Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 06 – L073A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses their beliefs and experiences during a war, including being in close contact with people from the western world and the use of war language. They also talk about the use of force and revenge in war, and address a potential conflict between Islam and politics. They recap a group's conversation on various topics, including math, war, and the recitation of a book.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim for Bashar he's so many ways Sidley MD or

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listening or kuqali open as you are in

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Lesson number 73 to look at my either I am number do you want to 66

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Yeah Are you happy? Or you and Edina those who

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are new they believed last do not that does he do you all take you all adopt earlier who the the Jews were and and nesara the Christians Olia as close protecting friends. Bible whom some of them earlier are close protecting friends, Berlin of some

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woman and whoever yet a wonder whom he befriends them, men come from you for inner who then indeed he main home is from them in Indeed Allah Allah lair not yet the He guides Alcoa the people of what mean those who do wrong.

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Further or so you will see a Latina those who fee in cannubi him their hearts moroccon a disease. You Sadie Erna they hasten they compete with each other. fee him in them your coluna they say Natasha we fear on that two three burner it reaches us there you're done any encircling any misfortune.

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Far sir so perhaps Allahu Allah, and that yet the he comes will fit him with the victory. Oh or in a matter a command men from India he near him

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for use bihu then they will become Allah upon ma what a sub rule they concealed fi in and foresee him themselves. Naveen once removed remorseful.

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will follow and he will say and levena those who

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knew they believed are How old are these? alladhina those who are closer move this war biLlahi by Allah jetha firm, strong amen him there.

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In the home indeed de la Mariko are surely with you. Have you thought it was wasted our money to whom their deeds for us? So they became corseting ones who are losers?

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Yeah, are you hurt or you and levina those who knew they believed? Man whoever yelled at them he turns back men come from you and from Dini he is religion. For sofa then will soon yet t he will come. Allahu Allah, the comment with a people you have brought home he loves them, what and you have been who they love him. And they let him once humble Allah upon and would mean the believers. There is a thin one strict one Stern, Allah upon lkr feeding the disbelievers. uj who do not they strive utmost fee in severely where Allah He of Allah, whether and not the harpoon, they fear no matter blame law even of one who blames vaniqa that for blue his father, his grace of law he of Allah UT he

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he gives it man whom

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He wills will law who and Allah was serum is infinitely vast or livan always annoying

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in them or indeed not but whether you call them your guardian, your close protecting friend, Allah who is Allah, what are sudo who and His Messenger when Medina and those who are new they believed and levena those who use a moon they perfectly establish a solar, the solar, the prayer, where you tune in and they give us the data, the soccer, the mandatory arms were home while they rock your own once you bow down or

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clock your own ones were humble

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woman and whoever, yet when he befriends Allah, Allah or Sula who and His messenger or levena and those who knew they believed for England then indeed his party group Allah He of Allah home de la hollyburn those who are victorious

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yeah are you hurt or you and Medina those who knew they believed last do not that definitely do you all adopt you all take and levena toes it the hurdle they made they took the the comb your religion who's the one as a mockery when they're even and a play men from a Latina those who who do they were given and keytab the book men from public home before you well and Alka Farah the disbelievers only as close protecting friends what the cool and you all fear Allah in if quantum you were mean once you believe

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what either and when now they don't you all work on either to a solar to the solar it to her do her they took it who's one as a mockery when our events event and a play

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then it could that be unknown because in the day Pokemon are a people learn not European don't they understand? They use intellect.

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Cool say Yeah. Oh, people

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have the book. How not? Or do dumping water you all take revenge? You all resent them. qivana your take revenge or you will resent meaner from us in the except, and that manner we believed biLlahi in Allah warmer and whatever groomzilla it was revealed in a manner to us warmer and whichever mozila it was revealed men from fabuleux before what under and that indeed? actor accom most of you first of all, are ones who cross limits.

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Say how do I show on a bill calm I inform you the shadrin with worse men then that because that muscle button as recompense in the near Allah He Allah. Man who learn and who he cursed him. Allahu Allah. What end was ugly, but he was angry. Or they he upon him? Well and jharna he made made home from them. Teradata, the monkeys, the apes, what and ohana z this wines. What and other than he worshiped as root, the powerful. The rebellious forces, the false duties on aka those shovin are worse mccannon in place in rank. What and above the most extreme, and from somewhere straight? A severe the way.

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What either and when Joe Kahn, they came to you corlew they said, Amanda, we believed what while in fact, the hadoo they entered Bill kufri with the disbelief we're home and they are in fact, hora do they left? They went out believe with it one level and Allah our level is more snowing the man with whatever can do they were yet to moon behind.

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What are Ah, and you see, Catherine many men home from them. You said your honor, they hasten fee in an investment the same one or the one and the transgression? Well, and actually him they're devoting they're eating a certain the Forbidden Love It says surely how bad math what candle there were yummy. Don't they do.

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Lola Why not? yen her home. He forbids them. Have a belly you don't have rebellion. The scholars went above and the rabbis the priests. I'm from od him.

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They're saying and it's the same work and actually him they're eating a certain the forbidden

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love it so surely how bad math that which can they were? Yes No they perform they do

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what and pilot it said earlier who do the Jews get to hand a lot he have a lot more Lula tune is tied, it is fettered, will let it was tied. Id him their hands. What and Laurie knew they were cursed Bhima because of what callooh they said, but rather you're the who is to Hans Massoud potentially, or to outstretched you until he spends kafer however, you're sure he wills well and lazy then surely it definitely increases. Catherine many men home from them man that which on Zilla it was revealed in a car towards you men from Rebecca Europe to leannon in rebellion what and confront in disbelief what and I know weakest bainer home between them are there with the enmity one

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Baba and the hatred either to Yomi de lpm at the standard

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Colima whenever oka do they can do now on a fire lindhe Lb for the warm up to her he extinguished it Allahu Allah.

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What and yes, I wanna this Dr. fee in the earth. For seven in facade in corruption will know who and Allah La not you Hubble he loves aloof sieving those who do corruption. Those who spread mischief.

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Why no and if and indeed, people al kitabi of the book. No, they believed what the Oh, and they adopted the court they feared a lot.

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Like a foreigner surely we covered shortly we concealed I'm home from them, so he asked him their sins. What and let her know home? Surely we would admit them. Surely we admitted them jannetty Gardens and Murim of the blessings.

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Willow and if unknown indeed they have karma they established perfectly at the water the Torah, one in Jena and the Injeel warmer and whatever on Zilla it was revealed in a hint towards them men from or became their up letter do surely they ate men from for him above them. Woman and from that deep beneath of Julie him their feet.

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Men home from them in Mattoon a community motors leader one balanced one moderate worker here on and many, many home from them. Sir how bad math what do they do?

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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yopu Nana

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de Mayo

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movie for

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Have you got

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una de la

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a moon I mean

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de la Milan

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no apology

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Al-Maidah 51-66 Translation 51-66

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