Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 29 – L297A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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now head over to the Hilton in America for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim for the slightly odd way acidity, Emery wash of data melissani yokocho coly probenecid narina.

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So, number 297 so little Muzammil is number one to 20

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Yeah, Are you her or you, Alma zamil the one who wraps himself on stand up a Laila at the night Illa except kalila a little nice for who have have it oh or own posts reduce less than men who from it buddy the little o or Zed increase our lay upon it was till and gradually recite and honor the Quran, delta with measured recitation with a gradual recitation

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in there, indeed, We centrally we will soon cast our Laika upon you. olan a word, so Lila heavy in indeed, Nashi utter, rising and then lane of the night. Here, it I shall do is more hard, is more intense work in trampling what Alcoa more and more upright dealer in speech. In indeed, lucky for you fill in the * in the day sarahan occupation taweelah long with cars and remember his Smith name Rob big off your Rob what are the 10 and cut off lie to him w Tila a definite cutting off

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Prabhu Rob Alma Shrek of the East one Maverick and the West learn not enter have any god in that except who are he? For the head who so you take him what he learned as a guardian was very there and be patient. Allah upon man what your coluna they say? What your home and keep away from them. Her children are keeping away jameelah beautiful weather me and leave me while mocha baby and those who deny early possessors are not of the bounty of the comfort, warmer Hill home and give respect to them alila and level in indeed ladina with us and Carolyn fetters shackles was your hammer and burning fire, water, almond and food the possessor was certain of that which causes to choke. What

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are their burn and a punishment a lima bean for Yona on day they'll do food it will tremble of the earth while the bamboo and the mountains working on it and it was LG bamboo the mountains Cathy been like a sand hill mahila one flowing in indeed we are Selma we sent la come to you want to learn a messenger share hidden as a witness or they come upon you gamma just as all of a sudden we sent Illa towards for their own for your own Rasulullah a messenger for our for then he disobeyed fit our own fit around assume the messenger for a herd now who so we seized him of the season. We're biela disastrous for kafer so how that the corner you will save in if given to you all disbelieved Yeoman

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a de yadgir Alou it will make and will then the children Sheba old gray haired a summer of the sky moon falter on one that gets split be he because of it, Ghana it was what I do who his promise Marula want to be fulfilled in indeed heavy this debt kiloton a reminder from and so whoever shall He willed it to her that he took Illa towards Robbie his rub sebelah away. In indeed Rebecca your year alone. He knows Anika that indeed you to whom you stand at dinner lesser men than Sulu say two thirds Elaine of the night.

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One is for who and it's half was the loser who and a third of it will die if I don't and a group meaner leadin from those who marker are with you will law who and Allah yoga doodle he measures out a Laila the night when the Hara and the De Lima he knew on that land never do so who you all calculate it for whatever so he turned in mercy or they come upon you for color oh so you will recite man whatever they Yes sir, it was easy meaning of the Quran argument he knew that say akun soon he will be men come from you multiple ones who are sick. What are Haruna and others Yerba Buena they will strike Phil up in the air. Yeah but the owner they seek men from fumbling the bounty of

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Allah. What are Haroon and others you call deluna? They fight feasterville in their in Way of Allah for Kuru. So you all recite, man whatever they so it was easy men who from it? Well Timo and you all perfectly establish a solid that's what I do and you will give as the character does occur will occur to you and you will land Allah Allah have been alone has been a beautiful woman and whatever to cut the moon you will send forth the unfussy come for yourselves men from hiring any good that you do who you are will find it in the law with Allah who it Hylan is better, what are Aloma and greater, a juror in reward was still futile and you all seek forgiveness Allah from Allah in Allaha

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Indeed, Allah is most forgiving by Haman always All Merciful.

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We listen to the recitation of

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Paulina, Miss

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Tina in

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duo Tina,

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The law he

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Al-Muzzammil 1-20 Translation 1-20

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