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An-Naba 1-40 Tafsir An-Naba 31-40

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eligibility Misha rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim lesson number 302 similar to number we'll begin from Isaiah number 31.

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In Turkey nama faza indeed for the righteous is success. Heather Aiko, what are another Gardens and grapevines. After our last panel, Darla mentioned the punishment of those people who will be in hellfire. Then Allah mentions the reward of those who will be in gender. And who are they

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talking, Allah describes them as Elmo talking, or not talking those who fear Allah, those who protect themselves because the court has to protect oneself to take a shield against some kind of harm. So those who save themselves protect themselves from the punishment of a lot from the anger of Allah, those who save themselves from the punishment of that great day from the punishment of hellfire.

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So those who have Taqwa and how is it that a person protects himself from the anger of Allah from the punishment of that day from Hellfire by following the commands of Allah and also staying away from what he has forbidden.

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So for such people, Allah says, There is Mofaz there is attainment there is success. And the word manifest is from the root letters farewells a foes and foes is to achieve to attain that which a person desires and at the same time be saved from trouble and harm from difficulty. So it includes two things that a person achieves that which he wants, and at the same time, he is saved from difficulty as well. Because sometimes it happens that a person gets to his destination, gets what he wants. But the whole journey has been so difficult, that he's barely been able to make it. This is not photos, photos is being saved from a crew and also attaining the mutlu.

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What do we learn in the Quran, that means they have an anon what other fellow genda philosophers The one who is saved from the Hellfire and is admitted into gender, that person is successful. And the word mythos gives a meaning of macom a false so it gives meaning of McCann, the place of success, and what is our place of gender, because they're a person who saved from every harm from every trouble from every difficulty, and at the same time, he also attains everything that he desires when it comes to have attache and full Tsukamoto. competa matter their own. So this is why agenda is called Mofaz. Mufasa is what the place of success. And my father is not just the Macan of foes, but

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also is a man of false, because my father is my fall, so it is isn't bluff. So McCann are false, meaning the place they are in, it's a place of success and the time that they will spend in there, that time is also of success, how that during that entire duration, in general, they will not suffer from any harm, and they will enjoy everything that they wish, in a little mattina Mufasa Indeed, for the righteous, his success, attainment, a great success, a great achievement, so they will be successful in their place and also in their time, the time that they enjoy.

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In both terms, they're successful.

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Now, if you notice, earlier, the punishment of the people of Hellfire was described, and what was said for Dooku fallenness. ico in Nevada. And immediately after that, the reward of the people of Geneva is described in detail as well. Why? Because this is the style that we find in the Quran. That where punishment is mentioned, reward is also mentioned where Hellfire is mentioned Gemini is also mentioned, where shadow is mentioned, height is also mentioned misguidance has mentioned guidance is also mentioned Why? Because the Quran is mitanni. Remember with me that it isn't bears in the sense that all the opposite things are mentioned together.

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Why is this Oh, so that a person remains between fear and hope. A person remains between fear and hope. If only punishment is mentioned, then what would happen? A person would become extremely afraid. And as a result, he would despair of the mercy of Allah. And if only reward as mentioned, then what would happen, a person would become extremely hopeful, considering himself to be saved from the punishment of Allah. And both of these things, despair of the mercy of Allah and feeling secure from the punishment of Allah. Both of these things are actually major things. They're actually crimes. Why? Because they lead a person to destruction and loss. This is why we learned

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that you might not have been humble he said that it is necessary that a person should be in the worship.

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of his Lord between fear and hope. It is necessary that a person should be in the worship of his Lord between what fear and hope he must be like this, because if any one of them overpowers him, meaning if anyone exceeds the other, that for example, fear is more than hope or hope is more than fear, then it will destroy that person. It will destroy that person, do much fear will lead to despair, do much hope will lead to feeling secure. So, which is why a person goes on disobeying and loss of panic. So this is why we see this beauty in the Quran Allah Allah subhanaw taala mentions both things together so that we remain between these two important things. So in lol mattina Mufasa.

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Indeed for the righteous is attainment. Heather, Erica, what are another Gardens and grapevines. Heather is the plural of Heidecker from the letters had a cough.

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And howdy is a garden and orchard that is also surrounded with some walls. So basically, it's walled, it's enclosed. What meaning does that give that it's a private place. It doesn't give the meaning of a place that's small, that's limited know what the meaning that it gives us that it's private, it's yours. So whether they will have gardens, and or an ABA or anatomy is a plural of arena and innovis grapes, grape vines.

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And we see that grapevines, where would you find them, obviously, in gardens, so why is it that are never mentioned separately, because they are very much liked by people. And they're also very delicate and very good in their quality. And they also look very beautiful. So Haida Eco, were another

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worker worry but a traba and full breasted companions of equal age. Over here, the women of gender are being described how two characteristics are being mentioned, first of all, coercive and secondly, a trope.

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Though ARV is a plural of carry from the root letter scarf, or inverse. And the word garb literally means something that is raised something that is prominent, what does it mean? Something that is raised and is prominent. And from this, the word is figuratively also use for someone who is very eminent, very noble, someone who has a lot of shutoff, very respectable, and in law don't carry him or atom carry, by the way the singular of the word is carried

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in what I don't carry is a young girl whose breasts are fully formed and are also prominent, meaning she has a chest that is fully developed. And you may wonder that this is kind of embarrassing that why is this being mentioned. But this is part of what protects the beauty of a woman. This is what protects the beauty of a woman. So this shows that the women of gender they will be perfect in their beauty in their figure in their forms. kawari.

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And some say that cover over here means that they will be very honorable, very glorious, very great women noble in their characteristics noble in their behavior in their appearance. However, the more appropriate meaning is that Guevara refers to women who are full breasted meaning they're fully beautiful, complete in their physical body and appearance as well. And it's amazing how when it comes to dounia, doesn't really matter. But when it comes to the dean, we feel shy, and we try to interpret things differently. So kawartha, and at Robert at Rob is a plural of tear, and tear is a female of equal age of her companion. So a woman who is of equal age of her companion, so both are

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of equal age. So what does it mean that the women will be equal in age with who, with their husbands, and at the same time, they will also be equal in age with one another? Why is it so that they will be equal in age with one another, so that a husband, a man does not prefer one over the other? All the women are covary, meaning all the women are beautiful, in their appearance, attractive, and secondly, in their age also, they are the same, so that a man is equally inclined to all of them, so that he equally loves every single one of them. He does not prefer one over the other.

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In this dunya what happens? women generally have jealousies against one another. They have complexes Why? Because of either their age, or it is because of their physical body, isn't it so? Typically women they suffer from some complex or some kind of jealousy against other women, even if they're their friends.

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Or their sisters, or their relatives. Why, because of these two reasons, she's older than me, or she's younger than me, she's more beautiful than me. She's taller than me, she's more slim than me, she has a much better finger than mine. So we see that in gender, there will be no jealousies amongst women. No bad feelings amongst women. And this is something very, very important. Because if a woman is happy, then her family's happy. And if she isn't happy, no one is happy.

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So a co ariva at work at Sandy Hook, and a full cup. That's what is a cat's a cup that is used to

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drink wine. And especially that is used for that cup in which there is a drink, meaning it's not empty, an empty cup, you will not call it guts. So we'll get Sunday half the half from the root address, then her cough. And the haka is when a bowl or a cup is filled with the drink that is inside of it, meaning it's full to the top. So the half meaning filled, brimming cup, it's not that it's half full only, or that there's very little drink in it. No, it's full to the top. You know, sometimes you have your child latte or something like that. And you have the milk that is all the way at the top that it's the front. Similarly, if you have soda, and as you pour it in the cup, all

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of the gas that comes to the surface and as you drink it, isn't it so much fun.

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So, Sunday hacker, just imagine cups that are full of the drink, and they fall to the top, send the aircar full cup, not still, the drink that is inside the cup is not still in boring, but rather it's rising up to the surface and discuss what is it filled with what kind of drink is it? It could be wine and it could be anything else as well. Because we see that in general, a lot of panel data tells us that there are many different types of unhealth and sort of Mohammed I 15 we learn and how to remain in lady as in what and how don't mean Lebanon. Let me tell you a story. Sometimes a person just wants to have milk milk that is very nice and it has froth at the door

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what and how long been hominin LED that Alicia been what and how when when Arsalan Mustafa so anything a person desires, he will have it in that cup that sent the her car.

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Last Murphy her loved one, no ill speech will they hear they're in? In general, they will hear no love, what I could ever nor any falsehood, do things do kinds of words, two kinds of speech cannot be found in general. First of all low. And secondly give them so if we want to be of the people of general then we have to try to eliminate these things. From our speech today. What is low,

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useless such qalam such speech that has no hide in it no benefit in it useless? no benefit, it doesn't bring any benefit to a person nonsense speech. And if people are talking like this, does it annoy you?

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Isn't it difficult to hear such speech, such conversations? You know, for example, people are talking about, let's say their past work experience or their ideas or what they want to do, or what they have seen and what they are thinking about. You know, when people talk about such things, it interests you. When you listen to that conversation, you feel that you've benefited. But if a person is just talking about random things that don't make any sense, that are not relevant to you either, that are not relevant to them, either. They could avoid those words, you could avoid those parts completely. But if a person is talking like this, you want to tell them, okay, get to the point,

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please, quickly speed it up. So love is very difficult to hear. This is why the word love is also used for noise.

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It's also used for noise because it sounds it's speech that is completely irrelevant, free of any benefit. So it's like noise, that you are forced to listen to it. So in general layers, Myrna Fie her loved one, they will not hear any words of falsehood, what accurate and what does that mean? lying, rejection denial. So what does it mean by this lack of meaning, they will hear no lies either. So they will not lie to one another. No one will lie to them. But everything in general, every speech in general is going to be truthful. They will not lie to each other. Because we learned that the people of gender, Allah Surin, matakohe believe they will be on couches facing one another,

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and there will be no hell no bad feelings in their hearts. When does a person lie to the other? When he does not want good for the other when he's not being sincere to the other one, His heart is not clean for the other

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This is what leads to lying. Because lying is a way of deceiving the other when can you deceive the other one, you're not sincere to the other person. So the people of general are very clean hearted towards one another. This is why they will not lie to each other. Why not give them and give them also means denial rejection. So no person will negate the other.

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Sometimes you're sitting with people, you're talking to them, and all of a sudden somebody says, No, but such and such, meaning every time they speak, how do they start their words? With a no?

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Isn't it annoying? Very annoying. Why do you have to start your speech with no Why are you constantly negating? So in general, last Murphy Hello, one, one.

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So people will not have to be defensive, Indiana in their conversations, trying to prove that they are better trying to prove that they're smarter, they're more intelligent, or they have more knowledge, no, there will be no rejection, no denial of one another. Because honestly, Lauren, would accompany all of this Alyssa is Jessica and as reward, middle of beeker, from your Lord, all of this is reward from your Lord. And this is alpha on a gift, Hey saveh, made do by account. All of this will be reward from your Lord. And this reward this reward, Allah describes it as alpha a gift. Because a gift is something that you cannot purchase, you cannot buy, the other gives it out of the

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kindness of his heart, out of kindness towards you. So whatever blessings the people of general will enjoy, all of that is what, as a gift from Allah, and this gift is His sabbia His other What does it mean by this, there are two meanings that are understood of herself in this context.

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First of all, this is understood as that it will be made do by account meaning this reward, this gift will be given to them, and consideration of the deeds that they have performed.

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That after hisab was done after their deeds were looked at, then this reward is given, then this bonus is given, then this gift is given.

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For example, if your brother or your sister have done really well, in their school, in their studies, they erase all of their tests, they get a very good result. So when they come home, and they show you their result, when you hear about their good result, what do you do, then?

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You give them a gift. And that gift? Why are you giving it to them? It's because of their hard work.

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Similarly, the people of Ghana, when they will bring what they have done Indonesia, they will bring their deeds, a Lost Planet, it will give them a gift.

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And what is that gifts for their hard work? Just

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all of this gentleman as your boy.

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But this has made Dubai What? After his however, looking at what they've done. So if you want to be worthy of that gift of Paradise, and what does it mean, we also have to work hard. Similarly, parents, they give gifts to their children, when when the children do something, when they actually accomplish something. So you have to do something in order to be deserving of a good gift. Just a Mullah Baker Otto and his Abba. And he said, secondly is understood as abundant. It's also understood as abundant, because the Arabs, they would say, our avani for 70 he gave me so abundantly that I said, has been meaning it is enough for me. Meaning he gave me so much that I said enough. So

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I thought and he said, meaning a gift that is abundant, in which there is everything that they could possibly desire. Everything they could want, they will be given over there just a middle of Be careful and he's ever. So what are the two meanings of hisab in this context?

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made you by account? And secondly, abundant or obvious similarity? Well, are we warmer by no Houma? rushman

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from the Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them and who is he alleged man, the Most Merciful meaning this gift will give it to them, the Lord of the heavens and the earth

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and the Lord of everything that is between them to because everything who does it belong to? Allah soprano tada instead of the number 91 we learn in them or move to an art without overhead Hill Bender, the lady have Omaha wahoo coalition and To Him belongs everything I have been commanded to worship

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Aim, to Whom belongs every single thing. So who is he, the Lord of the heavens, the seven heavens, well out of the seven Earth, obey Noma and everything that is in between the two. What is between the two? clouds, the stars, the things that we know are the things that we don't know off. And who is he

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lay on licona men who have Baba, they possess not from him authority for speech. Liam licona the creatures, they do not have any authority. Men who, against him from him Kliff, Orban in speech, meaning Allah is so grand, so majestic, that people will not be able to speak in front of him that

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people will not dare to speak in front of him that they lay on licona men who,

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on the day of judgment, they will not dare to speak on that day. interrupt the Shura. I have 45 we learned what are our home euro buena, la ha ha Shireen Amina don't young Luna min perfume coffee. People will not be able to even look up. They will not be able to even raise their eyes. Later, Carla, Mona Ella when Eddie nella Hawkman no one can speak on that day except Who? The one who Allah allows into the Baja 108 Wheeler and will hush it or swear to the vermin. Vanitas Maru Illa hum sir, all voices will be still before the Most Merciful. So you will not hear except a whisper. All you will hear is a whisper. People will not be able to speak on that day. On which day, yo, Maya como

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boo hoo, on the day that the rule will stand? Who else will stand while Mila equal to and the angels? And how will they stand?

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in rooms?

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The day when Allah will punish the people of hell and reward the people of

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the day when the people will not dare to speak before Allah is the day when a rule and all of the angels will stand in rows. Who has a rule?

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A rule has, you know, is another name for Who do you believe.

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And he is mentioned many times before and separately from the angels mean, the angels are mentioned and interviewed is mentioned separately. Why? Because of his distinguished position amongst the angels. These are the most noble angels. This is why we see that he's mentioned separately many many times. So Yo, Maya como Rohan Malaika, to suffer, they will stand in rows. When is it they will stand in rows.

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For example, it is mentioned in the seat of poverty, that on the day of judgment when the sky will be opened up. We have learned earlier for the hottest summer over Gannett Ababa, when the sky will be opened up the angels will descend from there, and the angels of each heaven will descend down will come to the earth. And we know that what has happened to the earth by now. It is completely flat, completely flat, with no mountain no building, no construction, no up and down, nothing on it completely flat. And all of the creation, the human beings the rest of the creation there upon this flat surface, the angels will descend and what will they do? They will be on the borders. Well

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Monaco, Allah, Allah, he heard Remember, I told you one of the meanings of objects he had is at the borders of the earth. So surrounding the entire creation. So the people the rest of the creation, where are they on the earth? And around them are who are angels. So the angels are the first heaven the second heaven, the third heaven, the fourth and fifth, sixth, seventh, all of them will descend, and how will they stand over there in rows in row surrounding the people so that no one can escape? yo maya como Rohan Mila, ecotones suffer. But notice over here also, they're standing in rows. Why? Because we're in the National Food the angel they're always warm Rose was soft patches of Las

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panatela swears by them. A soft fat is affair. So Yomi Kumara will Malaika to suffer. The angels will also stand over there in roles. And some have said that a roof over here refers to the souls of the children of Adam, meaning are the children of Adam will be there, all of their souls will be present over there. And how will they be presented in rows? In total, calfire 48 we learned we're only doing a lot of bigger stuff, that all of them will be presented before your Lord in roles. So not just the angels, but even the people they will be in roles. And some have said that a rule refers to the Quran because just as the soul it gives life to the body with

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His life similarly with Quran is also life. However, the most appropriate of these meanings is that abroad refers to in Japan. So yo maya como el Malaika to suffer later qalamoun in lemon eddin and

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later qalamoun they will not speak, no one will speak except for who? Man ebina la hora man, for whom the Most Merciful permits, no one will dare to speak them and only the one whom Allah permits to speak He will speak and who is it that Allah will allow to speak work on a server? And he will say what is correct? Meaning the one who says that which is correct, will be allowed to speak. So web is from the root letters solid well,

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and so web is that which is correct, which is do the point. Accurate? Because a Saba, you see, but what does it mean to hit the mark from the same root as the word mostly, but what is mostly

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a calamity that which reaches? So the word mostly by itself shows that it was meant to hit you it was meant to reach you, you were never meant to avoid it. So So what is what? What is that which is right? Correct. Accurate? It's not wrong at all. Many times you may have read at the end of a fatwa, Allahu Allahu bisola. That Allah is most knowing Allah is best knowing of what the seller would that which is correct, meaning this is just our understanding our opinion. However, if this is incorrect, a lot, he knows best about what the right thing is. So 1118 and a whole rack mono wakad are so what does it mean by this, that on that day, no person will dare to speak. And no angel will even dare to

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Except how, with the permission of Allah men and the Navajo.

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People have weird thoughts about the Day of Judgment, I will argue like this, I will talk like this, I will say like this. And all of these thoughts, or all of these ideas make no sense whatsoever. Because the Day of Judgment is a very, very serious day. We learned that on that day, people will be overcome by fear to the point that they will not even raise their eyes, they will not even dare to speak.

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We have learned in so much detail about the horrors of the Day of Judgment, how people will be horrified, they'll be petrified and you think you can give a list of excuses over there. We see that the most noble Angel demon, or roar, the Angel gibreel al-mulla, those who don't disobey Allah, even they will not dare to speak themselves, the righteous people, even they will not dare to speak themselves. Who is it that will speak at the Navajo vermin, the one who Allah allows to speak, which is why we see in the hadith of Shiva, that how the people will go to all of the prophets of Allah, so many of the prophets of Allah and what will they say? We go and request a lot to begin the

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judgment. But even they will not dare to speak, because they will be afraid that I made such and such mistake. This is why I'm afraid I cannot say I cannot make that request.

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And eventually, people will go to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who will fall down in frustration, Allah will tell him to intercede, to speak to request, so that his request is granted. So a lemon evina homearama only the one who Allah allow us to speak He will speak wacana Sahaba and he also has to say that which is right, meaning, in general also and specifically with regards to chifa. With regards to intercession, no one can intercede except with the permission of Allah. And when He intercedes also that intercession must also be correct. Meaning it should not be an unjust intercession, in the sense that a person who is clearly meant to go to Hellfire you know, he's being

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interceded for that Allah forgive him and send him to gentlemen, no, it has to be a call us However, he has to say that which is right. And will call us however, is also understood as that he said meaning the one who is allowed to speak there, he said sunweb in the dunya, meaning he was also truthful in his speech, Indonesia, he was right in his speech, Indonesia.

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So the one who was truthful in his speech in the dunya, he will be allowed to do shofar on that day.

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For Kala Sahaba into the truth I 105. We learn yo maya diletta qalamoun Epson ellaby izany. The day it comes, no soul will speak except by his permission. No soul will speak except by his permission Mandela de ashfur endo, Ellerbee, isn't he

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and who is it that will be allowed to speak the one who says that which is right in Surah Taha I 109 also we learn yo ma 11

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And for OSHA 211 Arena lahoma, hermano, or Leanna, who cola that day no intercession will benefit except that of one to whom the Most Merciful has given permission and has accepted His Word. Do conditions have to be met? A loss permission has to be granted and secondly, His Word has to be accepted meaning we'll call us awaba. Their legal Yeoman help, that is the Trudy, the day of judgment. Allah says it is a Leo will help, it is the day which is a help. What does it mean by this? It is a help. Meaning, it is definite, there is no doubt about its occurrence, there is no doubt about it's coming, it will definitely occur it will definitely take place and when it will

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occur, then what will happen? Huck will be established, Justice will be established, because that day is all about truth reality, then equal yo will help. That is the day when all the realities will be exposed. Justice will be established, the truthful will benefit because of their truth that he can do will help from insha Allah no biggie.

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So he who wills made it to his Lord, a way of return.

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Whoever wants whoever wants he can take to his Lord.

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What does it mean by my

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my app from the root letters, Hamza woba, and Abba oboe is to return. So whoever wants he can take to his Lord in

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a place of return. Meaning let him return to his Lord, how? By being obedient to Him. We have to be taken, we are definitely going to be taken to our Lord. Can a person avoid that journey? Can a person avoid being present on the day of gentlemen, no, every person is going to be taken there, whether he wants or he does not want. Success is that a person is taken over there while he is obedient to his Lord. So this is what is being said that definitely you will be taken radically on will help. It's a reality. There's no avoiding it. From unsure as to how the inner beam or other whoever wants he can take to his Lord away, meaning away by being obedient to Him, so that he can be

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saved from punishment.

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And notice how it has been said from inshallah, whoever wants, meaning the choice is yours. You can do it. If you want. Go ahead. Be obedient to your Lord and go to him in a state of obedience, while he's happy with you and you are happy with him. And remember, that a person cannot will unless and until Allah wills for him. A person cannot do anything unless and until Allah allows for him. This is why we learn what matters shall una Illa insha Allah, Allah Allah mean, you cannot will unless Allah wills who is the Lord of the worlds. So if Allah wills for you something good only then you can do it, otherwise you cannot do it. Why is it like this? Because that a person realizes that he

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needs to turn to his Lord for guidance even he needs to beg before him for guidance even he needs to beg him for guidance even it's not that a person doesn't need to desire guidance, he doesn't need to strive for it. No, he has to beg his Lord for guidance even from a Dakota in our OBE

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in an zollner coma daban kariba. Indeed, we have warned you of a near punishment. Allah says to us over here, that indeed we have warned you of a punishment that is corrib. What does it mean by curry? It's near it's not far. It's not far away. It's very close. And what is this other one called Eva?

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What is this? Are they haven't called Eva? The punishment of the hereafter.

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But why is it called Kareem?

00:34:11--> 00:34:12

How is it close?

00:34:13--> 00:34:59

Because as soon as a person dies, that's it his piano is established. And a person does not know when he will die. This evening, tonight, tomorrow, next week, a month from now, a year from now a person does not know. So I've had them forever. The only thing between a person and the Day of Judgment is what his death and death can happen anytime. So even if a million years passed by from today, and then the Day of Judgment is established even then this or that is carried because the only thing between you and that is your deaths in zona kamadeva and kariba. And besides Coloma who are at

00:35:00--> 00:35:11

For everything that which is coming, then it is indeed near that which is coming that which is on its way is near. Once the countdown has begun, it's not too far away.

00:35:13--> 00:35:36

In zollner kamadeva and katiba yo Mayans a little more una parte de Mata on the day when a man will observe what his hands have put forth, it is the day when a person will see when a person will observe. What is it that he sent ahead? What is it that his hands had put forth for his hereafter?

00:35:38--> 00:36:21

Young's little Elmo, every person is going to see every person is going to see what deeds is it that he had performed Makka d'amato which actions did he perform? we learned earlier unit bowl in Sonoma in and women are dumber. What would you do, man? I mean, Oh, hell, there are everything that a person has done. You will find it over there, into the alley, Amada 30 also return yo Mataji to Kowloon of St. marami, Luqman hyden Masha Bara, Mama, I'm an admin to a person will see everything that he has done, present before him, everything that is good, and everything that he did that was evil.

00:36:22--> 00:36:40

This is what Allah is warning us against yo my own little model Mathematica. And how is it that a person will see his actions, how that he will be given the record of his deeds, he will be called to account for what he has done. While Kunal Cafiero de la Tony Kahn.

00:36:42--> 00:36:46

And the disbeliever will say, or I wish I would have asked,

00:36:47--> 00:37:20

a person will be made to see everything that he has done, even if he has forgotten his actions. But he'll be made to see he'll be made to witness everything. And what's the purpose of making him see, so that he may be recompense for it so that justice is established? And at that point, what's going to happen? The disbeliever will say yeah, Layton econ two two robber Oh, I wish I was dust. Oh, I wish I was dust. What does it mean by this? I wish I was dust. Why will the disbeliever say this?

00:37:21--> 00:37:28

He will say this. That Yeah. Layton econ to Toronto. I wish I was dust, meaning I had not been created.

00:37:30--> 00:37:33

I wish I was dust I had never been created.

00:37:34--> 00:37:43

Meaning I was never a human being. Because dust mud clay is it McAuliffe? No. But human beings they are

00:37:44--> 00:37:48

the dust, mud Earth, it's not being tested.

00:37:49--> 00:38:12

But human beings they are being tested. So the cafr will wish I wish I had never been created. I was dust I was never a human being. So I never have to go through life and and never have to be tested. I never had to be brought the state never had to be held accountable. And thus never had to be sent to Hellfire, where your code will calculate and equal to taraba.

00:38:13--> 00:38:32

And also you will say yeah, Layton econda taraba meaning I wish I had been dust, meaning I had never been resurrected, that when my body was decomposed into the earth, it turned into dust, weathered bones. I was never raised up after that I was never resurrected after that. I wish there was no resurrection.

00:38:33--> 00:39:02

And also, thirdly, later on he can todorova he will wish this because when Allah subhanaw taala will resurrect all people, as well as all creatures, including the animals, after justice is established, even between the animals, that if two animals were unjust between themselves, Justice will be established, then all of them will be turned to dust alasa panel data will tell them during the desk. So at that moment, that is believable say I wish I was also turned to dust.

00:39:03--> 00:39:06

I was not held accountable for my deeds.

00:39:07--> 00:39:12

I was not punished for what I did. Yeah, Litani can do.

00:39:14--> 00:39:15


00:39:54--> 00:39:55

t 101.

00:40:06--> 00:40:06


00:41:13--> 00:41:18

police because the police was the first one to commit confession.

00:41:19--> 00:41:42

And why is it that he committed COVID because of his pride, his arrogance, he said a higher on men who conduct and even Noreen wahaca who mentally You created me from fire and you created Adam from clay. And on that day he will wish that you had a Tony condotto robber. I wish I was dust.

00:41:43--> 00:41:46

I wish I was dust. Why will he say that?

00:41:48--> 00:41:54

That I would not be held accountable. It was my pride that led me to this. It was my arrogance that led me to this destruction.

00:41:55--> 00:42:16

I wish I was never made a fire. I wish I was clay, the robber. I wish I was dust never resurrected never brought here finished nothing. I wish I was nothing in other words. So even the most arrogant one, the most disbelieving one will regret on that day.

00:42:18--> 00:42:24

So what is the quote, protecting yourself from disobedience to a loss of power.

00:42:25--> 00:42:45

And at the same time doing something good as well. Because these are two things that will save a person on that day in La mattina Mufasa, the one who was the CO he will be successful in that day. So both things are necessary, doing good and also abstaining from wrong. But unfortunately, we do so many things and we forget them.

00:42:46--> 00:42:56

I saw the law who wanna Sue who Allah has enumerated their deeds and they have forgotten them. But just because we have forgotten them doesn't mean we will not be shown

00:42:57--> 00:43:10

yoma young Omar Omar katsumata This is why Allah says well done don't have some mock ultimately what every person should see, what is he sending forth for his tomorrow? What deed is he performing? What is he sending ahead for tomorrow?

00:43:13--> 00:43:43

When there's a group of people who are traveling together, say an army or anything, sometimes there's a place that they have to pass through the second narrow place where they have no choice but they have to pass through this place. And if the enemy wants to attack them, that's where they're going to attack and the only thing they can do is just dread that time but they have no other choice they have to pass through there and the enemy is going to attack them. And the way that Allah describes jahannam being lying in wait and how we have to pass over the bridge and it's going to attack us like it's so is there so much imagery there. And there's so much fear that it causes in

00:43:43--> 00:43:50

the heart things like that. Just Just imagine, imagine the mechanic Masada it's lying in wait.

00:43:51--> 00:44:09

Like, for example, an animal that is lying and wait, you know how lions they attack? How do they attack, they're just sitting there quietly with their eyes fixed on the prey. And as soon as that animal approaches, it's near, all of a sudden they attack all of a sudden so that the animal cannot even escape.

00:44:10--> 00:44:19

So just imagine you're going from somewhere and all of a sudden somebody attacks you imagine a mechanic never saw the it's on the lookout.

00:44:22--> 00:44:23

I was looking at this

00:44:29--> 00:44:33

I've been asking myself, how am I gonna take guidance?

00:44:34--> 00:44:42

And apparently Just give me an answer to you cry to Allah. Allah guide me keep me on the straight path. So inshallah we should ask.

00:44:49--> 00:44:51

Let's listen to recitation of these ayah

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00:44:59--> 00:44:59

our notes,

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Yo yo

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Assalamu alaikum