Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P14 133A Translation Al-Hijr 51-99

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam aleikum, WA

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mother who want to study right out of sodium Kadeem and my Bar Mitzvah with a bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Frobisher Ashley solidity where Sidley Emery, Washington Urk letter melissani.

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lesson number 133. Susan hedges is number 51 to 99. TRANSLATION

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When a beat home and inform them

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about the fee guests, Ibrahim of Ibrahim are this

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is when the Hulu they entered our Li upon him for Carlos so they said Sara Amman, peace, Allah, he said in there indeed we mean come from you. What do you learn once afraid?

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Although they said, Learn do not Dogen you fear you will be afraid in that indeed we know bazooka we give you good news. They will I mean of a boy or Lehman or knowing

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color he said our or do best shot to Mooney you all give me good news, Allah upon and that must sunny it touched me elke baru the old age, Sabina so with what to wear Sharon you all give good news

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follow they said by show NACA we give you good news they'll help with the truth fella so do not duck on UB main from Alcon you clean those who despair.

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Allah He said Foreman and who? Jaco Nuttall, he despairs, men from Russia mercy or beat up Israel in there except of Bon Lune. Those who are astray, those who are misguided

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or he said some so what how to become your business? Your purpose?

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Or you her or you almost saloon the messengers

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although they said in that indeed we are a sinner we were sent in a to own people would you remain of criminals

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Illa except Allah family losing of loose or a salon in indeed we love Munna do home shortly ones who rescue them. Ones who saved them. Edge marine altogether Illa except imata who his wife a Domina we have decreed in her her indeed she lemon shorty from Allah between those who remain behind

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cinema so when Gera he came and a family loop of those are the salam and Marcelo the messengers.

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Cara he said in the comb indeed you Omen people one karoun ones unknown mode karoun once unknown,

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although they said bail rather generika We came to you Bhima with what Ghana they were fee in it you have their own data

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what a day in Africa and we have come to you will help with the truth were inner and indeed we Lazada Goon Show the truth for one's

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for asleep so travel by night be Ellika with your family because luring in abortion main from a lady the night what the beer and you follow a double have their backs Wallah and do not and should not be as he turned back he looked back I mean come from you ahead on any one one boo and you all continue you all proceed Hazel where maroon you all are commanded.

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Walk Albina and we conveyed

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will Kobina and we conveyed lie to him

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then he got that

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the matter unless that indeed their Bureau route How old are each of these Makoto want to be cut off most machine as ones entry morning?

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What yeah and he came along people Almudena of the city yesterday Sharon they are rejoicing Allah He said in the indeed her hola it is by feed my guests. Fella so do not just buffoon you all dishonor me what the who and you all fear Allah Allah wala and do not do Zuni you all embarrass me

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to Zuni you all embarrass me? God who they said, Oh Allah do and not Nan Hakka we forbid you I'm from Allah, Allah mean the people of the world.

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Allah He said, How old are you these Bennati? My daughter's in F continue we're sorry, Lee.

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One so do let America by your life in the home indeed day let's see surely in circular to him there intoxication Yama Hoon they wonder blindly

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the other two so it sees them of say her the awful cry the severe blast wishes the Dean as once and drink sunrise but you're hola so we made Alia her its highest Safira her its lowest we're on Thorner and we rained or lay him upon them hey gelatin stones men from CGL hard baked clay

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in the indeed fee in their liquor that surely signs linen with our Sameen for those who discern for those who learn by signs

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were in the hair and indeed it levy Sebelius surely at road surely at way morpheme one established

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one lasting

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in the indeed fee in Zelicah. That is surely assign little more meaning for the believers.

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Were in and indeed Ghana was US herbal companions in me an acre of the thicket of Acre Lavalle mean surely wrongdoers

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find the corner so we took retribution main home from them were in the Houma and indeed Bay to lobby Immerman shortly on a highway will been one clear

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well occurred and certainly Godiva he denied us herbal companions, inmates and fridges of the fridges and more saline the messengers were at Dana home and we gave them a attina Our science so again oh so they were on her from it more or you lean ones who turn away

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what can who and they were yen she tuna de card main from elgiva The mountains boo you then houses me Nene as one speeding security

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for a hoarder tomb so it sees them as say heard the awful cry must behave as once entering mourning summer so not only is it available, and home from them. Now what can who they were the XE Boon they earn

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warmer and not Holika we created Smls the heavens will Aruba and the earth warmer and what Boehner Houma between them do except the heck with the truth. We're in there and indeed a PSA the hour the idea don't surely one coming for supper, so you forgive a self help the forgiveness of Jamil the beautiful, the gracious

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in there indeed Rebecca Europe who are he is 100 The Supreme Creator,

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Allah Allah, the Supreme Creator, under our name, the knowing, one accord and certainly at a NACA we gave you stubborn seven men from Elma phirni the oft repeated ones.

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Well, Quran and the Quran Allah Aleem the great

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lead do not download then you definitely extend are you naked your two eyes in order to mouawad materna we have given enjoyment

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we have benefited be here with it as virgin groups categories men home from them water and do not dashes and you agree or lay him upon them while filled and you lower Jana Chaka your wing Lynwood minivan for the believers

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will call and say in the indeed, Anna I m and Nadine the Warner l movie in the clear

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coma just as an Zelner we sent Allah upon an Mahkota see when the separators

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are those who divide

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Alladhina those who jarred who they made a Quran the Quran

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very lean into portions into parts.

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So we're by Rebecca your learner's Elena home shortly we will definitely ask them a Jew marine all together. I'm about what can do they were young balloon they do. First, then declare.

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Then execute Bhima with what

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dogma you are commanded.

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What are you and you turn away? I'm from Alicia king. The policy is

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in indeed weaker say NACA we are sufficient for you and Musa has seen from the mockers.

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Alladhina those who you had your Aluna day make Mar with Allahu Allah. Allah has a god a hot other for sofa so soon you're on a moon they will know.

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Well, of course and

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Certainly Mariela Marino uneca That indeed you your vehicle it is constrained it is tightened it constricts so Druker your chest Bhima because of what your coluna they say

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Versa Bish so exalt be handy with praise or big of Europe what can and be made from a saggi been those who prostrate were both and you worship Rebecca Europe Hatter until yet the occur it comes to you earlier in the certainty the conviction

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let's listen to the recitation

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Why not be

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late he built all he he

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he felt God who said

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what do you know

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shoot me naughty Paula the shovel to moon IANA

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Semyon Kiba rota we met

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all over shellac Eben happening

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clean on our me gonna

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be on

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module reaming

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in I'm gonna do

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I mean a lot beauty queen

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but I'm imagine

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o on McAfee magic and we'll be done with our Dana guy been happening in

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Hoan SVB Lika Mina Layli what added

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one blue one blue Hi Ethan

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walk all by Ina.

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misbehaving wotja Medina yesterday's you WTO

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what duckula How on earth are presumed

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on oh

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I mean all

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the alpha that Gumo slay has been

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a huge huge

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gene in ready Daddy can I add a little motor see me no

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me know what you got else have a cat you know Lonnie mean

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no man, I mean the man movie. I mean, what about

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hey, Judy Cerny, what are they?

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What are they really mean? Well,

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I mean energy barely boo. Meaning bajada to mostly, most behavior

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don't wanna hold up on a Santa

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If you want

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to you know whom

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you love in the house or in

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the cars and Jimmy

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banker who won color green what

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we learn

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as much as

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Jana has meaning

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walk on in me

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moving gum

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testing mean

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no Aileen

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Ajay Mehreen

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boss Buster Azima to

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gain a

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Z gain a lady

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law he

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called off so pay on the moon what are they

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gonna be nice Oh don't

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be handier have bigger welcome Mina Sergi been why bother around back I had it I can be seen

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