The Quran Has It All #P30 Eid Mubarak

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The speaker discusses the importance of not forgetting to be the last person and making it easy for those who lost loved ones. They stress the need to reward those who have lost family members and encourage those who have been around to take care of their relatives. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of not forgetting to be the last person and making it easy for those who have lost loved ones to bring their family back to their deity.

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These are the takbirat

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for the Eid.

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Allah gave us life to finish Ramadan. May

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Allah accept from all of us. Eid Mubarak

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to all of you. May Allah bless you.

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Bless your family. May Allah accept from all

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of us. You Rabbi Amin everything we did.

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May He forgive all our shortcomings. May Allah

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make this aid, not the last one. You

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Rabbi Amin more and more and more, more

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And we are in a better shape and

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in a better relationship with Allah Subhanahu Wa

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Ta'ala. As we are making dua and we

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have been making dua

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throughout this whole month, especially the last night,

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don't forget

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our brothers and sisters in Gaza. Don't

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forget them in your dua. Ask Allah Subhanahu

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Wa Ta'ala that Allah makes life for them

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easy. May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala accept all

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their sacrifices. May

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Allah accept those who died as martyrs. May

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make it easy for those who lost members

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of their family. May Allah reward them abundantly.

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Don't forget them. And it is not only

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the people of Ghazra, rather we have to

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not forget all our brothers and sisters,

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all the Muslim all over the world, everywhere

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where they are suffering, where they are in

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need, where they

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are not in the best conditions.

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We all need to not forget as we

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as Muslims are brothers and sisters. And Muslim

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akhul Muslim, the brother, the Muslim is the

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brother of the Muslim.

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Don't forget them in your dua,

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and make the dua sincere comes from your

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heart as if they are your family. All

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the Muslims in the world, may Allah lift

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all the sufferings. And also don't forget those

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who you would love to see them closer

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to Allah.

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You Allah, bring back all the Muslims

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to your deen, to your religion, to your

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closeness in a beautiful way.

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Enjoy your time with your family in the

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accept from all of us.

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accept from all of us.