Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J03-045A Translation Aal-e-Imran 64-77 Tafsir 64

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the use of the word "fit" in relation to worship, including the importance of avoiding confusion and finding one's own truth. The speakers emphasize the need to be proud of Islam and not let anyone convince them to be a Christian. They also emphasize the importance of teaching the people of the book to not say they are only, but rather they are "we" and that they should be "we" when discussing Islam. The segment also mentions a woman in Yemen who claims to be a Christian and advises the audience to not say they are only, but rather they are "we" when discussing Islam.
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who are with bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, WA Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah al Karim rubbish Rocklea Saudi were Siddeley Emery wa Hello Europe that Emily Sani of Kahu Kohli Allahumma Nickleby was Sadie Lisa, Annie was loads of humor to Colby Amin, yerba aalameen. Let's do the translation from verse number 64. All you say? Yeah, a hella or people. El Kitabi of the book. Dara Lo, you all come? Isla to Kelly Martin, a word Sawa in it is the same vein Anna between us webinar calm and between you all Allah that not nor Buddha We will worship in law except Allah Allah wala and that not know Shreeka we will associate as

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partner be with him che anything. Wala and that not yet decayed about guna bourbon we will take each other on Bourbon as Lourdes min Dooney besides Allahu Allah for in then if there were low they turn away for Kulu then you all say ish How do you all bear witness the Unoh that indeed we mostly moon are ones who submit yet a hella or people al Kitabi of the book Lima. Why to her Juna you all argue fi in regard to Ibrahim, Ibrahim, Wilma, while not own zealots, it was sent down adorato the Torah will injeel and the Indian Illa except mimbar the he after him, a fella then will not dark alone. You all understand her and Tom here you all have Lulu E or these who had judge tomb you all have

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argued FEMA in regard to what law comb you will have be of it or Illman knowledge for Lima then why to have Juna you all argue FEMA in regard to what laser there is not luck home for you all be heat of it or ill Moon any knowledge will law who and Allah Ya Allah mo he knows what Anton and you all law not Darla moon you all know Makana Ibrahim Ibrahim was not your who the yen a Jew wala and Nora nasarawa niggun a Christian well I can but Kana he was Hanifa and an unswerving monotheist Muslim man one who submits warmer and not Cana he was men among a Mushrikeen those who associate partners with Allah in that indeed hola NAS closest of the people to or the people most deserving of be

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Ibrahima Ibrahim, la La Nina surely are those who it who who they have followed him what had the NABI you and this prophet will Lavina and those who am a no they have believed well Allah Who and Allah Walia is friend is protector, a remote meaning of those who believe what that it wanted. But if I don't a group men among elderly people al Kitabi of the book low if only Hughley Luna calm they could lead you all astray, Wilma and not you'll be Luna they lead astray Illa except and foster home themselves well now while not yes your own they perceive ya Allah or people al Kitabi of the book, Lima why the corona you all disbelieve be it in verses Allah He of Allah wa Anton while you all

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touch her Don't you all bear witness? Yeah, Allah or people l Kitabi. of the book. Lima Why tell the Sunnah you will obscure I'll help her the truth Bilbao clean with the falsehood. What Dr. Munna and you will hide I'll help her the truth what anthem while you all Darla moon you all know what call it and it said But if a tone a group men among elderly people elke Tabby have the book, amino you all believe Bill LADEE in that which on Zillow it was sent down Allah upon Alladhina those who am a no they have believed watch her ad beginning and the Harry of the day. Walk through and you all disbelieve a hero who edits and LA LA home so that they yield your own they return well I took me no

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and you all do not believe in Allah except Lehmann, who who he follows Dena comb your religion. Totally you say in indeed alHuda the guidance who that is guidance Allah He of Allah, and lest you that I had on any one be given Mithila like man what Oh,

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multi-tone You all were given Oh or you had to come they argue with you all are in the near Rob become your Rob. Paul you say in indeed al fogless the favor be Eddie is in hand Allah He of Allah you D He He gives it to man whom Yasha oh he wills well Allahu and Allah wa see our own is one who encompasses our Limon ever knowing. Yeah, he does. So he chooses exclusively Bureau Hurmati he for His mercy, man whom Yasha oh he wills well Allahu and Allah. Xu is one who possesses and fadul the favor, Allah Aleem the ever great woman and among elderly people al Kitabi of the book, man is who in if that man who you trust him between thought in with a heap of wealth, you a D He pays it back a

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Laker to you women home and among them man is who is the man who you trust Him be the NAD in with a gold coin. Lad not you a D He pays it back a Laker to you Illa except madam if you stay or lay he over him or Eema standing that he can that be under Home is because indeed they all do they said Lisa there is not our Lena against us fee in regard to El Amin the unscripted people civilian anyway, way a coup Luna and they say Allah against Allah He Allah el Khabib the lie will home while they yar Allah moon they know Bella no rather mon opha Whoever fulfills B or D, his covenant with the PA and he adopts consciousness of Allah for Inna, then indeed Allah Allah you Hibou he loves

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Alma Ducane those who adopt consciousness of Allah in indeed Alladhina those who yesh Taruna they purchase Brd with covenant Allah He of Allah wa Emani him and their olts feminine something of value a Leland little hola Iike those la Holika no share at all. La home will be for them fee in an era the hereafter wala na not you can Lima whom Allah Allah who will speak to them wala and Nora young little he will look la him at them. Yo Mel Qiyamah on the Day of Judgment wala and nor use a key Him He will purify them while a home and for them or their bone will be a punishment, or Limon ever painful. All right, let's begin that the fsid Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim verse number 64 Polya a

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Hillel. Kitabi say oh people of the Scripture. Dada. Hello, come. Isla Kelly Martin Sawa in Boehner now Robina come to a word that is equitable between us and you. Alanna Buddha Illa Allah while Amrish Rickerby Sharia that we will not worship except Allah and not associate anything with Him. In this ayah we learned that Allah subhanaw taala tells us messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to invite the people of the book to something that is easy. We learned in the previous is that when the Christians of madonn were called to the MOBA Hala the mutual invoking the curse for the liars, we learned that they became afraid the Christians of Milan became afraid to participate in the MOBA

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Hala, and they refrained from engaging in it. So now they're being addressed in a very gentle way when they became afraid. Allah subhanaw taala addresses them in a very gentle way. And through his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah invites them to something that is much easier, and something that is very simple and undeniable. Allah subhanaw taala invites them to the truth. That okay, you were afraid of invoking curses? And you refrained. Then now come Thalo Illa Kalamata and Sawa in vain and our being come to something that we already agree upon. This is something that you shouldn't refuse. So we see that Allah subhanaw taala told his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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that cool you say? Yes, a Hillel. Kitab all people have the book, meaning address them in this manner, and address them with this description that all people have the book or people have the Scripture because the Christians of Madras they were people of the Scripture they believed in the Torah in the Cebu in the injeel. And remember that the term al Kitab includes not only the Christians but it also includes

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To the Jews, because they also are people of scripture of the Torah. Now notice over here, Allah subhanaw taala does not say, tell them all mushy cone or polytheists or tell them or Jews or or Christians. Rather, he said, Say yet a Hillel kitab. Why? Because people have the Scripture is a very honorable description, right? It's a very respectful way of addressing someone. And Kitab means Book scripture. And it doesn't just refer to one particular scripture, it means scripture. So the Jews and the Christians, they had some remainder of the scriptures that they were given some remainder of total terms of Wu Ji. And this is an excellent way of addressing them right or people

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of the book because through this address, they're being reminded of the knowledge that they have. And Allah subhanaw taala does not even say, oh, Kuffar on unbelievers, even though they were, he does not say Oh, mushy Kuhn, even though they weren't doing shit, because they would find that to be derogatory. Allah subhanaw taala addresses them in a way that is respectful, and in a way that they would feel good about themselves. And this is the first step to getting someone to agree with you to cooperate with you. If you address someone harshly in a way that they find is insulting. They're never going to listen. You know, like the story is told about a man who was delaying his prayer.

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Okay. So someone came to him, you know, who had been reminding him to pray, pray, pray. Eventually that person came very annoyed with him. And he said, Yeah, him off suddenly. Okay to shame him. He said, Oh, donkey, pray already. So the man replied that the hematoma Usili the donkey doesn't even pray. So you see what happened. When he was called a donkey? He refused, praying altogether. So it's very dangerous to address people in an insulting way, in a derogatory way. Because when people's ego gets hurt, then they do not want to cooperate at all. So here, they're not being addressed as cowards, or liars, or wishy Koon or non believers. Know Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, Lal Kitab

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Cole. Yeah, hello, Al Kitab. Say, all people off the book. So address people in a good way, so that what you want to tell them is able to make its way into their heart. Now here are the People of the Book. Who are they primarily it is the Aluna John, the Christians of neuron. However, it doesn't just include them. It includes all of the people of the book, including the Jews of Medina, and the Christians who lived elsewhere and the Jews who lived elsewhere as well. So tell them da allow Isla Kalamata in Sabah in bein in our beta come tell them that Diallo come, Isla Kelly Merton, to a word that is so often that is equal vein and now we're being a con between us and you. Meaning Come, let

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us agree over what is equal between us. Let us agree over a Kalama that is Sawa between us now Sawa means what Celt, what is in the middle? Okay, what is in the middle? So something that is in the middle of both of us, meaning all of us agree over it. We don't differ over it. You believe in it. And we also believe in it and Sawa. Remember, it also means are the it also means justice equity. So what is equitable among us, meaning all of us, you and we believe that it is so up. Okay. We believe that this statement is just unfair. Okay. So it is equitable to you and it is equitable to us. both agree that this is something just and fair, this is something logical. This is something that we all

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agree over. Now, the word kalima even though it means a word or a statement here, it does not mean a particular statement, rather, Kalima over here means something that we agree over. Okay. And what is it that we agree over? What is it that we both believe that it is just unfair, it is equitable? What is it that is in the middle of both of us, we don't differ over it. It is the fact that a learner Buddha Allah Allah, okay come a learner Buddha Illa Allah, that we not worship except Allah, what do you say about this? Da Hello, come, let us agree over this fact that we will not worship anyone but Allah. Now learner Buddha, Allah Allah, now Buddha, you know, it is from the word riba or in Berdahl

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any we do not worship anyone but Allah, and this was the envy

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quotation of all of the prophets of Allah in Soudal MBI a 25. Allah subhanaw taala says women are Salam and cubberly Camila Sulan Illa, new Hayy Leahy and no La ilaha illa Anna far balloon, we did not send any messenger before you except that we reveal to him that there is no God worthy of worship except Allah, except I Therefore worship Me. So all of the prophets were given this message and all of the prophets invited people to the worship of Allah alone. Well I know Shreeka Biggie shaker Wallah and not new Shreeka we associate as partner be with Him meaning with Allah in worshiping Him che anything, he we should not associate any partner with Allah. And this is

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something very logical. If we agree over the first thing, the first thing is Lana Buddha, Allah Allah, that we do not worship anyone but Allah. So if we worship only Allah, that means that we should not associate any partner with Allah. And if we associate any partner in worship, or we associate anything with Allah, then we're not worshiping Allah alone. So what do you say about this or people of the book? Then what are you talking about? Guna bourbon or Baba Min dunlea. And we should not take each other as lords besides Allah. Wala, and not yet tequila yet tequila means he should take who should not take Barguna some of us. So some of us should not take who bourbon others

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some of us should not take others meaning we should not take one another we should not take each other as a bourbon as lords or BB is the plural of Rob Mindo nila, besides Allah, meaning we should not take people who are like us as lords besides Allah, we should only take Allah as our Lord, our Rob. And if we take someone else as our Rob, then what are we doing? We are associating a partner with Allah and then we are not worshiping Allah alone. So you see how each of these statements leads to the other. We worship only Allah that means we do not associate any partner with Allah. And that means that we should not take people who are like us as lords besides Allah. If we take them as

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lords, then we are associating equals with Allah and if we're associating equals with Allah, then we are not worshiping Allah alone. So you see how step by step the argument is built over here. Now the word Rob, you know that it means Lord, and Rob is one of the names of Allah azza wa jal, and Allah is the true Rob. But Rob in the Arabic language also applies to an owner of something. Okay, it's synonymous with the word Malik. Like for example, a Roberto bait and not just owner but caretaker. Someone who is Chief someone who is responsible you know, over taking care of something okay. And as a result of that, they are to be obeyed, they are to be followed. So Leia, Turkey the Barguna of

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burden or Baba Mindu nila, we should not take people as lords besides Allah, and he we should not take them as lords the way we are supposed to take Allah as Lord. Now, each of these statements is actually an indirect message. A Lana Buddha Illa Allah is an indirect way of saying that oh people of the book you do worship other than Allah, whereas your scripture says, your theology technically says that you should worship only Allah. Well, I know Shri kabhi che and we not associate a new partner with him is an indirect way of saying that oh people of the book you do associate partners with Allah. And while I am talking about Guna, Bergen or Baba min dunya Allah is an indirect way of

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saying that you do take people as lords other than Allah. Now, remember that Judaism and Christianity both identify as monotheistic religions. In fact, if you look at the Scripture in the First Testament, especially, there is numerous verses that make it very clear that the Jews are to believe and worship only one God, that God is one having no partner. In the book of Isaiah, chapter 45, verse five, it says, I am the Lord and there is no other besides me, there is no God. In Exodus 23 It says, You shall have no other gods before me. Any you cannot worship another along with me you cannot set up an equal to me. In Deuteronomy chapter 439. It says, No there for today and layer to

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your heart that the Lord is God in heaven above and on the earth beneath there is no other meaning as a Lost Planet. Allah says in the Quran, whoa Allah who is sama Isla, who fill out the ILA, that he is the only God in the heavens and only God in the earth, meaning the only one worthy of worship everywhere and he it

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Not that he is the God of the earth, and someone else is worshipped in the skies, or vice versa. No, Allah is the only true deity worthy of worship, in the skies, and also in the earth and everywhere else. And this is in the Torah, in the injeel. In the Gospel in Mark 1229, it says, Jesus answered, the most important is Hear, O Israel, the LORD our God, the Lord is one is one. So both Judaism and Christianity identify as monotheistic religions, but both have elements of polytheism, which contradict monotheism both have elements of shit which clearly go against the heat. You know, for example, in Judaism, so often in the in the First Testament, so often the righteous are called sons

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of God, and to ascribe a son to God, even if it is in a way to honor someone, this is incorrect. And we see also that false gods are not denied openly, any that strange that the existence of false gods is acknowledged, it is not rejected. Okay. So for example, in Psalm 95 Three it says, For the Lord is a great God and a great King above all gods. Indeed, this is an acknowledgement of other gods then so clearly there are Kedah their belief got messed up. And in Christianity, it's well known how they have ascribed a son to Allah in Surah Toba verse number 30. Allah subhanaw taala says that we'll call it till your hoodoo. Rosae don't even Allah will call it in the Surah Al mercy habenula.

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There Lika Colombe of WA he him. Allah Subhana Allah says that the Jews say that mosaic is the son of Allah and the Christians say that the Messiah is the son of Allah. And that is just something they say with their mouths, meaning there is no basis for that. And you'd like to own a polar Latina, kuffaar woman Kabul, they just imitate the statement of the people who disbelieved before meaning they have taken these concepts from other people patrulla whom Allah May Allah destroy them and now you for Kuhn, how are they diluted? So this is why Now in this ayah, the Jews and the Christians are invited to pure Tauheed It is said that Darlow Illa Calima 10 Sawa in banana webinar

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con, a learner with a illAllah. We do not worship anyone but Allah, this means that we should direct all worship to Allah alone, our salah, our Da, our liquor, all of our worship should be dedicated to Allah alone. But if someone prays to Jesus, or to the Holy Spirit, or to Mary, then that contradicts this, well, I know surely cliche, we should not associate anything with Him. Why? Because no one else is God. So do not give the status of God to anyone else. And if someone is called Son of God, they're being given the status of God. Right? Because Christians will argue that No, Christianity is a purely monotheistic religion. And they will say things like, you know, God is one, the father is

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not the son, the son is not the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is not the father. And it's very difficult to understand what exactly they mean. And the reason is that they are giving the status of God to someone else, when they say that God has a son. What does that mean now that the son is like God, right? If someone has a child, that means that the child is like them, so now they aren't one anymore. So if God has a son, then there isn't just one God anymore, there's two gods. So while I know Shreeka, Vichy we should not associate anyone with him, we should not give the status of God to anyone else. And the problem is that any it's not just that they believe in the divinity of ease it

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has Salam. Now the problem is that worship is directed to other than Allah, you know, for example, Medina them their belief is that Medina was not part of the Trinity. Okay? But still, they will direct worship to her, even though many Christians will deny that no, we do not worship Mary. But clearly, you know, for example, in the Hail Mary that Catholics read, it describes Mary as Mother of God. Now, how many gods are there? The God has a son and then God has a mother, and then there is God. Any This is not one God, you are associating with him, so well I know Sharika if we worship only Allah, if you say that you're monotheistic, then that means that we should not associate

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anything with Allah any equal with Allah. And another prayer that they make to marry is the hail holy queen, in which they say hail holy queen, Mother of Mercy, hail, our life, our sweetness and our hope to thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve to thee do we send up our sighs? In the same turn then? Most Gracious advocate thine eyes have mercy

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See towards us. So anyway, in the this is associating an equal with Allah. Well I attackee the berguna bourbon or bourbon bindoon Allah and we should not take one another as lords instead of Allah, meaning we should not take people creatures like us as lords besides Allah into the Toba 31 Allah subhanaw taala says it Dahal do hereby Rohan word of BANA home of Beva Mundo Nila. They have taken their scholars and monks as lords besides Allah. Well, mercy have no Miriam, and also the Messiah, the Son of Mary. They have also taken Him as Lord besides Allah, whereas wema O'Meara in La Liga, Boo illa huwa Ada, and they were not commanded except to worship one God, La ilaha illa who

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Subhana Who am I usually Khun, there is no deity except Him Exalted is He above whatever they associate with him. So we should not take one another meaning other people, other human beings as lords instead of Allah, Who did they take as lords besides Allah, they took their scholars, their monks, their rabbis and Al Mercier usarla, his sunnah. And you see this concept of sainthood? Okay, you know, for example, in Catholicism, about saints, it is believed that some saints are the patrons of certain occupations or causes, and these saints are therefore invoked in the people call upon them for aid in those professions or situations. Okay, so, for example, St. Judas is the patron

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saint of impossible or desperate causes, okay. So what that means is that in desperate, impossible situations, what will they do? They will call upon St. Judas to pray on their behalf is still author. Okay? He this shows us that he Subhan Allah among Muslims also, this is a very common belief that instead of making God directly, people will, you know, invoke someone else to make dua on their behalf. Now, if it is someone living, that completely logical, if someone is alive, and you ask them, please make God for me, that's completely logical. The Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, he also said to remodel the Allahu Anhu when irmo Odilon Warren who was going for Umrah that do not forget

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us in your drop. All right, but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam never taught people that they should request those who have passed away to make God for them, and where they're not righteous with passed away before the prophets of Allah who are whose many prophets of Allah but did the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam ever invoke any of the prophets of Allah, or any of the angels of Allah, to pray on his behalf? No, he never did this. And he never taught this. He never did this. He never taught this. But there are among Muslims, who Subhanallah resemble this Christian doctrine more than they resemble the teachings of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when they invoke the dead to

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pray on their behalf, whether it is the family of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam or it is a righteous you know, scholar or someone from the past who was in their grave, any these kind of concepts, you know, they, they contradict Peurto hate, so Wilaya Takeda Barguna Baba or Baba Mindu Nila. Now in a week narration we learned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the people of the book did not worship their scholars and monks. However, when they made something lawful for them, meaning their scholars and monks, when they made something lawful for them, they considered it lawful and when they made something unlawful for them, they considered it unlawful.

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Okay, so they took them as lords. besides Allah, what this means is that either they worshipped them, okay? Or that they give them absolute authority in their religion so that people you know, who are given certain titles like Pope or whoever, they have such authority that they can declare something lawful or declare something unlawful, and it can easily or it can very clearly contradict the Scripture, but because these are people whom they have taken as lords, whatever they say, they will accept it. Allah Subhana Allah says in surah Assura i A 21 I'm loving Musharaka Oh, Shara Rula, who Mina Dini, Mala Mia then be healer. Or have the other deities who have ordained for them a

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religion to which Allah has not consented. He Allah sent His religion and he completed it, he perfected it. Right this is why in certain matita we are told that Aloma are committed to la cadena calm. Today I have completed your religion for you at month two Alikum Nirma t and I have perfected my favor upon you, which means that Islam is complete

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So if someone comes later on, and they try to change something, or give a lot that is contrary to what the prophets of Allah who who sent him taught contrary to what the Quran says, then they are ordaining something in their religion to which Allah has not consented. And this is something that the people of the book did, which is why it is said Well, are you talking about guna Barban or Baba men to Nila that we should not obey each other in disobedience to Allah. We do not prostrate to any religious figure, we do not call upon them for strength for support, we do not confess our sins before them. No, we confess our sins only before Allah, we call upon only Allah for strength and

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support and we prostrate only to Allah. So there are three pillars over here. And the people of the book are asked that Thalo era Colima consola in vain and our Bina calm, what do you say about this, do you agree, then, it is said as a warning that for in casual low, then if they turn away for Polish hurdle be anomalously moon, then say bear witness that we are Muslims, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is addressed over here that watch them any say this to them and then watch them if they turn away, they do not accept this offer, then tell them Kulu you all say meaning you are Muslims, you out say to the people of the book that is her Do you all bear witness meaning all

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people have the book bear witness, be anomalously moan that we are Muslims, that whether you accept or not, we are those who surrender to Allah alone. Ich hadoo be a non Muslim world that we are not like you then will not worship anyone but Allah. We will not associate any partner to Allah and we will not take creation as Lourdes besides Allah, you can do you and we will be Muslim on like in total Kaffee rune we are told Kalia you will cafiero la Abu matar Bhutto or disbelievers I do not worship what you worship. Wala anthem, I'll be doing my Arbonne nor are you worshippers of what I worship without an Arabic Do Marva Tom nor will I be a worshiper what you worship. Well I'm Tamara

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we do nama are both nor will you be worshippers of what I worship lecom Dinoco will your deen for you is your religion and for me is my religion. So it has to be a non Muslim on you bear witness that we are Muslim, and in this statement that tell them that it shall be anonymously moved in this is a disaster, Islam you need to be proud of being Muslim, do not be shy to say that we are Muslim, if they turn away, then you don't follow them. You remain firm on the truth. Because how can you be pleased with anyone but Allah alone as your Lord, so you should be inviting them to the truth, but Subhan Allah, these days, any we are not proud of being Muslim Subhan Allah. Instead, we want to

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follow the People of the Book, we want to imitate them. And it's amazing. It boggles my mind to see how Muslims will have Christmas trees, in their homes during the holidays. Anyone on earth is going on? Seriously, why do we follow them? Why do we want to be like them is how do I tell them is how to be a non muslim or you bear witness that we are Muslim. You don't want to submit to Allah, that's your problem. We will be those who submit to Allah, we're not going to be like you. So in this ayah there are many, many lessons. First of all, we are taught that we should invite the people of the book to the worship of Allah alone, all year al Kitab. You know, there are people who will say today

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that, you know, Islam is good, Christianity is good, Judaism is good. Everything's good. This idea contradicts that concept. No, believing that Allah has an equal, that someone else should be worshipped besides Allah, that we should take others as lords besides Allah. These teachings are contrary to what Allah subhanaw taala has taught in the Quran. So we have to invite the people of the book to to read, not say to them that you are good, and everything is good about you and I agree with you know, we can agree to defer. We're not going to force you, of course, but we don't agree with you. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is instructed over here that whole year al

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Kitab. And after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Muslims are also addressed over here that all Muslims you also invite the people of the book because at the end of the is Gulu you all say you all is who all of you Muslims. So all Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam all Muslims, talk to the people of the book, engage in conversation with them, invite them to Islam, because Intuit facilite i A 33 We are told woman accidental cola men Mandara Ilahi why Mila saleha what color in any minute Muslimeen and who is better in speed?

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Each man one who invites to Allah and does righteousness and says indeed I am of the Muslims, the one who calls people to Allah is best in speech, and he that speech is best in silicon Nahal Iowan 25 also Allah subhanaw taala says Oduro Elizabeth Rebecca Bill Hekmati. Well Marilla till Hasina, Invite to the way of your LORD with Wisdom and good instruction, which I did humility, arson and argue with them in a way that is best. And we learned that Allah subhanaw taala says to His Messenger call, say, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam did, he did invite the people of the book to Islam. With this idea, we learn in Buhari about how the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam sent

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a letter to the Roman king who was Christian, and in that letter, it said Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Mohammed bin Abdullah he was SULI Illa he Rockler or Lima rooming Salam o Allah money tuber alHuda in the name of Allah from Muhammad though slave of Allah and His messenger to hit aka the king of Rome. Bay Peace be on the one who follows guidance, Amma Bardo for any other Ruka BDI attic Islamic a slim Taslan what a slim you tick Allahu Draka medulla cane for interval later Firelake is Melissa Yin. As for what follows then I invite you with the invitation to Islam accept Islam and you shall be secure and accept Islam Allah will give you your reward two times and if you turn away then

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on you is the sin of all of your followers also, and then the letter had this is where I ll Kitabi Cara low Illa Colima consola in banana webinar calm Allah nabooda Illa Allah well unusually Korea Shayla well a turkey the Virgo no brother or Baba min dunya Allah for interval Lofa Colusa Dooby anonymously moon and we learn that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam invited the Christians to the worship of Allah alone, we learn about our the even how to him or deepen how to him was a Christian before and he went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and when he came, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked him after some talk, that what has caused you to flee from

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saying La ilaha illa Allah? Do you know another god other than Allah? Any Why don't you say La Ilaha illa Allah? Why don't you believe in the statement? Do you believe that there is another God besides Allah? So are the replied that no, there is no God besides Allah, then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam talked to him for some time. And then he said, You refuse to say Allahu Akbar. Because you know that there's something greater than Allah? Is that why you don't say Allahu Akbar? And are the said no. So you see how in conversation, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked him, Why don't you believe in that law in the law? Why don't you believe in Allahu Akbar. And we learned that

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when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, sent more Isla de la hora and who, to Yemen. And in Yemen, people were Christian. He said to them, that you are going to a nation from the People of the Scripture. So let the first thing to which you will invite them be the hate of Allah. And he the first thing that you should teach them, you should tell them you should talk to them about is the Oneness of Allah. And when we want to talk to people about Islam, what do we talk about? Why hijab is the best or why polygamy is good. Subhanallah he start with the hate, that is the most important thing. And we also learn about how we should begin any when we have such an interfaith conversation

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than we should begin with what is common or what is equitable, what is acceptable to the other party, and then once they agree on that, then build on that argument. You know, for example, here we learn. The first thing is that learner Buddha Illallah agree. Yes. Okay. lanuage Erica, Biggie che agree. Yes. Okay, Leia, Duffy, the Verona brothers are Bob and Ben doula. Problem solved. So build on the argument. Now, this idea in a hadith in Sahih Muslim we learned that even our best buddy Lauren who reported at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would recite this is in the second Recaro of the Sunnah prayers of budget in the first row Carl of the Sunnah prayers of budget, and he

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would recite Kulu Amma Nabila haoma on Zilla Elena mountain de la ley come into Bacara okay. And in the second Raka, you would recite this Ayatollahs Illa, collimate and so on in vain and our Binaca This is reported in Sahih Muslim so we should also do the same only.

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Carry Matthew

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LaLana should he carry shaking, wild turkey the bow bow

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