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Al-Ankabut 45-69 Translation 45-69


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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala da da su the hill Karim I'm about to be let him in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim Odisha. rashly Sati were Sidley, MD.

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Data melissani have Tavakoli webinars in

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Lesson number 207 solanco booth number 45 to 69.

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Transition it Lu brucite ma math that which oh here it was revealed alayka to you men from Al Qaeda be the book. Who up and up him you establish a sweater de Sala in indeed a sala de Sala, done her. It forbids it prevents on from unfair share the indecency will mooncup and the forbidden

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well and left surely Vic group remembrance Allah He of Allah Akbar his greatest Allahu and Allah yamu he knows ma whatever does not own you will do you will perform well and do not do JD Lu you will argue you all dispute

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people al kitabi of the book inlet except the lady with that which Here it is. So no best inlet except a levena. Those who were removed they did wrong main home from them. Or kulu. And you will say, Amanda, we have believed the lady in that which owns ILA it was revealed, Elena to us. We're on Zilla and it was revealed la come to you, or ella hoonah and our God, what a man who come and your God who are hidden is one we're national, and we know who for him, Muslim moon ones who submit work of Anika and us and zelner We have revealed alayka to you al Qaeda but the book friend Lavina so those who are in our home we gave them al Qaeda but the book you may know that they believe the heat

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in it woman and from her Ola, these man who you know, he believes behave with it warmer and not yet your hairdo. He rejects the patina with our signs with our vs Illa etc except alkaff Iran, the disbelievers warmer and not going to you were that loo you recite mean from above the heat before it men from keytab in any book, Allah and nor the hood to who you inscribe it you write it be me Nick with your right hand. He then then love the surely he doubted and move on to noon the falsifies been rather who it is to our versus beginner to once cleared fi in to do just a levina of those who who too. They were given the knowledge warmer and not here to her do. He refuses he rejects the ayah

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Tina with our vs Illa except a volley moon the wrongdoers will call you and they said Lola why not own Zilla it was sent down are they he upon him? I attune verses or signs. Men from behind his robe.

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See innama indeed not but I do the signs the miracles are in the near Allahu Allah, or in number and indeed not but I know I am living on a warner movie no one clear.

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do work and lung not yet for him. It is sufficient for them. And that indeed we and zelner we have sent down our Laika upon you al Qaeda but the book useless it is recited are they him upon them? In indeed fee in velyka that Laura Martin surely a mercy or the claw and a reminder, the phone for people? You know, they believe called se gafa he is sufficient delay definitely Allah benei between me or Bina calm and between you shahidan as a witness here, he knows what fee is in a seminar work, the heavens will up and the earth will levena

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And those who are new they believed bill badly in the false hood worker forum and it is believed bill he in Allah, Allah, Ecuador's home they are harsher on the losers ySr de Luna

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and they seek to hasten you. They impatiently urge you, Bill either with the punishment. Well Allah and if not absolute, utter Muslim one fixed ledger home. Surely it came to them either Buddha punishment while at the end of the home and surely it would definitely come to them. By the turn suddenly, we're home and they left not yet alone. they proceed.

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Yes, sir. Do

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they seek to Houston you will either be with the punishment. We're in the end indeed. jahannam Hellfire, l'amour here Bhutan, surely one that encompasses bill gasoline with the disbelievers

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yoga on the yoga home it will cover them and other Buddha punishment men from filthy him above them. Woman and from the underneath. Oh Julie him their feet way of Hulu and he will say who you are taste ma what content you were Dharma loon you all do? Yeah, a birdie Oh my servants and livina those who knew they believed in indeed, of the my Earth. My land was the

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one extensive, vast, spacious

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for EA. So only me, fireable. dooney so you all worship me.

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could look every Nuff said so that equal to one who tastes and mode the depth from them, Elena to us, to your own you all will be returned.

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When levina and those who knew they believed what we do and they did a smiley happy the righteous deeds learnable we unknown? Surely we will definitely settle them. Surely we will definitely accommodate them. Men from Elgin the paradise would often chambers that Judy, it flows men from dirty her underneath it and how the rivers Holly Deena once abiding eternally see her in it near me how good a jewel reward an army lien of those who work and levina those who suburu they were patient what I learned and upon Rob be here they rub yet our cologne they rely they depend worker a yin and how many mean from the button creature? Learn not definitely look it carries his or her it's

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provision. Allahu Allah Yasuko her he provides it with a yakko and you wahoo and he is a semi or the always all hearing LR leave the always all knowing whether in and surely if CELTA home you asked the man who Hanukkah he created a semi with the heavens were out and the earth was Sahara and he subjected a sham said the sun will come around and the moon layer coluna surely they will definitely say Allahu Allah, for unknown so how you for Kuhn they are deluded, they are turned away.

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Allahu Allah Yabba Soto, he extends as is the provision leemon for whom Yeshua he will mean from or Eva de His servants way up there and he restricts Lahu for him in Indeed Allah Allah be couldn't live with every shaman thing. Or they would always all knowing whether in and surely if CELTA whom you ask them man who knows Allah He center men from a summer in the sky, ma and water for here. So he gave life be he with it of the earth I mean from bar the after multi her its depth layer Kowloon, surely they will definitely say Allahu Allah, to say Alhamdulillah all praise Lila for Allah Baal rather xo to whom most

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Have them left not Europe alone they understand.

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Woman and not healthy he this and higher to the life adonia of the world Illa except the one a play a distraction amusement. What? And Larry born again, amusement we're in and indeed Adele the home.

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The hereafter, Lahiya surely it and halen, the life loan if Ganon they were here on the moon they know for either but when rocky boo they embark fee in alpha, the ship that are they invoke Allah Allah mostly seen as one sincere as ones making sincere love who for him Edina their religion fellow man but when netjer home he delivered them Illa to albery the land either at once home they use deikun they associate partners

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Liang foo, so that they disbelieved. Bhima with what entertainer we gave them Walia tomato, and so they enjoy for sofa but soon Yala moon they will know

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do well and learn not euro DC and indeed we jalna we have made heroin, a sanctuary and the none one safe, one peaceful.

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Will you the hot food while he is snatched while he is carried away?

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a nursery the people made from holding him around them. So, for them the with Albert with the false hood up no no they believe or Binyam and witnessing a lie of Allah yet for whom they disbelieve.

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Women and who have lemmo is more unjust man then who if he fabricated Allah against Allah He Allah. Gibbon Li o or cut the Hebrew light bill happy with the truth Lama when it came to him. Elisa, is it not fee in Johanna Hellfire math, we're a residents who have caffeine for the disbelievers when levina and those who just had this Trove feanor in US learner the unknown, surely we will definitely guide them sabudana our ways we're in and Indeed, Allah, Allah love surely Mara with an more singing those who do good.

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Let's listen to the recitation

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La Nina Nikita

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la isla

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de la luna

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The law

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Good evening.

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Along with

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in the law

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Mattila here

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can even

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be used

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