Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P05 062E Tafsir Al-Nisa 103-104

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of remembering Allah's teachings during a prayer is emphasized, as it is time-based and cannot be delayed. Prayer is crucial for overall ease of prayer, and staying strong during stressful situations is crucial. The speakers emphasize the need to practice these practices and avoid missing important information. It is also emphasized that praying at the right time is crucial for overall ease of prayer, and spending time on the feet of a basketball player is advised. prioritizing success and effort over others is also emphasized.
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For either polite the masala atta then when you have performed the prayer felt good Allah then remember Allah the Yemen while standing Florida are in Walker Rudan while sitting through plural of current, we're allowed you to become an on your sides you know plural of jump? What does this mean? That after celestial Hove is over, when you perform the fear prayer and you go back to your positions in Bethel, then what should you do? Remember Allah in every situation?

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Meaning, remember him through various ways, this be the key da Shakur, different ways of remembering him, throughout your activities wherever you are. So what does this teach us? That remembrance of Allah is not just limited to prayer, but even outside of prayer. But sometimes what happens? We say the sinner

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and immediately can we do to to that

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which is why in a masjid, as soon as the Imam says salam, a Juma what happens? All of a sudden, it's as if you are at some free market. People start talking and talking and talking. And then because people are so busy talking and so busy leaving, the management is forced to make the announcements at that time, depriving themselves of remembering Allah and depriving the rest of the people off, you know, focusing on the remembrance of Allah. But what do we learn that after the Salah is over, one should busy himself or herself in the remembrance of Allah? So after the salam, what are we supposed to say? Allahu Akbar? A stuff that Allah stuff that Allah stuff that Allah and all the

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various of God, and all those accord include saying Subhanallah Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar 33 times Egypt, Allah, but how many times 34 times. So this is remembering Allah so far could Allah remember Allah? And another meaning of this ayah is that when you are out of the state for either Kaleido salata Okay, when you are out of the state of fear when you've completed that, then when you are safe, then felt good Allah remember Allah being performed the salah how standing like you normally do and if that's not possible than sitting, and if that's not possible because of your illness, then how will you pray what allowed you to become but you have to pray for either ultimate an anthem than

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when you feel secure from Ultimate Nam thought meme Hamza noon, that when you are secure then what do you do for a criminal Sonata then establish the prayer like you normally do when there's no sickness stopping you know health issue stopping you know, fear stopping you nothing preventing you then you have to pray properly as you normally do, when at the right time because in the salata, indeed the prayer, Gannett, it is either menina upon the believers keytab and a decree Kitab means over here a decree meaning an obligation, what kind of a decree what kind of an obligation, it is Mo Kota, time bound, specified times moko does from worked well kofta What does work mean?

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Time worker, the yuppie do is to specify the time of something to appoint the time for an action

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to fix it, that at this time at 10 o'clock, the class will begin. Okay, so this is what multiple This is an action whose time is fixed. So Salah is an obligation whose performance is time bound. So you cannot pray all the five prayers in the morning. Nor can you pray all of the five prayers before you go to bed. No, you have to pray at the specified times. You cannot change the times. You cannot delay the performance of prayer. You have to pray at the time that has been specified for the prayer. Why is there any benefit in this? Because sometimes we feel it's so hard.

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It would be so much easier if we just had to fight prayers whenever we wanted. why has Allah specified the times? Is there any benefit in this

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time management? It really teaches us time management. Think about it. If you were taking a course, okay, or doing something for which you have not specified the time, which means that you take it on your own pace. Whenever you feel like it. You can take the tests whenever you feel like it, you can take the assignments, then when will you complete that course? Never,

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isn't it?

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Think about it. I'm sure there are so many good lectures that you have told yourself about that. I'm gonna listen to this. I'm gonna listen to this series. I'm gonna listen to that series. I'm gonna read this book. I'm gonna read that book, isn't it? But have you been able to read them and listen to them?

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No. Why? Because everyday tell yourself tomorrow, next week, next month when my exams are done, when such and such happens, and I'll do it, isn't it? So, we keep delaying, we keep deferring. But when the time is fixed, you have a deadline that by 12 o'clock on Friday night, you have to submit your assignment, then what will you do? What will you do? You will do anything to submit it, isn't it? So when the time is fixed, then you're actually able to perform it when the time is not fixed, then you end up leaving it, you end up you know, missing it. So this is a reason why in the salata, Canada, Alina Kitab, a Makuta. And also think about it, when you remember Allah by performing the five

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prayers at their designated times. And what happens the whole day you remember ALLAH, you remember him in the morning, you remember him early after you remember him. Late afternoon in the evening, you remember him at sunset, you remember him before you go to sleep. So what happens 24 hours, you remember Allah. But when you don't remember Allah throughout the day, and you just pray Salah at the end of the day, then what happens? What happens? That kind of remembrance is not that beneficial?

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The question is that when the times of prayers are fixed, then in the situation where there Shah is extremely late Fudger is extremely early night is very short. At that time, what are you supposed to do? Can you pray a Salah before it's due time? Or can you not do that?

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Remember that, in our religion, there's a principle that difficulty brings ease. Difficulty brings ease, which is why when a person is traveling, it is difficult to pray the whole for ACARA it is difficult to pray, you know, at a particular time, this is why you have the ease of shortening the prayer and also the option of joining the prayers. Okay. Likewise, where there is a situation where there is a child who's 10 years old, technically, they're supposed to be praying all of their five prayers. Okay, isn't it so. And for this child, if you make him stay up until 11pm, to pray their Isha, and then you wake them up again at 4am to pray their budget. How many children are going to be

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able to do this, they're not going to be able to do this. So this is a reason why in a situation like this, where a person is unwell, where they're sick, or they're too young, or they're too old, like for example, I know of a lady, she's extremely old, if she tries to stay up until 11pm, to perform her Isha, she will not be able to sleep at all. Because when she gets sleepy she has to sleep then she's on very strong medication on sleeping pills, basically. And if she doesn't take them with her meal and sleep soon after that she won't be able to sleep the whole night long, the whole night long.

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So in a situation like that difficulty brings ease.

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All right. So in this situation, if a person combines Maghrib and Isha, because of a genuine reason, there is no harm. We know that at the time of the Prophet salallahu Salam, there was a lady who would bleed excessively even outside of her menstruation.

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So she inquired as to what she should do and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told her that she should pray, but before she prays, you should wash herself. So what would she do? She would take a bath before she would pray Salah and she wouldn't bed five times a day to pray at five different times. Rather, she would join the prayers. So the harasser together, mug shot together. So this way, she would take three baths and then perform Salah like that. Okay, so this was in her situation, but we see that even though she was a resident at home, but because of health issues, because of the hotter issues, she felt more comfortable taking a bath and then praying, although taking bath is not

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mandatory, but she felt more comfortable doing that. So because of that reason, what would she do, she would join the prayers. So likewise, old age sickness. In this situation, it's better to pray jammer as opposed to missing the prayer completely. You understand? Okay.

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The Prophet salallahu Salam was asked which deed is the best and he replied, prayer done on time. That is the best deed. I have a question for you about possible about shortening the prayer that when a person is shortening the prayer in travel, are they also supposed to perform their sooner? Yes, no. Yes. No. Okay. What's the answer? No.

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even remotely lower and who when he was traveling once

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He would perform the Casasola to the car after his car, he would just get up and go about doing his things. So someone said to him, if you prefer to move a car, then what harm would you suffer? Meaning Why don't you just pray to Santa? What's the harm? Why didn't you do that? He said, If I had to, then I would have prayed my full forefront. Okay? So when you are to shorten the fault, then the sooner you're not obligated to perform. Okay, whether it's a cadaver, aka whichever one you're not supposed to perform, only the fault you are to perform when you're traveling, and you shorten that. While after he knew and do not weaken laughter He knew well, her noon one, what does one mean

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weakness, whether it is emotional, or mental or physical. And basically, it starts from the weakness of the heart. Because when you're feeling weak inside, then what will happen, you will lack physical strength as well, isn't it? When you're feeling low, when you're feeling down, then what happens? You don't have any energy. Correct. When you want to rest when you want to sleep, then your body doesn't want to get up either. Right? Even though you've slept six hours, you slept eight hours, but still, your body's as though it never slept. Why? Because the problem is were in the heart. So Allah says, Let the you know, don't feel weak. Be strong, be brave, have courage, while after he knew. Do

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not be lazy, do not fall behind. Do not be feeble, do not be weak. In doing what fi in ibbity law, Ill call me in pursuit of the enemy. Meaning when the enemy comes before you, you have to face the enemy, then don't pity yourself over there. Don't lose heart over there. Don't lose courage over there. Rather, be strong, be brave, be courageous. Because in a situation like this one, you feel that, oh, I also have to pray.

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I'm still not exempt from praying, then what happens? You get so stressed out. And you feel so bad for yourself, that you kind of lose your courage and determination.

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That you feel that because I have to pray. And because I have to do this. This is a reason why I can't do my work properly. Have you ever made this excuse for yourself? Because I have to pray? That's why I can't do my homework. That's why I can't study for the test. I can't do this. Because it's Ramadan and we're fasting. This is why I can't go to school. Right? This is why I can't come to class.

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Many times it happens that when we have religious obligations, religious duties, we start pitying ourselves. And because of that, we lose confidence. We lose confidence when you lose confidence and you can't face the situation you can't deal with the problem at hand. Allah says, well after he knew 50 Law, it'll calm Do not be weak in pursuit of the enemy. When you're confronting the enemy when you're facing the enemy, then be strong, be determined. Don't become weaklings, and remember the intercolonial lamona If you suffer pain, the moon from LM Hamza Allah mean, what does that mean pain, remember, Aleem painful. So if you suffer pain, if you're tired, if you're hurting if you're

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exhausted for in the home than indeed there meaning your enemy, yellow Munna, even there suffer pain come at Alamo, just as you're suffering from pain. If you're tired, they're tired, too. If you're injured, they're injured too. If you're bruised, they're bruise too. If you lost someone they lost someone too. Isn't that so? Think about it, any game? Any competition? If you're getting tired, think about the enemy. Aren't they getting tired? Think about the one whom you're playing with your opponent? Aren't they getting tired? Of course. So why do you protect yourself? You want to win. And when you want to win, then you can't pity yourself. Both of you are equal in your suffering. You're

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gonna say something.

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Like, for me, I used to play rugby. And it's a really difficult sport. And every time I was on the field, and I really wanted to kind of give up because I was really tired. I thought about the other team and how tired they would be and that can that kind of gave me motivation to try harder. Very true. Very true. And this is why you see that sportsman when they're playing. Sometimes there's so much into their game that they may be bleeding from once

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They, they may have a bruise, or they may have broken something. But there's so much into that game, they don't even feel what's happening. And later on, they see the consequences. Right. So when you're motivated to win, then your pain cannot stop you, isn't it so your pain cannot stop you.

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Many times it happens that a person may be you know, in an accident or something, and they have this drive, I have to save myself, I have to get out of here. I have to get out of here. And what happens, even though they're limping, even though a part of their body is bleeding profusely, still, what happens that keep going, keep going, keep going? Correct. So likewise, when the enemy is before you, and you have to when that is your goal, then don't pity yourself over there. Oh, my fingers hurting? Oh, my legs are hurting? No, don't pity yourself over there. Remember that they suffer just like you're suffering. But there is a difference in you and them. And what is that difference? That

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what are junuh that you hope you look forward to? You expect min Allah from Allah, man, lay your June, what they're not expecting. You are hopeful to receive something from Allah, for your suffering for your effort, that they're not expecting. Because remember, that even the prick of a thorn that a person suffers in the way of Allah than he is rewarded for it.

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But a person who doesn't believe in Allah, when he suffers a prick of a thorn, does he expect a reward from Allah? No, he doesn't. Then what is moving him what is motivating him his goal. So you have a goal to look forward to. And you also expect reward from Allah, you hope that Allah will compensate you for every little bit that you suffer in his way

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into the Toba, we learn that when a person goes out in the way of Allah, then even when he is thirsty, he is rewarded in that equitable Hornby arm alongside except that a good deed is written for them for it for that thirst, they suffer in the way of Allah. Every step they take, every step they take, they are rewarded for it.

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So when you hope for reward from Allah, then this is how you perform

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lazy and weak and having self pity. Come on. When you want reward from Allah, then put in some effort, do your best. Think about it. When you want someone to be happy from you. Even though you're really tired and exhausted still, what will you do? You will stay on your feet and you will keep working and working and working. Why? Because you want them to be happy.

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If you want to please your boss, you want to be promoted at work, then what will you do? clock in and clock out nine to five that's it. No, you will get your work done. You will take it home you will do it on the weekends you will stay after hours. Why? Because you want something in return?

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Isn't it you want something in return? So likewise, when you are hoping for an award from Allah, then please do your best with our June I mean Allah He mele of June What can Allah Who are 11 Hakima and Allah is Knowing he is wise meaning he knows exactly what effort you're putting in.

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And Hakeem from hokum wisdom as well as judgment that whatever judgment he makes, that is the best judgment. So whatever he decides for you, that's it. So you better do your best to make him happy. Don't pity yourself. Let's listen to the recitation.

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Well either want to feel we fell as Sri Lankan Jonah.

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Who roominess quality in grief doom in Clifton a fina como levena CAFO in Alka

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wala, one will be in what either

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the theme for upon Turla homos for the home or in fact I mean

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a snake

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surgeon who fell

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for either

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or econ one, or if at all?

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um you know one tip or overall amuse low value flow now

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who hates us Lehighton what the Levina Kathal I will tell the following now on Asli hunting for more

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amino now

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Wallah Jonah How

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can I become

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to know more or

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as Lee had

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to hit the UK Home in law her

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curfew at now other than

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the either for me to Musala

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for either format

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meeny Nikita

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on me in the coup de la in

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what June Amina wall Hema of

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work a lot more on human hockey?

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How much do people suffer for the sake of dystonia? For success in this world? How much do people suffer any idea? How much is a lot? What kind of suffering?

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Yes, sometimes they don't even eat food while they're like doing something for them. Yeah. And they just forget everything. So no food or drinks, and just continue there. We're very true that sometimes you see that? And even it happens with us. I don't know if it happens with you. But it happens with me sometimes if I'm so busy and doing something that I forget to eat. And then yesterday, it happened with me that around six o'clock, I was like, Why am I feeling so sleepy? Okay, why are my eyes being so dry? And I remembered I hadn't had water since breakfast. I completely forgot.

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I completely forgot.

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And it happens with people that when they're busy in something they forget to eat, they forget to take care of themselves. They neglect their health, they neglect their house, they neglect their body, their clothes, everything. Why? Because their mission is so important to them. It's their highest priority, that everything becomes secondary, everything else becomes secondary,

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then you don't pity yourself. Because if you pity yourself, then you won't be able to the work

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So when people suffer so much for this world for worldly success, then what does Allah subhanaw taala say to us, that you should suffer as well, for his sake, especially when you want something from him.

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When you want reward from Allah, then do something that will bring that reward performance.

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I was just thinking about how people will compromise on their dunya things so that they can achieve something higher, like in worldly how they compromise on their Deen studies, so that they can like study for their, you know, dunya and I was just thinking about, like, how some people like they will miss out on class on the weekends, because they have like exams or something coming up. And I know I was saying the same thing last week, but then I was like, there's no point in like skipping class today. If like, I'm not even, you know, it's just bettered calm because I've noticed this myself. If you're able to maintain a balance between both your Islamic studies in your school says you're going

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to do a lot better than both very true. And stop beating yourself. Really stop beating yourself. Because people who pity themselves cannot go further. So be confident, be courageous. Don't pity yourself when you suffer in the way of Allah say it's okay. Allah will give me reward for this inshallah. There was someone who, whose finger got cut or something amputated or something in the way of

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Law, they would say to their finger, that you're only a finger.

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I don't remember the exact words of forgery, but they said words of forestry, that it's not a big deal you only your finger. So if you bleed in the way of a life, you're gone in the way of a light, okay? Allah will give me something better.

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So I go, a lot of the times when you think about like the world's geniuses, and those who have really achieved a lot in the world, and when you actually study and research and how they've arrived, where they have, you see the amount of work, the amount of hours that they put into what they've done, I was reading this book about Bill Gates, and he'd started up Microsoft. So there's this theory that if you do 10,000 hours of work for something, then you basically become a master of it. And the person who had written the book, he was explaining how, in his teenage years, and like he was, he was still a teenager at this time. But he spent almost whole days in the computer lab,

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just programming. And that in like, a few years, he completed the 10,000 hours, because he was just so focused on what he was doing, and the amount of effort and work that he had to put in. And this goes for all the people who've achieved something today, they've worked so hard to reach where they have very true. Think about all these Nobel Prize winners, you think they just get chosen like that, and they're given a prize and they're honored. No, there's years and years of effort and sacrifice. Yesterday we learned about the importance of sacrifice, right? struggling for the cause of Allah. So when you're struggling for the cause of Allah, don't pity yourself.

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Then we have the other extreme. So say that they work for the sake of Allah, but then they're so focused on what they're doing. They miss salah. They don't necessarily pray on time, they don't necessarily pay obligations. Yes, yeah. So that's also something we really need to pay attention. Definitely. Salam Alikum. If we do for the sake of Allah to become easy, the hardest thing is become easy. Yes, this is very true. When you're doing something for the sake of Allah, then the hardest thing becomes easy as well.

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Because the thing is that when you have your goal, right, and you're driven to achieve that goal, then everything else becomes secondary, and it doesn't fit you it doesn't bother you, it doesn't hurt you anymore. Because the excitement that you have of achieving your goal, the motivation that you have to get there, that kind of makes you forget about everything else. And when your goal when your focus is Allah subhanaw taala his reward, then definitely, this should be enough to make you forget all that you're suffering in his way.

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I remember the Hadees where the angels attend a gathering and when they go up Allah subhanaw taala asked them about what the people were doing. And then he says, what would they do if they had seen Jana?

00:27:52 --> 00:28:10

So we got to think of, you know, what it's like, the problem is that we imagine a lot of other things, but we don't sit every day and imagine what Janna will be like, What will I do over the long for it and ask for it. If we do that every day then Insha Allah, Jana will ask for us.

00:28:12 --> 00:28:38

Yesterday when we learned about the importance of sacrificing for the cause of Allah subhanaw taala after class when I went, I saw that some people were just sitting in the tutorial class, without even their Quran open. Some of them had their Quran, but they didn't, I had no idea what was being recited. Other people were busy on their phone, some people were snacking in the cafeteria, and to every single person, I reminded them about sacrificing for the sake of almost Panthera, right?

00:28:40 --> 00:29:10

Because think about it, when you're at the mall. Don't you get thirsty? Don't you get hungry? But then what do you tell yourself? Okay, let me just go to the store. Let me just go to the store. One more store, one more store, one more store. You're standing in the line. And you know, it's gonna take at least 15 minutes for you to get to the cache. But at that time, what do you tell yourself? It's okay, doesn't matter. I know I'm really tired and I'm hungry. I'm thirsty. And then you're wondering where you're gonna go eat what you're going to go grab. But what do you do you stay where you are, because you don't want to miss it.

00:29:11 --> 00:29:59

So when we get thirsty and hungry and tired in the mall, and we can delay our food until we're done shopping, then why not? For 15 more minutes until the end of class. Five more minutes, just half an hour more just one hour more. It's not really a big deal. When we can wait for so long. Then why can't we wait for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala in my family, there's an uncle who's in not a good condition. The doctor said that he's not going to survive. And he's mashallah very wealthy and he doesn't have children. So his brother's children he gave each child God like a huge mansion. Not a small house like big houses. One daughter got like a whole hospital and something and it's

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No other family member have a lot of stuff that they will get the brothers and sisters. Still they're saying that's all. That's all gonna give it to me and you know, like they're fighting over it. And survival. I was thinking like this man who got so much about I'm sure he has put in a lot of energy effort and who knows God knows what in all the wealth that he has got. Now he's taking with him nothing and people who are even getting stuff for free, who are not even going to appreciate it and are not appreciating, and not even going to take care of the precious things that he has made. They're still not satisfied. And Allah subhanaw taala does not even do zoom on us, Fertitta as we

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learn, right? In the least like it knows how we end our efforts towards Allah is nothing for the sake of dunya. How much effort do we put in think about it, when we are cleaning our house when we are writing something for school? How much physical effort how much mental effort we exert. But what do we get at the end? A few marks, write a degree at the end, maybe a clean house, or it's gonna get dirty within the next few days within next few minutes, probably. But we put in so much effort. So when we want something from Allah, then let's put in some more effort.

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So Ronnie,

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I just wanted to point out that right now in the school season, it's exam time. And everyone finds that, you know, when it comes time for the exam, everyone has to cram. So everyone can easily pull off all nighters, they'll, you know, take their coffees, and they'll sit there, and they'll write their final papers, and they'll study for their exams. And it's easy for us. But when we think about getting on for budget on normal days, it's so difficult for us to imagine, right, that we have to get up and pray for this time. Right? And when it comes for exam, right, studying for exam, no, no, I have to write it because we think that that is so important that you must do it. And for Fudger

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we're like it's okay. Yeah, it the thing is that we have accepted it, that we have to study, we have to prepare, we have to pass, we have to score well, we've accepted it. Once you've accepted something, once you've embraced it, then you put the due effort. But when you don't accept it, then you can't put in the effort for it.

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That we really forget to put in the effort. We just say that No, it's too much. I can't do it. Like we don't even try. So that's another thing that we need to really work on. Definitely. I remember when I first studied this verse, I was still in high school. And when I went back to school after completing my study of the Quran, I remember that I became so serious in my studies because I would see all these people around me who are studying, they're studying for the dunya. And even I'm studying dunya things, but I have a different goal.

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I don't want that by the end, I have a degree and then I have some worldly success and some worldly fit. No, my goal is that whatever I learn, whatever I accomplish with this, I want to serve the deen of Allah. This is my goal. And I remember every day I would tell myself, they're suffering to, they're studying hard to I have to do more, or at least the same. Because I want to reward from Allah so my effort be definitely worth it.

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I know how my mom tells me to balance at the dean and that they need to pray on time and I will have ease in my homework and everything. And since it's the end of the school year, we have a lot of tests and homework and that's what I've been trying to do. And all my homework, all my tests, they've become easier I'm starting to get good marks Hamdulillah this is true because when you are giving the hug of Allah when you're striving as you should be striving that Allah creates ease for you as well. When I answered on Allahumma Yong Soo Allah will definitely help the one who helps his cause. Allah will definitely support the one who supports his cause. Salaam Alaikum. I was just

00:34:00 --> 00:34:31

thinking that many times we hear such success stories and we're like, mashallah, my sister did this and that, but we often don't end up thinking that what if, like, I did that. And if we adopt that mindset that you know what, I want to do this and Allah will make it easier. So when reading all of these verses, so you know, many times I say, mashallah, for this and that, and how this sister's doing that much and how she's balancing both her homework, and she's having success in the, you know, within Islamic studies, but I never think that what if maybe I could do that, too, if she and I have to do it. Yeah. And if she can manage, and she's going through that hard time, maybe I can do

00:34:31 --> 00:34:40

it too. Of course, always remember, other people do it too. If they're suffering, that I have to suffer too. It's part of the package.

00:34:41 --> 00:34:47

Right? It's part of the deal. So if I want to get somewhere I have to put in the due effort.

00:34:48 --> 00:34:59

So if you think about it, this verse, what it does is that it changes your perspective, right? From putting yourself accepting mediocrity to wanting the best

00:35:00 --> 00:35:13

It should move you from being a low achiever from being an average achiever to a high achiever. Okay, that now we don't want to just be average we want to excel because we want reward from Allah

00:35:14 --> 00:35:21

subhanaw taala who will be humbucker the show to Allah ilaha illa Anta Mr. Furukawa to make a cinematic or how to live well

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