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At-Tin-Al-Baiyinah Tafsir Al-Qadr 1-5

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minishift rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim surah two quarter

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circle cutter was revealed after sorted.

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There has one record five verses 30 words and approximately 100

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

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in Enza now who feel a lot in Qatar.

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Indeed we have revealed the Quran during the night of

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the Night of Decree

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in einzelner, who

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Allah subhanaw taala is referring to himself, and how is he referring to himself by saying we in now until now,

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we see that sometimes Allah subhanaw taala uses a pronoun I for himself

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and sometimes used as a pronoun we the plural for himself.

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What's the difference? Why is it that sometimes singular is used and other times plural is used?

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plural is especially used we, when the point is to show the greatness of Allah soprano.

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Because we is used for a person or a person refers to himself in the plural form, in order to show their royalty in order to show their greatness. So whenever there is a mahkum, a place where something great is being mentioned, then plural is us. So over here we see revelation of the Quran

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in nanzan, now, we have revealed it in there under now.

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And whenever the focus is to hate the oneness of Allah soprano, tada, then over there, the pronoun that is used for a lot is singular, such as we learned in sort of, haha, I have 14, that in many and Allahu La Ilaha Illa Anna Buddha nee, will Octavia Sonata lithic Lee.

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So in this ayah, what has mentioned, the oneness of Allah, the fact that he is the only God the fact that he is the only one who deserves worship, this is why he is referred to as AI, he talks about himself as AI, and over here as we why, because it is something great

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that inner unzila will feel a little code that we have revealed this or are in the likeness of God. What does it mean by this? We know that the Quran was revealed over a period of 23 years. But Allah says that we have revealed it in one night Laila to cuddle.

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What does it mean by this?

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That we began we initiated the revelation in this night. And I mentioned to you in the previous order, that the first revelation came to the Prophet son of Allah said while he was in the cave, when in the month of Ramadan, and which night was it later to call that it wasn't the night that where he came, and which night was it later.

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So in that unza level, feel a little closer

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and lay a little further is a night in the month of Ramadan?

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We don't answer through the camera I have 185 that Shakira Madonna lady owns in a field, it is a month of Ramadan in which the Quran was revealed.

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So, this laner to Qatar is which night it is a night in the month of Ramadan. And this night is described as Layla

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What does other mean?

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Other means decree. So why is it called later toccata because it is the night when

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Allah soprano data sets the decree decides the decree of his creation for the following year.

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We learn instead of the Han i a three and four that in that Angela houfy laylat in Morocco. in Kona, mon de fi Hi, Rocco colo amarin Hakeem that we have revealed this Quran in a blessed night, we are one to one and in this night, you Franco Columbian hacking every matter is decided. So, it is called relative color. Why? Because it is the Night of Decree or damond. The decree of the following year is fixed. Then the word God also means sheriff. What does that mean? Great eminence, meaning it is a very special night a very honorable night. elsewhere. We learned it is later Timo Baraka over here later to Qatar. How is it a very special night? Why is it a night that has a lot of shut off? A lot

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of honor. Why? Because the Quran was revealed. And because it is a very special night in the sense that a person if he worships Allah in this night, the reward is meant

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Many times more.

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What do we learn in the same sort of that it is better than 1000 months. So imagine if a person worships in this night it says don't use worship for 1000 months, just imagine. So in the novel, feel a little colder, and it's also called later to call them because during this night the righteous are honored.

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How are they honored? That Allah subhanaw taala accepts their worship forgives them.

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So in that answer now who feel a little cada

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una de la come la la casa, and what can make you know, what is the night of the cream? Why is this set to show the importance of this night

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that this is a very, very important and special night one other outcome a little cut.

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And then Allah tells us himself, Laila to pottery, Heilmann and Fisher, The Night of Decree is better than 1000 months and Fisher, it is better than 1000 months how that when a person worships Allah in this night, it is as though he has worshipped him for 1000 months that award is multiplied many, many times more. And fish of

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it is better than 1000 months. So it is with regards to the reward of the one who worships Allah. And also with regards to the blessings the Mercy's the Baraka that Allah soprano data sent in this night. And especially because he sent the Koran in this night, he initiated the war he in this night. So this is how it's better than 1000 months, 1000 months together, the mercy that descends in that period of time, or the blessings are descending that period of time, all of them together on one hand, and the Koran being revealed in this night. On the other hand,

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it's highly unofficial. It's such a special night such a noble night later to continue higher on mean official

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there is around Malaika to the angel the descent, then as you know, this is actually tetanus and tetanus Adams to continue to descend.

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So who descends on this night, the angels descend? And who else to send in this night? What Whoo hoo. And the rule of law refers to debris in particular, why is debris you mentioned separately because of is shut off and

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so there is a little Mullah eco roofie her in this night they descend?

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What is the coming of the angels show? If the angels come to a particular place? What does that mean?

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That there will be the mercy of a lover there, they will be paid and Baraka over there. Which means that a place where the angels do not enter, that place is free of Allah allows mercy and blessings. Which is why we see a place a house in which there are pictures, pictures that are forbidden. Then over there angels don't enter. When they don't enter what does it mean. Allah's mercy is not there, his protection is not there. blessings are not there. Baraka is not there.

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So when the angels come to a place, what does that show? Allah's mercy blessings will be there. So the Nazareth mela, if

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they continue to descend during this night?

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And what do they descend with? Be in your opinion, with the permission of their Lord? I mean, they don't come this by their own will they come at the permission of Allah?

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And what do they design with? men only armor every matter every affair? What does it mean by this men coldly

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meaning every matter that Allah has decreed for the following year.

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So the angels descend with that,

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and meconium every matter every affair, that brings Rama that is a source of Baraka that is a source of blessing and pray for the people. So Dennis Miller, he got a roofie, heavy in your behind main columns.

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Which is why we see that a person who prays during this night How would he man and hoping for a reward from Allah than what do we learn that his previous sins are forgiven?

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Because the angels descend and when they descend, that means there's a law special mercy. Min coleambally.

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Allah says,

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peace, meaning This night is an ancillary one meaning here Solomon, this night is full of peace. Here it is, had that until much later in federal until the emergence of Don Mattila from the roof letters bought lamb I am Zulu antelope is to run

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So until the rising until the coming of 5g, what happens, the angels continue to descend. And when the angels descend, there is Salah.

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When the angels descend, there is mercy, there is forgiveness there is Baraka. But this time, it comes to an end, when once budget begins. So once the time of budget comes in, once the next day begins, then what happens? The angels go when they go, that means that very special night that very special chance is also over.

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So, it's only for a few hours, a few moments that this night is so, so special.

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Solomon here, the entire night is still a little hotter until the beginning of

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now, we see that layer two is the night when a loss of panel data revealed. Meaning when he started the revolution, this is when the first revelation was sent to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. However, which night of Ramadan? Is it in particular?

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One of the our nights any last time?

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And we see that we haven't been informed of which night it is, in particular, isn't it? We haven't been told if it's the 21st of 23rd, or it's the 25th, or the 27th, or the 29th. We don't know.

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And there are some people who say it is the 27th night, which is why they will go and perform on the 27th night and they will do certain, you know extra good deeds on the 27th night. However, we haven't been told explicitly that it is the 27th night. Now why is it that Allah hasn't told us?

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Why? There are two benefits. First of all,

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the one who is sincere in acquiring reward in gaining reward, he is made distinct from the one who is lazy from the one who is not that greedy for your voice.

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How, but the one who really, really wants reward, what is he going to do?

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He's going to stand up in prayer, and he's gonna worship Allah, every single one of these nights. And the person who is lazy, He is waiting for in that one night, so that he can just worship on that particular night and get it over with. So the one who is sincere is made distinct from the one who is lazy.

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And secondly, the other benefit is that because we haven't been told about which night it is, in particular, we have been told to search for the night, which means that we are to worship the entire Ashleigh. So when a person worship the entire 10 nights searching for that night, then that means he gets to worship more. When he gets to worship more, that means he gets more reward. Otherwise, what would people do?

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What would they do? They would just wake up that night, they would just worship alone that night. And they would think that's it we've done enough.

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In life, for example, people will just fast, they have other fun, or you know, in rojava they will just fast on that day. Why? Because you know, this means my sins will be forgiven and the rest of the year, do whatever you want.

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When certain time has been specified, and people only focus on that time and then neglect everything else.

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So the reason why Allah subhanaw taala didn't tell us, obviously there is some hikmah behind it, but these are some benefits that we can see.

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Listen to the recitation.

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And it's amazing how, you know what you said that this lady, that she was able to stand and pray that night and she wasn't able to stand and pray the rest of the nights, but she was given the feel for that time because the angel of the Sun right, and when the angels descend, what do they bring with them higher and Baraka as well as they give comfort and confidence and courage to the believers as well. That at the Battle of burden, Allah subhanaw taala inspired

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The angels that submit to Lebanon that make their feet firm. So the angels their presence is a source of blessing and mercy and Baraka as well as confidence and motivation and strength for the believers as well.

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And the person who has been taking advantage of the entire month of Ramadan, then he will be able to compete to worship Abbas pantalla in this night as well and gain advantage.

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Now, we see many many virtues of latest lucado just mentioned in this order. First of all, we see that Allah subhanaw taala has revealed the Quran in this night because in the end, the Navajo feeling

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and the Quran is the source of guidance and success for people guidance and success in this dunya as well as the hereafter

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to the fact that Allah chose this night to reveal the Quran shows the virtue of this night, the excellence of the snake.

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Secondly, we see that Allah says woman, a document a little cartoon, what does that show the importance of this night the greatness of this night?

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Thirdly, we see that Allah says with regards to this night that it is better than 1000 months. And then fourthly, that the angels descend in it. And when the angels descend, they descend with hate with Baraka with Rama.

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And then another virtue that it is Salaam that this night is entirely Salaam, how is it Salah, because so many people are saved from punishment, from Hellfire from evil consequences. Why? Because of the worship that they have been performing in this night. We learned the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said man combinative and Quadri Eman and YT seven will feel Allahumma de cada means me that whoever stands in prayer during the night of other with faith and expecting reward from Allah, He will be forgiven for his previous sins. So how is this night Salaam that all the people who are praying with this intention sincerely for a love with the man hoping for award

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then what happens?

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They are saved. And you notice that many times people will not worship Allah subhanaw taala as much as they will worship in the last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan. So this also shows the great virtue of this night.

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Then we also see that Allah has revealed an entire surah telling us about the virtue of this night. And this sutra is recited so often by so many people, which shows to us the great virtue of Islam. So this night is indeed a very, very special night. And a person must take advantage of it, especially because Allah says it's better than 1000 months 1000 months Imagine

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if a person gets to live that long. That itself is a big deal.

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And imagine a person can get the reward of 1000 months in one night. That's a huge opportunity. But it's only those people who are greedy for award who will benefit from this opportunity.

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Let's listen to the recitation again.

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