Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 30 – L307C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The concept of " Roger by the sky is a rain" and "slack," meaning the truth, is used to differentiate between true and false. The Quran is not empty and has various columns, including "immediate of Islam" and "immediate of Islam". It's important to give time to someone to do something slowly towards their destination and avoid harming their reputation. The history of the hill and legal system used to protect it is also discussed. It's important to give time and give it up to avoid harming profits.
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was so mad that you're Roger by the sky, which returns well, audibly back to Southern and by the earth, which cracks open a lot of Pandora's. Where's another of at the beginning also the sky a loss of primary data, sworn oath by last summer he was bodek. And over here again was summer he there to ledger, what does it mean by ledger? ledger is to return so by the sky that possesses that he meaning the sky is possessor of our ledger. What does it mean by Roger?

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What does it mean by this that it is that your ledger that it is that which returns the sky returns? What does it return?

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It has been said that it refers to the rain because the rain doesn't just fall down once from the sky, but what happens? It rains again and again sometimes several times in a week, several times in a month, many many times in a year

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and was so mad at Dr. Rajan and that alleged has also been understood as and this is relatively a modern interpretation, the returning sky that the layers that are in the sky, the spheres of the sky, the ozone layer, so on and so forth. What do they do

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they return what is necessary into the earth they don't let it escape

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so what summer either to Roger

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well only that you saw there and by the earth which cracks open a southern from their newsletters slot that are in

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and so there is to split apart to cleave something. The sub Mutasa there and remember

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where did we learn that word? No. And then I had a call to an eligible in Laredo. Hi, Sharon. Mutasa Dr. And what does motorcity I mean breaking apart falling apart.

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So sadara is to split apart to break open and so they're from the same route is also used for a headache why because you feel as though your head has been splitting apart. So ugly that is Southern by the earth which cracks open What does it mean by this, how and when is it that the earth cracks open the soil the ground,

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it cracks open for the plants to grow, for trees to grow for vegetation to come out.

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Imagine if the earth the soil was like concrete, that it would not open for the plants to grow out of it, there would be no life on the earth.

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Well, early that is solid.

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And notice how instead of rain, what has been said instead of rain, what has been said that a ledger instead of plants what has been said that is other alternate words have been used. Why? Because it makes you think more deeply.

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And it also shows the beauty in the canal.

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So the custom and then what's the job cousin, that in the hula cone and fossil? Indeed, the Quran is a decisive statement.

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It's account that is possible, what is for me to make a decision. So first of all, meaning Faslane most decisive clear, it decides between people it decides between what is right What is wrong in the hula cone and fossil, it distinguishes between that which is truth, and that which is falsehood. It's a distinguishing word, a decisive word separating between people separating between concepts, beliefs, ideologies, the Quran completely tells you clearly tells you what is right, what is wrong, what is acceptable, what is not acceptable.

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Now, we see that on the one hand, the heaven is mentioned, on the other hand, the earth has mentioned

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and then along with our dimensions, the Quran and in fact what is being mentioned the truthfulness of the Quran, the reality of the Quran that it distinguishes between truth and falsity. And this is something very true about the whole under distinguishes between truth and falsehood, another day of judgment also it will distinguish between people. There are some people who will be honored because of the Quran and there are some people who will be humiliated because of the Quran, who will be honored because of the Quran. Those who read it, believe in it accepted, follow it, live by it.

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And who will be humiliated because of this for

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those who module those who abandon the Quran. Remember, the prophet will complain on the day of judgment that my people have abandoned the Quran.

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This is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that the Quran is either hood, Jetta lacquer, or Laker. It's an argument for you or it is an argument against you

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and you see how

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The person that has been sworn over here to the sky continuously pours down the rain, and the earth continuously causes plants to grow. This is the example of

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the example of guidance that Allah soprano data sends, and how people receive it. There are different types of people when it comes to receiving the Quran. There are those who, when they receive the Quran, they flourish. And they spread the higher they benefit from the higher themselves and they also spread it amongst those who are around them. And there are others who remain closed. They don't open up the earth, what does it do Southern right. But there are some people who remain closed meaning the Quran comes, the knowledge comes but what happens washes away from the surface. It doesn't go in they don't absorb it. When they don't absorb it. They don't benefit from it, when

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they will benefit from it. They can't even benefit other people.

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We learn from our bodies which is reporting Bukhari and Muslim. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the example of guidance and knowledge with which Allah has sent me is like a rain which has fallen on some ground,

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just like rain that has fallen on ground. So what is the revelation refer to

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rain for summary datalogic a fertile part of Earth has absorbed water and brought forth much grass and Herbes so far, that was very fertile, what did it do? absorb the water and as a result produced so much grass, so much herb, so many plants.

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Another part which is solid, held the water, and a lot of benefits men by it, who drank and gave others to drink, and they used it for irrigation.

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So another part that was hard, it didn't absorb the water. But what did it do? retained it at least when it retained it, other people could benefit from it. But some of it has fallen on a portion of Sandy land, which neither retains the water, nor produces herbage it doesn't absorb it. And it doesn't even retain it. So what happens, the water is just washed away.

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Such is a likeness of the man who understands the religion of Allah, and who gets benefit of what Allah has sent me with the first example, the first Island who the one who accepts it benefits from it, he learns and teaches others as well. And it is also the likeness of the man who neither raises his head on that account. Meaning he does not benefit from what the prophet said a lot of time was sent with, nor accepts unless guidance with which I am sent.

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So we see that the Quran example is like rain

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that Allah soprano Dada offers it to everyone, just as the sky when the rain falls down, it falls on everything and everyone nothing is spared.

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From the walls, to the ceiling, to the buildings to the plants to the everything that you can see becomes wet in rain. Such is the guidance that Allah offers to everyone. However, everyone doesn't benefit from it. Everyone doesn't benefit. There are those who benefit to the extent that they flourish, and they benefit those around them as well. And there are some who only benefit others, they don't care about themselves. This is also something very scary,

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that a person has knowledge. He learned something, he's sharing it with other people, but he's not benefiting from it himself.

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Somebody once told me that they were working with somebody and they were advised that don't be the bridge, through whom people get to paradise, but you yourself fall.

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Do you understand? Don't be the bridge for other people that others used to get to gender but you yourself fall down. You don't want to be that.

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Because many times when a person gets involved in this work, when he's trying to help other people he neglects himself, he forgets himself doesn't think about himself.

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So this is also very dangerous. And the third is that a person doesn't even lift up his head doesn't even bother to look at it. It comes and it goes and it hasn't changed him at all. So in the hula Colin fossil, indeed the score on his own and fossil, it is a decisive word, a decisive statement, a statement that separates between people, those who benefit from it and those who do not benefit from it.

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Who am I who I believe has an it is not an amusement. This Koran has not been sent for the purpose of entertainment and has and has a list to have fun to joke around and literally has to be very thin and lean. muscle is a person who is very weak. And when a person is extremely weak in his body, then he's unable to help himself and he's unable to help other people as well, which is why the word hazard is used for something that is useless, fruitless, unprofitable. And then the word hasn't is also used for idle talk, vain talk to talk nonsense to talk in pastime just for the sake of pleasure.

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So why am I why bill hasn't

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This hold on is not useless. This Quran is not something that is empty of any benefit. No, this Quran is a source of a lot of benefit. Because sometimes people blame the Quran. The Quran didn't change me, it didn't affect me know, the Quran is very useful. It's about you have you used it? Have you taken benefit from it?

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Similarly, this Quran is not for the sake of amusement. Allah did not send this Quran to that people get amused by it. No, well Mahabharata has a

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column speech is of two types. One type of column is that which when you listen to you get affected by it, you learn something from it, you reflect on what has been said, you benefit from it changes your thinking improves your way.

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And another type of column is that which when you listen, you just get entertained by it.

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You laugh at that moment, you say, Wow, impressive at that moment, and then later on, you forget about it. It doesn't make any difference in your life.

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So one is that connection, which makes a difference in your life. The other is that column which does not make any difference in your life. You just get entertained at that moment. You get impressed at that time and later on. It's forgotten.

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So the Quran Allah says mama who will has this Quran should have an effect and impact in your life. It should not be that you read it, and you forget about it. No, Mama, whoever has it is not for amusement. It is not for entertainment. In the homea ki Luna Qaeda, indeed they are planning a plan who is planning a plan, those who don't believe in the Quran. What plan are they making, to harm the profit sort of like to plot against this plan so that the people don't find out about it, people don't learn of it. People don't get to know what's in the book of Allah. In gnomeo ketola Qaeda

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was a key indicator, but I am also planning a plan where the enemies of Allah are planning a plan. Allah also has a plan. They are planning to stop this plan from spreading.

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And Allah is planning to make this plan spread. Lele Hara who Allah de Cali Hello, Carol, Catherine. Hello, Carol machico. Allah sent the slide and he has perfected the slide, and he will continue to perfect it and spread it. No matter how much people resist No matter how much people avoid it, no matter how much people oppose it. In the homea Qaeda, Al Qaeda was a key to cater

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for my hidden caffeine. So allow time for the disbelievers m Hill home row either. Leave them a while mahin mahila from the root letters meme Hello. advice is to be slow. What does it mean? To be slow, to give time to delay? It is to proceed slowly to proceed gradually, deliberately. And my help them heal is to give time to someone. When you go slowly towards your destination does it take you longer you're taking your time. So time here is to give time to someone. Meaning don't catch them immediately. Give them a spy. So that what they're doing, they can do it. And they can do it again. And they can do it again.

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Like for example if a child does something wrong one is that you stop immediately. And the other is that okay, let me see. What is he doing? You know, what is that? He's about to open the drawer and you stop him right there? No, my * is what you give time you say okay, what is he gonna do? Open the door? Okay, what does he do? Take that thing out? Okay, what is he doing now? He's gonna open the pen. Okay, what is he just gonna write with it? Okay, this is what my hands don't catch. But let him do what he's doing. And let him do it again. And let him do it again. And again. And again. My Hill, give time give us by the profits that Allison was being told give time to L Catherine. Let

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them do what they're doing.

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Um Hill whom give time Rueda for how long a little bit. Notice the words my Hill and I'm Hill my Hill is but the free and bapta freely gives the meaning of doing something gradually one after the other. So give them time. Again, give them a chance again and again and again. And he'll inhale inhale if I'll give the meaning of completion meaning doing something at once. So my * keep giving them and um, he'll give them again give them a chance again give them time again. And how much runway the runway from the reflectors law. Well the

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this word is the diminutive of the word load and load root is what is to give a little bit more time to someone or something.

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For example, it is

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MC machine rouladen

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mc machine rouladen any Walk slowly, don't be too hasty. Take a little bit more time.

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For example, a person could run towards the destination and you say to him MC machine Roy the main Take your time. Why are you being so hasty? Take a little bit more time. Okay, you could make it in four and a half seconds. So what if you make it in six seconds, the state doing more seconds. So for my hidden caffeine provider, give them time, a little bit more time, give them a chance. give them another chance again and again. And again.

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Why is the Prophet said a lot of sort of being told about this.

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We learned that the machine of Makkah, they were plotting continuously against the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to harm him to extinguish the light of Allah.

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And remember the incident where all of them have gathered up, to decide as to what to do with him.

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Whether to kill him or to expel him. We learn about insulin and fat a 31 EDM khudobin Latina cafaro, USB to Korea to Luca, Luca, William Corona, William Corolla. Hola, hi, Ron McLean. So they were deciding as to what to do.

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And finally they came up with the decision that they were going to kill him, but how are they going to kill him? That all of the different tribes, one member from each tribe was going to come and together as a group collectively they were going to attack the profits out of mana, so when they would attack him, then the Vanu Hashem his tribe will not be able to take revenge from all of the tribes, and what will they do?

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Agree to take blood money?

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And they made this plot in noumea, ki Luna Qaeda, and what did they do all of them gather together around the house of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam waiting for him to come out at night. So that when he comes out to go to the home to pray, there are going to attack him together. But Allah subhanaw taala also had a plan with Akiva Qaeda. And what was that that Allah took him out of there safely, and took him where brought him to Medina.

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But Aquino Qaeda Alonso had a plan.

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And if you think about it, the journey of the hedgehog is so amazing.

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That how the Michigan of Makkah, were so close to harming the profits that allowed them but they weren't able to. Just imagine they were outside his house, waiting for him to come out. And he comes out, they didn't even notice him didn't even see him. We learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came out and he was reciting the IOA dynamin benei ad him said then amin hunt for him said then fell Shana whom, for whom layups.

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They weren't able to see then when he went outside of Makkah, and they were in the cave, what happened at the cave? There were people who approached the cave, and they will back out of the land who was so worried that what if they see us the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to him later has an inilah Marina.

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And then later on what happened as they were travelling Soraka What happened to him? He was so close to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his animal, the horse, its feet kept on sinking into the sand. You've learned about the story of the hill. So how at so many points, we see that the Michigan of Makkah, were so close to harming the profits.

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And they had a huge plan. But were they able to harm him? No, looky looky there. This is why for my hadal caffeine, I'm hella motivated, just give them some more time, they will learn their lesson.

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And it happened very soon they learned their lesson, the Battle of weather happened, and their event was taken place, not just there. But in every battle thereafter, wish to gain of Makkah, they were only taught their lesson.

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So what is the lesson for the diary in these ayat?

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Be patient and

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give time and giving time means don't give up. Giving time means don't become impatient.

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Because sometimes we wonder it's been these many months. It's been these many years. And still things have not changed. Still, the circumstances are the same. Don't give up.

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Don't give up Don't be hasty. have supper.

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And people are planning but remember Allah also has a plan and the plan of Allah that is a strongest

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colonna of Silicon

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Holy, Holy

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A key to Qaeda

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at the beginning of the pseudo las panatela swears an oath by the stars.

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And remember that the stars thought it was what? The star there were used for protecting the revelation of

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that when the shouting would go in order to listen what happened. They weren't allowed to come at all, but we are who she has been, sadly. So at the beginning, in a way, a natural circle, what does it do? It protects the revelation to Quran at the command of Allah soprano. Then the second cousin that is worn is again by the sky was summer data, Roger will only like to solder and the sky which gives rain similarly the Quran also gives life

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the sky gives rain.

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The rain falls down repeatedly again and again, which is a source of life for people. Similarly, the revelation that allows parameters and that also is a source of life for the hearts.

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We listen to the recitation again

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this mill

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At-Tariq-Al-Ghashiyah Tafsir At-Tariq 11-17

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