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Al-Maidah 1-5 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 2-b


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The importance of cooperation in face of violence and racism is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to be aware of their rights and not harms others. The importance of respectful behavior, including respecting others' actions, is emphasized, especially in areas such as education and safety. The importance of cooperation with non-M-th anti-tumor groups is emphasized, especially in areas like education and safety. It is emphasized that cooperation with non-M-th anti-tumor groups is paramount, and that one should not associate one's behavior with another person.

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What Darwin and you all mutually cooperate?

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Darwinism newsletters. I'm well known for the work that r1

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and r1 is to do our own of one another what does our own me? Help? Yeah Can we do what Erica ness there in we seek our own.

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So what is our own help, and remember that our own is used for any type of help.

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So to our no meaning cooperate with one another, help one another, our little victory with toccoa upon good deeds with righteousness and dukla, fearing the loss of anger,

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when bear and the core come together, this refers to different types of good deeds.

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And taqwa refers to staying away from how long staying away from that which is forbidden.

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So cooperate with one another to do that which is right and to avoid the problem.

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Well, that Darwin and do not cooperate with one another, either it's me whether or the one upon sin and transgression. What is there the one

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transgression against other people, and Islam could be a sin that a person is committing against himself or in the rights of Allah subhana wa tada

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what duckula and fear Allah

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in the law should either have indeed allies more severe in retribution. Meaning for those people who oppose him and go against his commands. Allah is severe in taking retribution.

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The word recovered from the fetters in combat,

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and activists heal

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and record his punishment that is given as a recompense for committing an offence for a crime.

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Because it follows the action, it follows the crime it follows the offense. So if you do something wrong,

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if you disrespect if you disobey the commands of Allah,

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then remember that Allah is severe in retribution.

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What did we learn from this ayah

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many things.

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First of all, we learned that at Hajj, a person has to be careful about the place that he is in

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and he must not violate the sanctity of the place of the people of the time of the rituals.

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So, when a person is going for Hajj, he must be very careful, he must be very respectful towards not just the home, but also towards the people who are there.

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Well, I mean, elevated Hara

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because many times what happens when we go for hire to just want to focus on ourselves

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that I respect the cargo so much that I will push 100 people to get there and touch it.

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Even if somebody falls, somebody gets hurt or they get lost, because I respect the cover so much. I have to pray in the harem. Even if it means I have to fight with someone to get their spot.

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This is what this respecting not just the place but even the people.

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So when a person is going for Hajj, he has to be extremely careful and respectful towards the place towards the rituals towards the people towards the time and he must not violate their sanctity in any way.

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He cannot take the rules in his hand and change them as he pleases. rather he must show respect.

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We have learned earlier in sort of Baccarat Rafa whenever sukawati that

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there should be no sexual intimacy between spouses at Hajj, when life was over, there should be no sending. And allegedly, there should be no arguing either. When a person is

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insulted of hedge I number 32. A lot of parents out there says well my URLs Lim Shah Illa, for in the Hammond dakolo kulu.

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And whoever honors the Shah of Allah, then indeed that is from the fit of the hearts.

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Whoever honors You are a limb the shine of Allah insha Allah, Allah includes the places the times the rituals, and from this I will also learn it's the people who are performing hajj

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even they must be shown respect.

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So we see from this ayah that our Deen It teaches us respect

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that worship is not just going there performing some rituals and coming back, but it is to perform Hajj consciously,

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that in that process a person does not harm other people.

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I notice it has been said that while Adriana commissioner and calming but sometimes we're just biased toward some people towards some racist towards some cultures. And when we see them over there, like Who are they?

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They're your Muslim brothers and sisters.

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You're supposed to respect them as well.

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Just because you had a disagreement with them doesn't mean you can treat them however you want.

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Secondly, we also learned from this ayah that those people who are going for Hajj they should be cooperated with.

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And a person should not put them to difficulty

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in any way whatsoever.

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Any person should try as much as he can to facilitate their Hajj to facilitate their oma.

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And it's amazing how, throughout our history, we reward those people who have cooperated with those people who are coming for heights they have facilitated for them in so many different ways that the roads have been paved, the car rides have been arranged. Now 100 of the trains are running, water is arranged food.

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So much is there why in order to cooperate with those people who are coming for hygiene.

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So this is something that is an obligation, because almost parenthesize over here that do not violate the sanctity of those people who are coming to perform hajj,

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cooperate with them, help them assist them, do not harm them in any way.

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And we also have to be careful that sometimes what happens is that because it's a hype season, or it's the peak season, what happens is that people, they increase the prices of food, of basic things, basic necessities,

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and a person who cannot afford much, it becomes very difficult for him to arrange for his food and for his accommodation and also for his travel.

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So people who are going for hygiene or whatever they must be cooperated with.

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We also learn from this ayah about the obligation of personal son concerning the Hajaj

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that they are going to seek the father of Allah

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because Allah says over here yep, the owner father, mira be him. What did one so a person who is going for HUD, you should have a good thought about then that they're really going to gain benefit of the Antonia and the pleasure of their Lord.

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We are known to say, Oh, this person is going for Hajj only to please his mom.

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Or he's going for Hajj, only to perform the ritual in his heart is not here, so I don't care about him. I'm only concerned about my Hajj. No, any person is going for Hajj, we should have a good supposition about them that he ever the hoonah problem it would be him would it when

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we also learn from this is not the obligation of either with the enemy, the obligation of justice, even with the enemy.

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That just because you have hatred for them, or they have hatred for you, you don't commit a crime, you don't disobey a line anyway.

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We also learn from this idea about the obligation of cooperating with others in Albury, but the

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the obligation of cooperating with others in good in righteousness in something that is good. And and also saving people from that which is harmful.

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And this is something that can be taken in a general sense that even if a non Muslim is doing something that is good, that is righteous, that has an element of taqwa in it because Step one is to protect to take a shield.

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So if even a non Muslim is trying to do something in order to help people in order to save them from that which is harmful, it is our obligation to cooperate with them.

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So for example, if there are some people who have developed this organization, which they are researching about cancer or about a disease, and they want to support they want your help with regards to making people aware, or with regard to teaching people with regards to funding so that they can increase in their research, then we must cooperate with them.

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Sometimes we don't cooperate with them saying that they're non Muslim.

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For example, sometimes these organizations they will take donations, for example, your used clothing

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and they will sell them and the money that they gain, they will use it for their research.

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And what do we say? Don't give your use clothing even to them because they're non Muslims. Know, Allah says what are our new island busy with taqwa?

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cooperate with one another in bed. And

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so if they're doing something good, cooperate with them, whether they're Muslim or not.

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And we see that at the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. When he migrated to Medina, a drought hit Mecca and Abu Sufyan he sent a message to Medina and the prophets that a lot of them sent food items for them.

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Why? Because it's Darwin or a little bit. This is righteousness for

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feeding the hungry,

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what dako saving lives.

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Similarly, we learned that before Prophethood, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was present at the covenant that was agreed upon between the five tribes of the Quran and this covenant was known as the healthful football,

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one football

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and what was that,

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that the poor people or the travelers who come to Makati should be treated nicely.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he used to regard this covenant as very honorable.

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I mean, he really respected it.

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And it is said that much after the prophet SAW the laws and became a prophet, he would say that I was present when a covenant was agreed upon in the house of of the live and dead on. And I would not accept even a red camel in exchange of it. Meaning even if you were to offer me something very expensive,

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I would not take it. Because I still prefer to be a part of that. Had I been asked to uphold it even in the days of Islam,

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I would have agreed.

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Why? Because it's the r1 and alberi.

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So if anyone is doing something that is righteous, is saving people. There is the element of taqwa in it,

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then you should cooperate with them.

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It's an obligation to our new it's an it's a command.

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We also learn from this I about the encouragement to do better and have the core because how can you cooperate with someone if you don't do it yourself? You have to do it yourself. Because sometimes you say I will only help other people. No, you're supposed to do it yourself as well.

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We also learn from this I bought the prohibition of cooperating in sin.

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If somebody is doing something that is sinful, isn't

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sinful. It's a sin against a law, or it is earth when transgression against people,

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then we are not allowed to cooperate with them.

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So for instance, if a friend of yours is deciding to steal someone's book, steal someone's wallet, steal someone's bag, and they tell you about it, even afterwards, are you willing to cooperate with them? And hide their theft? No, you cannot cooperate with them.

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Similarly, if someone is hurting another, if someone is yelling at another shouting at another,

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are you going to just remain silent and cooperate with the person who is oppressing the other? No, you cannot cooperate with them, you must stand up and stop them. Guna kawaman.

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Similarly, if someone is cheating another,

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if a person is sitting in the test, and their friend asks them, can you tell me the answer to this question? Can you show me the root word of this word? You said she's my best friend. She helped me so much. So I have to show her so you lift up your test paper and you let her have a glance at your test paper. This is the one I know it's me one or the one What is a lossy while at our our new RL SP one or the one do not cooperate in sin and transgression.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, own sort of a haka, volumen of Muslim,

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support your brother help your brother, whether he is unjust, or the victim of injustice, whether he is unjust or the victim of injustice.

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For this I have asked O Messenger of Allah, we know about helping him when he suffers and justice, but how can we help him when he is the one who is being unjust to the other, how is supposed to help him

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the profits or losses and upset, prevent and stop him from committing injustice.

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If you really like your friend, if you're really concerned about their success, about their diploma,

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if you're really concerned about the fact that they should pass their tests, if you're really concerned about the fact they should be happy, then you should be concerned for them

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and not cooperate with them in the wrong that they're doing. Well, that there are one or the least me one or the one to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said prevent and stop him from committing injustice and this represents giving support to him.

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We also learn from this I about the obligation of taqwa. And if one goes against the commands that Allah Subhana Allah has given, then he is going against the core because Allah says, what the law her fear Allah, in the love of God that Earth call that fear Allah and out of his fear, follow the commands that are given in this ayah if you go against them, that's not possible.

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So don't assume that you're a McDuffie. When you go against these commands when you're helping someone insane in doing something that is wrong, that's not the point.

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It's not the call at all.

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Because of course, the fear of a lead that takes a person away from disobeying him.

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It's not just the fear of the teacher, the fear the invigilator the group in charge or the person who is above you in some way or the other. No, it's the fear of Allah that Allah is watching.

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Even if so and so is not watching. So what the colada this shows is about the obligation of the

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Well, I

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God knows

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