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Al-Maidah 94-108 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 107-108

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But then what happens?

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Let's say, the cards that were missing, you find out that they were swiped in a particular city in a particular country.

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And then what happens?

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You know that this person was actually traveling over there as well. And you find out that it was five in a particular hotel at a particular day, and they were staying in that hotel on that particular day.

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So it's quite obvious as to who is using it, as to who has it, it's not missing, it's actually with somebody and somebody is using it. So in that case, Allah subhanaw taala says for in then if Lucille, it was found out, it was discovered.

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The word earthly Allah is from their own fetters, iron Silva. And earthly Allah is when someone finds out about something by chance, when someone discovers something by chance,

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he wasn't really looking for it. But by chance he comes across it.

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Understand, by for example, let's say you've lost your keys, and you can't find them anywhere.

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And now one day, by chance, you're cleaning your shoe closet, and all of a sudden you find your keys at the back. You weren't looking for them when you were cleaning the shoe closet, but by chance, you found them over there. So this is what urshela is.

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So for inner Oh zero. So if it was discovered by chance, either upon

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meaning you find out that a nomad that, indeed there to who to the two witnesses, these two people they have is to have or is Smith, they have become deserving of a sin is to have coronary veterans help off off what is happening.

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Pop is also somebody right winning the right that they deserved when they're deserving of something.

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And it's the call the elephant, the end is of do. So both of them have become deserving of Islam, meaning both of them have been found as guilty of sin of crime. So basically, they have been proven guilty. Their guilt has become known that they definitely committed theft, or they concealed part of the testimony part of the car that was given to them, they didn't carry it out as they were supposed to. So if by chance it is discovered that these two people they have been proven guilty, is the hard part is man, they're found to be guilty of a crime of treachery, then what's going to happen? For hirani, then do other men.

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Hold on is a duel off.

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Then two other men, what are they going to do?

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They're going to your Cumani, they're going to stand mahkamah Houma, the place of them to place a

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place of the first two witnesses. Where did the first two witnesses stand in order to take the Shahada

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in the masjid, and when, after sold out to the

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same place, and same time meeting in the masjid after salata.

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Now two other men are going to come and stand over there, and they're going to bear witness against you,

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against these two guilty people.

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Now, who are these two people going to be?

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They're going to be meaner Latina from those people who is the healthcare I lay him is the how I lay him, meaning those two people were proven guilty against them.

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So basically, the crime was committed against them. So who are they

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the heirs, so let's say do sons, they come and this sin was earned against them this sin was acquired against them which say, the sin of treachery.

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So it was acquired against them. So these two people are going to come and stand but these two people are going to be Alola Yan the nearest to

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LA and as a dual off, Ola from the rotator as well. lamea. What does well he I mean, when he his friend, and literally means to be close.

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So the nearest two relatives are going to come and stand because it's possible that a person has many ears

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is barren parents are alive. His children are there. He has a spouse as well. He has a wife as well, multiple wives. So in that case, what's going to happen are all the benefits are going to come no two nearest male relatives are going to come do nearest male relatives are going to come and what are they going to do now? For you to see Manny then both of them are going to swear biLlahi by Allah.

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And what are they going to sweat? What's their shadow?

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They're going to be that lecture had to nationally our testimony, which testimony that these people have cheated. These people have committed treachery, our Shahada, it is helpful, it is more true to help us run half again.

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So our Shahada against these two people, is more true minchah had that he met than the testimony of these two,

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these two people testified that what they're saying is true, and they would not take anything in exchange for Shahada of Allah.

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However, our testimony against them is much more true. Why? Because we have an evidence against them. We have a proof, we have a proof and what is that proof that say, they bring the document that says okay, the card was swiped in such and such place, and this person wasn't touching this place at the same day at the same time.

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So how come and share that he met, our Shahada is more true than the shadow of these two people?

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Well, America, they know and we're not transgressing, meaning we're not accusing them of treachery, what is our against them,

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that we're not standing here, just to accuse them of treachery, we're not standing here just to negate their oath. In Indeed, we even then meaning if we were to come and stand here to accuse them of treachery, then we would be lemonis it mean that we would be of those who are wrongdoers, and we will be very unjust.

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So basically, we see, to just summarize it quickly again, before we move on, that there is a person who is dying, he's traveling, he has his money with him, it is his responsibility that he must deliver that money to, to his heirs because it is there, right?

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So what does he do? He gets to people, whether they're Muslim, or non Muslim, that this is my money, please give it to my family.

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They take the money to the family, they give it to them, everything's fine, no problem.

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But in another case, what happens they give the money to the family and the family members say this is missing that is missing without you. You know, something is missing. Let's say a woman, she gives her jewelry. Now the necklace is there, but the earrings are not there. Okay, and you know that she was wearing it. So you know that something is missing. So what's going to happen? You're doubting these two people. These two people are going to be brought to the masjid. They're going to stand up after us of Salah. And they're going to bear witness that what we have given is true. What we have said is true. And we would not take anything in exchange for the witness by Allah. If we do that we

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would be wrongdoers.

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So now they're not proven guilty. No action can be taken against them. Why? Because they have taken a Shahada. But now by chance, you find out that no, they did steal and you have some solid evidence against them. You have a proof against them. So in that case, what are you going to do?

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Do closest relatives of the deceased, they're going to come to the masjid. They're going to stand up and they're going to say that our witness, our testimony is more true than theirs. Why? Because we have an evidence and we're not transgressing against them by accusing them unjustly. If we do so we will be wrongdoers.

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So now because the heirs, the family has taken the odds, they have taken the odds, therefore their oath is going to be given preference. You understand

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their oath is going to be given preference. Especially because they're taking these odds in order to negate the odds of the witnesses.

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So most pantalla says, Danica that is meeting this hurdle of taking possum against the witnesses has been given that adequate refers to I number 107 the previous ayah that this hurco have taken against the witnesses has been given Why? Because it is Edna. It is more likely at the National newsletters that loon well.

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And Edna give several meanings, sometimes it gives the meaning of that which is lesser and sometimes it gives a meaning of that which is closer.

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So it is more closer meaning it is more likely

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to that they will come who will come the two witnesses.

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They will come bisha had it with the testimony meaning when they're going to testify the first time they will do it I know what he had upon its face what his face up something

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and phase is what

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the that which is obvious of something.

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So I know what he had his meaning in the right manner.

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It should be. Okay.

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So now that they know that if we bear witness and if it's a false witness, somebody else can come and negate our Shahada. If you know that somebody else can come and stand against you and negate what you're saying, wouldn't you say the right thing in the first place? Once you

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So, this is why this curriculum is being given, because it is more likely that they will give that Shahada which is allowed, meaning as it is in its true form without any distortion without any changing

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or Yahoo they will fear being or at least they will fear that until rather that it is going to be repelled, it is going to be refuted, definitely what is raw data, what does that literally mean to turn back to return?

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So or at least they will fear that do not that a man that there can be refuted by either a man him after their or after who's

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a man in him? him refers to the IRS him refers to the heirs.

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So at least they will fear that their own ords can be refuted by the author who by the author of the IRS. So because of this, they will make sure that they will speak the truth, they will make sure that they will give what they want.

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everything as it is,

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what the COLA and fear Allah was Maru and all of you listen,

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listen very attentively, because this is a bit complicated.

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So let's Morrow listen attentively, will love who lay the common philosophy and Allah does not guide the people who are sinful meaning those who do not want to avail those across limits.

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So, basically, we see that this entire ruling has been given why in order to ensure the protection of the dying person's wealth, to ensure that his wealth is protected to ensure that the heirs they get what they deserve, they get what is there right.

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Because when a person knows that he will be accountable or that he can be refuted, then he becomes more careful.

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Right. So basically, this is the reason why all of this detail has been given. Now there is an incident from which perhaps you can understand this whole command that has been given over here.

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It has been reported in under Buhari that a man from Busan,

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a man from Busan, he set out on a journey with the meme, a daddy, and rd, even but so two men, he was traveling with them.

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And these two men were Christians. At that time.

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The Man from Busan died in a place where there were no Muslims. So he died in phase where there were no Muslim. So what does it mean that these two people were made responsible for his well.

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So when the two came back with his request with his with

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his relatives found that a silver bowl plated with gold was missing, that he took that with him, and it's missing.

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And so the two were brought before the Prophet subtleness.

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So you understand, because they doubted them. That's why the two men were brought

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there upon this verse was revealed which one the first one

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the profits or losses that have made the two peoples were oats. Now what happened? Obviously, you cannot accuse them because they have sworn an oath, and they have proven their truthfulness. You cannot take any action against them.

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But then what happened that the ball was later discovered in Makkah, the ball by chance, it was discovered in Makkah, where the owner said that they had bought it from Tamim and they

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So by chance, it was discovered in Makkah, and when they asked her, where'd you get this from? They said, We bought it from these two people, who wish to people the same people to whom there will see of the dead man was given.

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So then the next I was revealed

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that the two relatives they can come and stand up against you, against the two witnesses.

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So this I was revealed after which two of the Siamese mens close kin, they came to swear their oats.

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So basically, then this happened. In another version, it is said that I'm asked who was closer to the disease man, he stood up with the other from the king and they swore and also basically two people who came and they swore an oath upon this, obviously, the heart would be carried out on the people of if they're Muslim of what of treachery, of theft, whatever, meaning whatever crime that they have committed. Accordingly, the head will be carried out on them. Why? Because they have been

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proven guilty.

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So what do we learn from these?

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First of all, we learn that Allah subhanaw taala guides, people with regards to all matters of life with regards to every situation,

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that even if you're in such a situation that you're traveling, and you think you're going to die very soon, and you have your money with you, then you can't die leaving your money just like that. It's your responsibility that you have to give it to your heirs. So look at the beauty of the deen of Allah subhanaw taala, that He guides us with regards to day to day matters, as well as exceptional situations as well.

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And all of us travel, right, every person travels. And we don't know when that could come to us. So we should be aware of what is our responsibility that whatever we have, we cannot just leave it like that, we have to make sure that it goes to our heirs.

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Secondly, we learn from this ayah that it is a responsibility on the dying person, that he should hand over his wealth to someone in order to deliver it to his family.

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It is the responsibility upon who the person who is about to die, that he must hand over his property to someone so that it can be given to his heirs because it is their health.

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And from this, we also learned that it's the responsibility of every person, that he should keep his wealth in such a way that if he dies, all of a sudden, people behind him are not confused. People behind him are not worried that they don't have to worry about money that is lying around that who does this change belong to? Does it belong to him? Or does it belong to somebody else, be careful about every single thing of yours, every single thing. Because if it goes to somebody else, whereas it wasn't actually yours, it belonged to somebody else. And then on the Day of Judgment, that person could come against you, and say that you owe me this and this, you never gave it back to me. You

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never instructed your ears. And I never received this hack of mine.

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So make sure that every single thing of yours is crystal clear to the best of your ability.

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And if for some reason you cannot clarify everything, at least write it down in some place. At least write it down so that the people behind you, they're not in trouble.

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We also learned from this I bought the permissibility of making a will at the time of death.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam instructed that whoever has something that he should do, we'll see about that he must not sleep for a few nights, except that he has written that was here.

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So yes, that is an instruction. However, if, by chance at the time of death, you realize that there is something that you should also instruct about, then at that time also was here can be made. You understand that at the time of death as well, we'll see you can be made.

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We also learned from this is about the permissibility of taking a non Muslim, as a witness, that if there is a particular crime, or there's a particular scene, and by chance, only there is a non Muslim who saw it, then you can take his witness. So in the time of need, the Shahada of a non Muslim may be taken.

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We also learn from this ayah that conceding a testimony is a sin. concealing the Shahada is what it's the same because if we do that, what do they say that we would be among who as the mean of those who commit sin.

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We also learn from this is the indication that the estate meaning the property that the that person leaves behind him, it is for who the closest relatives and then the closest, because Elian is mentioned

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from the heirs who is mentioned and Oli and the closest. So who does the estate go to the closest and then the closest and then the closest relatives?

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recitation of desire

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see me in

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the house?

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Yoko Sima Lahaina Shahada tuna.

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If you notice over here, that false testimony is described as what,

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first of all that if we're making a false testimony, then we would be among Who?

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asked me it's an ism.

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Secondly, on the part of the errors if they're making a false testimony than what is that one, injustice.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala says Allah does not guide those people who are faceting.

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And officer is what?

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Giving a testimony that is false. That is untrue.

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And many times we think that, oh, it's no big deal. If we want this benefit, I'll just say, by Allah, yes, such and such happen or by Allah, I did this or by Allah, I did not do that. And we think it's no big deal. It's actually a very big deal. That if a person is using the name of Allah subhanaw taala, and he's saying something, which is untrue, deliberately. This is something very serious. It's injustice against a law against oneself. And a little more Lumet, young one,

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injustice is going to be darknesses, for a person on the Day of Judgment, darkness, that he will be in darkness on the Day of Judgment.

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And it's also an isn't it a sin.

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And remember, Islam is It is said that it is used for deliberate sin, but also a sin for which there are consequences, the person has to suffer consequences for that.

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And it's also Fisk, and what is the punishment for that in the dunya, that allows a penalty does not guide such a person, he does not guide such a person. And this hedaya could be diet or die, it shed any type of a diet, Allah does not guide such people.

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And you can investigate, but in orocrm, it means that by chance you find out, however, you're also allowed to investigate. Because obviously, with something major, I mean, it's your heart, and you have the right to find out if the other person has deprived you of your help in any way whatsoever.

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And once the Two Witnesses come and say that this is what we were given, and we're handing it over, and we're not concealing anything, and they have sworn By Allah, then you're not going to take any action against them. You understand, you can do investigation, you can do your search. However, what it means is that you cannot take any action against them, they're not going to be proven guilty, you're not going to accuse them, you're not going to talk bad about them, you're not going to carry out some punishment against them, take some revenge from them, No, you cannot go steal their stuff, you can't take any action against them whatsoever.

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And even if the witnesses are non Muslim, even then they will give the Shahada in the case of Jews and Christians is understood. And because obviously in the masjid, they're not going to testify by their idols, or by their false gods, whatever is acceptable, whatever is possible, you do that.

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But basically, those two people are going to be brought you notice one thing that they're going to be brought to the masjid not to the court. What does it show?

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That mustard is not just a place where you pray the sada

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it's not just a place where you pray this honor. And this testimony is being taken where it's being taken in public, openly, Chad has been taken openly because sometimes, after the fear of other people, a person says that which is correct, because he fears that if he's proven guilty later on, it will be a source of huge embarrassment. Sometimes, you know, such cases are taken to the courts, and who

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In the court,

00:25:01--> 00:25:17

only the judge or only the lawyers, and just maybe one or two family members, maybe one or two supporters. That's it. But if you go to the masjid, where there's like 50 people, 100 people or in 50 people sitting over there, then after that fear, you would speak the truth.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Gary Vee,

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Gary Vee

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