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Al-Baqarah 267-274 Translation

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Sara Marie COVID

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mother who want to slowly get him on my bed for a little bit let him in a shade Daniela Jean Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim are Bashar Al Assad re were Sidley MD. of better melissani poco de obon as a dinner in

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Lesson number 36 suited to Baccarat is number 267. To 274.

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Yeah, au her or you

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Edina those who am I knew they believed

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and fuku you all spend men from you Bertie. Good things pure things, man. What? Casa bitone you all earned we're mingma and from whatever a Hello Gina. We took out local for you on Main from an LD the earth

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Wallah. And do not tell mobile, you all intend

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and hobbies are the impure, the bad men who from it, don't feel cooler you all spend well while last term you all are not the LCD at all ones who take it

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Illa except and that to me, do you all overlook your closed eyes? fee concerning it?

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Well, I will. And you all know

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that Indeed, Allah, Allah when he yearn for your want, rich, and he is he needed all resolve, praiseworthy,

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a shape on the shape on your ego calm. He promises you he threatens you on

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the poverty, war and your moral code. He orders you, Bill fasher with the indecency with the shameful acts.

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Well, now who and Allah, ureter comb, he promises you mouthfeel at 10 forgiveness, men who from him, what and Fiddler bounty, Grace

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Allahu and Allah, what is your own infinitely vast and even always all knowing

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you d he gives a heck matter the wisdom man whomever He wills,

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woman and whoever you that he is given, and heck matter the wisdom for God. Then in fact, butea he is given hiren A goodness kathira much abundant, warmer and not yet he takes heat. He learns lesson in there except Oulu, possessors, and of the understanding of the intellect warmer, and whichever un* tune you all spend men from nothing attain any spending.

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or neither to you all vowed men from Madeline any vow for inner so Indeed, Allah Allah, your Lomu who he knows it warmer and not live Ali Mila for the wrongdoers for those who do wrong. Men from outside in any helpers

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in if to be Do you all reveal you all disclosed? A sudden karate the charities fenyr ima so how good here it is.

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We're in and if to fool her, you all conceal it you all hide it. Well, and to her you want give it and for the ones for for who? Then it hiren is best local for you.

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What and you can fish he will remove. He will expiate. I'm calling from you, men from say e ethical your sins.

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Allahu and Allah Bhima with whatever that may be.

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As you all do, hobby rune always all aware laser, it is not an acre upon you who their home their guidance when our kin, but Allah, Allah, yesterday he guides man whoever he or she, he wills warmer and whatever, don't feel cool you will spend men from hiding any good, fairly and physical so for yourselves, then for yourselves warmer and not, don't feel cooler you won't spend in there except a bit era to seek YG face countenance, Allah He of Allah

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warmer and whatever. Don't feel cool. You all spend men from hiring any good. You will, it will be given in full in a come to you will anthem and you are left not to the moon you all will be wronged.

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Lin for Cora for the poor ones for those who are poor and Latina. Those who are swedru they were restricted. They were confined. Fi in Serbia Li Wei Allah He of Allah learn not yesterday Your Honor, they are capable bourbon to strike to travel fi in an RV the earth yes sir will home he considers them he supposes them

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Lj Hello the ignorant one or the one who is ignorant of Leah as well as rich men from

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the restraint

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dirty for whom you all recognize them receiver whom by their sides by their barks

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they're not yes aluna they ask a NASA the people in have persistently

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warmer and whatever don't feel cool you will spend men from hiring any good for enough so Indeed Allah Allah be with it our Lehman always all knowing

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and Medina those who you and feel cooler they spend a motorhome their way their properties built mainly with the night or by the night when the heady and the day Sivan secretly work and are lania done openly for the home. So for them at your home they reward are in the near club be him they

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wanna and not how fun a fear are they him upon them wonder and nor whom they saloon they will agree.

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That's the central recitation of these verses.

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honey honey, has shavon

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you Tina hickmott me.

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One body needs

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to be

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Do you

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want to fool to

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Luna hobby laser

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Are you ready

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leave LIFO

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no law heavy rd