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Al-Baqarah 215-220 Translation

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Muhammad Ali arella soliel Karim a mother for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish rashly surgery were silly emri Hello, letter melissani of koko de Robin and

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lesson number 29 sudo to bacara number 215 to 220 Translation yes aluna aka they ask you, Mother, what is that? unicorn? They should spend? bull say, ma whatever. And forgotten. You spent men from hiding any good. Felicia Wiley Danny so for the two parents well a carabiner and the close relatives one year timer and the orphans one Mr. Keeney and the ones needy. Wha and even son a Sebelius the way weapon is severely and the traveler warmer and whatever. Deaf are Lou you all do? men from hiring any good? For in then indeed. Allah Allah be with it? Or the moon? Always all knowing?

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katiba it was ordained. It was written Aleykum upon you all. Lt. Talu the fighting war who were while it Goodman is disliked local. Do you worry sir. And perhaps that decorah who you all dislike? Shay and I think we're who were while it hiren is good. Local for you. Why sir? And perhaps on that to hibou you are love Shay and I think what who were while it Chevron is evil. Luckily for you. One law who and Allah. You're alone. He knows what Anton and you all learn not Darla moon you all know yes aluna aka they ask you

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about a Sheree the month and her army the sacred data lane fighting fee in it. pul se data loan fighting fee in it. Gabby Ron is great. Once we're done, and to stop, to hinder and from Serbia Li Wei, Allah He of Allah will come from and this belief, be with him. One must do and the masjid al haram the sacred, what is larger and expanding? athle he of its residents, men who from it akamaru is greater in the near Allah, Allah one fitna two and the persecution akamaru is greater main than kotli The Killing wala and not he has lunar bases you caught the lunar cone they fight you had until euro do can they turn you back on from the nickel your religion in if Esther thought they were

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capable woman and whoever yota did he turns back men come from you on from Dini he his religion, failure mode, then he dies. Well who were while he gaffield on a disbeliever for Allah eager, so those habits but it was wasted? Are my new home there their deeds fee in a dunya The world will earthhero and the hereafter what will occur and those of how our companions a nerdy of the fire home they see her in it, Holly don't want to abide eternally

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in indeed alladhina those who are Manu they believed one Latina and those who had your day migrated. What do I do? And they stroll fee in sabini way Allah He of Allah,

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Allah aka those your Juna they hope they expect right

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Mata mercy. Allah He of Allah, Allahu and Allah, Allah food on most forgiving or Haman most merciful. Yes aluna they asked you on about a hungry, the wine while may say and the gambling

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all say fi Hema in them to his moon as in caveolin great woman f0 and benefits. Lin see for the people? What if mahoma and sin of them to a bottle is greater mean then Neff rahima benefit of them to

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Why is aluna and they ask you, Mother, what is that? You don't feel cone they should spend cool say a lot for the extra, the excess. The surplus gernika thus, Yuba, you know, he explains clearly, Allahu Allah, local for you Li at the vs La La con so that you that have a guru you all reflect

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fee in a dunya The world will Acura and the hereafter

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Why is aluna and they asked you on about Alia Tamar, the orphans all say is Latin reformation. Low home for them higher on is better. What in and if to Holly to whom you all mingle with them for a while to come. So they are your brothers. One law who and Allah Yana mo he knows I'll move siddur the corruptor men from a Muslim, the Amanda. wallow and if He willed Allahu Allah or netta con surely he put you in difficulty

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surely he would put you in hardship in the law hut indeed a law or z isn't always Almighty hekima always always

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that's basically the recitation of these verses

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More heavy already

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he cabbie what's up too

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shabby de la hirakud v one STD

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one Miss JD

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Yes, la una

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