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Al-Mumtahinah 1-13 Translation 1-13

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I said I've already covered the law What if I do

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not matter who will suddenly are allowed to sue legal guardian? I'm about ferodo Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. furbish rocklea is further away assembly Andrey melissani of Coco de obon as you can lesson number 284 Sutra Tony Montana verses one to 13

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all the villa ministry upon a regime Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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Yeah, you have, oh, Allah Dina allatheena those who

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know they believe law do not that's the case Do you all take away my enemies

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and I do welcome your enemies earlier. Close protecting friends to lacuna, you all cast he laid him towards them. Bill my word that he with the friendship work while in fact careful. They have disbelieved the man with what jakim it came to you all men from a happy the truth. You're free Juna, they drive out our rasuna the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wa and yet you all to and that took me know you all believe biLlahi in Allah radbeacon you're in a concern you all over Rajasthan you all went out to harden to strive at most p in severely my way, where and even they are to see narrowbody myplayer to see Runa you all can see he lay him towards them. Bill Maher was that with

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the friendship was while Hannah, I am one who knows more Bhima with whatever

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you all can see when Rama and whatever I learned from you all revealed where and man whoever Jeff is who he does it mean come from you all are among you all pocket, then in fact, Bala he straight. So

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straight or Sabine the back

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in If yes,

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they gain upper hand over you yaku they will be lesson for you all

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and enemies

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and Yabba suku they will stretch out a comb towards you all ad their hands work and alsina to whom they are tongue, this UI with the evil Wah and what do they love? They wish low it only suck for you all disbelief.

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Lunch land will never then fire them. It will benefit you all or harm upon your kinships worse and less nor I will lie to your children joma on day alpha yamatai the standing yet still he will decide by in

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between you all were and Allahu Allah Dima with whatever Dharma loon you all do, Laci always all seen.

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In fact, Gannett it was lucky for you all was swattin umodel. has an attorney one excellent fee in Ibrahim Ibrahim alayhis salam, WA and Allah Xena, those who mahu with him is when they said to me, him, for their people in indeed we for this associated free absolved of responsibility. men come from you all were and mimma from whatever Sabu Do you all worship men from dooney other than Allah He Allah Catarina we have disbelieved become in your work and but it has appeared by Nana between us. And by Nikon, between you all ellada to the enmity was and I'll backdoor the hatred

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But then forever has still to me know you all believe believe in Allah. Russia who? Alone Illa except hola same Ibrahim Ibrahim Alayhi Salam the OBG to his father.

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Buren surely I shall definitely seek forgiveness letters for you and ma not m Li qu I have power letter for you mean from Allah, Allah min from shining anything robina Oh our alayka upon you. So what can we have fought our trust? What a Laker and to you and Urbana we turned repeatedly in repentance was and Elijah to you see the final return Ravana for our law, do not dijanna you make us fit nothing. I try a little Edina for those who guess they have disbelieved work, and you forgive Lana for us, Urbana for our rap in Naga. Indeed you and you alone, Ella Z's the always Almighty al Hakim the always all white leopard. Certainly. Cana it was lucky for you all feed him in them was

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spot on a model has done an excellent Lehman for who Cana he was young. He hopes he looks forward to Lucha Allah, wa and ayama the day

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the last well and man who ever get a welder he turns away for inner, then Indeed Allah Allah Hua he alleghany you the rich al Hamid the always all praiseworthy pasa, perhaps it may be Allahu Allah, and that judge Allah, He will make by nakum between you all were and bainer between Allah Vina those who are they to you all considered as enemies. mean whom, among them my word, friendship. Well, and Allahu Allah.

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Always or even worse, and Allahu Allah or Fudan most forgiving Rahim on always All Merciful,

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LA, not Jen, how come? he forbids you all. Allahu Allah. from Allah Vina those who learn did not your party lucam they fight against you or fee about a Diem their religion

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and lamb did not ukri do they drive you out? They expel you mean from the from your homes. And that room? you all do good to them. Were and Takashi abou you all deal justly lay him towards them in Indeed, Allah, Allah, your head boo. He loves al noxee Athene those who are just

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in Allah. Indeed not but Jen, how come? he forbids you all. Allahu Allah.

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from Allah? Vina those who are the lucam they fought against you all be about adding the religion well, and after a Jew con, they drove you out. They expelled you all men from the Recon your homes

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they supported each other Allah upon Harajuku your expedition, and that they will know whom you all be friendly. Well, and man whoever that he befriends them, but hula because then those they are volley moon. The wrongdoers? Yeah. Oh, Allah Vina, those who I know, they believed, either when a gun came to you all, Elmina, the believing women mohajir are women who emigrate from stuff you know?

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Then you all test them. Allahu Allah. I am one who is most knowing the man in with their faith for him. Then if I tell him to move when you all knew

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them me nothing as believing women by law then do not tell Do you all send them back either to the disbelievers law, not on the hill none lawful

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for them well and last note on the Yamaha, Luna, they are lawful, Donna for them

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and to whom you all give them math, whatever, and for who they spent where and love not gonna have anything come upon you all. And that thank you who you all marry them either when they do move when you all gave them who you are on their bridle money. Well and last do not to SQL, you all hold vi son in knots in bonds of marriage ellika theory those women who are disbelievers who was Hello, Angie, you all ask, man, whatever. And you all have spent well, yes Alou and they should ask math, whatever. And suppose they have spent the early come that are you all, Pokemon judgment decision? A lot of Allah. Yeah. He judges he decides, by in a comb between you all and Allahu Allah palaemon

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always all knowing Hakeem on always All right.

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And, in fact, it slipped away from you all shaken, anything mean from as well as you can, your wife, Ella to alpha fairy legends believers, Baraka bottom, then you all had your turn.

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To then you all give and levena those who the habit she went as far as their wives mithila like, Man, what

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they spent? Well, and it's Apple law. You all fear Allah, Allah de who and don't you all be with him? Me known once to be yeah are you are you and maybe the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam either when jakka came to you, Alma minute, the believing women, yerba Yamanaka they give a pledge to you Allah upon and that does not use Krishna. They will associate partners biLlahi with vanilla shake and anything where and love nor just revenue, they will steal why and law nor just Nina they will commit adultery

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and nor Yekaterina they will kill

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their children

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and the nor Tina they will come the Boston with a slander just the Rena who they fabricated bainer between ad in their hands and out of Julie in their feet

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and law nor yasi NACA they will display you be in my roofing any recognized good for bargain hoonah then you accept their pledge where and is selfish. You seek forgiveness for them. Allah from Allah in indeed of lava Allah buffoon most forgiving regime on always All Merciful. Yeah. Are you for you? Allah Xena, those who know they believed law do not that are low. You all befriend a woman, a people or the bar. He was angry. Allahu Allah, La him upon them.

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In fact, jvzoo they have disappeared. Men from an era T the year after gamma, just like Jessa he has disappeared.

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The disbelievers mean from us hobby companions of hobo the grave

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that's listen to the recitation

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La Paz

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to Lima

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body along with

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in Ohio

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