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Al-Muzzammil 1-20 Tafsir 5-9


AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history and meaning behind the Quran, including its use for obligations and recitation. The speaker emphasizes the importance of reciting the Quran for its overall message and potential for cultural evolution, as well as the use of "medicals" for hardship and control of behavior. The importance of praying during the night to control one's thoughts and stay sharp during the day, as well as training and practice during the day is emphasized. The segment also emphasizes the importance of trusting the Lord for one's success and setting clear schedules for the day.
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Why is the Prophet sallallahu Sallam being told to recite the Quran with 13?

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Because Allah says in NASA nuclear alayka olan subpoena indeed we will cast upon you a heavy word, the revelation, the Quran that is being sent upon you. This is something very heavy, olan sakala.

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And in order to receive this Odin subpoena, you have to have inner strength, and how will that develop? by standing up in prayer during the night by reciting the Quran? In the prayer?

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What does oatlands Akira refer to the Quran?

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And why is it called Sati? Why is it called heavy?

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Because first of all, it was literally heavy for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to receive the revelation.

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You all know about the Hades zeta learn who he said that once he was sitting by the prophet sallallahu Sallam and his knee was on top of his knee. And the revelation came upon him and say to the man who said that I felt as though my thigh would break. Colin Sakina

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the Prophet Tadasana would be traveling you will be on a camel, the camel would sit down, it would kneel down.

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I should have learned her. She said that I saw him receiving revelation and I noticed the sweat dropping from his forehead on a very cold day. On a very cold day. Just imagine.

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Similarly, I should have said if the Messenger of Allah received any revelation while he was on his writing animal, it would begin moving with body intensely and the jiren the part of the body that would move intensely is the bottom of the neck. So the animal would feel the pressure. Imagine the bottom of the neck is moving intensely. What does it mean? It's trying hard to move, you understand?

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So just imagine how heavy this revelation was. And we have learned her the incidence of depression is 21 that low unzila hurdle called Ana Allah Javelin little too harsh on Mutasa,

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then even a mountain would collapse it would burst it would fall apart out of the fear of Allah if this Quran was revealed.

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Some have said that the Quran is called ponents Akilah. Because this Quran is not just about words that are to be read.

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But it's about about commands that have to be followed obligations that have to be lived by that have to be implemented.

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When a person learns the Quran, a heavy responsibility is put on him and what does that have responsibility that he has to implement it as well.

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So this is how the Quran is called. And

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similarly, others have said that it's called colon tequila, because it will be very heavy in the me Zahn on the day of detriment for the person who has been giving it a task. For the person who has been reading it, code and subpoena it will be very heavy in the scale.

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Similarly, it's called Poland's appeal, because whose word is it? It's the word of Allah, Allah azza wa jal. So imagine this is the word of Allah, Allah mean, it's not happy if it's not an ordinary column. It's not words that can be belittled and ignored that have no value. No, they have a lot of value, a lot of weight. Colin Sakina. In its benefit in its clarity in its message in its authenticity, it's stuck in, it's heavy.

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And this heavy column becomes easy and light to understand. For who, for the person who wholeheartedly wants to learn studied.

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It's heavy, it's a fact. But it is enjoyable for the one who puts his heart and mind to it.

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A person might say that, you know, a loss of pounds out of himself says this is this is very heavy columns of data, therefore, I cannot study it. It's too difficult for me. I cannot remember it. I cannot memorize it. No, it can become light and easy. How? If you put your heart to it, if you put your mind to it, because what does Allah say? Well, aka sadhana analytically, for Halima decade, Allah has made the Quran easy for them. Is there anyone who would like to take liquor? If anyone wants to hold on? It's easy for that purpose. It's facilitated for that purpose.

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So the person who has the desire to learn the Quran to improve in his recitation, yes, this Quran is heavy, very heavy, however, it will become enjoyable for him.

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You understand?

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This, like, there could be a very heavy bag that you're carrying, but it has all of your precious belongings in it. Let's say you're traveling when you leave that bag,

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Will you throw it away? Will you say it's too heavy? Forget about it. I can't be bothered. No, carrying that heavy bag will also be enjoyable. Similarly sometimes for the sake of fashion, sometimes women What do they carry extremely heavy bags. They wear earrings that are so heavy, isn't it? They wear clothes that are so heavy jewelry that is so heavy bangles that are so heavy. They don't mind why they're enjoying it.

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Isn't it so?

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So yes, this is our audience Akila. However, it becomes easy for the person who enjoys the

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international attend lelee indeed the hours of the night, he or she would do whatever and they are more effective with alcohol Mattila and more suitable for words,

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the hours of the night, they are much more effective for the purpose of recitation. And for the purpose of suitable delivery.

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The word Nasha is from the root letters noon Sheen, Hamza Nash, and Nash means to rise to emerge. So, for example, there is a seed and from that seed, a sprout comes forward, and that sprout turns into a stem and that stem grows into a trunk and that trunk it grows into several branches, right. So this is what natural means to rise up to grow to emerge, which is why this word is also used for creation.

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And Nasha is an Islam. And over here it gives meaning of Muslims. It doesn't give the meaning of firing. Remember, words sometimes which voluntarism file they give the meaning of muster as well. Nasha means to wake up after sleeping.

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What does it mean? To wake up after sleeping? Because when a person is sleeping is lying. Right? And when he wakes up, he rises from his bed, isn't it?

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So Nashi Elaine, rising of the night,

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meaning staying awake in the hours of the night.

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Now with regards to Nasha, some say that it is to wake up to rise up at any time during the night,

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at any time during the night, and others say that no, it is to wake up to rise up at a specific part of the night, which is to sleep and then wake up

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to sleep and then wake up. Or it is after the time of solitude,

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which is the time when you pray, so that you throw away or family later. Some say it is the middle of the night. And some say it is from the middle all the way until the end of the night. So to stand up at that time, to be awake during those hours. And to pray pm would lay at this time when Nashua delayed in the hours of the night.

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Allah says here I should do

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it is more intense in water and because a person may wonder why is the Prophet sallallahu Sallam being told to stand up in the night and pray? Why can you not stand up during the day and recite the Quran in 13? In your novel so that during the day, why is the night being mentioned specifically there is a reason and what's that reason?

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Allah says you should do what one one is from the reflector as well for Hamza and what Allah is to trample to trample something under one's foot to walk over it, when your own mot and and they do not trade any value they do not step their foot on anything. From this the word what is also used for hardship for difficulty, it is said is that that there are little cone What are two salt on the water of salt on the trampling of silt on that how the leader how their king was just walking over them, you became very strict with them it became very difficult for the people.

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So what is also used for difficulty hardship.

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Now here I should do what what does it mean by this? That the standing the hours of the night, standing up in prayer during that time is much more intense, much more harder, much more intense in work on what is it that a person is trampling as he's standing in prayer at night? His naps his sleep is desired.

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So, it is the best way of controlling your knifes straightening one's naps. You understand? It is the best way of trampling your desires.

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You could be not eating all day long. But if you sleep all night long, it's not as good for your enough's. You understand what I mean?

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really helps in curbing the desires of the novices standing up in the middle of the night, which is why we see that in the month of fasting, what are the two things that we should do first during the day, and pray during the night, many of the Hadees that mentioned the rewards the excellence of Ramadan, they mentioned both of these things together isn't fasting as well as praying in the night. So here I shall do one.

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There has also been said that one over here gives meaning of difficulty. So it is more difficult upon the one who prays than praying in the hours of the day, it is more difficult, more challenging.

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And because it is more difficult, more challenging, it is better for training your reps, it is better for controlling your nuts straightening your inbox.

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Now the word weapon has also been derived from mu alpha. Mu well thought

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we have learned Lee Well, we already have an en la de Machina, aka they would do see, they will change the order of the months around. Remember, the lunar month? So they would say at the beginning of chavela return on its mohalla when we're having a computer? No, no, we're gonna make this.

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So for their own convenience, they would change the months.

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And at the end, they would make sure that the year is completed with 12 months. Lee, you were to read that Mr. Holloman law, especially the four sacred months, they would make sure that they had four sacred months in a year. So do you actually use so that they would have them complete?

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So one is understood as well thought? So what does it mean? That the prayer of the night the hours of the night there are much more conducive to establishing more thought meaning harmony between what the hearing the recitation, the comprehension, when a person is reading.

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When a person is reading during the day, for example, what happens you're paying attention all of a sudden the phone rings,

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or you're reading and all of a sudden, what happens it's time to eat.

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or all of a sudden, it's time to go somewhere. You understand? So what happens then, can you focus? No, because your recitation is interrupted.

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And because of that, there is no harmony between your tongue and your mind, and your heart.

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But when a person is reciting in the night, then what happens? All of his senses, everything is devoted to the recitation. And when everything is devoted to recitation, there is no interruption, then the best results are produced as well,

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isn't it?

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So I shall do what one was unmeaning it's more conducive to establishing harmony, harmony between what the hearing and the heart of the muscle Li for the purpose of 13 because remember, 13 cannot be done, except with understanding.

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You know, for example, it happens with you, you reading and all of a sudden, what happens the phone starts ringing, you're in the middle of the ayah. So you read quickly till the end of the ayah so that you can take the phone, isn't it

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or for example, somebody standing next to you, they're waiting for you to finish the read quickly. You don't pause at the right places, you don't pay much attention to what you're reading. And as a result, you don't get as much benefit out

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but in the night there are no such interruptions. So here I should do what on

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the second benefit is a colonial keela and it is more upright more appropriate in Word in speech acoem is from the root letters of well meaning

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and What does acquah mean more proper, more upright more correct. And what the scale mean words saying statement.

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So Acoma P. Now what does it mean by that this has been understood in a number of ways.

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That first of all, it is understood as recitation.

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So, standing up in the night and reciting is much better for proper recitation.

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You can recite properly when in the night,

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because in the day you are distracted, in the day, you can perhaps not listen to yourself, you cannot hear yourself as you're reading.

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But in the night when it's completely silent, when there are no distractions, then you can actually focus on the recitation.

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And when you recite what you recite is free of errors even

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then it becomes much better with Aqua mckaela.

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Then upon in this way with regards to pain, meaning recitation has also been understood as more effortless meaning it is more sincere. It is more correct in terms of proper recitation and secondly, it is more sincere as well because think about it

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During the day, if you're reading if you're reciting, okay, somebody might hear you. Somebody might listen to you. Somebody calls you they ask you, what were you doing? I was reading the Quran. But during the night, why would you get up to please who to impress Who? Nobody knows anyway.

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So it is much better in terms of having a class.

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You understand what a como kena accom gives the meaning of a class. So it makes the recitation more sincere.

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Similarly, a como keila in understanding not just in the proper recitation, but also in understanding and comprehension because concentration is better devotion is more intense at night.

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Deal has also been understood as the deal has also been understood as

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that in the hours of the night when a person gets up and makes the law then that drive is more sincere. He means that

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he's able to focus on the door he is able to say it with his heart and mind fully involved. This is why we see that during the night is the best time to seek Allah's forgiveness as well to pray to Him as well. We learned from a hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I will Lord the blessing in the exalted descends every night to the lowest Heaven, when one third of the latter part of the night is left and he says, Who supplicate me so that I may answer him who asks me so that I may give to him who asks me forgiveness, so that I may forgive him and we have learned earlier will be as Heidi homiest. So it's the best time to make as well. A como que la best time to meet

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a man who according to Anna and layli said didn't work out in Parliament reciting the Quran, so I didn't make it.

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So it's the best time to recite, it's the best time to improve your recitation. It's the best time to focus. It's the best time to pray. Best time a coma peeler, and it's the best way of training your laughs

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You know, there are people who say I can not stay awake in class, practice this. When you're standing in prayer, and you're reciting, you have to stay awake, isn't it?

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So you train yourself then you get used to forcing yourself to stay awake when you don't want to stay awake? Do you get it?

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So it's best for training have the nuts and you will notice that many times. People who are good at what they do when do they practice at night, or just before dawn just before dawn just yesterday on National Geographic I saw a picture somewhere in Sydney this man was swimming or something before dawn

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before dawn he was swimming why that's when the practice is the best time to practice a lot of random how but that's the time that the practice because during the day what happens people are watching you there's so many distractions, you get tired lazy, and then once the time comes to eat breakfast and then change and go to work and then go to the bathroom and and have lunch and and have snack and then sleep and then you know then it just never stops, isn't it? especially for women. Once your day starts, it will not come to an end until you get to bed. Isn't it? So doesn't mean you don't read the Quran. You don't recite. You don't make the you have to make time for it. And when is

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it it will be in the night.

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We also learn from our Hudis invariably it has been narrated that Allah is pleased when he sees three kinds of people, those who pray during the hours of the night. Allies please for three kinds of people who first of all, those who pray the hours of the night, those who made proper rules in salah and those who made proper rules in the battlefield. Allah is pleased with these people.

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We also learned from another Hadees which is intimately the gist of witches that a person attains the most closeness to Allah in the last part of the night. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he advised his companion that if you can be among those who remember our life at that time, then be of them be of them.

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to overhear law says in the Nashua lady here I shall do often will occur when when

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it's best to train your knifes and it's best for the purpose of recitation and worship.

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In Melaka, finna Harry another reason why a person must pray at night that indeed for you during the day is santolina prolonged occupation server hand what the sub mean

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look at the word give every letter it's helped

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several 100 not saw this is not slot seen.

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The word this B is also from the same root. This is glorification, and it's right from Sabha and what does that mean to move quickly? In what in air or in water.

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So what the subject

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swimming or flying.

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So during the day, you have sub sample Isla long flights.

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You have to swim for a very long time you have to fly for a very long time, meaning you have endless chores to do, isn't it? If for example, you're cleaning, and then you're washing, and then you're doing one thing after the other, constantly swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, flying, flying, flying, flying, one chore after the other one work after the other. in Manila, katherine harris, Avraham, Polina, you have extended engagements, a lot of work to do.

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So this is why make the nighttime for what the worship of the most apparent

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during the day you have many activities.

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Some have said that of hamdulillah refers to the spirit literally so during the night, recite the Koran stand in prayer, and during the day, busy yourself in the spirit of ALLAH soprano.

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Leave the night open for religious devotion. Because during the day you have a lot of work to do. And whatever work you're doing during the day, busy herself in this be busy yourself in the glorification of Allah in the lack of inadi Subhan. Allah.

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Some have said the term hand over here means I've handled a lot meaning you have a long time during the day for your sleep, when you can make up for your sleep during the day. But the night keep it for the worship of Allah.

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What good is smaller, bigger, and remember the name of your Lord, meeting when you begin your recitation in the night prayer, then how should you begin with the name of Allah mentioned the name of your Lord what could is not a big and otherwise in general as well. During the day, whatever you do, keep remembering the name of your Lord, whatever in a devotee and devote yourself to Him with complete devotion, the Bethel This is from the root lepers, better lamp and better Allah is to cut something and separated from the rest. But tend to shape means either cathartic to to cut something off and separate from the rest.

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So to cut yourself off from what from all your worldly engagements, people, all your chores, the things that you have to do your activities, cut yourself off from them, and connect yourself to who lie to him to your Lord when during the night, the bottle inator with ILA, it is said that Maria Maria salon was called batool.

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Why? Because she had devoted herself for the worship of Allah soprano.

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To understand what the worth of Bethel means, to cut yourself off from every worldly engagement, every worldly engagement and devote oneself to who do what to the worship of Allah, soprano tanto de la, de la.

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Now, this does not mean that a person abandons a duty altogether, because Allah subhanaw taala tells us that our bodies have a haka bonus. Our families have a haka bonus, everyone has a haka bonus.

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So the day is going to be spent on what giving everyone their help you understand your mother has a right on you, your children have a right on you. You cannot keep your children hungry and say I have to read the Quran.

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You cannot tell your husband Sorry, no dinner today, I have to recite the Quran. No, you have to give the Huck of people during the day. However, whatever the heck of Allah. When can you give that to him? Yes, during the day you will do that. But what about that special time that you spend with your Lord only that you will take out from when you're asleep in the night.

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And when you will spend that time with your Lord when you will worship Him alone will give you strength, inner strength.

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So you will be able to continue, you will be able to bear the hardships of life, you will be able to bear the challenges deal with them. So the bottle La Tomatina, what does it mean?

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What does it mean, then?

00:24:09--> 00:24:17

cut off from the world do nothing of this dunya No. It means that you must take time out for the worship of Allah.

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And once the time comes to worship Allah, then become a stranger to the people.

00:24:25--> 00:24:51

Then at that time, you don't know anyone you understand, like the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he would be with his family members. When the time of Salah would come he would become like a stranger to them. The battle elate Abdullah, not that a person is praying and at the same time thinking about what to cook, how to cook. in what order he's going to do things know the letter LA, de la when you're praying when you're worshiping. Then put your mind and heart to it. Don't be distracted by so many things.

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in eternity law.

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Okay, we'll listen to the recitation.

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Man you're watching me

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was curious? No, because

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you see over here what has been said in the lack of in the hurry saga hamdulillah if you ever swimming, and you're taking laps constantly, one after the other, how exhausted you become, isn't it? And while you're swimming Can you eat at the same time? You know? Can you do other things at the same time you cannot, you can only be focused on them. Now many times what happens is that we try to adjust the worship of Allah in the middle of our worldly chores in the middle of our worldly activities. But the thing is that when you adjust the worship of Allah in the middle of your worldly activities, then you can't really put your mind and heart to it. You cannot benefit from it as much.

00:26:34--> 00:26:39

You have to put the rest of your day in your prayer schedule, isn't it?

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And during the day, you have so many things that are necessary you cannot ignore. You cannot ignore your children. You cannot ignore your work you have to do it. But what about the connection that you have to build with your Lord? For that you have to take time out from your sleep, from your personal time.

00:27:00--> 00:27:05

You understand? You have to take time out from your personal time and that will be when during the night.

00:27:06--> 00:27:22

This is why Allah says with a Bethel la Lita Tila at that time, just devote yourself to Him. Don't think about other people don't think about other things. Make that time exclusively for him with him. So recite the book and make the offer to him as well.

00:27:24--> 00:27:51

And who is Allah last dial? Rob bull mashiki. Well, Mahara. He is the Lord of the east and the west. If you seek his help, he will be able to help you rob will mashiki Well, Mahara because He is the Lord of the east and the west, La Ilaha Illa, who there is no god accept him for the hate who Akilah so take him as a rookie who is working, who is working. It's also used for a lawyer, you know that

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someone who manages your affairs, one who takes care of your problems. Joaquin is someone upon whom tawakkol is done. same route as the worker. So for the hippo killer, take him as your guardian interest all your affairs to him. If you think about it, the soldier began with what Yeah, you heard was, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was afraid. He was worried. He had a huge challenge, a huge task, a huge responsibility. And many times when we face difficulties like this, then we just want to sleep. We don't want to see anything. We don't want to deal with it, we find it too difficult. But the thing is, that when Allah subhanaw taala has given you a responsibility, you can't turn your

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back on it. You have to take the challenge. And for that, you need strength, how do you build that strength? With worship? And how do you build that strength also by trusting on who Allah, but the HID who Akila trust upon him, rely upon Him, and He will take care of your affairs. Without fit in actually that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, leaving the dunya is not that you made the lawful things that Allah has made for you unlawful upon yourself, or that you spend all the wealth you have, thinking that Allah who provide rather leaving the dunya is that you have more trust with what is in Allah's hands than you do with what is in your own hands. What does it mean that you trust to

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Allah, not that you trust yourself, but the hidden joaquina?

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Now, many times it happens, we think if we get up in the night, we won't be able to work during the day. This is what we think. But trust upon him. If he is telling you, he will enable you as well. He will give you the ability. Don't look at the strength that you have. Look at the strength of luck and

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don't look at the little time that you have little ability that you have. Look at the variety that Allah can give, but does he do Akilah

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so rely on him. And he will provide just as you singled him out for worship. You should also single him out for reliance. Trust on him. Don't trust on yourself.

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Okay, we'll listen to the

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expositor the recitation from the beacon

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in nanika

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was Boris model

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