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Ta-Ha 77-104 Translation 77-104

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Muhammad Ali, Ali Al Karim a maverick for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi r Rahmani Raheem rubbish rashly surgery where silly angry

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little nearly 70 of kahuku the openness is

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less than number 162 pseudo Pol her eye number 77 to 104

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while awkward and certainly

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Oh hanaa We revealed either Moosa to musar listener

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and that s3 you travel by night very badly with my servants

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felt brave then strike law home for them

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buddy you can

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fill battery in the sea yeah by Sun dry lair not the half you will fear the rockin overtaking wala and nor dosha you fear

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for us by our home so he pursued them fit our own fit our own bid you know the he with his soldiers

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felecia home so it covered them men from lm me the si ma that which was your home it covered them

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what elder law and he led astray for their own for their own oma who his people. Woman and not Heather he guided

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Yeah. Oh, Bernie children is like you have Israel you got in fact and Generico we have rescued you men from our do we become your enemy? Well, where are they gonna come and we made an appointment with you.

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What are the netcom we made an appointment with you

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Janet on site a tooth of the month food

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layman. The right one.

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When zelner and we have sent down our lay come upon you aluminum The man was Salwa and the quails.

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kulu you all eat men from for you bet good thing man that which was a canal comb we provided you

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wanna and do not that Oh, you are transgress fee in it fair Hill. So it will descend. La come upon you hurt ob my anger.

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Woman and whoever yes lil it descends. I lay upon him, rather be my anger socket than in fact, however, he has perished.

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What in me and indeed a love affair when surely most forgiving Lehman for who ever he repented? What manner and he believed? What are Mila and he did slightly hand righteous. Some then

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he continued in guidance,

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each other, he continued, in guidance.

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Warmer and what are jenica has made you hasten

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on from omega, your people. Yeah Moosa almost bother, he said, whom they are oola are those Allah upon sad my tracks what I do, and I hastened alayka to you, Rob be my rub, little bow, so you'll be pleased. All he said. For inner, then indeed we are in fact fatahna we have tested we have tried omega your people, men from bar deca, after you were albula, whom and has led them astray, a semi de samedi

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for Roger. Then he returned Musa Musa Illa call me to his people have been very angry.

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sefa grieved

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caller he said, Yeah, call me. Oh, my people alone did not hear it. Come he promised you. Rob become your warden. I promise hasn't been good. a date for then

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it became too long.

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All right. I come upon

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Do you lie to the promise? Um or are you all intended? And that ye shall it descends la come upon you a lot of anger, mira become from Europe for then left, you all went against you All opposed?

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mower Ed,

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your firm covenant with me

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or my promise,

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although they said may not have left now, we broke, we went against morioka

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promise made with you,

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Mo indica promise made with you, or your promise

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be malkina by our will.

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Well I can now but we shamila we were made to carry out on burdens. Men from Xena adornment alone of the people. sakoda Sneha so we threw it funkadelic so does L. E through a cemetery cemetery.

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First Roger, then he extracted,

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then he produced the home for them ridgeland a calf Jessa then a body Lahu for it, whoever on a lowing sound,

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who are on lowing sound

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for callooh So they said, Heather this illyricum your god what Allah who and God Moosa of Musa fantasy but he forgot a fella did they're not your own they see a lot that not your job. He could return

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la him to them. olan a word wala and not yum liquor it possesses la home for them burn any harm whether and nor Neff are any benefit

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what occurred and certainly Allah He said the home to them heroin heroin macabre from before? Yeah, call me oh my people in America indeed not but 14 to you are being tested. Be happy with it.

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We're in the end indeed. Rob bukom euro urashima, the Most Merciful for Toby Rooney. So you all follow me? Where else are you? And do you all obey my command?

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Or do they said learn never, never have we seize or lay upon it? Our caffeine one's devoted Hector until your Gera he returns Elena to us Moosa musar listener.

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Allah He said, Yeah Haruna or her own man what Menaka it prevented you? is when or at home you saw them Balu they were string alert that not that there be any you follow me?

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Did for then I say to you disobeyed. I'm re my order.

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Allah He said, Yeah. Or ebenen son, oma of my mother. Let do not the hood UCS biLlahi it with my beard Wella and nor below, see with my head in me indeed I cushy to I have feared on that. dakolo usei for rakata you cause division

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baina between Benny children Israel of Israel while I'm and not the code, you observe, you wait, only my word.

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Color he said firmer. So what? How to book your matter? Yes, amedee or samedi?

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Allah He said, bustle I saw the man with what lamb not yerba suru they see Biggie with it for kebab too. So I took cotton a handful men from sad track trace

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of a soul of the messenger phenibut to her so I threw it worker there Lika and thus somewhere that it enticed Lee for me nuptse my soul.

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Allah He said further then go for in then indeed laka for you, Phil hayati in the life and that the hula you will say let's not miss us any touching

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any contact.

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What in and indeed? Luckily for you moredun and appointment land never

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To level who

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you will be failed about it

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to whoever who you will be failed in it wonders and look, Ella to Ella HCA your God. Allah de which Walter you remained our lay upon it occupant devoted

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Leno Harold econda. Who surely we will definitely burn it. So much then Lenin sefa who surely we will definitely shatter and scatter it.

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Fi in al-yami, the sea ness for a scattering or in a blast

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in Nima indeed not but Ella who come your God, Allah is Allah, Allah de who led not a law or any god in law except whoever he was there he has encompassed, called every shading thing, real man in knowledge.

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Guernica does Nepal suit, we relate our Lake upon you, men from umber news. Man of what odd In fact, cybercom a proceeded.

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workout and in fact, at a NACA we have given you, men from Laguna near us vichara a remembrance or reminder.

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A scripture

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man, whoever he turned away from it for in the hood, and indeed he Yes, he will carry yoma on day LTM at the resurrection, withdraw a burden.

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Hi, Dina once abiding eternally. Fie in it was an evil law home for them yo ma en de la Amati. The standing Shimla, a Lord

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Yama en de un for whom it will be blown, see in a suit the trumpet won a shoe and we shall gather almajiri mean the criminals yo ma he didn't that day, Zuko blue eyed,

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yet a half a tuna? They will murmur

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they will matter

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bainer home between them. In not lavista you remained Illa except our SRA 10 National we are no more snowing, Bheema of what your coluna they say it when yaku he will say and cielo home. Most exemplary of them.

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Berea cotton in manner. In not lavastone you remained in law except yoma. Id.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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while many

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bhumika Moosa

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una IANA

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Raja Moosa.

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already know he was

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do you want

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be in

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Nashville national movie my boo boo boo

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to me