Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 30 – L306E

Taimiyyah Zubair
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On the other hand, in the Ludhiana ama know where our mill asylee heard in the those people who have believed and they have done righteous deeds, the home jannatul for them are generic, touching even tactical and her underneath which reverse flow that he can foes will carry. That is the great success.

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What do we learn over here

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that were the persecutors, the unbelievers, the enemy, they will be punished Allah subhanaw taala will also reward who those who believe in do righteous deeds.

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As we discussed earlier that Allah subhanaw taala tests as believers through difficulties through ups and downs. And these difficulties sometimes come through the situation that you're in other times, at the hands of other people.

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And two reactions are generally found amongst people when they're being tested.

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One reaction is that a person gives up, he gives up, he says, I cannot bear this, I cannot tolerate this, this is too difficult. People don't support me fine, I'm not going to do it, things are getting difficult for me, I cannot continue anymore. And the other reaction is that a person becomes firm.

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Okay, they are so firm in their opposition, I also have to become firm in my way.

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If they're so patient, I have to be more patient.

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Similarly, if my situation is getting more and more difficult every day, it doesn't matter. I have to keep striving. Because every day that I strive every day that I suffer difficulty inshallah there is more reward.

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So there are two types of reactions. One is that a person gives up. And the other is that a person remains from those who give up. For them, there is no reward. Why? Because just imagine if a person at this point he says, you know, that's it, for example, deals have a lot of loot. If a person gave up his fate, he gave up his fifth, don't give me Don't burn me. I'm giving up my fate. Why should he get reward

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for what?

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He didn't suffer anything. And on the other hand, those who did suffer in the way of a lot of lies appreciative so He rewards them abundantly

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in this dunya and also in the hereafter. And look at their award that is mentioned over here jannatul integrity and data and how they're equal fosun COVID. If you think about it, this was mentioned the last years of the

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Why? Because when a person learns the deen when the person studies the Quran, then what happens? He wants to do something, isn't it?

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But when he wants to do something, there will definitely be difficulties. For example, you say you want to take the next course but other people think there's no way

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you've been studying for 18 months. That's sufficient. That's enough. No way you can do it. At this point, I'm fine. Okay, I won't do it.

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One is to give up. And the other is that you become firm and becoming firm doesn't mean you become rude and harsh with the people who are opposing you. You become firm. And you keep asking Allah to Allah, you gave me this much give me more, I want more.

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I want more no matter what. And if you become desperate in your desire to learn more, to gain more, Allah will also open the ways for you. Yes, it will be difficult. However, Allah will open the ways for you.

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So in the Latina Amanullah, I'm in asylee, heartland genetic integrity when Tatiana and her Valley confuzzled cubbies and what is false

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foes is to be saved from the Hellfire and to be entered into paradise. So what is that a person is trying to save himself from the fire of this dunya saving himself from the persecution of other people from the harsh words of other people. I don't want to hear this. I don't want to face this. And the other is that a person is striving to save himself from the fire of the hereafter.

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The one who's concerned is only to save himself from the fire of this dunya he doesn't know the fire dunya might return and might not. But the fire of the Hereafter is something that we should be more concerned about.

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Their little phones will cubbies

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in Nova Scotia of Akasha D indeed the vengeance of your Lord is severe but what does it mean to strike to hit and it's also used for power mic strength force. We have learned earlier what either professional but Pashtun Jabarin when you attack How do you attack as your bow as tyrants so in bottleshop Vika his vengeance is retribution, his power against to

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against those people who oppose the believers, it is lusha deed, one that is very severe. His punishment on them in the hereafter will be very severe.

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Yes, they oppose the believers in a very severe way as well and for them to severe punishment as well.

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In the Who who are you by the way your eat? Indeed it is he who originates and also repeats ubu bear del Hamza EBITDA, what does that mean? To initiate something

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and you read are the rain Well done, what does that mean to repeat something?

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So, he is the one who initiates the creation, and he is the one who repeats the creation as well. Meaning he created the people here in this dunya and he will recreate them in the hereafter. Why,

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for the purpose of recompense, where his buffs will be very severe.

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So, he you will do and he also you read,

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and humor, the way you eat is not just with regards to creation only, but with regards to every matter

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that he initiates it, he repeats it.

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He initiate something and he repeats it.

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So, for example, he initiates the punishment for the disbelievers in this dunya and in the year after, he would repeat it in no way do you read,

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inserted or uncovered 19 we learn our lamjao okay for you, buddy Allahu honka somebody readable? In America de la jolla seed have not considered how Allah begins the creation and and repeats it. Indeed for Allah, this is very easy.

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So what does it show then, that every matter is with who? Allah subhanaw taala he has the power to create, he has the power to recreate.

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He has the power to legislate, he has the power to inflict punishment. Every matter is with him it is in his control.

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And at the same time, will who will fool and he is a forgiving and reduce the affectionate.

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He is the Forgiving, and the affectionate look at the perfect balance over here so that a person remains between fear and hope that in a bottle shop beaker Russia did. And at the same time, well, whoever the photo was,

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where his punishment is very severe at the same time, he's also very forgiving and very loving.

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So just because a person is afraid of a loss punishment doesn't mean he gives up hope of ever being forgiven. Or that if a person is afraid that Allah will inflict punishment, he thinks Allah does not love anyone. No.

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Well, who will have a folder? Where do he is forgiving? And he's also a dude.

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And with regards to the name of Allah subhanaw taala Allah for what do we learn

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that Allah forgives when, when a person repents when a person performs righteous deeds when a person changes his ways when the Toba is sincere.

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So he forgives no matter what the crime is, even if it's as great as persecuting the believers killing the believers, innocent believers, Allah will forgive even for that, provided that a person does Stobo correctly. And then Allah is also and we'll do with regards to the food. Remember that Murphy's Law? What does that mean? set to cover something. So he is a little food how that Allah covers our sins, He conceal them in this dunya

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and he forgives a person for them in the Hereafter is what it is said that the buddy is like you when anyone amongst them would commit something wrong, then that crime will be written on his door. Why? So that his sin is publicized as humiliation for him. It is said a lot harder if it's true or not. But this is something that is said that when they did something wrong, that crime that sin will be written on the door. Just imagine publicized everywhere, everybody would find out that so and so like so and so broke a promise. So enter cheated destination. But a lot of Panthers have a food towards this woman that how your sins He does not publicize them.

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That even when there were people who were hypocritical, the prophets or the lowness of them did not kill them. He was taught to just deal with them on the apparent and on the Day of Judgment, we learned that a person will be brought and Allah will question him You did this you did this, you did this. And a person will confess until Allah will say that I covered them for you in the dunya and today I forgive them for you.

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So he is a fool.

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But what is required that we turn to him? We seek His forgiveness.

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And at the same time he's Allah dude, we're doing this from the newsletters, well then from the word would and what this would mean harness of sincere love, pure love.

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And what dude is understood in two ways. First of all, what gives meaning of Mahboob

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meaning one who is loved

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and will do secondly also means have meaning one who loves him.

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So my boob and also have

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It gives me an IQ of one who is beloved and one who loves as well.

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So Allah loves and he is also loved.

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So for example, we don't insert them either I have 50 for that. Yeah, you are letting me know many of them in Quran Dini for Sophia Tila will come in, you have boom.

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a boon.

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Allah will bring about a people who he loves them, and they also love him.

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So Allah loves and he is also loved. You understand? He is a dude.

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And with regards to Allah, subhanaw taala and loving someone. Remember that? Allah subhanaw taala loves certain people.

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And he loves certain traits, characteristics that are found in people. What's the difference between the two?

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The first is that he loves those individuals.

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Understand, Allah loves those individuals. And the second is that Allah loves the characteristics. So if they're found in a person, yes, Allah will love it.

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So for example, with regards to individuals, which individuals is it that Allah soprano God loves

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the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and remember that story at the expedition against the hood in Khyber? When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went there with the Sahaba there was this one particular forte that they were trying every single day to overcome, but they weren't able to. And then one day, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said to the companions, that this person will conquer this for tomorrow, someone whom Allah loves and he also loves Allah, meaning it's that particular individual whom Allah loves.

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And so all this However, when I coast is going to be who is going to be who is that person, that individual who Allah loves? And who was it? I need?

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So, the individual himself the actual individual, Allah subhanaw taala. Similarly, you remember that incident where a group of companions were sent somewhere, and one of them was appointed as a leader above them, and every time he let them in prayer he recited called hula hula had and then the people complained to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he asked him that Why do you do so? He said, because it's full of a low head and I love Allah, I love the surah. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that tell him that Abu Anima you have boo, that tell him that Allah also loves him. So what does it show?

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That Allah loved that Sahabi that individual?

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Ibrahim, he said, Allah subhanaw taala loved him.

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So when Allah loves people, it's of two types. One is that he loves certain individuals. And secondly, he loves certain characteristics that are found amongst people which is why we learn in the Quran in my humble in your humble mercy in ally, your hibel Medina ukata Luna feasability soften the unknown banana muscles.

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So this is with regards to loving people. And when Allah subhanaw taala love certain people, he loves certain characteristics that are found in people and he also loves certain places. He also loves certain places.

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For example, we learned in Hadith in Sahih, Muslim that the best places the most beloved of places to Allah are massage the most beloved of places to Allah our massages and the most disliked wonder which ones marketplaces.

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So imagine Allah loves the massage. So where should we go the place that Allah loves? Or the place that he doesn't like now we have to see how much time is it that we spend in the mall? And how much time is it that we spend in the masjid?

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How regularly do we visit the mall? And how regularly do we visit the masjid?

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Then we also learn from another Hadith, which is in Muslim, that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam informed us that Makkah is of the most beloved places to a mosque

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that Mecca is one of the most beloved places to be.

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So while while a foreign war dude he is forgiving, and he is also the one who is loving,

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the one who loves the one who is loved. And the one who loves certain individuals and he loves certain characteristics that are found in individuals. He loves certain places he loves certain times where he will have a photo of a dude. So what should we strive to do? Do that which Allah loves so that we can earn his love as well.

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And amongst them is also another characteristic that a lot of really likes us

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the hora, what's the evidence for that? In the La Jolla hepatoma Vina where you have both multiple hearings, so doing Toba is also something that of a hurry

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likes and not just over also keeping yourself clean in the state of Voodoo doing will do washing yourself in the law your head with the web in your head with authority.

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Similarly, following the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu incontournable Allah for to be Rooney, your Kamala Allah will also love you When, when you find a designer

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LuLaRoe Sheila Majeed, honorable Owner of the Throne, meaning Allah, He is the owner do possessor owner of what allows, which of that is Majeed?

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Al Majid over here has been entered into his alma de deux and Alma de de.

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If it's read as Alma de deux, then this is referring to who Allah soprano Tada, that who a little harsh and who ultimately do

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you understand.

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And secondly, if it's read as allergy D, then it would be the safer of an option. And this is reality that our last panel Darla himself is muddy, and is out she's also married. And what is married mean?

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glorious, Exalted, the one who is very, very exalted. So the throne of Allah is not something ordinary, but rather it is great.

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And Archer Aleem. It's great in its eyes, remember that Hadees that tells us about the comparison between the ocean and the kursi and the heavens and the earth like a ring in the desert.

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So just imagine how great the throne is. And he is the owner of that throne that our ocean Majeed imagine his authority imagine his power. And imagine if he loves someone.

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Just imagine if he loves someone, he forgives someone through the ocean Majeed

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ferula Lima you read effecter of what he intends.

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For us this is not just Farrell. Farrell is one who does but Faraj is one who definitely does. One was all accomplishing meaning when he decides to do something he doesn't. Nothing can prevent it. No one can prevent it. Nothing is too difficult for him.

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Foreign Lima you read for whatever he wants. So anything Allah wants to do, he does it for honor Lima. You read

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we learned interesada 11 either a lot a lot will be coming soon. Fellow mala della who woman whom Indonesian one. When Elian dental evil for people, then that evil cannot be averted. People cannot do anything to avert that evil. For Allah Lima, you read.

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And obviously, whatever Allah intends to do whatever Allah wants to do, that's always based on his knowledge, his wisdom is justice.

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has the reach to the story of the soldiers, meaning definitely it has reached you

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know, are these Alesis fitter owner with

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the junoon of their own and the junoon have some mood.

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So these, you know, refers to those armies, those troops, those people who had gathered up against you, those who Allah loves, against the friends of Allah in order to harm them in order to persecute them in order to torture them.

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Because for their own remember, he gathered up all of his armies and he went in pursuit of Bani Israel in order to catch them in order to punish them. But what happened Allah subhanaw taala calls the sea to open the Bani Israel cross and for their own came after them and he was drowned over there, him and his armies

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so for their own ends,

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Also some moto Moto, the people of sila had never even they had many huge armies. So what does it show? LG Knuth that they were many in their numbers. They had a lot of power and might and they also persecuted the believers. Allah says Bella Dena cafaro fita cleave, but they who disbelieve are in persistent denial.

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Meaning yes the people of our own so mu they denied before and Allah soprano Tada. He punished them. When they stood up against the earlier of Allah Allah subhanaw taala also finished them he took revenge from them because in Nevada Chateau de casa de

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and today alladhina cafaro. Those who disbelieve their status politically, they are also in denial. And when they're denying the Quran, when they're denying the messenger and because of that denial, they're persecuting those who believe they should remember that will lock them in water in Mohave, while Allah encompasses them from behind.

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Allah has fully encompass them, they are in denial. They're opposing the believers and they should remember that Allah is also fully encompassing them, they cannot escape the plan of Allah. They cannot avoid the punishment of Allah when it falls on them will la hoomin water he Mohit? He has complete power over them they cannot escape at all. And what is it that they're denying after all Balu animoji but this is an honored for an

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because you see the people of Makkah, they were also opposing the believer just as the as hybl of duty, just as fit around and similar did. So these people also they're in denial. And what is it that they're opposing the believers for that they have believed in the Quran? What is the Quran, who are called animoji? It is an honor Koran. What are you denying? Its Majeed. Just imagine Allah from whom this Quran came he himself has muddied his options muddy. His kurama is Majeed. Who are you opposing? Who are you standing up against? Because remember, much of this inability and ability comes with what exalted ness high status sovereignty?

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So who are you opposing

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your opposing the one whom you have no power against? If he himself as much as his throne as much in his column as Majeed, you're opposing those people who believe in him his corral, how can you win, but who are Khurana Majeed feeding him fools? It is inscribed in a preserve tablet

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means on the original one, where is it? It is recorded in the low hum raffles.

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It is high above in the seventh heaven and how is it my fault My Folders hips, so it is preserved guarded against all the devils so that they cannot reach it, they cannot change it they cannot alter. And it's ultimate fools in another way that this Hold on. It's guarded against any kind of increase or decrease distortion change alteration. No, no person can alter this.

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So imagine if this is so Nova? It is so perfect. you oppose the people of the Quran you oppose those people who believe in the Quran? What are you think about it?

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If you see in this Rocksteady, we see two parallel things. Where on one hand is shy, hit on the other hand is my shoot, where on one hand, are those who are opposing the believers? There are those who are being opposed, they're being persecuted. So there's the enemy, those people who are torturing and on the other hand, those people who are being tortured. They're those who disbelieve fattener within a minute, on the other hand, in the Latina ama know what I mean.

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And those who torture the believers oppose them. Allah subhanaw taala says with regard to them from millennia to which shows that the door is open, and those who don't do it over

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For them as punishment, those who are being opposed for them is great reward at the end, where Allah subhanaw taala is Bob, she's very mighty on one hand, on the other hand is also another foreigner and we're dude. And then we see that towards the end of the surah, Allah subhanaw taala says that those who are disbelieving, who are opposing, who are they opposing? Allah, who has read his column, that is all muddied. So those who follow Him, those who believe in Him, what do they deserve? That they should be opposed? No. So, remember, that a person who believes in Allah who follows a book of Allah who goes out in the way of Allah He should remember that he is on a very, very noble path,

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because this is the way of rule of law serpentine who is energy? The Quran is Majeed. So yes, there will be difficulties but don't give up. There will be trials there will be hardships, but don't give up. And remember what lahoma What are in Mohave Allah has encompassed those who create difficulties, so he will deal with them, He will punish them. And for that he has promised a day when he will move on when testimonies witnesses will be established, shady mama should, Justice will be established. So in this is a great consolation for the one who is out in the way of Allah. And at the same time, a great warning for the one who is opposing,

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a great consolation for the one who is out in the way of Allah, that you are on the best way. And Allah is with you. And even if you suffer, even if you don't win at the end, remember, in the Hereafter, you are a winner. That equals total COVID.

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And on the other hand, those who oppose even if you win now, then remember, in Nova Scotia, we don't care about the people of the past what happened to fit on what happened to someone, they were finished. When a person has the motif of another recognition of Allah, that he is,

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his column is the most noble, then even if he has to suffer in the way of Allah, that it becomes easier.

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Because think about it, what gave those people the confidence to be thrown into the fire, and not give up their faith. I mean, it's something very big. Just imagine being pushed into the fire, somebody hits us, and we get so hurt. Somebody just says a few words to us and all our confidence is ruined, isn't it. But imagine, they were pushed into the fire burned alive, what gave them the strength? What gives them the strength, it was a metaphor of a law. So the stronger a person's connection is with Allah, when he realizes my lord is unreduced he loves his Lord and His Lord loves him. And what happens during the difficulties becomes easier, it becomes easier but for that you

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have to have a strong connection with your Lord with Allah Do you love him and he also loves you.

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This is a reminder came in the end again, like we're finishing the just completed the Quran. Again, do not give up dates that fast and telling us the reward for patient

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choice tells us that he is very powerful it is thinking that as long as you have that in the back of your head, that you know whoever is opposing, you know that Allah is stronger and ally is your body then you will be okay.

00:28:18 --> 00:28:32

No matter how strong the person standing in front of you made appear to be no matter how afraid you are often remember that it was much more powerful. That sometimes there could be Judo against you. But you're not allowed to have

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a bigger either who,

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before I used to make whether it was like difficult for me five time It's okay. But the key was to like always, it was difficult for me. And then once I read the ayah in Allah, he told me no, he promised a hearing. I said, Allah love that. Okay, I'll keep it at hamdulillah. from that.

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That's a very good thing. That to earn the love of Allah, a person does something, but does it show that when a person loves Allah, that he wants a lot love him as well. And when you want a lot of love you then you will do even those things which you find difficult. You will have the courage.

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I was just thinking about that ally is for those people who are persecuting the allies to work. Sometimes what we do is somebody is involved in very bad deed and then they were doing so many things. And then they repent a lot and yet we still judge them. That is so forgiving. And why should we not do that? Imagine if a person has opposed the way of a lot those who are on the wave of love. A person killed someone simply because he has believed in Allah. Yet Allah forgives him when he does.

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And we don't forgive people when they've even changed their ways when they've apologized. An ad to her buena and Nicola who

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are knocking forgive such great crimes even provided that a person does sincere Toba then we should also

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be motivated to do tober from the sins that we commit because I'll

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never forget there is a day on which Shahada will be done that will be established which I hate even more should.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses. I am number 11.

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In learning

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Academy in

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Are you ready?

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Long movie from the finish to America, Atlanta, the Sofitel community

Al-Inshiqaq-Al-Buruj Tafsir Al-Buruj 11-22

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