Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P20 201A Translation Al-Qasas 44-67

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses their experiences and plans for the day, including topics such as war, religion, and money. They mention a book called "LA home" and a woman named Lavina who wants to be a woman. The group also talks about a woman named Marie who wants to be a woman and a man named Buick who wants to be a woman. They discuss various topics, including a variety of topics such as war, religion, and money, and mention a woman named Yona reciting a song about a woman named Yona.
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Muhammad Ali a lot of Sunil Karim and my beret Farah with bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish. Raheja Saudi were Sidley MD Wilander. appdata melissani. yokocho. Holy probenecid

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That's the number 202 pseudo costs if number 44 to 67. TRANSLATION warmer and not go into you were be journey on site.

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URL or be the Western. It when Gallina we decreed Isla Musa to Musa alayhis salam al Umbra the command warmer and not canta you were men from a share hidden those who witness

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while I can now but indeed we and Chet now, we brought forth we produced

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Kuruman generations fatawa so it became long

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our lay him upon them and remove the life the age warmer and not go into you were sir we in a dweller one who lives fee in

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people median of median that Lou you recite or lay him upon them Athina Our Verses, while kinah but we couldn't. We were mousseline ones who sent warmer and not content. You were Be gentle outside a tool of the mountain or of the mount to

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it when now Dana we called while I can but rahmatan immersi mid Lubbock from Europe, little Indira so you weren't a woman or people may not but our home it came to them. Men from Naveed in a warner when publica from before you there are no home so that they yet other karoun they remember

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well Lola and if not on that to say by whom it reaches them. Mostly button a calamity. A difficulty be male because of what but the mat it sent ahead, ad him their hands for your Kulu so they will say or banana or our rub. Lola Why not auto CELTA, you sent Elena to us or Sulan a messenger, Fernanda Vera, so we would follow a Atik your versus when Akona and we would be men from a remote meaning the believers

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fellow man so when J A home it came to them and help to the truth. Men from Indiana near us. Or Lou they said, Lola why not? odia he was given Mithila like, ma what Butea he was given Musa Musa alayhis salam

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do WA and lamb not yak Furu de disbelieve the man in what Butea he was given Musa Musa alayhis salam Winco blue from before Balu they said Suhani two magicians to la hora. They both helped each other.

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Well Carlo and they said in indeed we be calling with each gaff your own one to disbelieve.

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Say for two so you all come be kita been with a book Men from or in the near Allah He Allah Hua it there is more guided men humor than these two at a bit who I will follow it in if quantum you were slightly clean ones who are truthful for in then if llum not yesterday, Boo they respond. Lucky for you fire alarm, they know a NEMA that indeed not but yet the Varuna they follow a what a home their desires, women and who Abbulu is more a stray man then who is ever he followed, however, who his desire. Be lady without who then a guidance mean Allah from Allah. In Allah indeed Allah Laya the he does not guide and count the people avoiding mean the wrongdoing. What occurred and certainly was

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Selena we cause to reach we connected law home

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for them I'll cola the word LA LA home so that they get other karoun they remember a Lavina those who are Dana whom We gave them al Qaeda but the book mencoba Lee from before it home they behaved with it you mean own they believe what either and when Youth Law is recited or laying him upon them although they said Amana we believed be he with it in know who indeed it I'll help the truth Mira Bina from our rub in indeed we can now we were men from humbly he before it Muslimeen Muslims want to submit

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hola Erica those your donor they will be given by Euro home they reward model at a&e Twice be mad because of what Savile Row they were patient where there are owner and they avert Bill Hashanah with the good or say, the evil when we met and from what was Akane whom we provided them, you INFICON they spend

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what either and when Semeru they hurt Allah the vain talk, or do they turned away on who from it will call a loo and they said Lana for us our maluna our deeds while a comb and for you are Malou calm your deeds, ceremony peace or lay come upon you lair not never Delhi we desire we seek LJ healing the ignorant ones

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in Nikka indeed you love not Daddy, you guide man who are above you loved. Well I can but Allah Allah yesterday, he guides man whoever you're sharing who he wills, well who are and he is our alum who is more snowing, Bill Motorin with those who are rightly guided

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will call you and they said in if not the beer we follow alHuda the guidance Merica with you know the hot off

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we shall be carried away. We shall be snatched men from Urbina our land

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do wha and lamb not know Moroccan we establish

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the home for them. How Rahman haram a sanctuary

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mean secure

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YouTuber. He is brought.

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He is collected

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or huge bear it is collected. He lay he do it. Similar to fruits goalie every che in thing. It is on as provision men from Laguna near us while I can but Aclara home most of them left not your Ultimune they know what come and how many Lucknow we have destroyed. Men from Korea didn't a town but they liked it became proud.

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It became reckless or it became thankless Marie shatta her for its livelihood

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for Tilka. So that Masek you know home their homes, lum not to scan.

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It was inhabited.

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It was lived in

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men from Bardi him after them Illa except a Leland a little while ago now and we were national we're aware the theme the inheritors warmer and not Ghana. He was Rob Booker, your Rob Mahalik. One who destroys el pura the town's had that until Yeah, Bertha he sends fee in Omaha. Its mother its foundation

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or Sulan a messenger yet Lu here recites or lay him upon them. I attina Our versus warmer and not gonna we were move lucky ones who destroy alcova the towns in LA except what Aloha while it's people who are the moon wrongdoers

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warmer and whatever UI to them you were given men from che in anything firmer there. So benefit and height of the life a duniya of the world was Xena to her and it's adornment warmer and whatever are in the law is with Allah. Hi Jeroen is better, whatever call and more lasting

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A fella do the not dark balloon, you will understand. A femine is then who what I do now who we promised him wire then a promise Hassan good for Hawa so he lucky one who meets it.

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One who obtains it

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common like who materna who we benefited him.

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Madonna benefit al-hayat of the life a dunya of the world. So much then who are he yarmulke gamma on the Day of Judgment men from Elmo Marine, those who are presented

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were Yoma and en de una de Him He will call them fire Kulu so he will say Aina where Shura cat II my partner's Alladhina those who come to you where does it remind you all claim?

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Allah He said Alladhina those who have

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it became deserving.

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It became Do you are laying him upon them allow you the word Robina or our wrap her hula II these Alladhina are those who have Wayna they misled us

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away now whom we misled them.

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Comma just as Lena. We went astray

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the bawana we declared our innocence

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it acre to you MA Not ganhou they were a Jana, us. Yarbrough dune they worship walk Isla and it was said oh do you will call Shoraka a comb your partner's further our home so they invoke them for lunch so not yesterday boo they respond the home for them. What a will and they saw a dab the punishment low if unknown. Indeed they can they were yet the dune they obtain guidance. While Yama and on de una de Him He will call them fire Kulu. So he will say Mother what is that? A jab them you all responded al mousseline To the Messengers for Armenia so it became obscure. It became blind

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are laying him upon them. I'll embed the news Yo Ma even that day, for whom so they left not yet a sir alone. They will ask each other

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for Amma. So as for man who dabba he repented, what am Anna and he believed what Camila and he did. Solely Han righteous faster than perhaps and that ye Hakuna he will be men from a muffler Hain those who are successful.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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One Debbie journey with me the Paulina

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Domina Shahidi Wallah.

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That's up on it he wouldn't wanna

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be mad mediana det Lu.

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Deena wala

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seeing 140 hidden

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can wash my

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big wash madam no love

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go home, while hola two C

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C. B

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Dena Lola, DME llama Musa, our MC moonbeam

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pod, all Lucy sron it all in

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all there

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How to Be Keita.

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Tunes audio team

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Mr G moolah Katha

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101 looming data however we

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mean a lot in a lot

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of body mean while for the last

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be you mean

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what either

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Bina in

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Module II mostly mean

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you don't wanna add your water you need emails

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that is

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the moon while he does

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walk on

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healing in

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de mi

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Danny walk on

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Canada Kaufmann of Lena

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EV they're not

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they're not auto cliche is this

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to scam

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18 One

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on one

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mission here than a down hire Dunia was

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he can

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do duniya

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boring while named Edie Falco at national aka el

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Tesoro Moon all a lady in a shop

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double what

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he Lake Murga

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wealthy ledger Rocio Anca,

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Mia's 30.

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get into Moodle mobile Saleen

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