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Al-Fajr-Al-Balad Tafsir Al-Fajr 15-30

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family in Santa Monica de la hora boo for a Chroma who wanna Amma who fire karate a common? What is the state of people that they don't take a lesson from the different circumstances that are lost upon without it puts them into

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instead what is the state of people for Mr. insano? Either America now that whenever he tests him who tests him, or boo his Lord test?

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How does he test him? That for a Chroma who he honors him a Chroma you cream a crumb? He is generous to him.

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So in other words, when our amo he gives him blessings, what's the test? That Allah is generous towards him? How that nama who he gives him blessings, he gives him plenty. He gives him a lot of worldly things, worldly enjoyment.

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So what's the reaction of the person by a quarter of B? So he says, My Lord has a common, he has honored me. He has been very generous towards me.

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What do we learn? A lot of punctuality tells us a little MBI a 35, that one a blue can be shattered even higher, with nothing, that we test you through both show and hide evil as well as good. Which means that where poverty is a test, what else is it as?

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Well, because also it does, we're in this is a test. What else is a test? Health is also a test.

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Every situation that a person is in in life, what is it? It's a test? But many times what do people think that if they're going through good times, if things are in their favor, if everything is easy, everything is running smoothly, everything is the way they want it to be, then they think that Allah subhanaw taala is being very, very kind towards and very merciful towards them which Yes, he is being very kind and merciful. But what do they think that Allah is happy with us for be a common

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and that Allah has honored me? Allah has given this to me because I deserve it. Who says so and so has honored me who will say that someone who thinks that he deserves honor, isn't it? And when when a person complained that so and so did not honor me when he thinks he deserves honor, and respect?

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So for your code or be a common the problem with the statement is that a person first of all, doesn't realize that even blessings are a test? And secondly, he thinks that he has been given that blessing, because he deserves it will be a common

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intro to kasasa 78. What do we call it in number 82? Who Allah eliminare in the Koran said, I've been given this because of the knowledge that I have. So for your coonara be a common, which is why we're in America now Who? And as for when he does Tim in another way? And how is it that he tests him in a different way. For other RNA, he discovered Katara, what is called Ronnie to restrict the limit. So he restricts eponymous provision, meaning he tests him with Barbara de

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Falco, lobby, ohana. And

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so he says, My Lord has humiliated me.

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My Lord has disgraced me, meaning I don't deserve this. I don't deserve this. When he said a company, he meant I deserve this. And when he says, I'll be a Hannon than what does it mean? I don't deserve this. A Hannon, this is from home. And what does home mean? disgrace.

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So we see that both good times and bad times wealth and poverty, they are a test. And what is the test? That when Allah subhanaw taala tests the person with ease with blessings? He's checking Him that does a person become grateful? Or does he become arrogant? But typically, what's the reaction of people instead of gratitude? Instead of being grateful, they become more arrogant. So there'll be a comment. And sometimes people do mention all the blessings that they're enjoying as well. And they say them in from the lobby, but have them in the lobby is only to boast to other people that yes, I have so much Look at all this that my Lord has given me that is also in a way of showing off to

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other people, pride and thinking that I deserve all of this.

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And when something is taken away, I have been humiliated, I have been disgraced.

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So the test in blessings is whether a person is grateful or he becomes arrogant. And the test in difficulties is what whether a person is patient, or he becomes angry and upset.

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So instead of being patient, most people

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What's the reaction? They become upset? Why do they become upset? Because they think having blessings is a right.

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Having wealth is the right. Having whatever they want is their right, which is why they become ungrateful and they start complaining.

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If you think about it, who are we servants, right? slaves and the slave everything that he's given. Is that his right or is it a favor on him? It's a favor on him. The Malik can give whatever he wants whenever and he can take it away whenever he wants as well. It's his choice. It's the choice of the Malik the slave doesn't have any right to complain. Any right at

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the same thing is with us. We are a loss pinatas servants, which means he can give whatever whenever and he can take away whatever whenever we don't have the right to complain. We don't have the right to despair. We don't have the right to become angry, no fire code or be

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inserted and file I have 28 Allah says Allah mo Anima and welcome oladipo fitna know that your wealth and your children are a test Allah is testing you. And remember that every time a person is given something or something is taken away from him, there is some wisdom behind it. There's some reason behind it.

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Some lessons that our last panel data intends to teach that servant

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and if a person reflect on his life, he will benefit from that situation. And we see that from the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that the gist of the Hadees is that a believer, when Allah gives him something, he is grateful. And when something is taken away from him, he is patient, and this is the case only with who they believe it. And the example of the hypocrite is what, like an animal that does not know why the master tied him up. And why the master, let him open.

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He doesn't know why he's going through a difficulty, or why he's going through some ease. He doesn't reflect at all he doesn't take any lesson from the situations that are lost Pandora puts him into

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color. Allah says No way, meaning this is not how you think it is. Honor is not with wealth. And humiliation is not with poverty. Because when does a person say a common one? Does he say that? When Allah gives him blessings. So this is what people think if you have wealth, you are honorable. And when does a person say a hand and when he suffers from poverty? So

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Allah says gala, no honor is not with wealth, and humiliation does not with poverty, no color. Honor is with obedience. And humiliation is with disobedience.

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balletto criminality, rather, you do not honor the orphan. The problem is with you people your standards, that you don't honor their team. You don't honor the orphan who is the orphan

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whose father has died, Father has died and he's still under the age of puberty

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and lead to criminal your team. You don't honor him? How is it that you don't honor him that you don't treat him with kindness? Even if he has well you don't treat him with kindness. You don't give him respect.

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You have double standards. And you don't honor him meaning you don't give him his share. But let the Cremona Leah team, what are the how Luna and you do not encourage one another. i delta, I'm in miskeen on feeding the poor people love to have lunella time in this game. We see that typically when a person has wealth, when a person is going through good times, Who does he think about only himself

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and when he has wealth when he has the ability. He is only concerned about his own children, his own well being. And he does not care about the weak members of the society. Those who cannot speak for themselves those who cannot defend themselves. They are team, the miskeen

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a person becomes so selfish that he forgets other people.

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He forgets to even respect others, isn't it so that many times we see that a person becomes wealthy. And you see a complete change in the manner that he walks in a manner that he talks in a manner that he deals with other people that just because I have money, I can do whatever I want. And he thinks he can treat people however he wants, which is why we see that sometimes, you know, people they're talking so rudely with let's say, you know at a restaurant with someone who is serving them or at a place or an office, someone who is dealing with them they will speak so rudely with them. Why? They have money. They can do whatever they want.

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led to criminality you forget to honor other people.

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You're not concerned about feeding the needy, you're not concerned about the hungry and the poor. You're only concerned about yourself. When does this happen? When a person doesn't realize that wealth is a test, when wealth makes him arrogant, when it doesn't make him grateful, rather, it makes him arrogant. So he oppresses, he neglects the weak members of the society.

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Because if you think about it, your team is the weakest person, young, unable to defend himself unable to speak for himself to stand for himself to take care of his needs. And what are the how lunala thermoskin? You don't even encourage one another to feed the poor? Rather, when you are with your friends? What are you thinking about? What else should we buy? Where else should we invest? How well should we grow our money? What about the poor and the needy? Are you even concerned for them? Without the help do not have time and miskeen into how Boehner the habit, how a lot, but how would you encourage to exhort one another to urge one another.

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You don't feed the poor yourself and you don't encourage others to do that either. And instead, what up Guru naturopathy UCLan Lama and you consume inheritance devouring it altogether. Instead of being concerned about other people's rights, you become so selfish, so greedy, that despite the wealth you have you want more and you don't care whether it belongs to someone else, no, you consume the entire inheritance that guru means me Roth and what is mean on the estate that has to be distributed amongst the deserving heirs. And how do you consume the duras the inheritance, a clan, a consumption that is lumma entirely altogether? lambda from neurodiverse, lamb Mimi, lamb is together and

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assembled something lamb is jumbled together. So you just take it all together, meaning you don't give the right of the orphan. You don't give the inheritance share to the widow. You don't give it to the women, but rather what do you do?

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You take all of it for yourself with a guru naturopathic Lama.

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And this is so true, that when a person doesn't realize that wealth is a dust, then he becomes more and more greedy.

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He becomes more and more greedy. No matter how much he has, he wants more. There are people who have nothing, nothing at all, yet he doesn't care for them.

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There are people who have less than him, yet he doesn't care for them. What's up Karuna durata kalama is greed only increases why what a boon and mela have been jamaa and you love wealth with immense wealth. a boon and mal you love Well, how do you love wealth herban I love that is Gemma, Gemma, Jean Meme Meme and jump that which is exceeding, exceeding and jump is basically a great amount of something, anything and especially when it's gathered up in one place. So imagine a great amount of something gathered up in one place. Jamal is when a lot of water is in a well.

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So what's your head wound and might have been Junmai you love wealth with love that is immense. You have a lot of love for wealth notice, jamaa is not describing wealth here. What is it describing love for that wealth?

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You have so much love for wealth have been genma that no matter how much you have, you're not satisfied.

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No matter how much you have. You don't care about others. You just want more and more and more for yourself.

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word to him.

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If you think about it, this is in the nature of people.

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This isn't the nature of people

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People naturally love things stuff well, which is why no matter how much they have, if a new thing comes before them, what do they want? They want to have that as well. You may have 25 hijabs, you go to a hijab store, you want more, isn't it? Isn't it amazing?

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You have food in your house full, but you were the grocery store and you think I might need this, I might want this. I feel like having this I feel like having that, to have bone and mela hemangioma, this is in the nature of human beings. However, when a person increases in his email that affects him, that improves him, which is why then his goal in life doesn't become to satisfy this love. But rather, his goal in life becomes something different, which is why he doesn't chase this dunya then he is content with whatever he has. And instead he has a greater goal. This is said after what all of these is that you love wealth, and you take all the inheritance This is said after saying that

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I'm an insane level of karma wanna be a common being a person who doesn't realize that wealth is a test. A person who does not realize that wealth is a test. He has immense love for wealth.

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And it becomes his goal, his focus, his priority, his home, his home, his worry is concerned, his fears, his source of sadness and grieving, everything has to do with his well.

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I burned my hijab, I lost this thing, I don't have that. This is what a person is worried about that. But when a person has a greater goal, a higher goal than what happens. Then what happens? He likes things, it doesn't mean he doesn't like them, he does. But they're not his main concern and worry, you understand, he has a greater goal, a greater worry, then he's more concerned about feeding the needy. He's more concerned about the hungry people in this world. He's more concerned about the rights of those people who are neglected, that he doesn't become selfish. Rather, he becomes more concerned for humanity,

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then he doesn't strive to just satisfy his own desire, but he's striving to help the rest of the community as well.

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So there is a difference. It isn't the nature of people, but with a man a person changes. The stronger the faith, the stronger the change will be.

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Allah says color, either Ducati or Buddha khandekar. Know when the earth has been leveled, bounded and crushed. This wealth that you love so much. Have you ever wondered, what will become of this world?

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Have you ever thought about it? All of this world have been jamaa that you have for this well, what will become of this? Well, kala Don't be so absorbed in the love of wealth, either Ducati or Buddha conduct, when the entire earth is going to be leveled, look at look at meaning it will be crushed, press down, flattened completely how the conductor found it and crushed. That what does that mean, to make something flat, to crush it completely, to completely shatter it level and collapse it, we have learned earlier that the earth will be wood that it will be stretched.

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So that nothing at all on the earth will remain no building, no mountain, no river, nothing at all, either to cuddle up to the conductor.

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Whenever I read this ayah whenever I hear about it, I think you know all of these things that we have collected, and we're so concerned about that not even a scratch should be on our phone, not even a scratch should be on our table. And our walls should have no marks on them beautifully painted. We're so concerned about them, isn't it, which is why we spent so much time taking care of all of these things. I'm not saying we should neglect them completely. But imagine all the concern and worry that people dedicate to the perfection to the appearance of all of these worldly things,

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how they will dust their crystals, and how they will put them so nicely that there should not even be fingerprints on them. How we make our glasses so nice and clear. cleaning them all the time. But have we ever thought either to cuddle up to the Kanaka is it really worth all of your time and your energy and your mind and your resources and your money? Is it really worth the fight because sometimes we start fighting with other people. We start arguing with them. Don't set like the satellite that made sure you put the placemat properly and don't put the fork here and leave a mark on my table. We're so concerned. We lose our o'clock we lose respect for others for them. So much

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time we spent you know staring at them from every

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angle. I remember one sister, she told me she was so concerned about the cleanliness and perfection of our house, that after cleaning the floors, she would get down on her feet and look sideways if she could find any dust on the floor, destination, and the floor was all marble. So she would make sure there was no dust not even a single footprint or anything that was visible, because she wanted it to be sparkling, clean, sparkling clean.

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But I wonder, is this floor gonna stay like this forever?

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in front of you, there are people who come and they disrespect your own house, isn't it so many times there are people who say that we trained our children very well. It's something that you don't touch. This is how you put this thing away. And this is something that you don't do. Why? Because we have to make our house look, you know, nice and good all the time. But they say I don't think we can do this with our grandchildren.

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We can teach our children but we cannot force it on our grandchildren. Isn't it so many people say that.

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So this dunya is temporary. And a person just remember that either Ducati or Buddha Kanaka. It's going to be shattered, shattered, nothing of it will remain the stable that you're dying over, you're fighting over, it's not going to remain. It's going to be finished. Perhaps in your life, perhaps within a year or two, perhaps longer, perhaps less time. So it should not be your only concern. Don't love it so much. That unit lecture.

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Don't love it so much that you need lecture of golf. Don't love it so much, that you're so tired, maintaining it, that you don't have the energy to learn that the you don't have the energy to worship Allah, no, reduce this love.

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Yes, it's herban jamaa but you need to reduce it, because look at it, either Ducati or Buddha conductor. It's going to be finished, it's going to be shattered, it's not going to remain,

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what are buka and your Lord will come one melaku and the angels soften soft rank upon rank.

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When the day of judgment will occur, then what's going to happen? Allah Himself will come and ally himself as well as the angels will come and how will the angels come? sufferance of

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why would a lock on why will he appear in order to establish judgment in order to call people to account in Elena ever home? So my inner Elena is ever home, and the angels will come sufferance of all of the angels into the Baccarat I had 210 also we learned Holly and Luna Illa to whom ALLAH hafiz Llewellyn, Manila man, what am Allah equal to? What

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are the waiting that Allah should come to them in covers of clouds and that the angels as well and the matter is then decided, meaning what are they waiting for? Why are the delaine doing good? are they waiting for the day of judgment? when that comes you will not be able to do anything with G or you may even be jahannam and brought within view that day is Hellfire wedgie and it will be brought what will be brought yoma in on that day Jana Hellfire will be brought this as we learned agenda will be brought We also learned that Hellfire will be brought How will it be brought in here it will be pulled by 70,000 rains on each rain 70,000 angels pulling them with G A oma even pitcher

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and it will be brought as it groans as it seeds in fury samiullah Harsha you can weigh at a vote and it will be calling out the people who are to enter it that the room and at the bottom so what Gao might even be Johanna and brought within view that day is hellfire.

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Where all your belongings were all your things that you spent so much time researching, searching for the best one that would match your house that would match everything that fit perfectly in your house. You took so much time maintaining it looking after it where is it now what is its value now? Yo my eating into the corral inside? It is the day when man will remember yeah that girl in San What will he remember? He will remember all of his deeds he will remember his sorry What did I spend my life doing? Just maintaining my house decorating my house just looking after my stuff? Yes Carl insane but unless is what i'm not i would the car. But what good to him will be that remembrance

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will never hold the crop. How how at all will that remembrance benefited? If you remember that that time I spent these many hours just cleaning up the floors. I spent these many hours folding up my clothes

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Spend these many hours in researching for the best option

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is that remember, it's going to benefit him at all. No one allowed the crow.

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Crow is also understood as that he will take a lesson and then it is that he will understand that these things were meaningless. These things were useless they were only a test that do i do sub? Do I do shocker. Do I use them to earn the hereafter? Or were they using me? yoma idiot anacreon insane. Because you see these things that Allah has given us? Why has he given them to us, so that we use them to get closer to him? We use them to earn our hero, not that these things are constantly consuming us, they are using us.

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So a person will take a lesson. That is when he will understand. But Allah says what another what they call, what good to him will be that remembrance mean that remembers will not benefit him at all. It will not be of any use to him. Because what happens afterwards is a person changes his actions, isn't it? But on the Day of Judgment. If a person wishes to change his actions, can he know it's too late?

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He akula Yeah, Nathan he will say Oh, I wish them to the hayati that I had sent ahead for my life. I wish I had done something for my life. was he doing nothing? He was doing something. But it was all about dunya all about dunya every day, every moment every hour. Every time he did something it was all about dunya so he will regret on that day. Yeah, later on. He got down to the hayati. I wish I had sent something from my life. Which life is this eternal life the life of the hereafter. And notice Li hayati because that is the real life for in the real world. That is the real life.

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I wish I had done something I wish I'd said something.

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I wish I had not been chasing the dunya because whatever I did in the dunya got left there. Whatever I attained in the dunya got left there. It was finished when the earth was finished.

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Yoko de la Tawny cut them to the hayati for yoma Eden, so on that day later, you're available, none will punish. No one will punish Who? The sinful those who deserve punishment. Are they ever who his punishment whose punishment the punishment of Allah hadn't anyone, meaning no one will punish as severely as his punishment.

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No one will punish as severely as his punishment. His punishment is the most severe, it is the most difficult, it is the most tough.

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No punishment of this dunya can be compared to the punishment of the hereafter law you are the one who had and Allah will not delegate it to anyone. He will appoint the punishment himself. For yoga he did lay your at the bar I'd ever had. When I use the Kawasaki who had a nun Woodbine law used to well sell off. What does that mean to bind for sure, to tie someone to tie a prisoner. So when I use Eco, none will bind with alcohol as his binding a higher than anyone. Because the people of alpha there will be taken in chains and fetters. So none will bind as his binding.

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Meaning the punishment that Allah gives is the most severe, it is the most severe, no one can punish in the same way. When Allah is the one who was most mighty, the most powerful than his punishment is also more severe. Now you're a liberal I'd ever heard, when I used to Kawasaki, who had none can escape them. None can avoid, none can run away, none can get away. But at the same time, yeah, a year 200 appsumo.

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It will be sad, to the righteous or it will be sad to the righteous or what will be said that Yeah, a year to harden ups, or love switch nuts and multiply in the one that is reassured the one that is at peace, the one that is content, the one that is satisfied, multiple inla from ultimate Lan,

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and what is ultimate Nan what is multiple inner motto, my inner is one that has taught me the one that is acting as the one that is safe and secure, safe and secure. From what from the punishment of Allah from difficult

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on one hand are those who will be punished severely. And on the other hand are those who are completely safe and secure from the punishment of those who are truly at peace.

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And most my inner Why are they called my inner because my inner

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satisfied with Emma, those were the again about Allah as their property to be like Europa or will Islam Medina will be Mohammed Salah bajo la he was gonna be so much more satisfied at peace having your clean because your brain gives you satisfaction and doubt is what makes you restless it takes your peace away then also most of my inner Why is it called my inner because such a soul such a person who is content with the commands of Allah content with the Kaaba with the decree of Allah, with the decisions of Allah, that whatever Allah sent a person's way in the dunya he was happy with it. He accepted it. He didn't say or be a Hernan. Why is this happening to me? What wrong did I do?

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Why is Allah humiliating? Me? No, not my inner satisfied with the decisions of Allah content with the commands of Allah, here a year to Hanif Sumitomo in also that is reassured

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and ultimate, my inner completely content with what with the good news of their award that has been given. Because you know, that when a person dies, he is informed of either reward or punishment. So when a righteous person is given the good news of reward, it will become more at peace relaxed, satisfied, no worries, no concerns. Now hopefully earlier in one hour when we are so known, it will be sad injury return it out of Becky to your Lord yet and Martha Yeah, well pleased and pleasing to Him.

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happy, pleased with the rewards that will give

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you with the commands of Allah with the decree of Allah malviya when that is approved

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mobians muffle one with whom another is pleased with so rather you made happy and Malaya that Allah is happy with you

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was accepted you

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if a lot of

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the wealthy is pleasing to Him, you are made happy and your Lord is happy with you.

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Your Lord is pleased with your efforts

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for the holy fury birdie

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enter among my righteous servants it will be said Enter Enter were very badly My servants were my righteous servants are and that is agenda

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said a man wrestler made to offer this use of our his salami to offer this telephoning was human

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and the righteous person will be told for the hoodie theory by the Enter amongst my service worker

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and enter my parents

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can either get in more than

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Do holy

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It is reported that

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Wendy's is we're excited. Abubakar Donna was sitting with the Prophet salado said no. And he said O Messenger of Allah. There is nothing better than this. There's nothing better than this. that a person is informed at the time of his death on the Day of Judgment. Yeah, and he got too hung up in his jury in Arabic ear all the time. Lovely. Yeah. You're amazing.

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Happy and your Lord is happy with you. There is nothing better than this. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, this will indeed be sent to you.

00:35:09--> 00:35:11

This will indeed be said to you,

00:35:12--> 00:35:18

because if you look at these companions, if you look at Abubakar of the Toronto rodya

00:35:19--> 00:35:26

how the during their lives look at the tests that are last panel data center way.

00:35:27--> 00:35:36

Look at the life of a backer of the donor before Islam. And look at how after Islam one difficulty after the other imagine he had to leave my

00:35:37--> 00:35:42

son someone who was respected had to leave Makkah he didn't complain Robbie Hernan.

00:35:44--> 00:35:54

When Allah put him to test he didn't complain that my lord has humiliated me. No. But when he was told he had to migrate with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he cried out of joy.

00:35:56--> 00:36:09

That in Medina, one test after the other, one difficulty after the other, but he was robbing and he was happy. He was pleased. happy with the blessing of Eman happy with the blessing of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

00:36:10--> 00:36:40

he would stand in prayer to the point that he would be tired, he could not stand anymore. And then he was made the halifa probably, Maria, only when a person is happy with Allah, with his decisions with his decrees with his commands, then he can do something. And when he does something, only then he becomes more pleasure. Only then is of the happy with him. But if a person's goal, his worry, his concern is his dounia then what happens? A little problem and he starts complaining.

00:36:42--> 00:36:55

The one whose goal is a pleasure of Allah, he doesn't complain. He doesn't complain, he accepts and he submits. And he does whatever is within his ability. And when he does his best, then Allah becomes happy with him.

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And if Allah is happy with a person, that is a great achievement. There's nothing better than that.

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Yeah, a year to harden up so motema in eldery in Arabic mirabilia

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fatica Lee reberty

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