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Fussilat 25-36 Tafsir 25-26


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The speakers discuss the concept of "by the way" and its negative consequences, including evil behavior and negative culture. They touch on the topic of "by the way" and its potential negative consequences, including the need for people to be careful and avoid the negative impact of shaper on their behavior. The speakers also mention the importance of avoiding "will" and "will" in actions to indicate actions.

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live below him in the shape language regime. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim lesson number 251 students facilite. I am number 25 to 36

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Wakayama, home Khurana, and we appointed for them companions and these companions for ASEAN 11 babina. Add him woman home for home, who made attractive to them what was before them and what was behind them of what I've seen

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Wakayama home, and we appointed for them some close friends for who who does them refer to them refers to those who are described in the previous ayah. And who is it that has been described in the previous ayah? Primarily, the are the of Allah, the enemies of Allah.

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And also, who else is described in the previous ayah those who commit sin who disobey Allah, without even thinking that their own bodies will turn against them?

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So over here, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the reason why is it that people commit sins? Why is it that people forget that their limbs will witness against them? The reason is that we'll call Yagna Allah home Khurana that we have appointed for them certain type of friends, and these friends beautify their sins for them. And as a result, they commit one sin after the other, forgetting that Allah will hold them accountable, forgetting that their own limbs will witness against them, forgetting that a person cannot hide anything from Allah soprano data. So this is the reason why a person commits since

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the word of mouth is from the letters of Yeah, but uh, yada, yada, you do the cube, and literally is used for the external covering of an egg.

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If you boil an egg, when you peel off the show, there's also another skin under it, isn't it. So that skin What is it called the membrane that is called cube, because it is stuck to the egg shell. And it's also stuck to the egg. It's also very thin, isn't it, it's also very thin. So the key is to put something with the other to appoint something with the other to assign something with the other so that it is constantly attached to it, it is not separate from it at all. So what I have now we appointed for them, we assigned for them certain friends, so they were in the company of these friends, never leaving them clinging to them. And these friends what kind of friends were the

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corona? Corona is the plural of Corinne from the root letters of law noon. And perine is used for a friend who shares something with the other like for example, habits, likes, dislikes the same work the same school something or the other, because it is from corn. And corn is also used for a century, a generation. So they are of the same generation. They understand they have spent a long time together.

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But it is also used for a companion of the same age.

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And typically the word Corinne is used for a bad friend. Because many times such friends, are they a good influence on a person not necessarily, typically Friends of the same age, they're not a good influence on a person. They're usually a means of distracting him from what is good from what is important. And if you're friends with people who are older than you than what happens, they don't let you do foolish things, isn't it? So I'm not saying that every friend who is equal in age is bad, but I'm just saying that typically the word Korean is used for a bad friend. So a copy of nyla home Khurana Allah appointed these friends for them. And these friends, who does it refer to it refers to

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the Khurana from Sheldon from the devils from among jinn and also from among men.

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Now remember, that Allah subhanaw taala would only appoint such friends for a person when a person turns away from the liquor of Allah.

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This is not a lot of injustice on a person that a person wants to be good. But Allah forces him to be in the company of evil people and as a result, they are a bad influence on him. Which is why sending becomes very easy and he forgets about the fact that everything is being written No. When a person turns away from the vicar of Allah, only then such a friend is appointed for him.

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We learned instead of dissolve is 36 to 38 that were my year Sure. unzicker murni, Nokia Blue shavonne and same word Nokia level shavonne. And for who Allahu Karim, that whoever is blinded from the remembrance of the Most Merciful, we appoint for him a devil and he becomes for him a companion.

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So this devil becomes a friend to him who, to the one who turns away from the decree of Allah.

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And these friends, what do they do? What in the home layers will do the home Ernie sabini where Sabina and nomoto Dune and indeed the devil's avert them from the way of guidance while they think that they are rightly guided?

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Now, these bad friends, what do they make a person think you're perfectly fine? What you're doing is absolutely right, nothing wrong. And when a person has this mindset, what happens? He continues in his wrongdoing.

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So what kind of nylon Khurana we appointed for them? such friends?

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And if you think about it, a person who does he befriend usually someone who is like him.

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A person could be living in the same house, going to the same workplace? with certain individuals, he may be seeing them every single day. But if he thinks differently from them, if he is not like them, will they have any kind of friendship? No, they will not. You may have noticed that we are coming here since a very long time. But there are some people whom you're very good friends with and other people you're not why. Because people are attracted to those who are like them, is an utter those who are similar to them. Even if a lot of time has been spent together. Still, friendship is not necessary. Unless and until both are similar. So yes, these friends were appointed for them. But

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they chose their friendship. They were looking for their friendship, they sought their friendship. And as a result, they were influenced by them.

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And if you think about it, a person, he cannot accomplish a lot just by himself.

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What does a person need supporters friends? What a person has friends, when he has supporters? Then he is able to do a lot? Isn't it? Like for example for a plant to grow? What does it need? the right environment? Isn't it? Similarly for a person to be able to do something? What does he need the right environment? And each person looks for what kind of environment that which he likes that which he desires. So a person looks for who the one who is like him? The one who is similar to him? Good look for good people and bad look for bad people.

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And we see that even in a good environment. What happens? People who want to do evil? Do they not find their companions? Do they not find their friends who love mischief as well?

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Like, for example, the prophets are allowed to sit under Sahaba. What best companionship could there be, except for theirs?

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But we see that despite that there were people like Abdullah right, isn't it so?

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So can you blame friends only? No. It's not just a friend. It's a person's own inclination as well. What is he looking for? And we see that there are people who are in a very evil environment, but still, when they want, when they search for height, what happens? A loss of data facilitates that for them. salamander fallacy. Where was he born in the house of fire worshippers? Did he ever see any person who worship Allah alone? No. First time he came across a group of Christians he was so influenced by them, he left his home everything that he went along with them, and he did not stop until he met the Prophet sallallahu Sunnah. So typically, we blame friends and we say, or this

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person is in fact very good. But just because they have bad company, this is why they're doing wrong. This is false. A person looks for evil, he wants evil. And when he has the opportunity, then he does it.

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It happens that for example, certain children when they are in the company of bad friends, what happens is their parents decide that let's move from here. And they move from city to city even country to country even sometimes, but what happens? Those who have their mind fixed on doing something wrong, they find the opportunity

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because a lot Oh Allah Dini Hurry, a person is on the religion of his friend. And a person be friends who, those who are like him.

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And whatever a person searches for whatever a person looks for whatever he desires, Allah gives that to him.

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We don't insult the lady

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For a moment alpha taco or sub de COVID hustla Fasten your seat who really is

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that the one who gives the one who fears a lot, the one who affirms that which is best than what happens alone makes the way of ease meaning the way to generate easy for him. And on the other hand was a meme and Bettina was still gonna work at the bubble resna fastenal Yes, through there saw that the one who is stingy, the one who thinks he's very rich, he skips away from goodness, and he denies the truth, then what happens to him? Allah facilitates the way of difficulty for him, and what is the way of difficulty the way that leads to hellfire.

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So what are your melomakarona we appointed for them evil friends, and these evil friends? What did they do? For Xavier nullah, whom they adore, and for them, they beautified for them? bainer ad him on a hunt for him, that which is before them and that which is behind them?

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What does it mean by this that these evil friends the shouting, the devils are among men engine, they made beautiful what is before and what is behind? What does it mean by what is before before them is understood as with regards to the matters of the hereafter mean

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with regard to the matters of the hereafter? Because what is before is what is in the future.

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Right. So they adorned the ACA for them. What does it mean by this?

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by inspiring in them false thoughts concerning the fact

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that there is no agenda, there is no Hellfire, there is no resurrection, there is no accountability. So do whatever you please.

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And if a person thinks like this, that no matter what I do, I will not be held accountable. No matter what I do, I will be forgiven. No matter what I do. There are no consequences. Isn't it such a beautiful clock? Isn't it?

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That when a person does whatever he pleases without any worry, isn't it? So?

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He does whatever he wants, even if it's in extremely wrong action, but he doesn't without any fear without any regret. So for Xavier nullah home Urbina ad him, they adorn for them what is before them. And we see that shape on. How does the last panda describe him that he the humble human need him when I read him was shaped on a level insalata Nyssa 120 that JSON? He promises them and he arouses desire in them. But shavon does not promise them except delusion.

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So these bad friends, what do they do? They adorn the matter of the okorafor person, do whatever you want. You're going to be forgiven. After all, you have said La ilaha illAllah after Ally's Forgiving and Merciful Don't worry. In the previous I What did we learn? That was an equal one newcomer lady one until Bella become

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that you're done that you thought concerning your Lord that has destroyed what blood that Allah doesn't know much of what you do that Ally's forgiving and merciful to this is what does he mean of the matters of the

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secondly, what my whole phone, let's look at this meeting and then I'll go for the second meeting. So present Allahumma bainer, ADM amahle for home. So if the future, it refers to the matters of the ethanol, then what does behind them refer to what concerns the denier the matters of the dunya. So for example, the pleasures of the dunya the attractions of this dunya they are adorned for them. And as a result, they busy themselves in just a massive well abandoning good deeds.

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So when are called for whom and also that which is behind them.

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So, the matters of the ACA there adorn so a person does not have any worries, the matters of dounia their adoring so a person is only concerned about fulfilling his desires. So when people say things like, you know, you live life only once, enjoy to the maximum, live however you wish. Do whatever you wish, do whatever you please, this is what fuzzy, you know, lahoma Vina Edu Mama holophone.

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Secondly, fuzzy, you know, lahoma Vina ad and what is before them, this is understood as Martha or Lulu, the actions that they have done already and they have sent already further after

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the actions they have committed in the past, because that is now behind isn't it? So whatever crimes, whatever sins, whatever act of disobedience they have committed in the past, instead of having regret over them. They're very proud of them because they you know, they seem very attractive.

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So a person thinks about them, and he doesn't over and over again. Never repenting, never feeling bad. Never being worried.

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concerned about being held accountable for them.

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And when a hole for whom, what is behind them meaning what they have intended to do what they intend to do of evil.

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So these evil friends, they are a cause of their misguidance how that they make sins attractive for them, they inspire them with incorrect thoughts concerning Allah concerning the hereafter.

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And on the other hand, if a person remembers Allah, if a person seeks righteous company, if a person desires to do good than what happens, Allah even saves him from the plots of SharePoint.

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A law protects him from the west versus SharePoint. Allah protects him from getting influenced by shaitaan from getting influenced by these false slogans. Because sometimes they come in the form of people even telling you do whatever you want. Why do you make your life difficult? Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. You think you'll be punished for this you think you'll be thrown in hell for this, this is what people say. But if a person seeks righteousness, if a person remembers Allah, then even when sins are made attractive, he does not find them attractive.

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And this is why he will leave them. This is why he will not fall for them. He cannot fall in the trap of shaper.

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Insert the natural eye and 99 to 100 we learn in who lays Allah who soltana either Latina Amano we're allowed Bohemia to work alone. Indeed there is for him no authority over those who have believed and who rely upon their Lord. Those who have Eman and they have to work Allah Allah shaitan Can he misguides such a person? He cannot can afford such a person he cannot in the muscle turnover either Latina Etta Alona who, when Latina hombre Hema shikun his authority is only over those who take him as an ally, and those who through him associate others with Allah.

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So who can shed on influence? who falls in the trap of shape on those who differentiate on those who obey shaytaan?

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Those who are seeking evil? They're the ones who get influenced special, because if you think about it, the wife of

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asiya was she influenced by her husband?

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She wasn't,

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isn't it so she wasn't influenced by her husband, despite the fact that he was such a tyrant despite the fact that his call to evil was so open, but still she didn't fall over there.

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So shaytaan he cannot have an effect on those who rely upon Allah, those who believe in Allah. So ultimately, a person can only be affected by those around him when he is make them when he wants to be with them.

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So familiar aloha Marina at Yamaha, for him, will help Carla he will call and the statement prove true against them. Which statement, the statement the sentence of punishment, and which is that sentence that Emma and Johanna mean Elgin, Matthew and Nancy, as you marry. So this statement, it is justified, it has become due on all such people who those who have bad friends, those who do evil, who are in the company of such Corona for whom their sins are adorned, and they commit one sin after the other will help Carly you will kolu fee uberman for the holiday makaveli him mean a genie will ends in nations Oman is a plural of oma, which nations which have in fact passed before them, of the

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jinn and also of men.

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fee over here gives a meaning of Mara, that once the sentence of punishment is justified against a person than what happens, he will be where in Hellfire and in Hellfire, who, all those who have disobeyed Allah who have sinned against him who have done check. So all such people, whether they are of the past or the future, or the present, whatever nation fee or moment for the holidays, medical billing him and these omens of the jinn and also of men, and just as the sentence of punishment is justified against them, it was also justified against to the nations of the past, who did what they did, whether men or women in the home can Hassanein and what is their result? That

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indeed they are losers? They are utter losers.

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So what do we learn over here, that on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala he will gather all people, the Oman, the nations of the past, and the nations who came later on the nations from among jinn and also among men, all people

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and all of them together.

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will be sent to their final destinations. And we see that after June the first to commit COVID, the first to disobey Allah wuzhou shavon it believes. So it believes together with all those who followed him from among jinn, and from among men will together be in Hellfire This is what is meant by the woman or the man alien mean a genuine interest in home care, no costuming and the ultimate end is what loss whether they came first or they came later on.

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In turtle calf, I 103 to 104 a last panel data sets will help you be open we'll have surina Armada set in the worst losers, who are they and Medina baldassari who can hire to do near when we are unknown, sooner sooner, those whose efforts have been lost in this dunya and they're thinking they're doing very good.

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Because for ASEAN alone, their sins have been adorned for them. And when sins are adorned, and a person thinks what he's doing is right, what he's doing is very good.

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So what's the lesson that we learned from this ayah that a person should be very careful in

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choosing his friends, and before that, you should be very careful with regards to the desire of his heart and what is he seeking? What is he looking for? What does he desire, because whatever he wants, he will be given that and whatever friends he is in he will be influenced by your friends, either they will encourage you to do good or they will lead you astray.

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In throttle or off i a 202 we learned what one woman would do in Philippi. So Malaya soon and their brothers, the devils increase them in air, then they do not stop short meaning they keep influencing them until a person is lost.