini is there not a custom in that meeting, an oath to convince, to do something to get out, to worship Allah, to do something special to do something good to do something extra, but only someone who has intellect, he will be able to benefit.

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The one who does not have sound strong rock solid intellect, what will happen to him, you will sleep through, he will not benefit. He will let the opportunity go by

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He will

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not wash

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fee the person who's needy.

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And then if a person still doesn't understand the importance of these times, and he doesn't take advantage, he doesn't worship Allah subhanaw taala then he should definitely take a lesson from the people of the past.

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And under okay for follow up book hubiera Have you not considered how your Lord dealt with the people of art? If you can take a lesson from these oaths, and at least look at history and learn from that? Don't you know how Allah dealt gave a final book how he did with the people of God? Who are the people of

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Iran? They are Iran. They're determined who had lofty pillars? What does it mean by Iran? Why are the people of Earth called Iran?

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It is said that Iran was the name of their ancestor. Or it was the name of the city that they lived in. So their ancestor What was his name? You know, it is said that his name was Iran, even Sam even knew.

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And as a result, the people of our they were known as the people of Iran as well as the people.

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And it is also said that Iran was the name of the city, the area that they used to live in. So because of that, the people are also known as the former people of art. They were the former people of art, and they were the latter people that we learned

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Anyone who like gardening oola in certain

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that it is he who destroyed the people of ours, which people have had all the former ones.

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So there was a former people of our and the latter people are the former ones, they were destroyed. And those who came later who were they, those were believers. So they remained. And they were also known as odd and then later on their progeny continued and eventually should came amongst them as well. And Alas, Pankaj sent messengers to them as well.

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So, I then thought, okay, for foreign Allah book, I'd be odd. Do you not know, Have you not seen Have you not reflected on how your Lord dealt with the people of God? They were. And they were that

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they were that it or not, what does it mean by our image reminders from their newsletters, I mean, that and remote is that whose support is taken, which is why the word remodel applies to pillars. It applies to a tall building. And it also applies to a person who is very tall in his height, so that your image is understood in a number of ways. First of all, it has been said that their city, which was Iran, was that it or not, it had lofty pillars, just like the people are fitted on, what did they construct? pyramids, so the people of our day constructed lofty, huge pillars, massive pillars, which were also finely decorated, beautiful in their appearance. So Iran adapted arena, first of

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all, what does it mean the city of Iran that had lofty pillars?

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Secondly, it is also said that that Iran is describing the name of the people

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who are they? They are Iran, because I told you that Iran is also the name of the people, not just the name of the city. And these people how are they they're very mad, the tall ones. They were very, very tall, extremely tall, extremely huge in their physical built in their physique and which is why they were also very, very strong. And this is something that we learned from the Quran is well into the foot say that I 15 winner. They used to say that Manisha Dominica, that who is stronger than us in Cuba? So Allah subhanaw taala says that oh lm yo anila habla de Hanukkah, Hua Shan toninho, that Allah The one who created them, he is stronger than them in might.

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So they were very powerful, very mighty in their physique. So in honor that

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Allah says Allah de la mujer locksmiths who have will be led by the likes of whom had never been created in the land allottee these people, this nation, and why is it called allottee because it's referring to the name of a tribe and women the names of the tribes are feminine. So there are those who never knew who it was not created with new hair like it. Meaning like their Kabila like their city, like their people. There were no people, no city that was ever made. Philbin add in the lands in the country's meaning in the entire world. There was no other nation that was like them. No other nation that was like them. They were the tallest people, the mightiest people, the strongest people.

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And on top of that, what they constructed was also very mighty. Nothing similar to that has ever been created. allotey lumea Rafi villa. Now today people are creating, they are building huge structures as well. And we get so impressed by them. But what does Allah say? That what they built, nothing naked has ever been built. Just imagine what they must have built.

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But what happened to these people? Can you fire a lot of bukovina out? How did Allah deal with them? When they disbelieved in their messenger? Allah punish them. Despite their strength despite their tall bodies, what happened we learned into the facility that I have 1516 that for also now I lay him Rehan sorceress, a Yamuna he sat in the New Deal kumada is even higher to dunya when the officer

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that what was sent against them was a violent when a violent winds pick them up through them, broke them apart. And as we have learned elsewhere, as well, that how they seemed like hollow tree trunks.

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so unlucky lumias love me through half will be glad but when they disbelieved, look at how they were punished. On the other hand, with a mood and Have you not seen some mood, how Allah dealt with them, who are the people of some mood, and Latina Jebel Sahaba were who carved out the rocks in the valley. Why, in order to make homes, Jabu Jabu of new Tetris Gene Wilder, and job is to pierce to peers to make a hole through and then this word is also used for carving and

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There's two words in the Quran that are used for carving, not as well as the job. What can he do in a minute he barely boot and then he doesn't know is the second step and job is the first step.

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job requires breaking, drilling, making holes cracking.

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And nuts means fine carving, decorating, giving the final touches. What requires more manpower, more effort?

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Joe, right, because you need heavy machinery for that purpose. You need a lot of strength for that purpose, because you are breaking. You're dealing with solid rock. And then once whatever has been broken and has broken into then you can just easily one person can focus on designing and painting and carving and so on and so forth.

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So alladhina Jebel Saville weapon asaka is a third of Saha which is used for a huge rock.

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So they carved out the rocks bewegt in the valley, which Valley is this? Where they're

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where they used to live, where these mountains were, where they had made their homes, and till I've said that word refers to the passage of rivers, which they used as dwellings, indicating that the area around these mountains was very fertile as well. So with a wooden Medina Jebel Sahaba word will fit our own ideal odor and with fit our own the owner of steaks their own also Don't you know how Allah subhanaw taala dealt with them? By the way, the people of the mood, how are they punished? Say have one blast, one blast and it finished all of them. So don't you know, don't you reflect on how Allah dealt with them? Look at how mighty they were. Look at all that they accomplished. But at the

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end, they were finished

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warfare owner, the OTA and how did Allah deal with fit our own? Who was the OTA Ville OTA OTA discipline of what and what it is a peg? a pole, the central pole in a tent? And why is it called the OTA?

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Because he had huge armies, huge armies. And when they will travel, he would take his armies along with him. And when they would camp somewhere, they would pitch their tents. And for that, we would use, they would use bags.

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And secondly is also called the OTA because he would crucify people.

00:32:30--> 00:32:33

He was the one who would crucify people in order to punish them.

00:32:35--> 00:33:03

What did he say to the magicians when they embrace the song, but I will cut off your hands and your feet from opposite sides. And also, I will, well, it will suddenly been Nakajima, and I will also crucify all of you. So if it only then oh, that this is how we would punish people. And He punished his own wife as well, in the same way, just imagine within our own adult Oh, dad. And it's also said that you would have a steak or bad lighting with him. And that was a symbol of his power and authority.

00:33:04--> 00:33:17

You know, how there are certain symbols, you know, certain things that kings hold, or whatever, sometimes it's the crown. Sometimes it's something else that is a symbol of their power. So the symbol of their own power was what his stake.

00:33:18--> 00:33:36

So if it turns out that all of these people unless as a Latina, hopefully not all of whom oppressed within the lands. They had to hoe in the lands that they lived in, they have to know what isn't invertible they had committed greatly and create injustice.

00:33:38--> 00:33:57

What was a great rebellion, great injustice that these people had committed? People of odd some would fit around that, first of all, this believing in Allah, this believing in the messenger, and not just disbelieving in the messenger opposing the messenger opposing those who had believed in the messenger. And besides that, a lot of injustice as well.

00:33:58--> 00:34:08

Like for example, for their own he had committed great injustice against the Bani Israel until the end is also Utah who is also from the same route one who rebelled out of the limits that Allah has set for him.

00:34:10--> 00:34:46

So if Iran had rebelled out of his limits in the huhtala, how did he come into that he declared to be God? Similarly, the people of our they said Manisha Dominica, who is mightier than us and strength, meaning we are the mightiest people, the strongest people? So Alina tahu fibula, they have become extremely arrogant, extremely disbelieving, extremely oppressive people in the cities for Achtung v hull facade and increase there in the corruption wherever they lived. What did they do? They spread a lot of facade.

00:34:47--> 00:34:59

If you think about it, in worldly terms, these people are very successful in terms of their buildings, their art, their architecture, their farming, all of that they were very successful in that but Allah

00:35:00--> 00:35:07

For actigraphy, her facade they spread a lot of facade where they used to live, what kind of facade is this? Then? What kind of facade is this?

00:35:08--> 00:35:40

intangible facade remember, there are two types of facade. One is the physical facade, that you are demolishing buildings, destroying the resources of the earth, abusing the earth, and the other is committing sins, spreading chaos, similarly spreading fear amongst people committing injustice. So the facade that these people had spread was the intangible facade by disobeying a last parameter by oppressing people lying and cheating with one another

00:35:41--> 00:35:43

for Actonel via facade

00:35:44--> 00:36:06

so what happened then for sub beryllium or buka sold or that so your Lord board upon them board upon them what the salt of punishment the width of either sub is from solid babba and what the sub mean to pour something in profusion and now celeb unelma sub there

00:36:07--> 00:36:23

so he bored and it is to pour something down at once in one good day for example, you have a bucket full of water and you just turn it over so what's going to happen all of the water which is a lot in its quantity is going to pour down

00:36:24--> 00:37:01

so for sub barley we just poured upon them or buka your Lord What did you pour on them? soda or the salt self is from the router received? Well taught and sold is used for according to some and also a staff a stick and a stick? What does it symbolize? What is it used for? punishment right? If you see a stick with a teacher, for example, then what is the job that they're going to beat? Similarly, the shepherd when he has the stick, what does he use it for? keep his animals in control. So a stick a staff, it is a means of punishment.

00:37:02--> 00:37:06

Some have said that salt refers to whip. It's a whip it's a flog

00:37:07--> 00:37:22

and literally sold it's a combination of many things. This is not sold with Assad and attached at the end sold his voice This is sold. Okay, that is solid Well, this is seen well

00:37:23--> 00:37:27

sold his voice and Celt is with

00:37:28--> 00:38:09

and literally what to sell to mean to make something a combination of many things. Now, there are different words that are used for a week. For example, one is gender, we have learned better in certain news method elda 100 lashes. Another word that is used is so what's the difference between the two, gender is a flog whose effect is limited to the Gillette only such a whip was affected limited the skin only meaning it will not injure, cut through the skin, wounds the person or break his bones, or break his muscles or something like that. No, its effect is limited to the skin only.

00:38:10--> 00:38:32

And another is salt. And salt is that which has multiple knots on it. Such a whip that has multiple knots on admixture of many things, right? So it has multiple knots on it. When you whip even once then what's going to happen, the impact will be on the skin, the impact will be deeper than the skin.

00:38:33--> 00:39:02

It might bruise a person very badly. It might even break his bone. It might even injure his muscle. So salt compared to jelly is a more severe, more severe form of punishment. So for sub barreling and Rob Booker soltana he poured the punishment on them. Why? Because Allah gives time to the violin. He doesn't Seize him immediately.

00:39:03--> 00:39:11

These people also presume that they were committing Allah gave them time, okay, do whatever you want. And then eventually when he sees them, he didn't spare them so far.

00:39:13--> 00:39:46

And various forms of punishments were sent upon them. So for example, we learned about the punishments that were sent in origins and what we learned about the word say how we learned about the word Raja, so many different types of words earthquake and the blast. Similarly, the people of the wind that was picking them up, and the people of our own, how did Allah subhanaw taala punish them? They were drowned. So so far that when they were seized, they were not spared after that. For sub barley him Rob Booker Silva or the

00:39:47--> 00:39:59

then Allah says in a burqa levy limit Meursault indeed your Lord is an observation. Your Lord is an observation builder Assad. We saw this from newsletters, but also

00:40:00--> 00:40:09

And what does it mean, to lie in wait for something to come? And as soon as it comes, you get you deal with it, you attack.

00:40:10--> 00:40:54

So in our bacala bill Meursault, what does it mean by that, that your Lord is ever under watch watching over the deeds of his servants, nothing of their deeds are hidden from him. He knows exactly what the servants are doing. And when it's the right time, that he sees his done, he punishes them. And in this is a great warning, that a person may be able to disobey Allah may be able to do many wrong things, one after the other. He should not get deceived by that. He should not think Allah does not know he's not watching us forgiving me know. In Arabic, Arabic. He is keeping count of everything that a person is doing. And eventually a time will come. When it's the right

00:40:54--> 00:41:00

time that he knows what will he do? He will seize the person and when he will seize him. He will not let him go.