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Al-Maarij 1-44 Tafsir 36-44

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If you think about it, all of these characteristics, they're very honorable meaning they make a person very noble visitor. Because a person who is impatient, he falls in the sight of other people, a person who is stingy, he falls in the sight of other people. Whereas if a person is generous, a person is tolerant, forgiving, he observed sooner than what happens, he becomes very noble in the sight of Allah and also in the sight of other people. So, and this is the state of a person that he's also treated with honor in general. You understand? He's also treated with honor in general, Allah ecoffee Jeanette in vokra Moon because all of these traits are very noble, very honorable.

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Wendy, you'd like to share.

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This is very true. That Salah is what tells you about the level of your event. It reflects the level of Eman of a person which shows that when a person is not praying properly, his Eman is weak. And when a person is not behaving properly that means his Salah is not that good. Do you understand? So in order to maintain a high level of Eman in order to maintain a strong relationship with a lion in order to maintain obedience, what does a person need to do? improve his Sunnah.

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And many times it happens that when a person improves the Salah, everything else also gets improved.

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And when Salah is neglected, everything else also falls out of place. And remember the theme of this juice, dry in a lot in doing that a person can never ever neglect the solder. He has to pay a lot of attention to it. Because sometimes we underestimate the power of solder we underestimate the importance of sort of the role it plays. Because if you think about it, Salah is what you're talking to Allah, you're asking us out, isn't it? You're giving a last hug to him. And all of this work that you're doing is for whose sake? Allah subhanaw taala if you're not seeking help from him, if you're not giving him his help, then what's the point of all of this work? If the Salah is being neglected?

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And what's the point of Dawa Illa? What's the point? What's the purpose? It doesn't have any purpose, then it's a useless activity. So it will only be successful your Dawa when Salah is proper, and if so there is no proper then everything else will fall out of place.

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Then all those apartments are dimensions the way of the wish to keep that family levena careful. So what is the matter with those who disbelieve

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family? What is for me What is wrong with alladhina cafaro those people who disbelieve that give a locker before you move there in their hastening table. What does table mean? Before in the direction of and move there in their move? There is one who does a far and what does it mean, is suar to be hasty to run quickly. And it is to run quickly in a way that a person has his eyes fixed on the destination. He's not looking here there. And he's not distracted by anything either. He doesn't care about anything that comes up in his way. He's just running running running to the destination.

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We have learned this word earlier as well with regards to the Day of Judgment, this is how the people will be running.

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So for Manny Medina cafaro given a commentary What is wrong with you, the disbelievers that towards you, they are running. They're just running towards you hitting towards you. Why is it that they're hastening towards you? We learned that in Makkah the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when you would call people to Allah, how would you do that? by reciting the Quran in public.

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And especially in the Haram he would do that, that he would recite the Quran, especially to groups of people. So, whenever the machine would see the profits or losses and reciting the Quran, to the people, what would they do, they would run towards him rush towards him, not to listen to him, but to marketing, to make fun of him to make noise to distract people, like we have learned earlier. But the mustachian would say let us not only handle on one low fee, la Lacan w boon that don't listen to this core and instead make noise so that you can overcome, you can be victorious.

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So, when the prophets are reciting the Quran, they would rush towards him hasten towards and why to bother him to make fun of him, to market him to make noise to distract people, so that no one would benefit from the Quran.

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Sometimes they would clap. Sometimes they would whistle. Sometimes they would pass jokes. Sometimes they would say very derogatory things.

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Remember omotola darn What did he say?

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so to help cover we learned that he came out in order to bother the profits or loss. This is what the machine would do. They would look for him that Where is he? What is he doing? Is he reciting the Quran if he is, let's go in bother him.

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When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would recite the Quran, once when he recited, such as what mentioned about the fact that in the como Mata buena hustle jahannam you and your idols will be the fuel of hellfire. Then what happened? the wishes of Makkah said if that is the case, then we are fine. You and that which you worship also means Are you starting to sin? And remember, we learned that they had a good laugh? They started making noise. So this is what is being mentioned over here. That what is wrong with these people? Don't they use your mind? Don't they use your common sense? What is wrong with them? That they come running towards you people are coming in? I

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mean, if you think about it, it looks so dumb that one person is doing something productive, and other people, they leave everything and they start running towards and just to bother you. Just think about it. Isn't it so shameless of them? Doesn't it reflect their mindlessness that how little they use their mind?

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That it looks like such a foolish action? That one person is reciting the Quran, he's talking to people in a serious way, you're doing something else. As soon as you find it, you leave everything and you run towards him to bother him. So this is why Allah says family, Medina kufan, what is wrong with these people? Why do they behave like this? Given a commentary? They're running towards you, in order to bother you? I need to Yamini from your right. Warren is Shomali and from your left? Or is in in groups? Or is seen as a poor enough? Or is that just as you write the word or is but just don't write a shadow on the side? There is a reason. And what does it mean?

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Or z or z is to enter into relationship and from disorder is a is used for a group, a party accompany a crowd. So from your right, they come in from your left, they come and they come in groups and they stand in circles one next to the other. Why? In order to bother him. Just imagine you're doing something and all of a sudden people come around you in groups. Would you feel insecure?

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Of course. Would you be worried? Yes. So they did this in order to scare the profits out of them sometimes as well to bother him so that he would lose his confidence so that he would stop doing what he was doing. This is why he was told for Spears Oberon jameelah that just ignore them. Bear patiently and just do what you're doing. Don't look at them. I nearly Amina is she Malia is in

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tomorrow? Does he wish calamari in every person men home from them? And you the Hala genitourinary that you will enter the garden of pleasure? Is this why he's coming over here? Is this why every single person is coming? rushing hairstyling towards you? Do they think that there's a door over here that leads them to gender? The tickets to paradise are being distributed for free? Because this is why a person should run toward something isn't it? What does Allah subhanaw taala tell us to run towards good? Isn't it Sabu in Amalfi rotten what Jonathan rush towards forgiveness and a garden paradise. So the people over here the way they're running to the profits that allowed them to market

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it's as though they are wishing that somehow they will enter Jannah

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I have to Morocco lovely men whom a beautiful agenda tannery? No way. No way they're not entering Jana at all these people aren't going to paradise Why look at their actions in Hakuna home. Indeed we have created them, me Mayor alone from that which they know first of all, look at their actions and secondly, in Hakuna who may Allah moon they know very well out of what we have created them. And what is it that they are created from? What is it that people are created from from a sperm drop? And what is a sperm drop something that is so insignificant.

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So they know very well about their origin. And what is their origin? Something very weak, something very insignificant, something that is not even worth mentioning. Notice Allah subhanaw taala does not even mentioned it directly. He just says enough Allah, Allah May Allah mood sufficient to say that because it's so despicable it's not even worth mentioning. Elsewhere in the Quran we learn in total insanity in Hello, insanity and notice I think I'm sharing that with any further Allahu sewmiriam basura into the musataha 20 Allah says alumna local minima in maheen did we not create

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From a liquid that is disdained, this is what we have created you from.

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This is what we have created these people from, why is this mentioned all of a sudden?

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Why is this mentioned over here?

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Because the machine of Makkah, they used to oppose a prophet sallallahu wasallam thinking themselves to be very great. It was pride, it was arrogance that let them do this opposition and disbelief.

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So Allah says in Hakuna, who may Allah moon, what do they think of themselves? Do they ever wonder about their origin? Do they ever think about it? What are they created from something that is so weak something that is so despicable

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and something that is so despicable people if they don't prove themselves worthy, if they don't do something to please our last panel data? How can they be admitted to gender?

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Because in the previous ayah, what is mentioned I help American lonely men whom I knew the whole agenda tonight when a person does not enter gender just by wishes, a person enters gender by what by doing something by pleasing Allah, but if a person has not done that, then what is he worthless? Because look at his origin What is it worthless.

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So if you think about it, all people, what are they worth us? And what makes a person noble? What makes a person McCullum is what the good that he performs the striving that he does in the way of Allah in order to please Him. In Laconia home in May Allah moon fella okezie will be rockville machete, well, Mojave so I swear by the Lord of all risings and settings in the room that indeed we are able to proceed with this law is extra for the purpose of emphasis that fellow okezie will be our bill Musharraf Machina is a Florida machine and Mahara VISIT FLORIDA. Marie, why is the plural use over here? I've mentioned to you earlier when the singular is used when the dual is used, and

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when the plural is used. What is the plural show, the sunrise and the sunset of every morning and every evening.

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Because each day the sun rises from a different point and sets at a different point. So all of these rising points and all of these setting points have lots of panel data swears by them.

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And then secondly, all Masonic almohad not just of the sun in the moon but off all of the stars as well. Masonic and Mahara. And remember that every machine is above or above another so this way, there are multiple machines, multiple Mahadev so follow Cosimo mirabell mashariki will Mahara be in nanopowder Boone, why is this person being taken over here? Because what does it show the podra loss parameter

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that look at these massive, massive, gigantic huge bodies, the sun the moon, and look at how they're made to rise and set.

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So the one who causes that to happen, he is also pardoned to do what on a new bed de la Hiraman home to replace them with better than them. These machine they oppose you. They think very highly of themselves. They're so arrogant. This is how they market you this is how they deny you. We are all capable we are fully able that we can replace them with the creation that is much better than them. With a people that is much better than them higher on men home, woman national we must walk in and we cannot at all be outrun in this they cannot get ahead of us in this they cannot defeat us in this plan of ours if we intend to carry it out. And it so happened that Allah subhanaw taala replaced the

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machine of Morocco. The believers of Medina isn't a talk where the machine of Makkah gathered around the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to market him the people of Medina gathered around him to listen to him to obey Him to receive his orders.

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Just look at the replacement that Allah can easily replace them with Nevada Hiraman home better than them and they were much better than them. Why am I not gonna be must be looking

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to the prophets Allah said was advised further home, so leave them the whole do they Converse? Well our boo and they amuse themselves. Just leave them alone. Let them indulge in their falsehoods. Let them indulge in their conversations. Well, I will and let them play in this worldly life of theirs. Let them stay busy had the EULA Coloma who will know you are doing until they meet their day which they have been promised and which day is this? The day of death the Day of Judgment the day which has been promised meaning the day in which punishment has been promised to these people selesa it won't be or they have been worth their little caffeine la sallahu their fear Mina law so this

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punishment is definitely going to come under the you are doing and that punishment when it descends on them. Meaning when the day of judgment comes what will be their state. yo maya whoa June Amina ledger. That is you are the day

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They will emerge from the graves rapidly edge that plural of Judith. Sara plural have said here, they will come out of their graves rising out of them running in haste, unknown as if they are in a new Sylvain, do and erected idle you feel alone hastening missile missile is used in different ways. First of all missile is understood as a singular of the word unsolved. Remember the word unsolved? unsolved and the Islam that it doesn't mean I'm going to share upon

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unsolved, what are the

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stone altars remember, where the Michigan of Makkah would offer sacrifice due to their idols. So, no soap is used for an idol that is fixed in one place. And I idol that is fixed in one place.

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And by it is a huge rock, for example, or something on which the people would come and slaughter their animals, dedicating that animal to that either

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some idols they were such that they were taken from place to place, they were moved from place to place, like for example, in person as a small island, his house, at one point, it's in the living room, at one point, it's the other corner of the house. But these were what these idols are huge and they're fixed, you understand it and also been? So these idols at rituals, festivals, what would the people do, they would run towards them in haste, in order to offer their sacrifices in order to worship in order to perform their rituals.

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And you follow on from the newsletters Welfare Board and wealth is to run to hurry to rush forward. So Allah says that on the Day of Judgment, they will rise out of their graves, they will come out of their graves, and they will be running to the side of gathering. And how will they be running in the same way that they used to run to their idols.

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So basically, over here is an example that is being given of how quickly the people will run on the day of judgment to the site of gathering, they will not be able to stay back then but then they will run to the site of gathering, and how will they run, like they used to run to their idols in the dunya to perform their sacrifices to offer the ritual so on and so forth.

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Secondly, the word muscle is also understood as muster which gives a meaning of that which is monsoon that which has fixed a target a standing target that which is fixed, which is why the word also applies to a flag in Ireland.

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For example, in a battlefield, the army has its standard, its flag up high. Why? So that the soldiers can always go to it. Correct. So similarly, on the day of judgment, what will people do, they will run to the side of reckoning the side of gathering, just as soldiers would run to their flag in a battlefield.

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cemetery, we see that people have their fixed targets their fixed goals in life.

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Like for example, it's the workplace every single morning, what's happening, running, running, running, rushing, rushing, rushing. People are not looking at the fact that they're hungry, they're tired. They have you know, they have children. No, they're just running, running, running. You know, sometimes you look at the highways, how they're busy, people are running literally, you look at the subways how people are running to catch the train.

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So similarly, on the day of judgment, what's going to happen people are not going to be running to one another. They're in fact be running away from each other and what will they be running to the site of gathering? Yo Julia Mennella Judith is yulara Ganymede and also when you feel alone, in total cover is six to eight also we learned yo my other dairy lashay in nuco cushion of Assad ovum yo Judah mineral edge ethic unknown Jordan, mu mu clarina illa dairy motorin running to the dairy. The akoto cafe owner had a one ourselves and on that day harsher than Obasanjo home. Their eyes humbled their eyes down. Why?

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Why will their eyes be looking down because of guilt because they have committed crimes. It's like a criminal. When he is caught then what happens out of embarrassment he doesn't even look up when he's proven guilty. That what happens he's overcome by shame so harshly often have a solid home. They'll have a home they love humiliation will cover them. It will shroud them it will completely wrap them. Their faces will be black and dark ohakune Bella, the local yoga lady can when you are doing that is the day which

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They had been promised this is the day which they had been promised and this is the day that they were hastening for it which is why selesa you know there are they have been working and this is the promised a

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me on Ilya Milani Chemin de

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wanna know Bemis booty

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see this ayah color in Hakuna hooman May Allah moon we have created them from that which they know, meaning these people no matter how many they are no matter how many groups they are in, and they're looking at you staring at you we have learned earlier that the Moschino maka would stare at the profits on a lot of setup to startle him so that he would slip, he would make errors to frighten him.

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Now, if a person is in this position that he's talking to other people calling them to Allah, and all of a sudden there are people who are just staring at him giving him those looks. And as he saying something good, they are commenting negative comments. What should you think at that point? In Hakuna? Who may Allah moon these people? What are they made from something so insignificant? Don't get impressed by them. Don't get afraid of them. Just remember the reality

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that the reality of all people no matter how mighty they appear to me is what my embodied

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you understand. Because sometimes we get very impressed, afraid by the outward appearance of people.

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Look at how educated they are. Look at how mighty they are. Look at how powerful they are. Look at how everybody's listening to them. Okay, whatever. But remember, their origin. their origin is Matt and maheen. So their origin is my in my head no matter how they oppose you don't get afraid. You understand? This is the reality of people. And this is a big lesson for the dairy.

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Just remember who people are. So don't get afraid of them because sometimes we are afraid to talk to people, isn't it? So don't get afraid of talking to people. Because the reality of all people the origin of all people is something very despicable.

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So don't be afraid of people but rather who should a person be afraid of unless

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that's listen to the recitation of these verses from Isaiah number 13.

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one lady

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one lady

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