Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 30 – L307B

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Sounds a bit lame is chiffon rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim

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lesson number 307. So Tarik is number one 217. So Tarik has one record 17 verses 61 words and about 240 letters who it is recorded in a necessity, that jablotron who said that more other than juggler, they learn who he wants, let them agree prayer. And he recited to the Baccarat and Sultan Nyssa in for that.

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He did that as well. And he was leading some people in Santa.

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He was young, he had memorized the Quran, he loved reciting the Quran,

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which shows to us that just imagine he loved reciting the Quran so much that he resizes with a Baccarat and threatened Missa insalata Normally,

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we wouldn't even think of doing that inter alia Zahra.

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We read a third of sort of Baccarat in one night, the first day and what happens? We get tired.

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So anyway, he read so much for us that there were some people who had been working in their fields all day long. And when they stood in prayer, it became very difficult for them. So they complained to the profits of the data center. And when he found out about it, he said, If I turn around and say Mr. Are you putting the people to fit? No Why? Why are you putting them in fitna being if you want to read yourself, go ahead. But when you're leading other people, then you don't put people in fitna was it not sufficient for you to recite what Samantha Barak and shamcey wrote to her and something like that?

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Was it not sufficient for you to just recite these two sources? So Tarik potluck and sort of the champs meaning you should have read those instead. So, this shows to us that insalata marape How much should a person read in one Raka like, sort of a potluck

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and inshallah, in the advanced course, inshallah, when we memorize the 30 pages, then do it with this intention of not just memorizing for the sake of memorizing but memorizing so that you can read in sauna you can follow us on nonprofits online, you can follow his advice, he advised his companion read this over and over now, you can only read when you know it. So, for that you have to memorize and for that you have to do this.

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This when I hover over him, whatsoever, he will stick by the sky and the night cover one adderal come up and what can make you know what is the night corner? What is it? It is a natural circle, it is the piercing star? Again a lot of puntata swears an oath by a center and he swears an oath by a party. And why is it that Allah subhanaw taala is swearing by it? to show its relevance to the context to highlight its importance. And with regards to SMR remember that a similar is from Sumo and Sumo is height and summer is called Noma ilac. For who are some and everything that is above you, it is

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which is why the word summary sometimes even refers to clouds for example, in sort of the large I 17 we learn and zoom in a summer eema for salad Odia tune the Cordelia Allah senton water from the sky from the sky meaning the clouds to the clouds are were in the sky. And remember that the word Asana, sometimes it is used for just this amount of dunya the sky that we see other times Asana includes all of the similar This uses ism gyms as well.

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And it refers to everything that is above everything that is above us. So what's summer, by the sky, what Barack and by the

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Barack from the refectory Spa rockoff Barack is anything that comes by night, anything that visits at night that arrives at night.

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And this word is also used for stars. Why? Because when do they come out? When do you see them in the night?

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Though talk literally means verb to knock to beat to strike. And someone who arrives at night then what do they have to do? knock the door ring the bell more compared to the one who comes during the day.

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And from the same images of work buddy what is funny way Why? Because someone who comes he has to take her butt, right? He has to do Bob fill out the rivanna fill up.

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So Tarik is one who comes one who travels one who goes on the 30th one who appears one who arrived

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But when?

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At night

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and remember that the Arabs they would also prefer to travel during the night. So it was summer he walked by the sky and the night cover.

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But this night cover, Allah says why Morocco? methodic? What can make you know what the night comer is meaning it's not the night comer that you're thinking.

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It's not a person. It's not an individual. Because the word for it is also used for someone who is of a very exalted status like a star, like a star who is a star.

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Who would you call a star any person know someone who is famous, someone who's influential, someone who was up there, someone who's done something. For example, it is at that hint when she said with regards to her father, that national Burnett authority namshi an area that we are the daughters of Atlantic, she's referring to her father that he's a star, and namshi Allah nomadic, that we walk on nomadic nomadic, our cushions or carpets. So we walk on that meaning we are also very exalted because of who our fathers. So Allah says, Well, madaraka methodic What can make you know what the thought is not what you were thinking? No. We're talking about a different thought if and Allah

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tells us himself what the thought is, is referring to over here and that is a natural circuit. It is the piercing star. The night visitor refers to the piercing star. Why is it called a forest? Because it comes at night it's visible at night. And imagine star a therapy sell off Sakaba soccer is to drill a hole to make a hole through something and a star What does it do? It makes a hole in the darkness of the night.

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It makes a hole in the darkness of the night, which is how the light in a way reaches us you can see it is as though there is a hole in the sheet of darkness. And through that hole the light is reaching us so anathema therapy, meaning it is a piercing bright star that is what aquaticus Now what is the star referring to? Some have said that it refers to any star because every star is beautiful. And every star is such that it pierces through the night sky. And you see it. And so I said that no, and legend This is referring to a particular star, which is Saturn, it's actually a planet but the word and legend can also be applied to planet because they appear to be similar in

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their appearance. It's the Saturn, it's the morning star. And the Arabs because they used to travel at night. They used to wait for the star because it would appear towards the end of the night. So when it comes that means morning, who's closer, let's start traveling now. Let's get onto the move now because very soon it's going to be morning. So a natural segue.

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Now, remember that the stars that Allah subhanaw taala has created to serve many different functions and purposes. Amongst them is that their means of turning direction. They're like a compass. They show the way to the travelers will be

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homie, they don't. Similarly they're also adornment for the sky, how what are called is a anessa adonia Lino Savi they're described as masabi lamps. And at the same time they also rebel the shade of green which are learn how to Doman lisha.

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So Allah subhanaw taala swears an oath by was similar with Barack and what is aquatic and largemouth, and what's the custom in Kowloon of cinema? Are they have this there is no soul but that it has over it a protector.

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Allah swears an oath by something that draws people's attention to itself. Something that people notice the star especially the morning star that the people would notice. It's very noticeable. And then what is the law say that in Kowloon epsilon Marlena halfhill, there is no soul except that there is a protector over it.

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llama over here is understood as negation and gives a meaning of a law. Number in a way gives a meaning of a law. So there is no soul llama except that are later half upon it is they have this Who is this half is that is appointed over every soul, every person, every individual who has this habit.

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First of all, remember that Allah Himself is

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Allah tells us wilayah Udo hateful Houma guarding the heavens and the earth and everything within them does not tire him. Well snarl full Kirby. Are you Nina? Well, we're Hina

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so Allah soprano

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Tada. He watches he guards he protects he looks after everyone in Kowloon epsilon Marlena halfhill he is a Sameer he is.

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Then secondly half is also refers to the angels. The angels who have been appointed to watch over every individual protect him and at the same time also preserve his deeds in sort of large 11 we learn here for Luna who mean amarilla they guard him at the command of Allah mean the angels guard a person at the command of Allah

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seminarians with of infidel I attend we learn what in our local law Have you lean ki Rahman caratini Allah Muna mattify

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so in Kowloon FC llama la have the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said that Allah has appointed an angel in the womb, in the law, what color fever Hemi Malika, and what does that Angel do?

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What does he do? records everything, and whatever Allah commands does that.

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So in Kowloon, epsilon Marlena have every person is under surveillance, observation, being protected, being preserved, and at the same time, his deeds are also being recorded.

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To the point that it's not just that his deeds are being recorded, but his thoughts, his beliefs, his intentions, even their Allah subhanaw taala knows about and the angels, they record that

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for example, we don't instead of cough that what are called Hakuna insana when our alma mater was this will be enough. So, when a human have been worried, and then the angels are mentioned that receive whatever a person says and they write it down. So just imagine the kind of surveillance that every person is under just imagine, who can escape who can say that he can do whatever he wants, no one can

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insert of art I 11. As I mentioned earlier, who moeraki back to Romania de union humpy the ends of detec shifts garden yeah for Luna woman amarilla. garden, recorded regarding his deeds and then reporting them to a loss of

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financial incentive and mahalik. selectmen observed from what he was created folium that he should look who should look inside the human being, he should look and by looking resume just look, but never over here gives meaning that you should contemplate you should think about. This is another of difficult. Nevada is the land from which a person can derive a lesson.

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He should look and insano may mahalo from what thing was he created? Notice the word mimma. It's not meant

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the lF has been removed. Short spellings. What does it show? That what has been mentioned is also very small. He should look at McCulloch something so tiny.

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What was he created from Julio common man in the film, he was created from a fluid that is rejected. They're fake. They're fake from the root letters, then for cough and Duff is to gush forth with a lot of speed when something shoots up. So therefore jetting flowing with force and what is this man in their field it's the money the fluid of the man so when you come in man in depth, so a lot of planetary says over here that the human beings should look what is it created from? Is it created from something that's very mighty and strong?

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No, look at the amount mimic something so tiny, one tiny sperm that is not even visible to the eye.

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And this mat this liquid It is therefore it is ejected

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instead of the natural if we learn how local inside them and notify them into the locker I 5859 for a tomato noon, and lacuna Who am nanoparticle we created you don't have any power over it.

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And this liquid that is ejected yahood human Bane is soon to be what are

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emerging from between the backbone and the ribs.

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A soul is from the letters slaughtered lamb and sold is something that is very strong, something that is very firm and it refers to the backbone why because the backbone is one of the firmest parts of the body.

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And the sun was what the backbone and uttara a Florida

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teddy bear. And what is the river rib or the breastbone? So, this liquid from which the human being is created this note for where does it come out from? It comes out from between the backbone and the ribs, whose backbone whose ribs Some have said that this a soul refers to the Soul of the Man at the raw refers to the tribe of the woman

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However, it's obvious that this liquid is coming out from who from the men because the egg of the woman, it doesn't produce anything by itself. It has to be fertilized, and how is it fertilized when the sperm is put into the womb? And how does that come when it's *? So Yehuda membranous will be what derive a solvent derived refers to that of the man.

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When you look at it, it seems very amazing. How is it that this comes out from between the backbone and the ribs?

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Let's hear it from a doctor

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Assalamu alaikum.

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Okay, so at the mention of * over here, that is actually composed of springs, as you know, and they are produced in the male reproductive organ, which is called testes. And these testes in adult life are in a pouch of made up of skin, which is between the legs. However, we see that in the early fetal life when the child is conceived and just is a couple of months old, and up till three, four months, they are located in a place which is next to the kidneys. And this is between the ribs and the back on the spine and the grips. That is the location of the kidneys. And that is where the male reproductive organ is located in the embryo in the early fetal life. And as the child grows slowly

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and gradually, it descends along the back of the child, to the pelvis, and then to its location in the adult, and then it comes to lie there. And the proof of that is that the blood supply of the male reproductive organ, which is the testes, it is maintained from a branch which comes from the blood supply to the kidneys. So it maintains the blood supply from the blood vessels that are supplying the kidneys, even in the original. So in the beginning, that's where they are located. So in the beginning is located over there and even when it descends, the connection is still maintained, maintained from because of the blood supplies. So the blood supplies or when the blood

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comes from there, that means Yehuda membranous will be arriving, the fluid also comes from there.

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And that's the diagram if you want to see how they are located in the fetal life next to the kidneys, the white around thing in the right order. If you look at it, the location is exactly so precise membranous * was

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the backbone and the rig. If you can see the next slide it shows where the kidneys are located exactly. So this is the location of the kidneys, if you can see the oval area at the top between the backbone and the ribs, that's exactly between the backbone and the ribs.

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So your membrane is soapy water. Just imagine something that was so hidden, initially a lot brought it out. And then its connection is still maintained from there. So its source is still membranous will be what Allah

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Allah says in Surah. Allah Roger Haleakala did,

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Indeed Allah to return him to life is all evil, he is all able to return man to life. If he can create him from mimolette, something so tiny, something that is so hidden something whose source is so deep, then Allah can also bring him out. If you think about it, the source is what Venus will be what are hidden, it's like buried inside. And the human being after he dies he's buried in the earth. If Allah can bring up the origin of the human being the sperm, its source from Venus will be Ouattara if you think a law cannot bring him out of the depths of the earth.

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You understand? He can

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and Yama tuberosa in it is the day when secrets will be put on trial. A Sarah it is a Florida of city era and what is surreal, secret thoughts. So it is the day when Allah will resurrect people when Allah will bring them out. It's the day when all the secrets that were inside will be brought out to Bella is from Bella and Bella is to test someone

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to distinguish the worthy from the unworthy. And Bella is also used for a test a trial that is manifest will it be better than Abraham or a boo boo Kalamata, for atomic further mahone. The tests that Abraham recently went through, they were all very obvious in the sense that slaughtering your own son, leaving your own wife being thrown into the fire, these were all open manifest tests. So you're meticulous right? It's understood in two ways that first of all, all the secrets will be exposed, they will be revealed. And secondly, to witness I mean, the secrets will be judged, they will be inspected, they will be examined, what is worthy of reward and what is not worthy of reward

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yoma to Allah sada

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and if you look at this connection, again, that if Allah brings about the origin of the human being the sperm, its source membranous salvaterra.

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And if you look at where the kidneys are located her

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towards the

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Bottom of the ribcage and if you go just a little above that is where the heart is.

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And if the secrets are there, you think you're lucky not bring them out.

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You think I'm lucky not expose them. He can

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remain in soapy water I mean what happens in entire human being was formed. So what is buried inside the heart also unlock and bring that out Yamato Bella Sara, the secrets will be examined, they will be inspected, they will be exposed they will be revealed. All of them will be exposed a person will not be able to hide anything inside of Eunice is 30 Allah says Huneck a taboo cologne of cinema a snippet there every person will be put on trial for what they did previously into the idea of a nine to 10 FLIR demo either a theorem FL COBOL will have seen em Fs will do what is in the hearts will be brought out it will be obtained into the look I have 13 Allah says what are several cola original

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Ruby in the Halima?

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Do you keep something in your heart you expose it, Allah will bring out its reality and its reality will be brought to light reality? Is it sincere? Or is it insincere? Is it worthy? Or is it unworthy from Allah human for what and when and then a person will be alone, he will have no power nor any help, he will have no power, no strength of his own to defend himself. And now say no other helper to assist him either. So what does overhead refer to a person's own strength? And what does the NASA refer to somebody else helping a person? Or is it a NASA code? That is how did you Yeah, so a person will have neither internal or external power that day, he will not be able to save himself. Yo Mama,

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let me clean up Selena Epson, she

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inserted How can I 18 Allah says, yo mama internal Luna, let the feminine compound via you will not be able to hide anything, a person will not be able to help himself and no one will help him either for either novikova sorry, Bella and cervena, whom he oma, he then when I sat alone, a person will be running away from his relatives from other human COVID in wilderness. So that is the date that a person should be afraid of.

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When all the secrets will be brought out, the reality of the actions will be brought out. And a person cannot hide. If he has not been sincere with his Lord, then nothing can save him.

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In the previous ayat, we learned about the creation of

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the human beings as our creation.

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That how from

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something so minute, something that is so tiny, Allah subhanaw taala creates the human being. And from something that is so deep within the human body, it comes out goes deep within another human body, and then there, the fetus has developed. And this is a proof of resurrection. Because at the beginning of the surah, Allah subhanaw taala swears an oath.

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And the dual person was what in Kowloon of Salah maralinga half of every person, his deeds are being recorded, there is a half is appointed over him, his deeds are being recorded. And then what is it that makes a person deny the hour, deny the resurrection? It says, doubting that Allah does not have the power to do so. Allah subhanaw taala proves that the one who creates you can recreate the one who can create you from something so tiny, it can also bring you about again as well. And it's the day when not just you, you will be questioned, but in fact, it's your sorrow. If that will be examined. It's your secrets that will be examined.

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Remember that the theme of the monkey sutras mainly is what establishing the proofs of resurrection, establishing the proofs which support the truthfulness of the Quran, as well as that of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. So if you look at all of these, I don't think that they're disconnected. They're all random note there is a deep connection that binds all of them together.

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At the beginning, the thought is something so obvious, something that attracts your attention that is mentioned that is worn by I mean you cannot deny that reality. Allah subhanaw taala brings about something so bright through the night sky, something so bright that is visible in the clear sky that you're attracted towards. And you can also bring it out the Day of Judgment. He can also bring about people he can also resurrect them. And if you see yoma tabula saw it it's the day when the secrets are going to be examined from Allah whom and Kawashima NASA. What does it show that on the Day of Judgment, that he said, is going to be of what my Philco lube, that which is in the hearts in the

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dunya. When we deal with people, how are we to deal

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On the surface on the apparent we are not to judge the intention to the motives of other people in the dunya we are commanded to deal with the obvious the apparent, but in the Hereafter, a person will be dealt with how, based on his inner heart, what is it that he has in the heart? What is it that he has inside? So yoma tubular Salam in Fenella humann coverting when an acid and at that point a person will have no friend, no support no power of himself, or of anyone else to defend himself.

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