Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P12 124B Tafsir Yusuf 36-38

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of iron numbers and the negative impact it had on their personal lives, including those who lost family and lost their jobs. They emphasize the importance of learning from difficulties and learning from them, as well as the use of animals as dreams and the need to protect oneself and others. They stress the importance of effective communication and sharing personal information to avoid offenses.
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Lesson number 124. So that use of iron number 36 to 57.

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In the previous ayat we learned something very interesting about the life of use of early SLM. And particularly the decision that he made for himself rather the choice that he made for himself. And what was that, that when the fitna, in his house, the house that he was living in, it intensified when the virus basically spread, which was that now there was not just one woman after him, but all the women, right of the elite class. What happened? They were all after him. Remember that? The wife of Aziz, what did she do, she held a banquet, and she invited all the women. And she told you some of our listeners to enter in before them. And when they saw him, they were all mesmerized by his

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beauty. And they all clap their hands, because they basically were shocked and amazed at the beauty of use of a Santa. And the wife of ours is at that time, she openly invited him again to do haram with her. And she threatened him that if you don't comply, then what's going to happen? You're going to be put behind bars, you're going to be put in prison. So what was the choice that use of it as salam made? What was it that he decided for himself? Did he say, oh, you know what, I'm being forced to do haram over here. If I don't do it, I'm going to lose my freedom, the little freedom that I have, I might as well enjoy it. So you know what, I'm in a very difficult situation. So did he give

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up over there? What did he do? What did he say? That indeed, prison is more beloved to me than the Halacha that they are calling me to. I'd rather choose prison now then suffer for eternity in the prison of the Hereafter, which is hellfire. And this was, from a worldly perspective, a very bad choice. If you think about it, from a worldly perspective, it was a bad choice. Because on the one hand, I mean, he's got all the women that he could ever want. Imagine the women are going after him. What did he have to lose? It was a fulfillment of any man's desire.

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But he was leaving that he was sacrificing that he was giving up that why, in order to keep Allah subhanaw taala happy with him. Right? So from a worldly perspective, it seems like a bad choice. Because if he listened to the women, absolute fulfillment of desires, but here he was losing all of his freedom, and going to jail. Why did he do that? Why did he make this choice? Because remember that anything that happens in this dunya, anything that happens in this life, whether it is good, or it is bad? Is it temporary? Or is it eternal? It is temporary, what's going to happen very soon, it's going to pass it's going to be over. You go to Wonderland, you have a whole day full of fun.

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But then what happens eventually the day ends, right? And you have to head home, whether you want to go or you don't. And the funniest thing is when you see, I don't want to call them children because they're not really children. But people who are big in their body tall, strong, but they're kind of whining, and they're upset because they have to leave. They're dragging their feet out of the park because they don't want to leave. But what does this tell us that anything that happens in this life, it is temporary, so you could enjoy something for now, but remember that its consequences, they are eternal. Its consequences are eternal. If a person does haram right now, he has a whole

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long relationship he has heard on food he makes how long money, okay, he's having the time of his life. But is it going to last forever? Is it going to last forever? No, it's going to end sooner or later. But what is going to be forever the results, the consequences of that action

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of that action. So if a person chooses haram, then remember there are going to be eternal consequences in the hereafter. So the one who chooses the dunya he will enjoy a little bit but will suffer for eternity. But the one who chooses the akhira than Allah will take care of his dunya also and give him more much later. Now we see that at this stage of use of Elisa Lam's life, where he had lost his family, he was living as a slave. And then now, he was put in jail basically, this was a time when the difficulties had reached their peak, the difficulties had really intensified.

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But remember that when the night darkens, then what follows next? What comes after that? What comes after that?

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more darkness, what happens? The light comes?

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Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and looked around your looked outside the window? How dark is it? It's pretty dark. But then what happens after fajr? What happens? It's so bright as if there was no darkness over there.

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Right? So remember that when the difficulties intensify when they worsen, when they increase, then relief is near. So be hopeful at that time. So use of verticillium Yes, he did end up in the prison. But remember that going into the prison became a gateway to his future success.

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It became a step towards his future success. And there are many lessons to be learned over here. You see, use of harness and and before he was with his father, right with his family as a child, very attached to his father. Then what happened? He lost him moved to Egypt as a slave. And then he was well respected and well taken care of by his master. Right. But then what happened? He lost even that, and where did he end up in jail, who was taking care of him which person? Which person, no person, no person at all. So we see that he was literally being cut off from everyone. He was cut off from his father, from his family, he was cut off from his master, right from his employer,

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whatever you want to call him. And in jail, which person did he have with him? No one. But who was always looking after him who? Allah subhanaw taala. So remember, that many times in life, we get people, and then we lose them. We get people and then we also lose them. friends, relatives, sometimes a spouse, sometimes children, sometimes really, really good family, friends, or cousins, whoever you want to call them, whoever they may be. But remember that they are human beings. And while they do deserve love from us, while they do deserve gratitude from us for the favors that they've done to us, no one but Allah subhanaw taala deserves our ultimate love and gratitude. It is

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only Allah who deserves that ultimate love and gratitude. We also see the use of Ellison and he was going through a lot of difficulty, one difficulty over the other, because difficulties what do they do they break us? Right? When we lose our power, our freedom, our friends, our loved ones, then what happens? We are broken. And this helps us humble before Allah subhanaw taala. And this is the reason why we are told to fast for an entire month of Ramadan, to feel hungry and to feel thirsty, let the body feel deprived, so that you can easily Humble yourself before Allah, because of the body is well fed. If you've slept enough, if you're comfortable in your body, then why would you bother to lift

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up your hands? Why would you bother to seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala. So difficulties and loss in life? What do they do, they help us get closer to Allah subhanaw taala.

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Also, remember that going to the prison was something very difficult. Think about put yourself in that position being put behind bars for a crime that you have not committed, this is something very difficult. But this was also a part of his learning a part of his growth. Because while you learn a lot from freedom, you also learn a lot from difficulties. Right? So for example, if you have a very good meal at a restaurant with your family, is that a good experience? Is that a good experience? Yes, makes you happier, makes you perhaps grateful different feelings are experienced by different people. Right? But remember that difficulties also teach you. So for example, when you're hungry,

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you're thirsty, you needy. Does that teach you a different lesson?

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Does that teach you a different lesson? What lesson does it teach you?

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What lesson does it teach you?

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Okay, so for example, to value food, what else does it teach you?

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Okay, that you finally are concerned about people who have less, right? So good times teach you and bad times also teach you.

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Exposure teaches you something. But when you're restricted in your freedom in your

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means in your capacity that also teaches you something like for example, if you have a lot of money, and you get to spend, you get to buy, you get to shop, you do a lot of things, you get to travel, you see a lot of things. But when you're tight on money, then that teaches you something else that teaches you to be more careful with your money, be grateful for even the little that you have noticed something.

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pain and hardship is the best teacher. pain and hardship is the best teacher. Now you may wonder, but how could going to prison be a means of learning and growth for use of earning SNM? Think about it in the house of Aziz. Where use of artisan was living as a slave? How many people do you think you would interact with? How many people because if you're a slave, you're basically under your boss, if he tells you stay in the house 24/7 365, you're there, you're not allowed to go outside the house. Literally, you're not. And even if you do, it's only going to be for a limited time, for just a few things here and there, your exposure to the rest of the society would be limited.

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Right. So in the house of Aziz, remember that use of artists Anna was still in, you could say in a box, he was still in a closed place. I mean, he wasn't really experiencing much life outside the house. But when he went to prison, that allowed him to see the entire system of or that entire nation from within, because now he was with the people, the common people. And he got to experience and see things from a very elite perspective, because there are these missiles. I mean, he was a very noble man, he was a person from the highest society. So he got to see things from that angle. And now in the prison, all the way at the bottom, he got to see things from a completely different

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angle. So he got to see things all the Egyptian society both from top as well as from bottom. So he learned and he observed about those people what others did not.

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Also remember that the time in prison

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allowed him it provided him solitude, loneliness, because you have limited direction with people, right? Even if you are in the prison, and you see people, can you just hang out with them? Can you know, you're probably just locked up in a cell closed in a place? And yes, you are given time to go and see different kinds of people or meet them who are in the prison. But still, majority of your time is spent in silence. Is that necessary? Solitude, is that important? For growth? Mothers? Yes. When you do thinking only then you think about the Creator. Because the thing is that if you are constantly interacting with people, you're working, physical work, or you're talking to them, then

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what happens is that you don't get time to think you don't get time to reflect. You don't get time for self improvement. But when you get time to yourself, then you can reflect. You can work on self improvement, you got to think about so many important things, there has to be a balance, not the 24 hours, you're just locked up in a room and just meditating. No, a time you need to spend with people a time you need to spend doing work and a time you need to spend in solitude for your own good.

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I know in the night when it's completely dark, and my parents are asleep and my sisters is a safe. And sometimes I can't fall asleep and it's dark in my room. And I sort of start thinking about things I wouldn't think about and I don't know, it helps me really, it's a lot better making blind the night at that time. When it's dark and you feel helpless. Yes, very true. Any mothers over here who feel that they need even 10 minutes a day, every day for their mental sanity.

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Like for example, my kids, I have to put them to bed, like around 738 Because I know that my patience is going to expire. And my temper is going to you know, erupt or something so I need that space to myself and I mean it to myself. Those 1015 minutes or that half an hour that one hour how much overtime I get. I don't like to make any phone calls. I don't like to go you know on any kind of chat or talk to anybody. I just want peace sukoon where you can think and just give your mind some rest.

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Salam Alaikum as part of the chaplaincy work that I do in the prison, I learned a lot from these girls. There are girls who come in their Muslim girls who don't even know the Arabic alphabet

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Masha Allah, they see the others who know it and they want to learn and they start learning. And yesterday I met one girl who is been there like about a year, and she has memorized most of the fortress. And she was reciting that was and all the other ladies, they were amazed. They said, How did you learn this? She said I have all the time. I mean, it's just that and a lot of them, they start to give the Dawa. And you won't believe it, how many girls in there who are in despair and you know, lonely, they are turning to Islam and taking Shahada.

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So, we might think that if we are restricted somewhere or our freedom is taken away from us, you know, it's the greatest injustice that could have ever happened. If you focus on the positive. It's actually very good for you. There's so many people who go to prison. But that life in prison doesn't kill them. It becomes a doorway for future success.

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Think about so many people who brought in a lot of change a lot of benefit to humanity in general. And if you read their biographies, you'll find out they spent a couple years in prison. Can you think of some people?

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Okay, for example, in Pakistan, hold on mo doody. Okay. Who else?

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Nelson Mandela? Yes.

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RUBIN Carter. Okay. A boxer. Yeah.

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So many sure you, right? So for example, I haven't been humble. He spent time in jail. Even Taymiyah. He spent time in jail. Yes.

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Malcolm X. I mean, so many people, they spent time in jail. In prison. I'm not saying prove we're going to prison, or do something together or with a biller? No, what I mean is that there are times in life when things are happening, and we don't understand why they're happening to us. Is there anything in your life that you're not happy with? That you're very, very frustrated with?

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Is there? Let me ask you a different question. Who in this room is perfectly happy and satisfied with their life, everything is good and perfect in every single way.

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Everything happens the way you want it to, it doesn't work like that. It doesn't work like that. But what's the key to success, always focus on the positive of whatever negative is happening in your life, even if you're frustrated with your brother in your life, or your husband, or a habit of your children, or any relative or not having relatives around whatever it may be, there is always a trade in that it's training you for future. But you cannot benefit from this opportunity unless you embrace it. Unless you accept it.

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And you focus on the positive you really have to do that.

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So then what happened?

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Use of artists and um, he was in prison

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when he went to prison, what the * no matter who, and he entered with him, a smidgen of the prison, meaning into the prison. Someone else also entered along with him, along with who use of Ernestina, who entered the prison with him Fattah Yan, two young men. Ferdinand is a duel off. Fattah Fattah, a boy, young men, so two young men, they entered the prison at the same time as him. Who are these two men, it is sad that they were royal servants, who were both accused of plotting to kill the king. Is that that one of them was a sappy meaning the one who brought water or wine or whatever, to the king, and the other was hubbas, meaning the One Who baked bread for the king. So

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what happened was that the king he was served his wine and his bread. And what happened that as soon as he was about to have it, one of these two men, he said, No, no, this wine, it has poison. Now the person who was serving the wine, he said, No, no, the bread has poison.

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So now what's going on? Which one actually has poison? They didn't know. So what did they do? They just put both of these men in jail. And while they were in jail, they checked as to which of the two had poison was it the bread or was it the wine? So when they tested the bread that had poison in it, not the wine. So anyway, these two men, they also entered the prison along with use of Ernie Senna. And when they entered along with him, they must have noticed him because in the prison I mean, yes, you do notice others. People do notice one another. But because they entered at the same time they especially noticed use of renesola

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But as they spend time in prison they observed use of any salon and they realize that this man was different

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gonna he said a had a woman one of them to one of those two men he said to use of our hair salon that in the Irani indeed I saw myself are acetal that I was squeezing I was pressing hum raw wine.

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So these two men who entered the prison along with use of artisanal they came to use of artisan and one day and one of them he said that I had a dream and I saw myself pressing wine rcbos from rain Sodre and asado is to press to squeeze all right. So it is all to use for time because with the passage of time what happens your energy is squeezed out right here the life is squeezed out of you basically. So I saw myself as little hombre Hummer is alcohol or wine, McConnell or herb and the other man, he said in the Irani indeed, I saw myself millou I was carrying phone call see above my head Hubsan bread hubs Cava ze he said, I saw that I was carrying bread on my head. And that glue

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through the birds were eating men who from it.

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So these two men, they came to us every salon and told him about the dreams that they had had one of them he said I saw I was extracting wine. And the other said I saw myself carrying bread and birds were eating from that bread and that bread was were on my head. Have you ever seen people carrying things on their head? Alright, so just imagine a basket or something whatever he was carrying bread in it, and birds are coming and eating from it. Now both of these dreams are kind of different in the sense that it cannot be just your Hadith on knifes, you know, you're not talking to you in your dream, we learned about the different kinds of dreams, right? And I told you that one of the kinds

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of dreams is which one that which is true. And that is a dream, what's the sign of it that it's very vivid, and it leaves an impact with you and it makes you curious, it keeps coming back to you meaning the thought of it. So both of these men they came and asked him that now Bitna tell us inform us between the EU with its interpretation, because in analog come in and Morrison in indeed we see you have those who are Morrison, we see that you are a Marcin, you are of those who do good. Now these people, they saw use of s&m in the prison very closely. And they were clearly impressed by use of artisan M's character has good manners, his personality, his behavior. And this is what

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brought these men to use of SNL. I mean, think about it, how often does it happen that a stranger just walks up to you and asks you a question that they have in their life? Is it possible? Or would you just walk up to a stranger and ask him the interpretation of your dream? Would you ever do that? No. Who would you ask? Who would you ask someone whom you see? And you think that yes, they must be knowledgeable. They seem like a very good person, very righteous person. They have good character good manners. They're nice individual. And if I share with them my problem, perhaps they can give me a good suggestion.

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Because you don't just go up to any stranger and pour out your heart before them. So the fact that these two men went to use of realism and asked him the interpretation of their dreams, it shows to us the personality of use of NASM that how he won the hearts of others how through his good o'clock,

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through his good manners. Tell me something. What kind of people are generally in prison?

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All the people are innocent in prison at all. Of course, majority of the people are accused of some crime if you've seen any clip any video of you know people in prison an actual real video. All right, then what do you see? What do you hear a lot of noise. I mean, big people whom you're even scared to see. Right? You feel intimidated by them just because they're big and tall and the way they just walk and it's scary. It's scary.

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But you severely s&m?

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Did he become like them?

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Did he become like them? No.

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He was a man of principle, which meant that no matter where he was, he was to show good character. He was to observe good behavior.

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But what happens with us what do we do generally, if we are spoken to in a nice way, we will also speak in a nice way

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but if

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We are spoken to in a harsh manner, that how do we think we must respond? In which way? harshly also, if someone's being rude to us, we also need to be rude in return, because how else are we going to defend ourselves, you have to be mean, in order to take your rights.

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The other day, somebody was telling me about a very funny experience they had with tow truck drivers.

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What happened was that their car was being towed. And his daughter drivers when they took their car to the dealer. And as they, you know, were trying to unhook it from the tow truck, they basically didn't do that carefully. And as a result, the front bumper, I mean, it was moved, it wasn't really a big issue, there was maybe a minor scratch or something. But the fact that the bumper became loose, and these daughter drivers didn't really care about it, this person got offended. And he said to the total drivers that you know, this, look at what you did. And those drivers, they got so offended, so defensive, they started yelling and yelling and yelling. But this person, they just

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stood their ground very firmly. And they said they didn't raise their voice. They didn't argue with them. They just said, I'm just gonna call at your head office and just report that's it. And those tow truck drivers they got so freaked out, they got so worried that they kept asking, so where's the issue? So what is it that we can do that? I know it's okay, we'll just call at the head office and let them know.

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And they didn't call it the head office. They actually received 10 calls within a couple of hours even.

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Why? Because he was firm, and respectful, didn't raise his voice. And what happened, he won. That is what brought him victory. But what happens is that when we start yelling when we stoop to the level of the other person, than what's the difference between us and them? What's the difference? Who's going to win? Nobody's gonna win. Or the one who's more rude, perhaps you will win. Right? But it's so important that we remember that we have to rise above the situation that we're in and remain true and firm to our principles and observe them no matter what situation we're in. Yes, I was just thinking that he was still approachable. A lot of the times what happens is things happen to us. And

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because of that, we just cut ourselves off of everyone. And you know, even if we have something that people need, like we don't give it to them, right? Yes, even if it's an advice, very good point that first of all, the entire atmosphere of the prison didn't rub off on him. Right. He was firm on his good o'clock on his good manners because these people are calling him a Marcin. And secondly, we see that despite the hardships that he was going through in his life, he was still approachable. What happens under the is that if we're going through some difficulty, we said nobody talked to me. Nobody even come close to me. If you come to me when I'm going to snap or to see my claws, I'm ready

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to attack you. Literally. People are scared. Don't say anything to her. Don't say anything to him. She's going to snap he's going to do this. He's going to do that. Protect yourself and don't talk to them.

00:28:11 --> 00:28:15

But is this the attitude of a Morrison? No. Who's the Marcin?

00:28:16 --> 00:28:45

A Marcin is he who has such inner strength that allows him to rise above the situation that he's in and demonstrate good o'clock. Fear God no matter where he is. This is a Merson because he's got inner strength. This strength allows you to speak the Hulk to do the Hulk to call people to good to do Ersan regardless of how other people are treating you,

00:28:46 --> 00:29:31

Karla use of s&m said Leia de cometa I am on your food is not going to come to you towards the Connie, that you too will be provided in that except nairabet to Kuma I will inform both of you with a wheelie with its interpretation, meaning the interpretation of your dreams of love before a tea coma that it comes to you. Basically what he's saying is that it's almost mealtime and I know you must be hungry. But before your food even comes to you, I will tell you the interpretation of your dreams, I will tell you, but before I tell you the interpretation, I have something else to share with you

00:29:32 --> 00:29:36

use the rice and I'm basically wanting to take advantage of this opportunity and do Dawa to these two men.

00:29:37 --> 00:29:59

Alright, he wanted to though, but what happens is that as soon as you start talking about religion, other people they shut their brain off. Right? You mentioned the Quran and instantly they will you know shut you off. You mentioned something about the Prophet saw a lot of wisdom about the day of judgment about your Islam, about your faith anything what will happen there

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aren't interested in what you have to say, Why? Because they're afraid you're gonna go on forever. They're afraid that now you're going to lecture them.

00:30:09 --> 00:30:50

But use about his Sadam, he comforts them that I will tell you the interpretation very soon. And just one thing, just listen to me, before your food even comes to you, I will tell you the interpretation, somebody was telling me recently that many people who are trained as investigators, they're taught to build a rapport with the person whom they're about to question how that you just make them comfortable that you're not going to be on their head forever. You're just going to ask them something quickly and move on. So for example, one thing, one example is that you see somebody at a restaurant and you want to, you're supposed to ask them a couple of questions, right? Or you

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want to ask them something. Now, if you go and say, Excuse me, do you have a few minutes? May I please talk to you? They're like, No, I'm busy. I don't want to talk. They might say they don't feel comfortable talking to strangers. But if you walk up to them with your dishes in hand,

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on your way to put your dishes, and you just face them, and you just ask them something in passing, or say, you know, say something to them in passing? Are they more likely to pay attention to you? Are they more likely to be open to what you have to say to them? Yes, they are.

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You know, it's like when on Sunday morning, on a weekend morning, the doorbell rings and you open the door and you see someone doing Dawa. Alright. And they say to you, I know you must be very busy with your family, and you must be getting out. But just, we would like you to read this. And if you have any questions, you can just call it this number. But to start off with what I know, you must be very busy. But there's just something small, I'd like to give you just something small I'd like to share with you. And they come as though they're in a rush sometimes that I remember once I was home, it was like when it's 20 something outside, ice, literally ice outside. And this man rings the bell.

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So I opened the door and he said I just came by to drop this off. I mean that those words itself meant what he came to drop off. He's not here to stay. He's not here for long. So just accept this leaflet this brochure that I'm giving you, right? So use about a tsunami, he did the same thing. He said, Your food is coming. I won't take very long, I'll tell you the interpretation of your dreams before your food reaches. But before that, just one thing. He says that a coma that all you do meaning what I'm going to tell you, the interpretation of your dreams is memory from that which Alemany or be My Lord has taught me.

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This knowledge based on which I'm going to interpret your dreams is not my own achievement. This is something that my Lord has taught me. So he clarifies to them. I'm not a soothsayer. I'm not someone who knows the Unseen. Allah has given me this knowledge. He connects them to their Lord immediately.

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What does this show to us that

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give credit where credit is due? Because sometimes what happens is that you walk in somewhere with the hijab.

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And immediately people think that you are a scholar. And they will come and ask you questions that you've never even come across yourself.

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You know, your mom tells her friend Oh, my daughter's studying the Quran these days. And now all the aunties is around you and then they start asking you questions you're like, I don't know. Or you could also pretend to show that oh, yeah, I know all the answers. Ask me any question. I know it all.

00:33:45 --> 00:34:38

This is haram. This is halal. This is Jaya is this is where do you know use big words and impress the other person know, realize that whatever knowledge you have is, is limited. And who gave you that knowledge? Allah subhanaw taala. So this humility is very important. He says that likoma mimma I Lemonnier of Be my Lord has given me this knowledge. And he says he introduces himself to them. That who am I? You say that I'm a Marcin Who am I in Anita rock to indeed I have left Mila Coleman, the Creed the faith of the people who lie to me Nona Billahi who do not believe in Allah wa hornbill. Hello to whom Catherine and they disbelieve in the hereafter. In other words, I am not

00:34:38 --> 00:34:59

like them. In other words, I believe in Allah and the Last Day. He's very indirectly doing Dawa to them. Because you see, if you tell somebody what you believe is wrong. Actually. You believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that's actually incorrect. There is only one God. And you think there is no hereafter there's actually

00:35:00 --> 00:35:11

hereafter we start giving them proofs one after the other of the fact of the Alpha. But what happens is that when you start with attacking the other person, are they willing to listen to you?

00:35:12 --> 00:35:22

No, they're not willing to listen to you. You can tell them about yourself about what you think about what you believe what makes most sense to you.

00:35:23 --> 00:35:28

And then, when they can relate with you, they will be more open to listen to you also.

00:35:29 --> 00:36:20

What avato And I have followed me letter, the Creed erba II off my father's Ibrahima of Ibrahim, what is happening and it's helped where Kuba and Jarkko I follow the religion of my father's Ibrahim is help and Yaku Why is he saying this? He's saying that you might think that I am alone in this because I'm the only person who has such a belief and everybody around me you see them worshipping idols. But remember that I'm not alone here. I'm not doing something new. This is something that people have always believed in believed in what believed in the hereafter and believed in the oneness of God. This is not something new. He says Matt can Alana it is not allowed for us a nursery

00:36:20 --> 00:36:41

Kabila he that we associate partners with Allah, Min che in anything at all meaning we are not allowed to associate any partner with Allah, anything at all, because everything is what Allah's creation. So the creation cannot be worshipped because what can the creation do for you to can't do much?

00:36:42 --> 00:37:27

Who is the one who really deserves worship Allah subhanaw taala the Creator so he says Makana Luna and Mustika bIllahi min shade. And he says that he come in fugly Allah here, Elena, that is of the bounty of Allah on us. This is Allah's blessing on us, that He guided us to the truth. He guided us to his oneness, while a nurse, and also on people meaning this religion of the heat is not just for us, but for all people what I cannot fall on Nessie lash Quran. But most of the people are not grateful. They're not grateful for this blessing, what blessing the blessing of the heat, the religion of Tawheed, which is why they don't accept it, and they don't benefit from it.

00:37:28 --> 00:37:54

What do we learn over here? That use of our salon, he tells them about himself, what he believes in, where he's come from, what religion he follows, why he believes in what he believes in, right? Why? Because it's very important for the other person to know who you are,

00:37:55 --> 00:38:17

in order to benefit from what you're saying. Effective communication, when can that happened? When can that happen? When you have some idea about the other individual. Like for example, you're at home, your phone rings, you pick up the phone, this random person is asking for your husband.

00:38:18 --> 00:38:29

And you're like, No, he's not home and take a message. And this woman is like, talking as if she knows him really well, and you get offended. Never call here again. And you just shut the phone.

00:38:30 --> 00:38:39

You get very upset. As soon as your husband comes in, you're like upset? Why are these women calling? And what's going on? And what's, you know, don't hide things from me? Do you even know who she is?

00:38:40 --> 00:38:51

And he says, Who was it I don't know. This woman by the name of Aisha. From where? Kentucky? Oh, that's my cousin.

00:38:52 --> 00:39:32

From my uncle. She's my uncle's daughter. Obviously, for relative calls, they're going to talk about you differently than other people. Now to understand why this woman is asking about your husband, how his health is and how his work is and what keeps him busy these days and how his parents are, you better know who that individual is. If you don't know that she is his relative, you're gonna get really offended. But if you know that, okay, she's his relative, then you understand why she's asking all those questions. It makes sense. So if you don't know who the other person is, how can you communicate with them effectively? How can you understand them? So use of RSM is not showing off

00:39:32 --> 00:39:47

over here. I am the son of a prophet of Allah who was the son of a prophet of Allah who was the son of a prophet of Allah. He's not showing off here. He's just telling them a little bit about himself, so that these people could trust him.

00:39:48 --> 00:39:52

Because you see, there could be something that you hear from one person

00:39:53 --> 00:40:00

and it has no effect on you. No impact on you whatsoever, but the same words you hear from another end

00:40:00 --> 00:40:14

dividual and it has a great impact on you. Why? Because the first person whom you heard those same words from, they're just an ordinary person and the other person is a knowledgeable scholar. What do you believe? Who do you believe more? Let's call her.

00:40:15 --> 00:40:35

All right. Let's say your grandmother tells you don't have this particular food in your pregnancy because it can make you really sick. And you're like, oh, grandmother, what do you know about medical science? But then what happens? You go to the doctor, and the doctor tells you the same thing. You're like, oh, so my grandmother was right.

00:40:37 --> 00:40:41

Why is it that you believe in the doctor and not in your grandmother? Why?

00:40:42 --> 00:41:02

Why? Because you know that one person has studied medical science, right? So their statement has more weight. So likewise, if you want other people to give weight to what you're telling them, You better tell them where you're coming from.

00:41:03 --> 00:41:23

Who you are, where you got that information from. So for example, you learn about something you could present it as your own statement, or you could present it as really a statement from the Quran as is or a statement from the Hadith. What is more believable, your words or an AI?

00:41:24 --> 00:41:42

What is more easy to accept the words of a human being or words from the Quran? What is more believable words from the Quran? So this is the reason why you subreddits and I miss telling them a little bit about himself so that they would believe him

00:41:44 --> 00:41:47

let's listen to the recitation well the hall

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