Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P15 144B Tafsir Bani Israil 40-44

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Bible's statement that one is born without a partner means that anyone born without a partner will be punished. The importance of keeping intentions seriously seriously seriously is crucial for healthy eating. The segment discusses the serious statement of being associated with Allah's partners, the "remedy" he gives people, and the "by not once not twice" concept. The segment also touches on the natural resonance of Allah's teachings and how they have created people to judge and praise him, and the importance of avoiding double-standing and not acknowledging others' actions.
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Lesson number 144. So little Israa is number 40 to 60. I thought I'll spare calm, though has for then I'll spare he chose calm you.

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There's so many words in one word

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Alpha OS fair calm, then has your Lord chosen you a false Falcon Robocon what you think that Allah chose you exclusively? Bill Benina four sons, meaning, what do you think? Is it even possible? You think that your Lord has chosen exclusively you for having sons, that only you deserve Bonnin what the Father and that he has taken mineral Mala Iike from among the angels in Eartha females meeting female daughters in a Kamala Taku Luna colon or Lima Indeed you are saying a grave saying, what you're saying is something very serious. In the previous Saya, we were told to keep away from shake. Over here, shake is being negated associating partners with Allah is being negated. Remember, the

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chick is of many types. Many people associate partners with Allah in different ways. One way, is that children are ascribed to him. There are people who say, God has a son. Others wish to Cain, they used to say that God has daughters, and who are those daughters decide that the angels they're actually Daughters of Allah.

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But the wish to keeping the Arabs at the same time? What did they like for themselves? daughters, sons.

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We learned earlier that when one of them is informed about the birth of a daughter, what happens to his face? Gloomy, he's so embarrassed. And then he's wondering, should I let this child live? And remain in embarrassment and humiliation for the rest of my life? Or should I just kill her and get it over with? And what is it that they would usually do? Kill their daughters, some people? So over here, Allah subhanaw taala is questioning the Mushrikeen that if you do not like daughters for yourself, then why do you think your God would choose daughters for himself? This doesn't mean that Allah who would like to have a son, no, he is above having a son. He's above having daughters. But

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basically, what is being done over here is that the base lessness of their shake is being established. The thing about the shake that you do your shake your beliefs that you have about God, according to your standards, even does it make sense? Is it logical, according to your standards, even

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some people when they read these ayat they say, look, the Quran is so anti women. This is not the point over here. Women are not being denounced, daughters are not being denounced over here. Sheikh is being proven as something false, even according to the culture, the logic of the Mushrikeen that come on, you don't even choose daughters for yourself, and you ascribe daughters to Allah, what are you saying? Do you realize that in Nicoleta, coluna, Polen or Lima, you were saying something very, very serious? You're associating partners with Allah when he has no partner? And you're saying something without any knowledge just based on assumption, Conan or Lima? How great how serious is a

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statement of ascribing partners to Allah? It is so serious that in sort of money, am I 88 to 93 we learn what Carlota Hado Rahman wala they say that the Most Merciful Has a child. Allah says Lakota dictum che and it you have done an atrocious thing. So atrocious it is that the Caddo Samoa to Yetta Fatima Minh, who what unshackle or Lu, what the healer who had it is so serious that the heavens the skies would almost rupture and the Earth would split open and mountains would collapse in devastation and Daro little harmony while other that their attribute is the Most Merciful a child. This is such a serious sin. To say that Allah has a partner to say that Allah has a child. And this

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is not the only place that we are being told about how wrong shark is what a serious crime it is. So many times the Quran we have read in so many different ways that Allah is one he has no partner, he has no need of a child. There is no child that he has because there is no one like him and he is like no one what are called the sun rough Nephi heddle Quran and certainly we have diversified in this Quran. Some Ruffner from the slave Sodre

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sort of subtle Rafa is basically to turn right so for example, to turn something to change it, and to bring it back again in a different manner, right in a different manner. So for example, the city for Ria, the sleeve is also used for the winds, the changing of the winds. Why? Because sometimes the wind blows from one direction, and it's really chilly, really cold. And then what happens another time, the wind blows from another direction, and it's so nice and warm and cooling and comforting. Right. So this is the serif when something comes in one way, and then it stops goes away, and then it comes again in a different way. It's brought again in a different way, so well

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apart so Rafi had the Quran, meaning the contents of this Quran, there are mentioned over and over again in the same way, no in different ways, why Leanna Kuru. So, that they can understand they can remember, because what is our problem as human beings we forget to quickly we read about the importance of eating halal, but then what happens again, we forget, we learn about the importance of speaking the truth, but then we forget again, we learned about the importance of you know, keeping our intention sincere, but then again, we forget about it. So as human beings because we forget constantly, what happens we need reminders. And in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala has given

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reminders, the same message is given not once not twice, but multiple times in different ways.

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Some people they benefit from this variety, because if they did not understand

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at one particular place, Inshallah, they will understand

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by reading another I write, if they learned once they forgot, the second time they came across the same theme, they will remember and they will change their ways. However, many people what happens to them, one is either home, and this does not increase them in learn. All right, except in a version new for a version dislike this feeling of estrangement

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than before it's like you just want to avoid it, you want to run away from it, keep away from because nothing results are used for like small army right? A band of men of soldiers, what do they do they go out. So like one person is feeling averse to something? What does he do? He just leaves he goes away? Well, May is he to whom inland fora

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now, what do we learn in this idea that there are many

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commands or many concepts that Allah subhanaw taala has taught us in the Quran?

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And he has not mentioned them only once. But he has mentioned them multiple times, in different ways. Why? Out of His mercy for our benefit? So that if we didn't understand the concept of though Hey, that one place, hopefully we will understand it, that another.

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Now, this is something beneficial.

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Think about it at school. When you learned your alphabet in your junior kindergarten, was that the only time that you read your alphabet? You know, you repeated them in senior kindergarten, right? Your numbers, your basic addition and subtraction and multiplication. The basic concepts aren't they're repeated over and over again.

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They're repeated over and over again. Why? Because as human beings we forget

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Surah Fatiha. How many times are we supposed to recite it in one day so many times? Right? for our own good, because repetition is what practice and practice makes perfect.

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But some people because they don't like the very contents of the Quran each time something is repeated. They're like, Oh, again, again.

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I've heard enough. I don't want this anymore. Well, my your zoom, Elana fora.

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This is just like when rainfalls. Okay, if the land is fertile, if the land is good, what's going to happen? It's going to benefit from that rain. If it rains a lot, it's going to benefit a lot. But if the land is bad,

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then what will happen it will get flooded it will get smelly. It will be the Reaping ground for so many mosquitoes and so many diseases and problems right. So it depends on the person if they are seeking guidance, if they are seeking to become a better person each time something is mentioned in the Quran. They will benefit

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but if they don't like the very commands that Allah is giving them each time they come across it. They'll be like ahead enough.

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And especially the concept of the heath, how many times is it mentioned

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Cold say, low kanamori, who earlier it says if we were being prepared, because now again, though hate is going to be clarified. Below can Omar who earlier say, if there were with Allah with him, other gods? Can I Akun? Just as these people claim that Allah has partners? Or that there are multiple gods, even then lebrato, surely they would have sought? Who? Those gods? What would they seek Illa to the louche, the Owner of the Throne, meaning Allah subhanaw taala sebelah away,

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meaning then those gods would not remain where they are.

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What would they do? They would make away up to the OSH in order to compete for the highest position,

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there would be a power struggle, there would be constant conflict, this world that you live in, there would be no peace.

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Of course, I mean, the problems that we've created for ourselves, yes, we have no peace. Because of that. However, we see that despite the problems that people make for one another, the sun, the moon, the sky, the Earth, the trees, the water, everything is functioning in perfect harmony. Why? Because behind all of this is who, Allah subhanaw taala alone. And if there were multiple gods, then what would happen?

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What would happen, there would be divine wars going on all the time, and who would be affected we would be affected? Think about it. If there are two countries, two countries side by side, constant conflict, who's going to suffer?

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The people living in those countries, right, they're going to suffer the most. So likewise, if there were multiple gods, then we would see a lot of division that Oh, today the sun didn't come out, we have no day because such and such God to cover and he decided to not let the sun come out.

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We would be suffering. This is just like, you know, when there's conflict between two countries and what happens one attacks the other and there is no power and there is no water, it is prevented. We hear about this all the time. If because of our power struggles, at a human level, there is so much chaos. Imagine if this power struggle was at a divine level. Just imagine the chaos that this universe would be in. But anytime you see, you know an image of mountains or rivers or sea or anything, what does that bring to you so much peace just looking at it is so peaceful. You look at a city you know, a concrete jungle? And what do you see? problems? And you look at a real you know,

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jungle of wood of green? What do you see beauty and peace? Why?

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Why because it's been run by who? Allah subhanaw taala alone.

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I once did this our training and the brother who was teaching it, he helped point out like how illogical multiple gods would be. Because like at the beginning, you're supposed to define that the definition of a person being a God is that He is all powerful. If there are more than one Gods automatically they can't be because you can't have more than two all powerful beings because they're they're sharing the power which also results in all the chaos and everything so it's just not possible for there to be more than one god yes, this is why Kulu Allahu

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Allahu Samad Allah, the lamb yella dwelling unit. Because even if God was to have children, then what happens? A king, his son, what does he do kills the father is that I can already become a king. If you look at most of the ancient Greek stories as well you see how many gods there are and how much they're fighting for each other for power and it's constantly a war and everyone on the earth is getting affected.

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This is why in total MBI a 22 Allah says low canopy Hema Alia tune illa Allah La fossa data. If there were other gods besides Allah, then what would happen? This earth and sky would be corrupted, there would be destroyed Subhana who Exalted is He? Do you even understand who Allah is? He is perfect, super Han.

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You know what Subhan means?

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When we say Subhan Allah when we do this be of Allah subhanaw taala it's basically to declare that Allah is perfect. He is above any weakness, any resemblance to the creation. He is above any fault, any deficiency. His Allah because he is one and there is no one like him. Subhana who perfect he is what Allah and hi above Amaya Kowloon a

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above what they said, are no one Kabira by great sublimity.

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The fact is that we have not understood who Allah subhanaw taala is who God is. Because if we truly understood how great he is, how powerful he is how unique he is, then we would never dare associate partners with him. And we would never dare reject him.

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The one who does shake the one who rejects Allah, the fact is that he is not correctly understood Allah. This is why in the Quran we are told one Makka dolla haka cadre,

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they have not given Allah the true value that he deserves. They have not understood him correctly. subhanho wa Taala I'm Maya coluna. above what they say are a lot one Kabira by grid sublimity. So many lies people say about Allah, so many wrong things to say about him. The fact is that he is high above them. Two sub b Hello similar to sub two sub b Who glorifies level for him a Samoa to Cebu, the seven skies while I'm doing the earth woman fee in and those in them, the sky, the earth, and every every creation that is within the sky and within the earth, what is it doing? It is glorifying Allah, it is doing this be of Allah it is declaring the perfection of Allah. How is it declaring the

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perfection of Allah in two ways? One kind of this B is through code through speech by saying Subhan Allah Subhan, Allah Subhana Allah. This is the spirit through bone. When you say the words in order to declare the perfection of Allah, and the other kinds of the Spirit is through * through one state, that the state of every creature, what is that exhibiting? What is that showing? What is that reflecting the perfection of the Creator? So to Sabir hula was similar to Sabra while on the woman fee in one image che in and there is not a thing INLA except you sub Bihu, behind the it is exalting him by his praise, meaning everything is praising Allah. Why? Because they're all his creation,

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animate and inanimate, every single creature, every single thing, from an atom to an end to a human being, and a huge Angel. What are they doing? glorifying and praising Allah? But you wonder how can they do this? We have Allah, all of them, especially when majority of these creatures don't even have a mouth to speak with. Then how do they do the spear? Allah says we're lacking but let's have a Hornet, the speaker whom you do not understand. They're the spear in no kind of Halima fora, indeed, Allah, he is ever Haleem forbearing, Anglophone forgiving.

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Now, I mentioned to you earlier that the speed is of two kinds, the speed through * and the Spirit through code. What is the spirit through * through one state, that every single creature through its very state, what is it doing? glorifying Allah declaring Allah's perfection, because every creature, big or small, whether it is living or nonliving, whether it can speak or it cannot speak every creature, if you look at it, if you examine it, how beautifully Allah subhanaw taala has made everything, how everything has a purpose, how everything has its unique characteristics, unique qualities with which it is constantly functioning and growing. I mean, just think about these birds,

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that how, when the season changes, when the temperatures drop, who teaches them go this way, and not go that way, and grow towards this side and fly for this amount of time. All right, and then stop over here for a break and then move on to the next stop. And that is where you will be for the next few months and then you will come back? Who teaches them? Who has taught them? Allah subhanaw taala. Right. So Allah is the one who made all of this this amazing universe that we see. I mean, at every level, this universe is amazing. Whether you look at the world of the birds, or you look at the world of the answer, you look at the world of the termites, or plants, I mean, everything is

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reflecting the perfection of the Creator. The perfect ability and the power of the Creator. So by their very state, what is the entire creation doing? glorifying Allah declaring his perfection, but the meaning is not just limited to that. It also means that everything is doing the speed with how

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even the birds and even the carpet that you're sitting on, and even the wall

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holes and the pillars. Everything is doing what the speech of allah how do we hear? No, we don't hear it with a mouth, Allah, Allah how we don't see their mouth. We don't know about their mouths, we don't know about their tongue, but everything is glorifying Allah. Because the fact is that the creation that Allah has created, even though we perceive many of these creatures to be inanimate, they do communicate with their Lord. Remember this living and nonliving what do they do they communicate with their Lord. Like for example, in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says, that when he created the skies and the earth, he said, that come obediently, willingly or unwillingly, and the

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skies and the earth they all said we come willingly now they communicated with Allah subhanho wa Taala how he knows best. Likewise, in the Hereafter, we learn that the Hellfire when so many people will be cast into hellfire, the Hellfire will keep demanding Holman, mozzie Halima mozzie. Are there any more? Are there any more? So again, the Hellfire will also communicate with its rub with Allah subhanho wa Taala and the entire creation? What is it doing? It is glorifying Allah doing the speed. So this shows to us that inanimate beings also they have feelings, they have some level of consciousness. Now what kind of consciousness is that? Allah knows best. But they do have some

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creatures, their level of consciousness, we can understand we can see it. Like, for example, a plant. There's different kinds of plants, right? But certain plants, what do they do? They literally catch prey, don't they? I mean, if you think about it, a plant? How can that catch free? But it does, right? underwater creatures also, it's amazing. I mean, coral, what does it look like? It looks like, you know, moss and flowers and plants. But what do we learn about coral, that it's actually a living thing? Right? They're living creatures. So some of these creatures, we can tell, okay, they have life. They're living, they change, they catch prey, and others, we don't see the

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life in them. But the one who created them, He has given each creature its own kind of life. So every creature is doing this bit of Allah, remember that member, or rather, not even the member, but just the piece of wood that the Prophet salallahu Salam used to use as his member, he would sit on it or stand on it in order to address the people. And then what happened, he requested that somebody make a proper member for him from what. So when that was brought, and that piece of wood was moved, the people literally heard, and this will Dylan one who he was a child at that time. And he narrated this incident, that how he heard, you know, the sounds of a camel in labor, as if a camel was

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squealing and making that noise in pain as if somebody sobbing and crying. They heard that sound and where was that sound coming from, from that piece of wood and the profits on a lot of sun and went do it and touched it and held it in order to comfort it. So this is also an evidence that these creatures, they do feel they have feelings. You're gonna say something. In physics, I learned a really interesting concept, I learned that everything around us has an inner natural resonance to it. It's very interesting. Oh, we did an experiment where it's sort of like sound waves. And my TA he turned up the like the sound waves and the floor itself started shaking. And so I mean, I don't

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know if that is like sort of communication. But somehow everything does have something inside of it. Somebody we just don't understand exactly what it is. But everything has its own natural resonance. And you know, Allahu Alem what that means, but like it's there. It's there. I mean, if you think about it ends, we look at them, and we don't know how they communicate with each other. We don't hear any sound. Right? Even crickets, how do they make that sound? How with a mouth, no, through something else through a different mechanism that Allah subhanaw taala has created within it. So every creature is created with the ability to glorify and praise Allah azza wa jal, the Creator. Now

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if you think about it, all the different creatures that Allah subhanaw taala has created, who is the one who has been blessed the most?

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Who is it? It's human beings right?

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Now, if you think about it,

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a grain of sand, which mean has been lying on a beach since hundreds of years and perhaps will continue to be there for hundreds of years. What is it doing? glorifying and praising Allah subhanaw taala and what are we doing? We travel from one place to another we eat we drink we see we hear we feel we experienced so many different blessings Allah subhanaw taala has given us how much are we glorify

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I am praising Allah. This is what we need to look at.

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We are the ones who are the most blessed in every way, in so many ways. Emotionally, physically, mentally, there are so many things Allah subhanaw taala has provided us, but how moist is our tongue with the vicar of Allah?

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Unfortunately, when we do talk, what is it that we talk about? The things that are wrong? The things that are not right, the things that we don't like? And is that doing the speed of Allah? No, it's the opposite of that. The creation is busy glorifying Allah, and what are we doing? This is what we need to reflect on. So anytime you're sitting somewhere, you know, look around you and think, oh, this roof is actually doing the spirit of Allah. And these pillars are also doing this bit of Allah and here I am sitting with my mouth shut and my brain is wondering you know, from mall to the supermarket to the street to the car, and what so and so said and what so and so it looks like what

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am I thinking about?

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Why am I wasting my life? Why am I wasting these moments that Allah has given me? Busy your tongue into the Quran, Allah, busy your tongue, occupy your tongue with that this be of Allah? Because this is what befits the stung that it should do this be of Allah. So when I can let the Coronavirus Be who you do not understand their glorification. In Noho Kana Halima la fura indeed, he is ever Haleem and waffle, who is Helene, the one who's forbearing, and who is awful, the one who is forgiving Halim him. Forbearance is basically, that you have the power to punish, you have the power to discipline you have the power to take revenge, but you don't

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think about it. How many times is it that we disobey Allah?

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So many times, right? We say things which are so disrespectful. But do we see the sky falling down on us? Do we see that something falls down on us and completely destroys us right there? No, it doesn't. But have you heard your parents you're grounded saying that to you?

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Have you ever heard your parents saying to you that fine, you didn't do this? Now you can't have this? Because you didn't listen to me here. This is why you cannot have this Are we Halima as people? No way. We are so intolerant. One accident and your dad says that said you can't drive the car anymore.

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That's it. And then you have to beg him and you have to do so much to appease him so that he will finally allow you. But Allah subhanaw taala is Haleem and he has a full He forgives?

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What do we see in this ayah all the creation is glorifying and praising Allah obeying Him. The question is, what are we doing? How moist is my tongue? With god's remembrance? How obedient Am I to Allah subhanaw taala in my daily life, in my interaction with people in my dealings with people, you want to say something?

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Of course what Eman che in in the use a bit to be handy. Everything whether it's made by men, or whether it's still in a form in which Allah subhanaw taala made it it is glorifying Allah how,

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like I said to you, glorification is of two ways right? Through state and also through speech, speech, we don't understand, but stead meaning, like for example, metal, it will do what Allah subhanaw taala has created it for. Right? So for example, if a person is using a piece of metal to make something out of it, it's not like the metal is going to slap him. No, I mean, you will see that in cartoons, but that doesn't happen in real life.

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Why? Because metal will only do what it's meant to do. Wood will only do what it's meant to do.

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Whatever Allah has taught it to do whatever Allah created it for. So the obedience of every creature is what its this be

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because by its obedience to Allah, what is it doing? Showing, reflecting the greatness of the Creator?

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Clear? Okay, let's listen to the recitation of these ayat

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Bill Benina. On telephones

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Gulu now,

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one of God's sovereign lostness he had

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that girl one Niazi, don't

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come on

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so bear

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with me here to send people

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to send

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Shane in your sub people be handy me

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just be

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a highly human more, more. So great, yet forgiving, so powerful, yet tolerant, that is our Lord Allah subhanho wa taala.

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You think about what kind of wrong things people say about Allah. But yet he lets them live and he keeps blessing them with life and with gifts, and so many favors, because that is Allah He is great. He's above any resemblance to anything good, as long as how consciously some people deny the existence of the lifespans, but the fact that is that each cell in our body is so complicated, and they're all signaling molecules, they're all communicating with each other. We have only scratched the surface in science when we study it. And so it's all falling the crowds have all spawned. So every cell in our body is falling the command and, you know, consciously if we don't recognize his

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existence, it's very sad thing. Yes. And you know, Saba, it literally means Saba is to swim to flow, to move quickly in air or in water.

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And if you think about it, every creature, I mean, the smallest part of it is what it's an atom. And even that, constantly, moving, moving, moving, in obedience to Allah doing what Allah created it for doing what Allah ordered it to do, but here is man who thinks highly of himself.

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And what do we do? Just because we have learned a little bit we deny Allah's existence, just because we have seen a little bit of the world and we have gained a little bit experience. We object at Allah's commands. Who are we what are we

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