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Al-Inshiqaq-Al-Buruj Translation

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu una sala de su de Hill Karim unavowed feroza Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, rubbish lashley surgery away assembly and re watch that Emily Sani of kahuku li probenecid. And

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lesson number 306 sort of in Chicago is number one to 25

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either when a summer or the sky in Chicago, it was split open, what are the nuts and it listened to and in it, it listened. lira be here to its Lord will help but

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and it was obliged her but it was obliged. Why either and when the Earth would that it was stretched out, it was spread out.

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And it cast forward ma whatever fee her is in it was 100 and it became empty. What are the net and it listened, will be had to its Lord will help and it was obliged. Yeah, you have all insano the human being in NACA indeed you get the one, one who labor's Illa towards, or Baker your Lord get the hand a definite laboring familiarity so one to meet him for another so as for man who OTL he was given Keita who his record be emini in his right for sofa. So well soon, you have several, he will be judged, he will be called to account

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he serban an account yesira easy way and Polly boo and he will return either towards

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his family missoura joyful, happy or unmet and as for mine who OTL he was given kita who is record what are behind the law he is back for sofa. So will soon gather he will call Sue Buddha complete destruction while sled and he will burn sarila in blazing fire in Oahu. Indeed he can he was fee in Atlanta he his family missoura one who rejoices in know who indeed he won he thought on that land never be assured he will return banner why not in indeed robber who his Lord can and he is ever be here with him. But so you're always all seeing fella so not opposite I swear be shuffled by the Twilight one lady and the night warmer and whatever was

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it gathered it enveloped welcome up and the moon either when it does occur, it became full. It does occur. It became four letter cabana. Surely you also definitely write tagaq on a stage and from dubach a stage firmer, so what law home for them learn not you know, they believe what either and when poorly. It was recited? Are they him upon them on the Quran? They're not yes judoon they prostrate but rather unloving. Those who careful they disbelieved. You get the boon they deny. What Allah who and Allah, Allah who is most knowing Bhima with whatever you rune, they gather from a *hole. So give them good news. We are there being a punishment, and even painful Illa except

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alladhina those who am I know they believed were army to end they did a solid hurt the righteous deeds, the home for them as your own reward value not mamnoon in one that is diminished.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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This meeting.

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He does

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we have

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was a

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very ladylike

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim lesson number 306 Surah terbaru

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was so mad he by the sky that he possessor, elbow rouge of the great stars, while young and the day, Elmo rude, the one promised washa hidden and one who witnesses What am I shooting, and one who is witnessed Padilla, he was killed as horrible companions, and to have the ditch of the trench, and nerdy the fire, that the possessor and worku the of the few is when whom they are lay upon it for Odin ones who sit or whom while they are the upon man, whatever if our Luna they do, Bill momineen with the believers should who don't want to witness warmer and not Nakamoto they took revenge men home from them Illa except and that you know, they believe, believe in Allah, Allah Aziz they always

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Almighty and Hamid they always all praiseworthy under the the one who law who for him Maluku Dominion smls of the heavens while up and the earth one law who and Allah Allah upon goodly Shay in everything shahidan one who witnesses

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in indeed and Medina those who further knew they persecuted me Nina, the believing men one more minute and the believing women summer then lamb did not get to they repent fellow home so for them, or their boo punishment jahannam of Hellfire while our home and for them, or their punishment and hurry of the burning fire

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in indeed, Alevtina those who am I knew they believed were army Lu and they did a slightly heavy the righteous deeds, law home for them jannatul Gardens, that God it flows, men from that the hair underneath it, and how the rivers their liquor that unfolds the success Alka be the great in indeed bottleshop grasp, Rob Baker of your Lord Lesha didn't surely severe, surely strong in the who indeed he who are he? Usually he begins, he originates where you're at, and he repeats wahoo and he allow for the most forgiving and will do the most loving. Do possessor of the throne. Alan McGee do the one who is most glorious for Loon. effector all accomplishing Lima for whatever you redo. He

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intense. Hell has attacker it came to you howdy through news story. aljunied of the troops fit our own, often our own with a Buddha and some mood by brother and Medina those who care for data

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believed fi in tech the been a denial. Wha hoo and Allah min from what are he him behind them more hate on one who encompasses, but rather who it is for an app or an Majeed on most glorious, dignified fee in lotion, a tablet, my foolin one that is guarded, one that is protected.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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This means

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he was

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either Rudy

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Rudy Masha

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HMI Allah de la

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