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Quran 30 for 30 – Day 10 – Tawba, Yunus & Hud

June 15, 2016

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I ain't going to lie here.

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Hope you guys are doing well inshallah, so we're gonna go ahead and I'll give you guys a couple of minutes to log on, or a minute to log on inshallah, so that we can start.

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All right 223 viewers, I guess once it hits about

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332 we're getting there in sha Allah

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Okay, let's go ahead and start in sha Allah smilla la sala

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de la vida and he will be he will Manuela. So inshallah Tada, here we are, we're gonna go ahead and continue now on on in just 11 and somehow a lot, we're already one third done with the code and think about that. So May Allah subhanaw taala accept your first third of Milan and May Allah subhana wa tada make your last two thirds even better than the first and grant us all forgiveness in sha Allah. So we're in just 11 now and just 11 starts off with the end of sorts of tober. So it goes from sorta tilba verse 93, all the way through sudut. Eunice, and then through just the first five verses of solitude, so primarily the meat of, of just 11 is really in sort of universe.

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So just to kind of let you guys understand how this comes together,

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sort of a tilbyr, which was again revealed at the, you know, at the very end of the Prophetic Mission in the ninth year after Hitler, the last the second to last surah in its full entirety reveal to the prophets lie Selim in its full entirety.

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And it literally is the highest point of Islam, right, this is one Islam has spread through the earth. This is one loss of habitat, Allah has put the Prophet slice them in a position now where he's dealing with the rest of the world. So this is the highest point of the dean, this is either a muscle lie with fat, this is when the victory of Allah has come and the conquest. So that's the highest point now right after sort of to tell where you're going to literally have the lowest point, which is sort of unison sort of hood, which is right before the Hitler. So it's the end of Makkah. So the end of Makkah, once again, comes into play. So it kind of goes back to the the context of an

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hour off,

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you know, which came just a few years before.

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And this is the way that the last panel deals with less than the plan, right, it goes from the highest point to the lowest point back to the highest point back to the lowest point. So don't get too excited about the battle about that because there's still about a hurt. Learn your lessons. So here Allah subhana wa tada is taking us from the highest point of Islam, which is nine years after Hitler, to the lowest point of Islam, which is right before the hits, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is dealing with the most intense and severe persecution in Mecca, and he doesn't have much support at all, as far as the people are concerned. And the benefit of this is, you know,

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as opposed to a storybook, you know, just going chronologically in the life of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is that this is how we are, we are supposed to temper ourselves spiritually. This is how we discipline ourselves, that we don't get too elevated. Because if we get to if we become too hopeful, then our hopefulness can become wishful thinking, and a loss pantalla brings us back down to fear. But if our fear becomes too much, then it becomes despair. So we're always to hover between hope and fear. We're always to look at what caused success in the past, and then what causes failure as well.

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So this is the way that the poll answer restructures itself, so you've got sort of two towba. And then you've got the first two chapters in the poll and that are named after profits. So sort of Eunice and Sora hoods are the first two chapters in the poll and that are named after profits. Now think about this. This is actually very, very, very cool. The first prophet that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was informed about in the Quran was was Yunus it his Allah. So Allah Subhana Allah revealed you the story of Yunus it his Salaam in the first few revelations, or within the first few revelations, particularly or a loss of power insider says in sort of that column, Fosbury

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hooked me Rob decat. While at second Khosla he been who he is now that we're home aquadome that'd be patient with the commander.

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Your Lord and don't be like the Companion of the whale if he called upon Allah subhanaw taala while he was already swallowed. So the first prophet that the Prophet slicin was told about in the Holy Land was Yunus it has set up the first surah. In the Quran named after a prophet is suta Yunus it's once again named after Yunus adding his Salaam and Eunice of course, is the prophet Jonah. Peace be upon him. And there's a profound lesson in that because you and as it is Salaam in him you have all of these different lessons. Yunus at his Salaam was successful, and then Yunus it is Salaam gave up and so Allah subhanho wa Taala caused that that harsh lesson to come to him and then Eunice it his

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Salaam turned back to Allah Subhana Allah and Allah elevated him What can only can only limit meaning and as Allah says, and that's how we we give salvation to the believers as well. So in the story of Yunus it is Salaam you have the turns right? And more likely than not, we will all have those turns in our life in our lives. So this is a profound lesson for us that Eunice is that I was the first prophet that was revealed to the Prophet slice on and the first surah in the Quran, named after a prophet is sort of the reason why these two sources in particular as well, so the unison sort of hood, what unites surah Yunus and sort of hood with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and the

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people of Mecca, is that the people of Yunus and the people of hood were idol worshippers, just like the people of Mecca. And they also rejected the notion of a hereafter. So the people of Yunus it his setup, and the people of Houdini his Salaam, who were of course known as add, these were two peoples that worshipped idols, and they also reject the belief in the hereafter. So they're just like the people of Mecca in that sense. Now, one group was destroyed and the people have and the other group would repent and we welcome their prophet back in and the people of Yunus it his son, so again, you have the story of success and the story of failure. The people of who Danny Salaam had were

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destroyed, and they were destroyed with violent winds. The people of Yunus it his salon, they repented to Allah, they call they they welcomed Yunus at his salon back in their midst. And so here you really have the parallel of the people of Mecca. in both situations, some of the people of Mecca would be destroyed trying to kill the prophet SAW a settlement attacking the prophets lie some the likes of Buddha, and the Buddha had an urban me more eight and so on so forth. The majority of them were destroyed in a humiliating fashion. They were they were disgraced because they sought to disgrace to disgrace the Messenger of God and the believers. So they were destroyed. However, some

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of the people of Mecca lived on and repented to a loss of hundreds and they welcomed the profits by some back into Mecca. So the prophets lie some came home to Mecca, to find his people upon belief after they had turned him out. So there there are really a lot of parallels here that we see between the people of Uranus and the people of add and Uranus and hewed themselves with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and there's a lot of wisdom to them being mentioned first here, the theme also of makin or an the theme of Mecca for and his belief in the oneness of God and belief in the hereafter. Both are concepts that were rejected by the people of Yunus and the people of who the

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audience to them so it fits mechi hold on as well makin pour and as well. So that's sort of just to understand how this juice is put together, right, that's just 11 and this is how it's put together. And you find the way that the Sooners will be put together now. We left off last time when sort of to Toba, the last verse of the last Gers Allah subhana wa tada mentions those people that came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that wanted to go out with the Prophet slice them into a book, but they did not have the means to do so. But allow recognize their hearts and he recognized their intentions and a loss of Hannah Montana granted them the reward of that anyway. Okay, so in

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them and Mr. pinette that actions are backed by intention. The way that suta Toba starts off is that a loss of Hannah Montana blames or I'm sorry, the way that this just starts off is verse 93. In which Allah Subhana which Allah mentions in them a subito Allah Allah Dena yesterday no naka, WA whom alvernia that the blame is upon those who seek your permission who seek excuse, even though they are rich, so they have the means but they stay back. Although behind your Kunal mountain man fell out of rubble behind your Coronavirus However, they were pleased to be amongst those who stayed behind what power Allahu Allah for Ruby him firmly on the moon and a loss of Hannah Montana sealed

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over their hearts, so they do not really know. And so here's a connection that you can make and chocolates are too soon. With Eunice

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last panel, Tanna mentions these people that were pleased with their wealth and they were pleased to stay behind. And they were pleased to, you know,

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to stay in their comfort and not deal with the hardship that was going to come with tabuk a loss of penetang mentions and sort of Eunice, those little bit ly on June and he thought that was a little bit higher to dunia What am I know behind. So a lot will mention those who are pleased with the life of this world and who seek their tranquility in the life of this world. So there's actually a connection that we're already being that's already being made here, although we are cooling off and so at the Toba, they were happy to stay behind and sort of Eunice was a little bit higher to dunya. They were pleased with the life of this world. So last time, Siva, sanctions them once again. And

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then I lost the patent which I had mentioned in verse 100. So if you fast forward now to verse 100, loss penalty dimensions, was savvy Horner Walloon Minh and Mahajan ina will answer. So the first four runners in faith from the Mahajan and from the unsought when the Dena terbaru, whom the axon and those who followed them in their exam, so the people that that came forth in faith,

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you know, to follow the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and to support the messenger sallallahu wasallam. And Allah says, Those who follow them with the sand with excellence, those who follow them with their son, we ask Allah to make us amongst them alumna I mean, so it's actually beautiful here because Allah subhanho wa Taala did not exclude the listeners a lot did not exclude those who are reading such you're reading about something that's distant or something that's in the past, those who follow the example of the unsolved and the more hygiene or all the Allah who are at home, what are the one Allah is pleased with them, and they are pleased with the loss of Hannah Montana, what

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are under their home Jannat integrity, and how and Allah Subhana Allah has promised for them gardens beneath which rivers flow hottie Dena Fie Hubba and they will abide there in forever. The early kill falls on a limb and this is the great attainment. This is actually if you if you think about the end of

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sort of the baina it pretty much is this is the end of Schlitterbahn is pretty much this is where our last panel Tana mentions, those who strive for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah is pleased with them, they are pleased with Allah Subhana Allah and Allah has made them a promise.

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You know that they would be that they would be comforted on the Day of Judgment, and that Allah subhanaw taala would give them gardens beneath which rivers flow. Now Allah subhanaw taala then brings back to two audiences. And this is common in the end that Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the Bushra to the believers, the glad tidings to the believers and the punishment to the people who turn back. So in verse 105, Allah subhanaw taala says we'll call it manual and say, do what you will do, as you will first say Allahu Allah, Allah subhanho, Tana will see your deeds, what are pseudo who and His Messenger well, Menon and the believers as well. So basically, go ahead and do what you

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will. But at the end of the day, a loss of Hannah Montana will see your deeds and of course, those who lived in the time of the prophets lie some of the prophets, why some would see their deeds, as would the believers. And Allah Subhana, which Allah would say, says at the end of this ayah was settled Duna, either adding laby was Shahada favorably, or can be my quantum term alone and then you will return to the Knower of the unseen and the witnessed and he will inform you of that which you used to do. So a law sort of brings all these audiences together, the hypocrites who appeared to believe but did not really believe. So they stayed back, the believers who believed and they went

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forward. So Allah subhanaw taala rewarded them, the believers witnessed what they did. The believers that had a sincere intention, but they were not able to go forth with the prophets lie Selim because they did not have the means to do so. So a lot knows them and Allah would reward them and those that stayed behind the disbelievers that expressed both externally and internally, animosity towards a lot in the messenger sallallahu Sallam in the believer. So it will all come together and a loss of habitat it will inform you of that which you used to do. If you go to verse 111, Allah Subhana which Allah says in Allah hasta, la mina, Mina and foster home what Amala will be another human gender you

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call to do in a feasibility law he failed to learn where your quarter alone last panel Montana says that indeed a law has purchased the believers, their lives, their properties, and in return for that they will have paradise and this is beautiful here because some of the scholars mentioned that when you buy something cheap, when you buy something cheap, you take the product and then you pay or when you buy something expensive. When you buy something expensive.

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You pay first and then you get the product. so in this situation Allah subhana wa tada saying the believers give themselves they sacrifice themselves for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah. And as a result, Allah Subhana Allah will give them gentlemen, the anila home agenda, Paradise is the return that comes as a result of that. So Allah subhanaw taala mentions the promise of the believers the sacrifice of the believers, in this case, those who went out and those who were, who were slain in the path of God and Allah subhana wa tada mentions the covenant that he took for telling it when in God will call and so this is one of the few in which you'll find Telstra and G and an altogether the

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total the gospel and the poor and all together. So last contact says all of you took this covenant with God, and whoever maintains that covenant with a loss of Hannah Montana, so rejoice in the transaction that you've contracted with Allah with Annika who will close with them and once again that is the great attainment from Allah subhana wa tada And who are these people that have given themselves to Allah subhana wa tada at eborn Allah Abby, Dawn and hermy dawn assert you assert your own Allah subhanaw taala mentions the believers that are repentant, utter evil and Abbey doing those who are constantly worshipping Allah subhanaw taala, those who are constantly praising Allah, Allah

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and how are you doing, sir Who and those who are going out for his cause, are rockier on those who are constantly bowing in prayer aside you doing those who are prostrating in power? Last time, I'm sorry, those who are prostrating and recognizing the loss of Hannah Montana's right upon them. Allah mentions as an alum, you don't want to be maroof you wanna Hunan in one color, those who are enjoining, good, and those who are forbidding evil, what have you loominatee who do the law, but by sharing more meaning, and those who observe the limits set by God, and give glad tidings to the believers. So this is sort of the way that sort of the Toba goes through the believers and it

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describes all these categories and it really highlights who's on what side right where everyone falls in this grand scheme of things. And Allah subhana wa tada

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then says about the Prophet sallallahu. He says about the prophets like Selim some beautiful things and he says to the believers, yeah, even Medina, Amina tequila, Hakuna Masada King, oh, you will believe fear a lot and be amongst the truthful. Why is this important? As we said, a lot looks at the internal and Allah Subhana. Allah knows what's internally in your hearts and what you're going to do for his sake, and so on, so forth. But at the same time, this sort of really talks about aligning yourself with the right people as well. So align yourself with the believers keeping yourself surrounded with the truthful, not surrounding yourself with the hypocrites because the

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hypocrites are clearly trying to pollute your faith and pollute your Eman. So a person should keep themselves firm with a solid clean with those who are truthful to that covenant with a loss of habitat so it goes back to the company that you keep. So keep good company around you. People that will encourage you people that will help you keep your intentions pure, keep people that will help you stay on the right path and people that will always motivate you

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towards that which is good. So last time I mentioned it's Apple law, or Kumar I saw the pain and a beautiful verse finally unsorted Toba

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the last the last two verses in fact, last contract says la caja muscleman and footsy kamikazes winner la Hema and it tumhari sooner Aleikum me Nina rufen Rahim last pantai says there has certainly come to you a messenger from among yourselves. it grieves him when you suffer. He has empathy it grieves him when you suffer. How do you son alikum. He is extremely concerned about you being what meaning are often Rahim and to the believers. He's kind and merciful. So last time describes the character of the prophets. I send them here that he cares about you that the prophets lie some cares both about your worldly well being and he cares about your well being in the

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hereafter as well. He cares about your salvation as well. Why is this important in this sort of and in this context, in particular, because the admonishing of the believers or the admonishing of the hypocrites or the admonishing of those who came behind or the recognition of those who wanted to do good but did not have the means to do so. Allah and His Messenger want good for you. They want good for you. This is not to make a person feel heavy or to harm a person in any way alone His Messenger want good for you. So Lawson palletizers for Intel en la so if they turn away despite that, despite the fact that they have a messenger amongst them it is sold off to a seller who only wants good for

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them and wants to do well for them. If they turn away for cool has to be Allahu La Ilaha Illa who led to a Celt, well, who would have been, this is the end of so to tell, but if they turn away or Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say sufficient for me is

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Allah, there is no deity except except him on him I have relied and He is the Lord of the great film. Basically what this means is Allah did not need the hypocrites. The prophets lie some did not need the hypocrites, a lot are the messengers lie some do not need insincere people. At the end of the day, Allah subhana wa tada is the one who give his profits license victory and seeing him through these difficult moments and make things open up for him in a greater way. So it's upon Allah. The last verse of sorts of Toba is a verse of just place your trust in Allah and Allah will see you through it and then a lot takes the Prophet slice and I'm back to his most difficult days.

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He takes him back to university his right you want to say to his salon who maintain that tawakkul in his difficult or who had to work on his difficult time and Allah saved him. And of course, the prophets lie some in his most difficult years, in the

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in the end of the meccan period when the persecution became most severe, so if the people of Mecca turn away, if the people of Medina turn away, if the hypocrites turn away, whether it's good times or bad times for the oma, Allah subhana wa tada will see his prophet through and he will see his believers through. So sudo Yunus now is what we come to sudo Yunus is revealed in one sitting according to the majority of the scholars, so it's one of those long suitors that came to the Prophet slice on in one shot, as opposed to as opposed to just pieces and portions here and there. And again, it's revealed towards the end of the meccan period, and it starts off with lF lamb ra

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tid. k l to Kitab al Hakim, these are the verses of the wise book a last contract says a Canon in nasty agilon and o hanaa, etiologically. Minimum and ended in us are people amazed that we have revealed revelation to a man from amongst them

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to warn them what but surely not many, and he also will bestseller the denominator and he gives I'm sorry, has he been nasu a candidate nasty Ivan and ohana in order to remain home and unruliness, bursary, Latina Amnon, Angela home cada Masato can handle up to him Khalid Kathy, Rona in the handle as a human being. So really what it is, is that a loss of hundreds Anna says are people amazed that we revealed revelation to a man from amongst them. And he says to them, to warn mankind and to give glad tidings to those who believe that they will have a firm precedence of honor with their Lord, but the disbelievers say Indeed, this is an obvious magician, this is a horrible translation that

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I'm reading I'll get a better one for next time inshallah. So this is the second verse. So Allah subhanaw taala highlights now, the amusements or how amazed the people of Mecca are, and how they're mocking this idea that a prophet has been sent amongst them with news of the last day with news of the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And basically, the idea here is that a lost contact is going to give us some of the profits that came before that went through the same thing. But last time, I mentioned that at the end of the day, he lay the model dercum Jamia y de la Hakka you will all return to a lot together. Indeed the promise of a lot is true. A loss of Hannah Montana Yep, that

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will fun Casa Marina Julio jazzy alladhina amanu huami no Sati how to build list Allah Subhana Allah begins the process of creation, and then he repeats it so that he may reward those who have believed and done righteous deeds and justice when Medina cafaro Allah Hamza Robin, honey, Why doesn't anyone be mechanically thrown and those who turn away will have a drink of hot water and a painful punishment for that which they used to deny. So last time I mentioned his signs Jada samsa Leah and will comment on aura he made the sun a shining light and he made the moon or derived lights, and he determined for them phases.

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And Allah subhanaw taala mentions the alternation of the night and day, but what I really want to get to in aladeen ally of Jonah Lee Connor what I'll do we'll hire to dunia what a newbie Ha. Well, Edina Homa IR Tina la if you don't, actually if you look at the fact that I posted the small talk I posted from sorta Yunus just last night, I really focused on these two verses. So I won't do that right now. But Allah mentions those who don't want to meet a lot. They don't expect the meaning with God. They are satisfied with the life of this world. They feel secure in the life of this world. And they're heedless of the signs of Allah. So the only refuge that they would find on the Day of

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Judgment is his punishment and a loss of content I mentioned indeed those who have believed in the levina Amina Amina sloty hat. Yeah, de him Rob boambee Imani him, tragedy mentality human and how to feed and not in the aim that those who believed and have done righteous deeds their Lord will guide them because of their faith. beneath them. Rivers will flow and Gardens of Pleasure, and they're called there anyway.

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Be subhanak Allahumma Exalted are You Oh Allah, what to hate to him fee Hassan and their greeting would be Salaam peace. Well after that welcome and Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. And their last words or you know, whenever they are given something they would say All praises be to a love the Lord of the worlds. Now why is this important? It gives us a spiritual elements now, it takes us into a spiritual dimension here, that at the end of the day, there are some people that have expectations of a lot in the next life. And there are some people that don't have a firm belief in Allah. So they want to get as much as they can in this life. So the only purpose that spirituality

00:25:41--> 00:26:19

would serve for them is to give them betterment in this life, okay, they don't really think about the next life and they don't really think about the purpose of the hereafter. And I lost them Hannah Montana says, Well, you know, lovely NASA shot was there janome for loss of Hannah Montana was to hasten for the people, the evil that they invoke as he hastens for them good that he would have said, laponia he lay him at home, then their turn would have ended quickly. What does that mean? If Allah Subhana Allah to Allah was to take these people if he was to take people's lives if I lost friends, I was to kill everyone who disbelieved right away. And if the punishment of God was to come

00:26:19--> 00:26:57

on every person as soon as they disbelieved then you know everything would have ended very very very quickly and and things would have been horrible for people. But but instead of loss of Hannah Montana leaves the door open for repentance. He leaves the door open for people to come back as he did with the people of Yunus it his Salaam and as he did with many of the people of Mecca, that would receive the Prophet slicin on once again, but again, what does spirituality mean to you allow some time to assess what either must sell inside a little Rodin alley Giambi? Oh garden Oh, Karima lost, Petra says when when affliction touches you, when test comes to you, you call upon Allah

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Subhana Allah, whether you're lying down or you're sitting down, or you're standing. So, you know, when when things are bad, you find yourself turning towards God and asking God for help and so on so forth. But as soon as a loss of Hannah to Allah for Allah, maka, Schaffner and Lola who as soon as we do away with his hardship and with his harm Allah subhanaw taala says maloca and Luna, you know, he no longer in Messiah, he walks and he continues with his life as if he never called upon us to remove that affliction that touched him. What does this mean here?

00:27:33--> 00:28:10

A person goes through a difficult time. So we mentioned yesterday and sort of the Toba a lot, sort of a lot talked about a person who makes promises and their moments of vulnerability. But when Allah makes things easy for them, they don't do anything. Here a loss of hundreds Allah mentions a person who in their vulnerability calls upon a loss of power to add to remove that harm. Once Allah subhanaw taala removes that harm. It says if you never made your acts as if you never had a relationship with Allah, it says if you never called upon him, and so it loss of Hannah Montana says that this is the problem that we have. This is where Allah subhanaw taala sees our failures that we

00:28:10--> 00:28:50

don't call upon him unless we want something in this world. But you know, there's this this this weakness in the belief of a hereafter, this weakness in the belief of something that comes after. And that was the case with the hypocrites, by the way in Medina as well, that Islam was good as long as it benefited them in this world as soon as Islam demanded sacrifice from them and as soon as it made things difficult for them, then suddenly it wasn't worth it anymore because the hereafter the belief in the hereafter was not firmly planted in their hearts. So Allah subhana wa tada says, you know, in that in that regard, that Allah subhanho wa Taala will either adopt for the national anthem

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in Baton de la la la la masetto, that Allah subhana wa tada says, and when we give the people a taste of mercy, after that the law is set to them after the adversity has struck them. Allah Subhana Allah says at that point either McCrone v Aya, Tina. At that point, they conspire against our verses, they conspire against Allah Subhana hota. This is of course the ultimate hypocrite. The last anti takes him out of his difficult time and not only does he forget his relationship with Allah, he starts to do things that are that take other people away from Allah subhanaw taala as well. And this is of course talking about the hypocrites, the people of Mecca and so on so forth. And Allah subhana

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wa tada warns them

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of turning away from him and warns them of being pleased with this life and not focusing on the hereafter. And the last pentameter Allah mentions to us. This idea will La Jolla de Rue Isla de sala de Manya Shah, we lost the ultimate stream in verse 25. And Allah invites you

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To the home of peace, and he guides him He wills to a straight path. If you realize just a few verses earlier, yeah, D him Robin B Imani and those who are seeking pleasure from Allah, those who are seeking goodness in the hereafter Allah guides them by means of their faith. So here Allah Subhana Allah saying, well Allahu ye do in our data, salam, Allah is calling you back to the home of peace. Well, yesterday my shot we announced that automata team and he guides him He wills to the straight path. Verse 26, is more beautiful than perhaps anything so Pamela, verse 26, Allah says little Latina s and husana was he had Allah subhanaw taala says, For those who have done good, is is

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good and return is excellence in return and more an extra. Why is that powerful because Linda Lena accent and her snap, that those who show excellence is excellence in return refers to gentlemen, but what is more than gentlemen, they asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the prophets licenses and navorro illa Illa, to be able to stare at the face of God to be able to look at a loss of Hannah Montana. While he's pleased with you as even more than gender in in sort of unison, the beginning of last pants I mentioned in the leading ally of June and ihana. What although we'll hire to denier those who don't want to meet us, they don't expect the meeting with God. And at the same

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time, they're pleased with the life of this world. So then the last kind of challenge here is mentioning that what's greater than the motivation of Paradise is wanting to see a loss of hundreds of other and please Allah subhanaw taala and see him while he's pleased with you. So connect these two verses, it's very powerful. Okay, the greater driving force for the believer even more than Jenna is the pleasure of God is the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala what dulls the senses of the one who turns away from a loss of Hannah Montana lie on June Ellicott Anna what although we'll hire to dunya they don't want to meet God, and they are pleased with the life of this world. For us. Not

00:32:02--> 00:32:45

only are we not pleased with the life of this world, but you know, we want Jamaica we want paradise and even more than Jenna we want to meet Allah Subhana Allah log is pleased with us. And that's something that's far more powerful. And that's something that's far more of a motivating factor for us. So Allah subhanho to Allah mentions couldn't be found in LA he that say in the in the in the bounty of a loss of Hannah Hunter, and in His mercy fabby that he can folia for who or higher on my edge marone that is better than everything that they collect that is better than everything that everyone else has. Your joy should come in the bounty of a loss, Hannah Montana and his mercy. And

00:32:45--> 00:32:52

that is better than all that they accumulate in the previous surah and sort of the Toba a loss of Hannah hota Allah mentions

00:32:53--> 00:33:33

filata Egypt cat and while a lot of them do not be amused by the amount of wealth and children that they have, meaning the goodness and ease in this world that they have. In me you read the love of your home behind rather a lot is punishing them with their wealth and with the goodness that they have in this world. Here are losses and verse 58 and sort of unison shift your focus before the law he in the bounty of Allah and then his mercy, let that be the source of joy for you who are higher on my edge mount it's better than what they accumulate in the first place. So as soon as the Toba last prints are saying don't look at them and feel a sense of envy for them here last time saying

00:33:33--> 00:34:13

you shouldn't be looking at what they have in the first place. So what they have is not a sign of a loss of pleasure upon them. And when you have is not a sign of a loss displeasure upon you if you don't have much. And in any case, you should be focusing on something far greater and something that will give you far more pleasure. And that is the bounty of a loss of Hannah Montana. And the the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala it's kind of time is already running short, marginally already over time. And we still have a lot to do so I do apologize. But a Lost Planet. Allah mentions in verse 70 Metatron for dunya Thelma Elena Magiera home, film a vehicle Houma la Dabba shadid be my candle

00:34:14--> 00:34:17

photo and so last Friday, I mentioned that for the opposite side.

00:34:18--> 00:34:59

For those that have turned away from God is a brief enjoyment in this world. And then to us is their return, and then they will face a severe punishment. And you know, finally ensued with Eunice you know, what's what's really beautiful and powerful, because again, everyone wants to seek something good in this world. Everyone wants to seek something that makes them happy. In this world, Allah subhana wa tada tells us that what the poor and brings to us is not just happiness in the next world, in the next life. What the plan brings to us is a sense of purpose in this world, so Allah Subhana, which Allah mentions to us, just looking for the verse here.

00:35:00--> 00:35:49

Yeah you analysis verse 57. Yeah una caja de la toma become what she found when the math is so do well hold on warahmatullah momineen Allah says, Oh mankind, there has come to you instruction from your Lord and healing for that which is within the hearts and guidance and mercy for the believers. So this concept here, that the call an end what divine revelation gives you is a cure for the heart. It's a sense of purpose, it's guidance, it's better for you focus on that is highlighted and suited us in this situation. And so Allah Subhana Allah mentions at the end of surah Yunus, Allah, Allah says, to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what you heard Elijah was perhaps kumala, who were

00:35:49--> 00:36:18

who were hired, hand came in, and so follow what has been revealed to you O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and be patient until a loss of power to Allah passes His judgment, and Allah is the best of all judges. Now, this is a transition. It's a transition point. And suta Yunus, Allah subhana wa tada does not talk about the punishment that comes to the people yet. The punishment and the destruction of nation and so on so forth is not highlighted in suta Yunus

00:36:19--> 00:37:01

but instead, Allah subhana wa tada focuses on the reward and he focuses on the pursuit of the hereafter. That's Pamela even the story of Musa alayhis salaam as it comes. I'm sorry, guys, we're just going to go over time today. So I hope you guys are not signing off. But even as Allah subhanaw taala mentions to us the story of Musa alayhis salaam. In surah Yunus Allah gives us different aspects of, of prophets, right? He gives us different aspects of the life of the lives of these prophets within different sources, depending on what the context of that surah is. When he mentioned to us Mossad Islam as he does so frequently in the plan, which is in the in the 80s, Allah subhanho

00:37:01--> 00:37:03

wa Taala talks about moosari is Salam

00:37:04--> 00:37:50

calling for their own and for their own turning away from him. What Karla Moosa Yeah, come in quantum mantan beeline for LA. Sorry, there was a pause. So Allah Subhana, Allah mentions that Mousavi Islam calls upon his people that if you believe in Allah Subhana Allah, so upon him Place your belief if you are truly Muslims, and Allah and Musa alayhis salam calls upon them and moosari his Salam says, Rob banner in Mecca, Tita for their own a woman that Oh, a lot you gave to fit down, and his manner and his establishment splendor, Xena what a man and Phil hire to dunya Oh Allah you gave to fit around and you gave to the people of for their own wealth and you gave them the splendor

00:37:50--> 00:38:29

of this world. But Oh Allah, what we are. What we are seeking is more than that. Why? Because those people all they did with the wealth that was given to them and all they did with the glamour that was given to them. Leo, Lulu and sibenik they turned people away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So Musa alayhis, salaam, everything that he's talking about here, everything that Allah mentions to us with the story of Musa alayhis salaam, is moosari salaam warning for their own of the punishment of Allah and telling his people that if we stay firm, Allah will give us victory. So it's messages of firmness that we're getting from Musashi, his Salah. It's not much of the rest

00:38:29--> 00:39:07

of the story, but rather the warning to fit around of punishment, and moosari Islam telling his people to stay firm, and they will find victory from Allah. So Allah tells the prophets lie Selim, at the end of the surah, follow what has been revealed to you Be patient until Allah Subhana, Allah will judge and Allah is the best of judges sutra hood, which is the next surah talks about the punishment. So Rebecca was to decode the line when he noticed the prophets lie Selim one day that His hair was turning gray. And he said to the prophets, lysozyme, yada, so a lot but a slightly darker shade. Suddenly, you have gray hairs in your hair and your beard, and the prophets lie. So

00:39:07--> 00:39:49

instead, say you Bethany hood, wah wah to her Surah Hood, and the likes of Surah Hood caused gray hair to the profit slice on because sudra hood will turn to the actual punishment and the destruction of a loss of Hannah Montana coming to the people that turn them away. And so it's the consequences now, once again, as we saw with Sue little aircrafts a little unfair, and it's the consequences that come to them. And really, sort of hood mentions this idea of not being diluted by the delay in punishments not being diluted by the delay and punishment, they will come until the profit slice on was saddened why because the prophets lysozyme Aziz and IE humanism had recently

00:39:49--> 00:40:00

come, he loved his people, he felt empathy. So he hated that, that they would have to be destroyed because they turned away. So we'll talk about sudo who tomorrow and shout Latina. I really apologize for going

00:40:00--> 00:40:36

So far over time, I really did go over time today we hit the 40 minute mark. So, sort of hoods once again what you need to know about it is that pseudocode represents the transition point where a loss paths are actually mentioned the punishment for turning away and the the lecturing is to the people of Mecca, law commands the profits by center stay firm and he commands the believers to stay firm in their lowest point. So inshallah Tata will will will start with sudo hood tomorrow, so does that mean lol Hayden for tuning in some hands on shadow Allah Illallah en esta felucca y to Lagos, Santa Monica Monica