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At-Talaq 1-12 Tafsir 1

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Sounds a bit lame in a ship on your legitimacy. Allahu Rahim.

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Lesson number 289 sora talaq is number one to 12.

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Sort of Pollock is another new surah. What is the word Pollock mean? Divorce? And what's the literal meaning of the word Pollak to release to let go?

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So, in other words, talak. Divorce, what does it symbolize? separation?

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The two people who are together, are now separated from one another.

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Do people who were living in the same house will no longer live together anymore?

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And what is the cause behind that? Why is it the two people separate from one another? They were made before, but they're no longer married? What's the reason behind that? differences in tolerance?

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Because differences exist between people. But when two people are no longer able to tolerate one another, then what happens? They cannot stay together anymore. So as a result, they separate from one another. And in the case of the husband and wife, what does that result in? Divorce?

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If you think about it, a family is a small unit of society. It's the smallest unit of society, many families together, what do they make a society, a community.

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And what happens to a family affects the society as well. So what happens between two individuals, what happens between a couple is definitely going to have an effect on the entire society, it's not possible that two people are divorced, and it doesn't have any effect on their family members know, it will have a huge impact on them.

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We see that relatives get affected children get affected brothers and sisters variants, distant relatives, isn't it. So it's like as though the entire society is divided into two after a divorce. It's not just the two people who have separated from one another.

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So we see that when a small unit has problems when a home shatters, then it impacts the entire society.

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And a lot of panel data, he has created people with different personalities, different characteristics, different abilities. And sometimes the clash between people's personalities does not let them stay together anymore, isn't it so it's not necessarily the two people who are getting divorced from one another. Both of them are evil, or one of them is evil, it's not necessary. It's quite possible that just because they're very different, just because they're not compatible with one another. This is why they cannot stay with one another. And as a result, it results in divorce.

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And we see that we're a loss of panel data has guided us with regards to marriage. He has also guided us with regards to divorce, because divorce, okay, it may be disliked however, it is a reality. It is a fact. And in some cases, it is needed. In some cases, it becomes necessary. Because if two individuals who don't like one another who are unable to give the rights of each other are forced to live together, then their life would be a living hell, isn't it

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and their life would be extremely difficult, and they would also affect other people. So where Allah subhanaw taala guides us with regards to Nika, he also guides us with regards to divorce.

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And this sutra mentions certain matters, which are with regards to divorce.

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Now, one thing that I want you to notice is that in the hotbar nikka, when two people are getting together, have you heard the hook bonica what is mentioned again and again, the core, right? Similarly over here in this surah divorce is being mentioned, and you will notice the color is mentioned repeatedly as well. What does it show that when people come together, when people are living together what is necessary, the fear of Allah. And when people are separating from one another, then again, what is necessary, the fear of

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because if the fear of Allah is not there, if people don't fear Allah, when they're living together, or when they're separating from one another, then what will this lead to a lot of injustice is committed against one another. And we see that a believer his entire life is about every single role that a believer plays in his life through that he's coming closer to Allah through that he's actually worshiping Allah. So whether it is the act of marriage, or it is the act of divorce, how should it be according to how Allah wants it to be so that even this action becomes what a means of coming closer to Allah.

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Isn't that amazing?

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Because divorce is looked at as something that's so evil in our society, isn't it? But when Allah has given us guidance with regards to it, what does it mean that when a person follows that guidance, it will in fact, bring him closer to Allah. And we see this, that people who are very careful about the commands of Allah, even with regards to divorce, they come out of divorce not shattered and ruined. No, they come out having learned something, having improved in their relationship with their Lord.

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It's amazing.

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The same experience could ruin someone could destroy someone and the same experience could increase a person's demand. So much depending on if he has adhered to the commands of Allah or not.

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And in the previous lecture, we learned about the fact that one spouses and children they can be enemies to a person, isn't it so? When is it that they become enemies to a person when they make it difficult for him to have a las panatela when they become a great test for him, that because of them he disobeys Allah. So sometimes it happens that because of hatred, dislike for one spouse, a person disobeys Allah is an adult,

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meaning he does not follow the proper rules of tala, for example. This is why we see where on one hand we have been told that a fool does for who don't feel that should be done. However, if it's not possible for two people to live together anymore, then the solution of divorce is also there.

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And that solution should also be followed how the way Allah subhanaw taala has given not that a person follows his own desires, but rather you follow the commands that Allah Subhana Allah has given? Why? Because if a person does not follow the rules of Allah, then what will that lead to? It will affect the entire society.

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Remember, it's not just injustice being committed against the other individual, no children will get affected family members will get affected it will affect the entire society. Therefore, for the good of oneself and for the good of others, what should a person do, no matter what situation in life he is in, he should follow the commands that Allah has given

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him his original the learn who he said that sort of the Pollak was revealed after a certain era. You may wonder that in total, Bukhara we learned about the lab in so much detail, if you remember, so much detail we learned about about how the left is to be given. And what there is, there is the different scenarios of the depending on the kind of marriage and depending on if consummation was done or not, isn't it? We learned a lot of detail about bollock.

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He said that it was revealed after sort of bacala and from another narration, we learned that when people were having difficulties in understanding and applying the rulings of the lab, afterwards sort of an app was revealed. So sort of open up basically, it further clarifies the issues of the law. You understand? It further clarifies the matters of

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Yeah, and you Hana bu O Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in alpha Lakota manisa. When you divorce women, fatale akuna. lira dirty hin, then divorce them for the commencement of their waiting period who is being addressed? The Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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But then if you look at the hokum either for lack of a tomb tomb, this isn't plural, isn't it? Oh. So what does it show that although the profits are a lot of sentiments being addressed over here, but the command is general, the command is general, it is for all believers to follow. It doesn't mean that only the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was required to follow this. No. This means that every single believer is required to follow it.

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Remember that whenever the Prophet is addressed in the Quran, I told you that it's understood in three different ways. One is that the hokum is exclusively for him.

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And other is that it is for him and for others. And another is that it is for him. And for others. However, it's mentioned for him, only his name is mentioned why, to show the importance of that hokum to show how necessary it is to follow that. Because if you think about it, a lot of Panasonic would have said, Yeah, are you alladhina amanu as well.

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But why is Yeah, are you Hana v said, to honor the profits on a lotus Anna, and to also show the importance of observing this record properly?

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Because if the profit is required to follow it, then what does it mean for the rest of the people? What does it mean for the rest of the people even they're required to follow it? If anyone would be exempt? Who would it be? It would be him, isn't it? But when he is mentioned, what does it show?

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It's all the more necessary for the rest of the believers to follow this herckel

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Some have said that Yeah, you have to be you the addresses to him exclusively over here to show that the oma must follow in his footsteps in his Sunnah.

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And some have said that what this means is that cola home say to the believers, that's implied.

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So yeah, you have no bu or Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And the fact is that those who follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam closely carefully, it is only such people who will also observe this.

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What is the hook on that eval for Lakota, Vanessa when you divorce women, meaning when you intend to give divorce to your wife,

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when you have made up your mind, you understand when you've made up your mind either luck to manisa it's not that you have already given the divorce. And now the hokum has been given no, it has unlocked the means when you are when you intend to give the divorce when you have made up your mind. This is just like in the Quran, we learn it

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when you recite the Quran, meaning when you intend to recite the Quran. Similarly, in our country in a Salah when you stand for prayer, what does it mean when you intend to perform the Salah? then perform Who do you understand you don't perform will do after you stand for Salah isn't it? When do you perform will do when you make the intention? When you make up your mind to pray. So similarly, when you have made up your mind, when you have made up that decision that you are going to divorce the wife, then how are you going to carry it out? How are you going to give her the divorce?

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Allah says for fun licona then divorce them lyrid deti hiner at the commencement of their ADA

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is from the roof letters are in the doll and you know that is the waiting period. What is it the waiting period which a woman has to go through after she is given divorce, or in the case where her husband dies.

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And this waiting period varies from woman to woman in the sense that depending on the case, if the marriage was consummated or not. If the woman is divorced, or she is widowed, there is a difference depending on the type of the mechanical.

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And over here, Larry 30 hinda this lamb, this lamb is understood as Lamb of God.

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What does that mean is from the word walked and walk this time.

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So this shows that liquidity in meaning give them divorce at a time from where they can begin their

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give them divorce at a time from where they can commence, they're at the at the beginning of they're

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in such a state from where they can start. They're at the end what is that state that state is that off to her of purity, meaning a woman should not be menstruating when her husband gives her a divorce rather she should be in the state of purity

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and secondly, it should be such to her in which marital relations have not been established with the wife. Do you understand? Because if marital relations have been established and the husband is not allowed to give divorce, do you understand? So what is the right time to give divorce in the state of Ohio? in which no relations have been established with the wife? Why? So that there is that can be counted properly?

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Because if you think about it, we have learned earlier while motor la cartuja Tara bosma B and fusina falletta daku? How much is there a de of a woman of a divorced woman? Three menstrual cycles. Now if a woman is given her divorce during her period, that is you're going to start your data from that period or from the next period. You understand. I mean it's difficult it's confusing and the total return becomes longer. So the right time to give divorces when in the state of Florida.

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And this kind of divorces what divorce that is most known that is according to the Sunnah. And if a person gives divorce inhaled meaning while a woman is menstruating or in the tone in which he has established relations with her, then this kind of * talaq bidri bidri from bedarra

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and according to some scholars, this trolloc does not have any value in the sense that if a man gets divorced his wife in the state of mental

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And then that Pollock will not have any effect, according to some scholars, and according to other scholars, it will have an effect meaning it will actually be counted as one divorce.

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But over here, what's the point for polyakova? nereda? Tina, what's the point?

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that do not be hasty in giving divorce?

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Now, for example, if a woman is menstruating, that's what makes up his mind, I'm going to divorce her. He has to wait until when? Until she finishes her period, isn't it? Similarly, if she's in the state of Ohio, in which relations were established, he has to wait for her to have her period and then become clean again. And then he can give her a divorce. What does it show that our man cannot be hasty in giving divorce to his wife?

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Because typically, how do people give divorce in a very emotional state? Isn't it when they're upset when they're angry? But what do we learn that the man has to control himself? He has to control his tongue. If he has made up his mind, he wants to give divorce. He can't just go and say it like that. He has to wait. He has to wait for the right time.

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And notice how the addresses Yeah, you have to be you. What does it show that those people who follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam carefully, there's only such people who will be able to follow this hokum as well? Because those people who follow their desires, they will not be able to wait until the right time. Rather, what will they do? whenever they're angry, whenever they're upset, they will shout out the words of Allah immediately.

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So for Talia kohana liquidity in even our basil denari, who said with regards to this, that he does not divorce her while she is on her menses nor while she is pure, if he has had intercourse during that purity, rather, he leaves her until she has her menses, and after the menses ends, then he divorces her once.

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How many times will he divorce her once.

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And our beloved was Rolando, he said, purity without intercourse, meaning that is the time to give divorce in the state of purity without intercourse.

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So Fotolia kohana liquidity him.

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And there's also great hikmah behind this, that why is it that a man has to give divorce at a time when a woman is in the state of Ohio.

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Because while she is menstruating, she is already very sensitive, isn't it?

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And it's not fair that in that state of being extremely sensitive, a woman is given such difficult news. such harsh news. So the man has to wait. And another hikma is that if she is pregnant, the wife is pregnant, then that pregnancy should also be noted meaning why is it that it has to be counted properly because over here for Talia comunale Tina give the divorce at the time from where are they can begin why so that it can be counted why so that if the woman is pregnant, it is well known whose child she is carrying.

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Because if there is no concept of ADA and the woman is divorced like that, she goes away she gets made then what will happen lineage of the child will not be preserved. So for Tanya kohana there is nothing in

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our solar it and also count there is. So how solid Yeah, from the word so and so is to keep count. And this word is derived from the word house lot which is babbles to throw pebbles, small stones.

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The Arabs, they would keep count of important things how with pebbles.

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They didn't write the number. They didn't keep any other record, but rather what would they do? They would collect rocks together small rocks, and with that they could figure out okay, you know, this much we have or this much has been done. You understand? How do we keep count of a number by writing it down. But they wouldn't write down what would they use? pebbles, small stones.

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So what is the meaning keep record of the data?

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Why should you keep record of their data? What does it mean by keeping record of the data by doing?

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Meaning that once a life is given, then wait for the next menstrual cycle? Then wait for the next one. And then the third one after that? Don't be like okay, is this your second one or the third one or the fourth one? No, keep count of it. Make sure at the top of it because sometimes people are careless with regards to this matter. So be very careful with regards to it. Why? Why is it necessary to keep count of data? Because a lot of things depend on this

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For instance, first of all, if a man wishes to take back his wife doodle doesn't need to know when they're at the ends. Does he need to know? Yes, he does. Because if he does not keep count of a day, and after the day is over, then he ends up doing ritual. Is that permissible? Not at all, it would be considered Xena. Because once there is there is over and a man goes to that woman, this is not correct.

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You understand? So, keep count of it. So that you know when your time expires. And if you want to take her back, you can take her back within the right time.

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Similarly, what are sort of the why so that a woman also knows when she is free from that man, if three months have gone by three menstrual periods have gone by? He did not reconcile with her, then what does it mean, she's free to marry somebody else, isn't it?

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Similarly, the man has to know until when he is to provide for that woman because during their aid, the man is responsible for providing accommodation, as well as expenditure on that woman during the period of ADA. But if they don't keep count of a dozen, how will he know? You understand when he's supposed to stop giving rent for example, he has to know when he will stop providing for the woman.

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Similarly, if a man has four wives, he is divorced the fourth one, and he's keeping count of it, that he has to know about it in case he wants to marry another woman in her place, you understand, because he cannot marry another woman, unless there is the of the fourth one is complete. So

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keep count of them.

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Now with regards to tolac bidri. What is the documentary that language is given in the state when a woman is impure, or in the tone in which relations were established with her?

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According to some scholars, it will count as divorce.

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But according to other scholars, they say that no, it will not be considered as divorce. These words are meaningless. Meaning if a man pronounces doors to his wife while she's menstruating, it will not have any effect it will not be counted as divorce. And what's the evidence behind that? In Buhari it is narrative that our beloved and Roma he divorced his wife during the lifetime of Allah's Messenger, so a lot, it's a long while she was menstruating, she was menstruating and he pronounced divorcing her or mobile. I know he mentioned this to Allah's Messenger, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam became extremely upset. And he said, order him to take her back, order him to take her back

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and keep her until she is cleaned for romances. And then to wait until she gets her next period and becomes clean again. Then if he wishes to divorce her he can divorce her when she's clean from her menses so what do we learn from the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Take her back, and you have to wait for the right time. when the right time comes. Only then you divorce.

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Do you understand?

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So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told him that he has to take her back. Okay. And he has to wait until her beard is over. And then when the right time comes late that the only then you should divorce her if he wishes to divorce. So from the Hadees What do we learn that those words of attack were not considered as bollock? Otherwise what would happen you would say okay, countering, but he didn't say start there in the you understand. He didn't say that. He said wait for the right time and then give the divorce.

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So according to some scholars, it will be counted as divorce but according to other scholars, it will not be counted as divorce and this seems to be the stronger opinion. Why? Because this hadith is very clear. And it's supported in Paris. There's no doubt about it authenticity either.

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And remember that fatale cohoon la Tina, how is a man supposed to get divorced his wife by pronouncing divorce 1000 times three times at once? No, how is it supposed to be by pronouncing divorce only once? He cannot say I give you three divorces. Okay, how will he give it? I give you a divorce and that will be considered as one divorce.

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We learn from a hadith that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was informed that a person had pronounced three divorces on his wife in one sitting to say that final Divorce, Divorce divorce divorce. So that means you're absolutely wrong on me.

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The profits that allowed us and when he found out he stood up in anger, he stood up out of anger and he said are the people playing with the book of Allah although I am present among you. People are playing with the book of Allah. So yes divorces three times altogether. The final divorce

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But it is incorrect to give three divorces in one setting. What is the proper way to

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pronounce it only once. Similarly, we learned from another Hadees. Rather than assignment he said that his father pronounced 1000 divorces on his wife. Sometimes people do that out of being emotional and extremely upset to show that you're absolutely halloumi

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he went before the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and asked his ruling on it. So he replied by the three divorces, the woman stood separated from him. Meaning by the three divorces Okay, the woman is separate now, along with a lot of disobedience, meaning this man has also disobeyed a law

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and 997 pronouncement remained as act of injustice and sin.

00:25:48--> 00:25:59

997 pronouncement remained as act of injustice and sin, for which Allah might punish him if he's a weld, and forgive him if he's a weld. What does it show to us?

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that a person has to control his emotions, he has to control his anger at the time of giving divorce. He cannot be hasty.

00:26:11--> 00:26:26

If he's made up his mind, okay, he's allowed to do that. However, he has to wait for the right time, and he has to give it in the right way as well. Because if he doesn't do that he's committing injustice. And in fact, who is he harming? himself?

00:26:27--> 00:26:36

What duckula hora bekam and fear Allah, Who is your Lord, Fear Allah, meaning obey Him in His commandments and prohibitions.

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And then once the divorce has been pronounced, then led to hurry Joon men, boo Tina, do not expel them from their houses. This is in the case of for lack of a jury, the vocable divorce, which is the first and the second one. You remember, the first and the second divorce? This is the lack of a jury. What does it mean? It's remarkable that the man can do jury in there either.

00:27:04--> 00:27:06

And the third one is which one

00:27:07--> 00:27:15

buy in right the final divorce irrevocable, which means that in there in the afterwards a man cannot do any rule. Okay?

00:27:16--> 00:27:17

So let's look

00:27:18--> 00:27:27

at him, while the women are in their adult do not expel them do not drive them out of their houses. Until when?

00:27:28--> 00:27:29

Until there it is over.

00:27:30--> 00:27:31

You understand?

00:27:32--> 00:27:44

So for example, a man pronounces divorce from his wife, he cannot say, Okay, leave no, no, she has to stay in her house with him until there is over.

00:27:45--> 00:27:55

If he does redo, okay, they're together. If he does not return at the end of their ADA, then she leaves, you understand? So let's remember you to him.

00:27:56--> 00:28:06

And what does it mean by their houses means the houses that they have been living in? What does it show over here, that the house of a woman is Which one?

00:28:07--> 00:28:14

The husband's house, and she has right over that house as well. So let's read you know, in beauty him.

00:28:15--> 00:28:21

And this also shows to us that it's the responsibility of the man to still provide for the woman in her.

00:28:22--> 00:28:32

You understand? It's the responsibility of the husband to financially support the woman in her a desolate. Did you want me booty?

00:28:34--> 00:28:37

Well, I Yahoo, Gina, and even they should not go out themselves.

00:28:38--> 00:28:46

Because sometimes what happens, either the husband says leave, or the girl's family says we cannot bear this insult. You're coming home with us.

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Or she says, This is terrible. I cannot tolerate you anymore. I'm leaving. No. What do we learn from here? That the man cannot expel her and she cannot go out herself. You understand? She has to stay in that house. And if she goes out then what would that be? What would that be disobedience to a law in law a Deena with a heisha T Mobile Gina unless they commit a clear fashion a clear act of indecency.

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In that case, it would be okay for them to go out. In that case it would be okay for them to be driven out of the house. Now what is this fetish at a MOBA Hina

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fashion MOBA Hina. Generally the word fracture is used for what in the Quran, Xena isn't.

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So in the case where the woman has committed Zina, then she will be expelled from the house of the husband.

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Why? In order for the punishment to be carried out on her, she cannot stay there anymore, but rather the punishment will be carried out on her.

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But let's say she committed Zina. She is expected

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Now, what do we learn? That is the HUD going to be carried out on the woman while she's expecting? No. But why should her husband look after her when she committed Zina with someone else?

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Do you understand?

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So in that case again, Illa Tina aphasia, so in that case, such a woman may be expelled from the house of the husband, she should be told to leave and she should go and spend her elsewhere.

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Some have said that fair Hashem obey Gina over here refers to being abusive towards the husband, being abusive towards his family.

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And, you know, when a woman she becomes extremely rude in her speech, and she is being abusive with him, remember, we learned about new shoes. So she doesn't listen to him. She doesn't speak nicely to him. She's rude with his mother, she's rude with his family. So in that case, if she stays in that house, what is it going to lead to? More and more facade? Isn't it? So? More and more arguments? So in that case, it's okay, if she is sent away. But on minor disputes on little issues, is it okay for the woman to spend her either elsewhere? No, it's not okay. It's only in extreme cases, to avoid more problems. So in that case, we will the woman spent her Ada elsewhere,

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not in the house of the husband, but somewhere else in a Tina bifurcation bobina.

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What to do the law, and these are the limits set by Allah, meaning all of these are come that have been mentioned over here, which ones when to give divorce, count there is the do not expel the woman and the man having to take care of the expenditure during the day. All of this is what Hadoop of Allah, meaning the commands, the rulings that Allah has given women yet on the Hadoop Allah, and whoever transgresses the limit set by Allah for quite a while. And then in fact, he is doing a little on who on himself.

00:32:10--> 00:32:32

Because the one who does not follow the rules of Allah, what does he think that he can be unjust towards other people? Right, this is why he doesn't follow the rules of Allah. But what do we see? A person is in fact harming Who? himself because who will suffer the consequences and dunia and Ashura? Who will suffer its consequences? himself? Isn't it?

00:32:34--> 00:32:42

Because all of these accounts Allah has given there is wisdom behind that, for example, why is it that the woman should spend their Ada in the house of the husband,

00:32:43--> 00:33:14

so that perhaps he would be inclined towards it, and perhaps their marriage can be saved? Right. But if a man says no, go out, I cannot tolerate you anymore, I cannot see you go to your parents house. Okay, she goes and spends the rest over there, he doesn't do to dinner with her. And finally, the marriage comes to an end. Now, who will suffer the consequences? Who will be regretful later on? That man, that man will have regrets later, that why did I do this, which is why we see many times this happens, and then later on, as one goes in, apologizes, and then again, the guy takes place.

00:33:16--> 00:33:28

So who will suffer? When he does not follow the commands of Allah, the person himself aka dilemma nafsa, how that he will suffer the consequences in dunya. And also in

00:33:29--> 00:33:47

Allah says, letter D, you do not know, meaning follow the rules that Allah has given you. Because you never know, law, law, law, perhaps a law, you're the suit, he will bring about bar the valley after that umbrella, a new matter.

00:33:48--> 00:34:05

Make sure you follow the rules of a law because you never know. A law may bring about something new york this week from the newsletters had that Hadoop producers who happen to occur, and how data is when something comes into existence that was not there before.

00:34:06--> 00:34:19

So it's quite possible that Allah will cause something new to happen. And what is this Emerald, this new thing that could happen after the Pollak? This could be reconciliation, reunion?

00:34:20--> 00:34:41

Because if a man gives three divorces in one sitting, for example, then would that allow for him to get back with the wife afterwards? No, according to an opinion, right? But if he gives one divorce following the proper rules, then it's quite possible that later on he gets back with his wife, isn't it?

00:34:42--> 00:34:59

So you never know La la la vida Delica Umrah this has also been understood as love in the heart of the husband, for his wife. You never know that you hate her, which is why you want to divorce her. But out of the fear of Allah you wait for the right time.

00:35:00--> 00:35:09

And then you counter that as well. You never know Allah may put love in the heart of the husband for the wife.

00:35:10--> 00:35:17

So because of that, by the time she comes in the state of Florida, he can give divorce, he changes his mind. He understand.

00:35:18--> 00:35:36

Similarly, by the time he gives her divorce, and she's in her in his house, he feels bad. And then he does. It's quite possible. So don't take matters in your hand. Why? Because what will that result in injustice and regrets and suffering?

00:35:37--> 00:36:02

But if you follow the commands of Allah, you never know. Allah will bring about something new to happen. Because nothing in this dunya is permanent. Happiness. It goes away. Anger, it goes away, isn't it? frustration even that goes away. So it's quite possible you're upset right now. But tomorrow, things will be different. So make sure you follow the commands of Allah.

00:36:03--> 00:36:06

Allah La vida. Delica Umbra