Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J02-031C Word Analysis Al-Baqarah 231-233

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses various popular titles and their meaning, including Manisa's divorce, the end of a waiting period, and the man giving a divorce. The importance of following rules and legalizing divorce is emphasized, along with the use of "land" and "any place." The speakers stress the importance of following rules and avoiding mockery, and provide examples and references for further information. The transcript also touches on the meaning of " Easter" and "immmediate" in English, and the importance of providing good food and clothing to both members of a married couple and their children. The transcript describes a situation where a woman is being harassed by her child, and the mother is not giving her child to her children, and the child is being "immediate."
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What either by luck to Manisa what either and when the luck to Nyssa you will divorce the women, meaning when a husband pronounces the luck to his wife, and this is referring to the revocable divorce. Okay, the first two then Ferber Laguna Agila Hoonah. Then they reach their term for Bella Hoonah. This is from the root letters bad lamb line. Okay, bear, lamb line Bulu is to reach now they reach agita. Hoonah their term, agile is from the root letters Hamza Jeem, lamb and the word Agile is used in two ways. First of all, it applies to a time period. Okay, agile a duration of time. And secondly, the term agile also applies to a specific point in time, okay, so it refers to a term and

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also a certain point in time. So for example, the end of a term. So here what is meant is for Bulaga, Adela Hoonah that they have nearly reached the end of their term, which term the waiting period selesa the Kuru, okay, the three menstrual cycles, they're about to reach the end of that waiting period. So, now, the husband has to make up his mind for MC Cohoon, Nabi Maroof, then you will retain them in a recognized way meme scene calf Oh suddenly, who will not be my roof or you release them in a recognized way seen Raha meaning in the first two divorces, the husband has the choice to keep her or to let the waiting period end and send her okay send her as in Let the

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marriage come to an end, let the divorce come in complete effect. So, for M SQL will not be more often oh sorry, who will not be Maroof wala Tom Seco Hoonah now, a clarification is made over here will atom see Kahuna and you do not retain them and how would the husband retain her by taking her back for which he does not need her consent? Right. So do not retain them the raw run causing harm. The Ra is from the root letters BOD ra ra. Remember the word other or that is also harm, but the RA is more than other. Okay? It is major difficulty. And the RA is to cause harm to cause major difficulty. So do not retain her do not keep her do not take her back with the intention to cause

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her harm. Okay. So for example, the man gives a first divorce. And then he realizes that, oh, if the waiting period comes to an end, and she goes away, she keeps the house or she keeps the car because I technically put the house in her name, or I put the car in her name. And it's her property. So she's going to take it and I can't take it back. So what does he do? He says, okay, you know what? I'm going to take her back, I'm going to do to June, all right, and then I'm going to make her life so difficult. I'm going to beat her every day, or I'm going to threaten her, I am going to be verbally abusive to her. I'm not going to treat her well. I'm just going to disappear on her. Why so

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that now she is going to be desperate to get out of the marriage and she's going to seek holer. So, while Adam Seco will not there are and with intention of causing major difficulty Lita do so that you all transgress Okay, so that you all commit injustice, that you make her life a living *, and she is desperate to get out so she gives anything in order to get out of that marriage. Well, my EF are valleca and whoever does that does what that equal referring to taking his wife back in order to cause her harm? So that he can legalize, write abuse basically for himself, so that he can take back the money, whoever does that Faqad Allah Manasa then he has wronged himself okay. He is only

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wronging himself without a tuxedo then it is said Do not take Hamza Hodel, do not take i Atilla he verses of Allah. Which verses these verses who's what in mockery. Okay, who's Allah? Remember, in the manner, most Desi own? Right? Who's Allah? This is to make fun to mock at someone. So do not make a mockery of the verses of Allah. How would a person do that? This could be in a number of ways. This could be first of all, like a man says, Oh, I divorced you. Oh, no, no, I'm just joking. No, this is making fun of the verses of Allah. Okay, a person cannot say that. I was only joking when he gave divorce. If he says that the divorce is still effective, it's still going to take

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place. Okay, second

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Only do not make a mockery of the verses of Allah how by opposing them okay by using the law to take advantage of other people, all right or by choosing only those laws which serve you better, okay? which enable you to gain benefit at the cost of other people suffering well as a W i Atilla user, and also some orlimar say that for example, you know some people will issue three divorces at once. Right? They will issue three divorces at once. So for example, in one setting a man says Dr. Lotta luck, all right. And this is literally making fun of the verses of Allah because when Allah says mandala tan, it means two occasions for him palapa then the third divorce comes at a third occasion.

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This is not three divorces in one sitting, it's three divorces at three separate occasions. So we learned in Hadees that a man pronounced divorce three times in one sitting to his wife. And when the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam found out about it he said is the book of Allah being played with while I am still among you a yulara Boo Boo ki tabula. Are you all playing with the book of Allah? Okay, so while at the view I Atilla who's who and who's always from the root letters have ze Hamza. Okay, has a word Kuru and he will remember now the word vicar means to mention, okay, it means to bear in mind, okay? And it also gives the meaning of observing. Okay, so what Kuru Nero mattala Here

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Alikum the blessing of Allah upon you, which blessing, the blessing of marriage, the blessing of finding a spouse, the blessing of the rights that Allah's Panthro has given you within the marriage. All right, and also the blessing of Islam these laws that Allah subhanaw taala has given you Wama nzlr Lee coming also remember, ma nzlr Ali Khan, what Allah has sent down to you, mineral Kitabi will take note of the book and the Wisdom Kitab is referring to the Quran and hikma is referring to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Okay, so basically at the time of divorce, don't forget these rules which the Quran and Sunnah teach you, okay, you should remember these

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rules, you should observe them, you should review them so you can follow them properly. And you should also remind one another of them. Okay, and this verse also shows us that the source of law is the Kitab and the hikma Okay, so, there are a lot of rules related to divorce mentioned in these verses. And we see that there are more clarifications in the Sunnah, which inshallah we'll talk about in the next session. So we have to look at both what the Quran says and what the Sunnah says, Your ELO Combi he admonishes you all with it by it er illud, this is from well reign law world is admonition instruction. So Allah admonishes you by it. All right, by what Allah has revealed. What

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the Kula and you will fear Allah wirelend Whoo, and you all should know and Allah because Alicia in our lane that Allah is Knowing of everything. All right, Allah knows what you're going through. Allah knows what you are doing. Nothing is hidden from Allah. What eat Alpha luck to Nyssa and when you divorce the women for the Lagna Adela Hoonah and then they have reached their term. What does it mean by this? This means that they have reached the end of their term, meaning the ADA came to an end, and there was no real jewelry that took place. Okay. So for example, the husband gave the divorce to his wife, okay. And she waited for a duration of the length of the Kuru and he did not

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take her back. So now what happens? The two have been separated. She is no longer married to him. She is free to marry anyone else. Okay. filata Aluna. So now, you all do not hamper them from now lateral Bulu Hana. First of all, what is the meaning of our Lulu? Tara Lulu is from rain, bod lamb. Okay, and our goal is to prevent someone from something very harshly very strongly. Okay, to hinder them to prevent them from doing something. Okay, from the same root is the word or Algol Algol with a foothold on the board. Alden, and this is used to refer to a man who was very muscular, okay, so sometimes people use their muscles their power to interfere in other people's lives and hinder them

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from making their own decisions. Okay, from the same root is the word

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really, really same spelling. Alright, bought lamb but with a customer under the line. And they're evil is used for a man who is very cunning like very any smart, intelligent but good in manipulating other people and you know taking advantage of them. So filata Aluna when a woman's waiting period is over, then you all do not hinder them. Okay, now who is you all referring to you all is referring to first of all the men that they were previously married to the ex husband. Okay, so now that ex husband should not interfere in her life anymore. Why? Because he's no longer her husband. Okay, he has no say in her decisions. And her choices for that are Luna, especially a and Karina as well,

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Jonah, that they marry their intended spouses. So for example, a woman is divorced by her husband. All right, waiting period comes to an end, the two are separated. Now a year later, she wants to marry someone else. The ex husband finds out and he's very jealous. He's very angry. He's like, no way she cannot marry him. And he calls her and he threatens her Don't you dare marry him and this is none of your business. Okay. So letter of Alumina here who is being addressed the ex husband? Okay. Secondly, and as why Jonah is referring to their intended spouses meaning the men that now they want to marry Secondly, letter DeLuna you all is referring to the family, okay, the family of the woman.

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So like, for example, her father, her brother, okay. Now, they should not hinder her from marrying who as well jahana their spouses, meaning her ex, okay. So, for example, the divorce happens a year later, the ex husband, what does he do? He called her he apologizes, he says this was a mistake, we should get back together. And she says yes, now the two want to marry again he has a new Nikka will take place all right. But here the family should not come in the way okay, the family should not come in the way and prevent the woman from marrying her ex husband. All right, especially either taught although when they have agreed with one another thought although from raw god, yeah, probably

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is to be pleased. Right that although both parties are pleased with one another, they have agreed with one another Boehner home amongst themselves bit of moral rules in the recognized way. Meaning, they have openly discussed how they're going to change things, they have made adjustments, so that they can live together peacefully. So when they have agreed with one another, then you should not interfere. That is a you are a little behave that he is admonished by it. Meaning this admonition is for who men can men call whoever he truly among you you may know Billa he will Yeoman he believes in Allah and the Last Day so whoever among you believes in Allah and the Last Day truly is given this

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admonition he should take this admonition seriously and valley con that are you all what led him to to marry okay that is as that is pure luck calm we're up to her okay as gala como Otto her now the word as care means two things ze Caf well is the root first of all as K means more pure okay because the cat means purification does Kia purification so as gala como Otto her Ultra taharah also means purity. So, basically two words have been used over here to emphasize that this is very very pure, this is very very good. This is excellent. This is good for everyone involved okay. Because sometimes you know the eagle prevents people from letting you know their daughter marry her ex. So

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it is said this is very very pure. Okay and Eska Secondly, the cat also means growth and increase. So as it is better for increasing in good. Meaning when you allow this to happen. good will happen. Okay, more good will happen for all of you. So for example, if a woman got divorced, all right, and now a year later, she wants to get married again. Whether to her ex or to someone else. Don't prevent her from marrying. This is good for her. Let her move on. Let her settle let her do what she wants. The valley come escala como Otto her Wala? We are Allah Musa and Tom Latta Ala Moana and ALLAH knows and you do not know. Well while he that now after the matters of divorce, what about the

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Children that are involved Well, Wiley, that and mothers, Wiley, that is the plural of the word Walidah. Okay, and while EDA is who the woman who well other from wild Lambdin and what are they is to give birth. So the woman who gives birth, so this is referring to the birth mothers. So the mothers who have given birth, what are they going to do? You'll they're gonna they may breastfeed hola the Hoonah their children, you'll learn up from raw blood, I QRadar QRadar is to breastfeed, okay? And you'll they're not the noon at the end again, is sine of feminine plural. And the word you'll learn over here is being used as a command. Okay, it's an imperative, but remember that

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sometimes a command is used even for the purpose of permissibility Okay, so this can be understood as the mothers should breastfeed their children or the mothers may breastfeed their children okay meaning this is something permissible and allowed is applauded of the word welland Okay, well it is child Oh lad children this includes male child female child so mothers may breastfeed their children for how long how old lady CAMI lane for two complete years whole lane is the dual of the word whole and how is a year one complete year because whole how learn basically means to encircle or surround okay. So the year begins at one point and end when you reach that same point after full circle

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meaning after a complete year, right so how Laney Cameleon to complete yours CAMI Lane dual of the word Kameel from the root letters calf meme lamb. So mothers may breastfeed their children for two complete years. Now this is while they're married, okay? And it can also be after they have been given divorce. Okay, so for example, a woman is given divorced by her husband, and she has a baby. All right, whom she is breastfeeding at the time and the baby now is going to be with the mother. Okay, and she is going to breastfeed the baby she's going to continue to do so, it is her right to do so, it is the child's right to be nursed by the mother and this has for how long two complete

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yours okay, this is the right of the child some say how Lanie kami Lane this is the maximum duration of nursing meaning a child should not be nursed beyond two years okay. And some say that this is not the maximum duration but the right of the child the right of the child is that he or she should be nursed for a minimum of two years or this is what the child should be given even if the parents are divorced. Okay, hold any counseling, Lehman for who are other He intends on that you Tima he completes the Meme Meme. Hola, Laura, the breastfeeding meaning the duration of breastfeeding is how long two years were a little mo Lu de la who and upon el modo de the who and Mo Lord LA who is the

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father from the root letter as well lambda and look at the wording that has been used over here the term while it could also have been used right but mo Lu dilla. Who may elude is one who has been given birth to okay child and law who for him because the Father Himself cannot bear children. So the mother gives birth to the child. All right for the Father, and he she does him a favor. Okay, so mo Lu de la who over here is the Father.

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So on the father is the duty to risco Hoonah Kiswa Tahuna is the risk of the women and also the kids were of the women, meaning the man has to provide to the mother of his child, what two things provision food and also clothing when for the duration that she is nursing his child. All right. Of course, if they're married, if they're together, this is understood, but he should pay special attention to giving her good food, the food that she needs, and also provide her clothing, okay, that she needs while nursing. And if they're separated with divorce, then still, the father has to pay for her food and her clothing, even though they're no longer married, but he has to provide to

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the mother of his child. Okay, now this provision and Kiswa clothing. Now why is clothing mentioned specifically for do we understand? When a woman is nursing? You know, she has to pay attention to what she's eating. She has to eat well, consistently. Sometimes she gets really

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Are you hungry? Sometimes she gets really thirsty, she has to eat well in order to nurse her child. And you know, when a woman does not eat properly it affects the milk supply. So the father has to provide the food, and Kiswa Why do you think clothing has been mentioned? Think about this and inshallah we'll talk about it in the next session. But this has to be given been borrowed in the recognized way, meaning what is acceptable? So for example, the husband cannot just give a loaf of bread every day and say, Well, you know what, I'm giving you food. No, he has to give her what is recognized as food. Okay, and maruf any what is within his capacity? Okay. Love to colorful nevsun

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Illa was our her law not too colorful, it is charged calf, lamb fat, okay. And two, colorful, colorful, you can live with a cliff the cliff is to burden someone with a responsibility to impose a task on someone. Okay, so basically when someone is burdened with compulsory work, and it could be inconvenient, it could be hard but they don't have a choice. So allowed to California Epson, no soul is charged in Laos or her except within its capacity was while scenery capacity, loud to borrow a leader to be Willa De ha, the mother should not harm through her child. Now the word to Barbara is from Bhadra okay.or harm and tada can be understood as both to harm and also be harmed. Okay, the

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verb can be used in both ways. So the mother should neither harm the Father through her child, nor she should be harmed through her child. Okay, so for example, a woman should not use her child to get more money out of the father of the child, okay, nor should she be harmed. So for example, the father just disappears doesn't provide anything and he says, You know what, it's her child also and whether I support her or not, she's going to nurse the child anyway, so she's being harmed so led to Laura Wellington volunteer while mo Lulu hooby quality nor the father be harmed through the child wireless Qwerty theory and upon the air, what it is from Well, sir, to inherit, so, what is is the

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air the inheritor inheritor of who of the Father, okay. So on the air of the Father is myth through that click same as that same as what? Same as the duty on the Father. So for example, a woman was married to a man she was pregnant, he divorced her, her waiting period came to an end and he did not take her back during the waiting period. Now what happens? She nurses the baby, the two are separated the Father the ex husband is supporting her. All right for the duration of nursing, which is supposed to be two years now one year later, the father dies. Okay, so now who is his heir? Let's say it is his brother. The brother has to continue to support the woman okay. The woman is not going

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to be left to fend for herself the heir of the men have to now support the mother okay the woman who is nursing that man's child for in Arada fiscal Ireland if they to intend fiscal who is the two referring to the man and the woman the mother and the father. Both intend fiscal weaning for soil is from the root letters for solid land for Salah is to separate, okay? For Salah is to separate. And facade means weaning because what is weaning? Do it causes separation between the mother and the child? Okay, it doesn't mean that now the child is going to be forever separated from the mother. No, they just means that now because the child does not depend on her for food. He's going to be

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spending more time away from her. All right. So if they both intend weaning and this weaning of the child weaning off of breast milk, this has to be untrodden resulting from mutual agreement that all then blah, blah, dia, okay, meaning both agree to wean the child. So a woman cannot just win the child herself. And then tell the father, you know, a year later that oh, by the way, I don't nurse him anymore. Okay. No, he has to know he has a say in this decision. Okay, so for Selena and Dalton min, Houma. What

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The showering and consultation the shower Shinhwa era, which is to consult one another. So both have to discuss what is in the best interest of the child, whether they're married or they're divorced for large and are highly human, there is no sin on them to. And here, this is mentioned that there is no sin in weaning the child, okay? Because if it is done before two years, that is permissible, it's not sinful. Okay, we're in Aurora dome, and if you intend, and the sterile the row ladder column that you seek breastfeeding of your children, the sterile Darrow is still largely the same route, although the brain meaning you want someone other than the mother to nurse the child, and

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that is sometimes needed. And sometimes it's just better because for example, if the woman you know, wants to marry someone else, all right, and her prospective husband, you know, he does not want her to nurse that child. All right, and she agrees to do that. So now they need someone else to nurse the child. So if you seek breastfeeding of your children, is that permissible? Yes, for LoadRunner horological there is no blame on you. Okay, either so Lampton but there is a condition what is that condition? Either when Salam Tom you all have handed over in texts and Lampton from seen lamb mean the Slim is to hand over surrender something fully to the other. So you have to not just agree to

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pay but you have to actually hand over the payment okay my it too much you all give Bill my roof in the recognized way. You have to give the payment to who to the wet nurse what the cola and fear Allah Warrnambool and Allah Habima Dharma Dona bossy and you should know that indeed Allah of what you all do is ever seen he's watching whatever you do So be conscious of him All right, let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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