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An-Nur 30-31 Word Analysis and Tafsir 30

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Similarly, if a person is an office building, and he comes across women who are not related to him, then what should he do? Lower the gaze.

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Similarly, if a person is at school, if a person is at college, if a person is at the mall, if a person is anywhere, and he doesn't have a choice but to be there, then what should he do?

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Lower the gifts. And the same also applies to women.

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And we also see that whenever there is harm on the outside, whenever there is indecency on the outside, the first thing is that you should stop it.

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If it's beyond your ability to stop it, and what should you do, you should save yourself, you should protect yourself.

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Because at the end of the day, you will be questioned first about yourself, and then you'll be questioned about what you did to stop other people from wrong.

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So, a person cannot say I live in this society, I live in this day and age, I work in this building, I work at that office, I go to that school, therefore I cannot control myself, I have to look at what is unlawful? No, you can definitely control yourself.

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Your eyes are in your control. Nobody can force you to open your eyes, you can lower them.

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So we see that in this ayah we have been given precautionary measures. And amongst them is first of all, that you control yourself, you lower the gaze.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, if a Muslim happens to glance at the charms of a woman, if a man, Muslim men, he happens to look at the beauty of a woman. Obviously, That woman is non Muslim to him. And then he turns his eyes away. He does a little buzzer, he lowers his gaze, he turns his eyes away. Then Allah will bless his worship and devotion. And we'll make it all the more sweet.

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Allah will bless him with the sweetness of Riba that he will begin to enjoy worship.

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This is the reward of lowering the case.

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That if a person is looking at something that is unlawful, and he remembers, I'm not allowed to do this, he lowers his gaze, he turns his eyes away, and he does not look back. He does not look back at it again. Because he knows that is unlawful than what's going to happen along with bless him with the sweetness with the pleasure of Riba that he will be able to have who Sure, he will be able to enjoy acts of worship.

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And if a person does not control himself, then will you be able to have assure in Salah? Will he be able to enjoy worship at all? Not at all, it will not be possible. So what's the summary? That again is that can put a person in fitna What should he do,

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he should control it, he should turn it away, out of the fear of Allah, and in hopes that Allah will grant him great reward.

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Now remember that this does not mean that a man is required to look down on the floor and then walk. This is not what is meant. What is meant is that as soon as there's something that he's not supposed to look at, as soon as there's a feeling of attraction, what should you do?

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Immediately look away.

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And this is with regards to oneself, that if you happen to look at something that is not lawful for you to look at, you lower your gaze, whatever you find someone looking at something they're not supposed to be looking at, then what do you do? Now here and in one go? You're supposed to forbid them from wrong, you should stop them from wrong.

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So for example, if you're walking with your brother,

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and there happens to pass by a sister,

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and he's looking at her, he's admiring her. What should you do? Let him because he's supposed to get married one day, and he's supposed to be looking for a potential spouse. And you should tell him more about that girl. No, what should you do? Tell him to lower his gaze.

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We learned that Jabir ibn Abdullah Ansari, he narrated that, at the occasion of the farewell pilgrimage, had to deal with our father living our best who was a young cousin of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He was riding with him on the camel, during the return journey from my shot and how long

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and they happen to pass by a few women. And these women, they came to ask the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about something so one of the women, she was talking to the prophets that a lot of them asking about something. And Father, he started looking at that woman. And that woman noticed that and she was looking at him as well.

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I imagine she's supposed to be asking questions from the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he is looking at her and she is looking at him.

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So the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he turned the face of fuddle to the other side, meaning he brought his hand and he turned his face away to the other side.

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So this is what should be done. If you feel that somebody is looking at something that they're not supposed to be looking at, and you have that authority, you have that, you know, relationship with them, where you can actually say something where you can actually do something, then you are responsible, then you are supposed to tell them to lower their gaze as well. And this hadith is very well known. It's reported in Bihari Budo Timothy, and we learned another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, that I saw a young man, and a young woman looking at one another,

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a young man and a young woman, they were looking at one another, and I became worried for both of them of Shetland, that chatline is going to influence them, and he's going to make them do something wrong.

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So he became worried for them, because they were both looking at one another.

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So what do we see that a person should control himself, and he should also be concerned about others, he should lower his gaze himself, and he should also tell others to lower their gaze.

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So for example, you could be with your husband, you could be with your brother, a man could be with a friend. And in that case, what is our responsibility? I'm going to be my roof when I hear that.

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Because many times it happens that a person does not realize he does not realize in that moment, he saw David dazed by the beauty of that person. He's so impressed that he's looking at one thing after the other admiring one thing after the other in his mind, he's thinking about a low art and what so what is your obligation? Stop them at that moment?

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And we see the way of the prophets that a lot of them that he should not say, Go away from here, look down, don't look at her. Immediately, what did he do, he just took his face and turned it away. That's it.

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And remember that if a person does not control his eyes, if a person does not lower his gaze, and he continues to look at what is unlawful, he continues to admire what is unlawful for him, then this is actually the Zener of the eyes. This is the fornication of the eyes.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the Zener of the eyes is looking, the Zener of the eyes is looking looking out with lust with desire.

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And the Zener of the tongue is speaking.

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What does he mean by that?

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That to people who are not related to one another, they are talking to one another in a very seductive way, in a very loving fashion, expressing their love expressing their desires to one another. This is what Xena off the tongue. And the Zener of the ears is listening, that a person listens to someone who is saying wrong things. And the Zener of the hands is striking. For example, stroking with his hands, he's not doing anything wrong, there isn't that sexual act. However, they're holding hands, for example, unrelated, holding hands, shaking hands, or, for example, one has his arm around the other person. This is what the center of the hands and the center of the feet

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is walking, that every time a person walks to that person or that thing, to look at how long to enjoy how long and what is the center of the feet, the soul wishes and desires and the private parts. They either confirm or deny that.

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That if a person has this desire in his heart, then what's going to happen eventually it's going to come out in the eyes, it's going to come out on the tongue it's going to come out on the feet. And eventually it's also going to lead to the private parts. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he warned us, he said that I mostly fear for you do things. I fear for you two things, and what are those two things following desires? And longhope?

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I fear for you my oma two things, that you will follow desires that you will go on fulfilling your desires and you will have long hopes in life.

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Because when a person follows his desires, then what happens? There is no limit. He does not care about what is lawful, what is unlawful. And when a person has long warps, then he is refrained from what is important what is necessary what is urgent.

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So, the first command given in this ayah is off huddle bustle. And the second command that is given in this ayah is of halal food protecting the private parts and in protecting the private parts what comes first covering them.

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And remember that in the side in particular, the command is to who to the men. So the men should cover their private parts. What does it mean? That the part of their body that must be covered they should not?

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expose it.

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Now the question is, what part of a man's body must be covered? In other words, what is the set of a man, the set center or what is the center of a man, the center of a man in front of a man or a woman, the center of the man in front of a man or a woman is what? From the navel, to the knee,

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from the navel, all the way down until the knees and the knees are included.

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So for example, if a man is wearing shorts, which are above the knees, are they okay? Or that barely come to the knees? Are they okay? They're not okay, they must be below the knees.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, A man should not look at the private parts of another man.

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So we see that the out of the center of a man must not be covered only from women. But it should also be covered from who, from other men.

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The profits are the last item you set your ID to lead our annual that do not look at the tie of the living or the dead. Do not look at the thigh of the living or the dead because the thigh is what are older.

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So whether that person is alive or dead, even if you're washing the dead body, you're not allowed to look at the tie. You're not allowed to look at the tie.

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We also see in another Hadith that is reported in battle cottony that our attorney Julie Marina salvati in Iraq Betty,

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that the subtle of a man of a man what must be covered is what is between his navel

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to his knees.

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So, the part of the body between the navel and the knees must be covered.

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In a hadith we learned that there had eslami he stated that once he was sitting in a company of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and this man that had his tie was exposed, you can imagine people are sitting and his garment was such that it exposed part of his tie. So the profits are a lot of them said to him, Do you not know that the ties are older?

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Do you not know that it is older, it must be concealed?

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So what do we see that Yeah, follow Fuji home, the men should cover their private parts. Part of that is covering the erla not exposing the older witches from the naval to the new

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the prophets are a lot of them also said beware, never remain naked. Meaning do not remain naked. For with you are those mean be angels who never leave you alone except when you ease yourself or you go to your wives. So feel shy of them and give them due respect. So a person should not expose his aura unnecessarily. That just because he's alone at home, he says okay, let me walk around naked No, this is not permissible. Why? Because there are angels, there are angels who are watching the person and a person should be shy before them, he should give them their due respect.

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So, the clothes that a man wears, what type of clothes should they be, they should meet particular requirements in order to cover the setup properly. In order to cover this outer properly a person a man, he should wear clothes that meets certain requirements and what are the requirements that first of all, they should be such clothes that cover the setup.

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So, for example, if a man is wearing pants, if a man is wearing any lower garment, how should it be, it should be such that it covers the area from the navel and underneath.

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Because sometimes it happens that people wear their pants very low and their shirts are also small. So as they bend or as the jump part of their stomach will show and the part of the stomach that shows is also that which is below the navel, this is not permissible, what a person should wear must be such that it covers the area that is under the navel all the way up to the knee. So this is one condition.

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Similarly, you know in some countries, people wear such clothes that are loose, like for example, a sheet they will wear around their legs. So in that case as well, it should not be hung too low, that the part of the body that is below the navel is exposed, it should be on the navel and better if above, so that the area that must be covered is not exposed.

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Secondly, the clothing that a man wears must not be see through it must not be see through such that his private parts can be seen through them or his thighs can be seen through them. No, they should be thick enough that they cover the body. They should be thick enough that they cover the body

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And thirdly, the clothes that a man wears, they must not be so tight, they must not be so tight that the private parts of a person are exposed to them.

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For example, sometimes in sports in certain sports, men wear certain clothes, which are extremely tight, especially on the lower body. And they're so tight that sometimes literally their honor is being exposed from the front as well as the back, this is not permissible.

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A person should not wear such clothes that expose the thighs, that expose the private part, that it is just as though the body has been painted. And there is no garment that is covering the body that is hiding the finger.

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So the cloth should not be so tight that the finger is being exposed, the private parts are exposed through them.

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And if a person thinks that it's okay to expose parts of the body, such as there are at certain times, for example, when playing sports, or for example, when swimming, this is not permissible.

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Because no matter what a person is doing, it is not permissible for him to expose his private parts. Whether it's done in the name of healthy lifestyle, such as that a person regularly is swimming or a person is playing tennis or whatever, because these things you can do even while you're alive is covered, you can do them, it's not that difficult. So, a person must not make things such as this as an excuse, rather, he should be concerned about obeying the commands that are lost, has given as they are

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and the only case in which it is permissible to expose the private parts to expose the older, the part of the body that must be covered isn't a case where a person is getting some treatment.

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So for example, if he has to get some surgery done, if he has to get some treatment over there, if a person is handicapped, if a person is completely dependent on others, and he needs a caregiver who has to look at those parts of the body, only in that case, it is permissible, other than that, it is not permissible for a person to expose his private parts. Because we have learned in the Quran that we're living in a homely Fujian Have you alone Illa Allah, as well over Melaka Amen.

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And we also do an incidental or have I never 35 that will have you Lena furuya, whom will have demand who guard their private parts and the women who also do so. So guarding the private parts is a requirement of a man.

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It is a requirement of a man it is an obligation upon us.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, A man should not lie with another man, without wearing lower garment under one cover.

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A man should not lie down with another man without wearing a lower garment under the same cover, this is not permissible.

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So what does this have? These tell us that it's not just that a person should not expose his private parts.

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It's not just that a person should not do how long with them, but also that he should not let others touch them. He should not let others touch his private parts. Do you understand? Because sometimes people become very frank and in that they will touch one another's private parts, they will touch the thighs in a fashion that is incorrect, sometimes a lot of excitement, sometimes out of anger, this is not permissible, touching the private part of another, looking at the private part of another, this is not permissible, because it goes against protecting the private part.

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And if you notice, at the end of the day, what does Allah subhanaw taala say that Allah is heavier on the map is narrowed that Allah is fully aware of whatever they do.

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Because sometimes people will follow these commands, they will not expose their private parts, they'll appear to be very chaste, they will lower their gaze. However they will do it out of fear of people, not fear of Allah.

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What do we see in this ayah that fear of Allah is being instilled in people

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that don't just refrain from these things, out of fear of people just because people are watching you. But rather you should refrain from these things because Allah is watching you.

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Allah subhanaw taala says it's a little off it is 19 that year Allah Maha in a very unique woman.

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He knows that which deceives the eyes and what the breasts can see you. So the deception of the eyes, that a person quickly in a very secret fashion, he gets a glance at someone and then a second glance and then a third glance, this is the treachery This is the deceit of the eyes. It's possible your mother doesn't get you it's possible.

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Your wife doesn't get you. But remember that Allah has got you. Allah is watching you.

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In total milk, I have 14 we learn Allah Allah woman halaqa wahoo Allah playful hobby does he who created not know while he is a lovely, subtle, the one who notices the fine details of something and he has hobbies acquainted.

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So, a person should protect himself, he should guard himself out of the fear of Allah.

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Because we see that many times people who are married even men who are married even they cannot get rid of this bad habit that behind closed doors, while hiding from their wives, they will watch pornography, they will do things that are how long a person should remember that okay, if my wife does not catch me, my parents do not catch me. So what a look and see me

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and out of the fear of Allah, a person should stop.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, that whoever can guarantee the chastity of what is between his two jaw bones. Whoever can guarantee the chastity of what is between his two jaw bones, what is between the two javelins, the tongue

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and what is between his two legs, meaning his private parts, I guarantee paradise for him.

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A person who controls his tongue, and a person who controls his private parts, who saves his tongue from how long, who saves his private parts from how long that the profits on a lot of them said, I guarantee paradise for him.

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This is a very serious matter.

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A very serious matter, that if a person protects himself, then there's salvation for him. And if a person does not protect himself in this regard, then there is great punishment for him.

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If a person does not lower his gaze, if a person does not protect his private parts, then there's severe punishment.

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We learned from a hadith that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he mentioned one of the occasions when the angels they took him to see Jenna to see now to see the punishments and to see the reward. He said that the two angels told me to proceed on. So we proceeded on and we passed by a hole like an oven.

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It was a ditch a hole like an oven, like a Baking Oven, and a Baking Oven. What does it have incited? firewood, heat smoke coming out of it with a narrow top, it had a very narrow top and a wide bottom. And the fire was kindling underneath that hole.

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Whenever the fire flame went up, the people were lifted up to such an extent that they were about to get out of it.

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So imagine with the flames of the fire that people were lifted up. And whenever the fire got quieter, the people went down into it. And there were naked men and women in it. The people who were being punished in this oven, were Who? naked men and naked women.

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So the profits are a lot of them who said to the angels? What is this? Who is this? Who are these people? They told me to proceed on. And then later on, they explained to him the meaning of what he saw and they told him that those whom you saw in the hole, were as soon

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as sunette who are as sunette the men and women who commit Zina, the men and women who do heroin with their private parts.

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So if a person protects his private parts, what does the howdy fellas I guarantee Jimena for him? And if a person does not protect his private parts, there is severe punishment in the hereafter. So we see that this is not something small. It's something very, very important.

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This is why again, I mentioned that it is as obligatory upon us as Salah is obligatory

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if a person neglects his Salah, are there consequences? Definitely if a person neglects, lowering the gaze neglects protecting his private parts are there consequences definitely there are. Both are important, very, very important. Because when it comes to Dean within Dean is all about bringing the cylinder Masud giving the event or for example, reciting the Quran, going attending classes, this is what Dean is about. But Dean is about personal life even. Dean is about what you do with your eyes, where you look how you look what you do. Dean is also about all of these matters, because our religion is of Islam, total submission, complete submission. that a person even submits his eyes,

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that a person even does with his eyes what Allah has commanded him and he stays away from what Allah has forbidden.

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So these are the kind of teachings that are given to us by our religion. Why in order to protect us

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From wrong in order to protect us from harmful consequences in this dunya as well as the hereafter.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Now in this ayah, the men have been addressed in particular

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and in the following Ayah the women are being addressed.

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So you see that this command is given separately to the men and then separately to the women. The command would have been given together as well. But the men have been given the command separately and the women have been given the command separately. What does it show

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the importance of this command? how important it is that the men are being told individually and the women are being told individually?