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Al-Haqqah 1-52 Tafsir 25-37

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On the other hand, was a moment ooh tiaki turbo, who Mishima Lee? But as for he who is given his Record in his left hand, why would a person be given his Record in his left hand?

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Because the sins are more, because his final end is the Hellfire because the US Hubble yameen Who are they the people of Genoa, and the Assad regime and Who are they? The people of hellfire. So Allah ot Akita will be Shomali, whoever is given his Record in his left for kulu. So he will say, yeah, Litani over to me. July 20. Oh, I wish lembu takita via I had not been given my record. Yeah, late and he later Later means wish. So late, honey, Oh, I wish that lamb outta I was not given kita via my record, I wish I had not been given my record at all. It was better not to receive this record. I was given it in my left. I wish I had not received it at all. Why will he say that?

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Because he will see in his record, the evils that he has performed, that he was that he has committed, and that there is nothing worthy of bringing Allah's mercy lambu takita via

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he will say, Well, I'm a dreamer, he Serbia, and I wish I had not known what is my account while I'm editing, editing, from dariah. What does that mean to know? So when I'm editing, I wish I had not known Mahi sabya What is my account? I wish I had not been given my account. In other words, I wish I had not been given my Recompense. I wish I had not witnessed this day so that I am given the recompense of my deeds. While I'm Eddie Murphy, Serbia. Why will he say that? Because it is so embarrassing to even look at that record himself. When a person has performed poorly,

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when a person has done very badly on something, he's embarrassed to even see it himself. He's embarrassed to even look at it himself.

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Which is why sometimes it happens with people that when they get the result, they see it and they put it away. They see it and they throw it away. They put it away. Why? Because they don't want to see it and they don't want anybody else to see it either. So he will say well, I'm a dreamer, he savia Oh, I wish I have not seen this day and not known what my account were either yell at her or I wish I can tell cobia or I wish that it had been alcohol the the decisive one, what had been later her have meaning the depth in the life of this world. I wish it was called the what is called the mean from other one that decrees one that does other and remember the word coda has several

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meanings. One is to make a final judgment. And one is to conclude something finished something so that it's over.

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So we see over here, that this person who will be given his Record in his left, What will he say? Yeah, later cannot we'll call the what is called the one that decrees that puts an end to something. So I wish this death that I suffered at the end of worldly life was all the meaning it completely terminated me. It completely finished me. It was out there. It cut me off it cut my life off, so that I was not resurrected again. Now. I was not given another life now. I wish I had been finished terminated. Er later kanatal Kalia. Why would he say that? Because he knows what's next. And what is next? punishment, punishment for eternity. So better than that is what that person is completely

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finished. Yeah, later, Canada Talia. He will say my ohana and Nima Leah, my wealth has not availed me the wealth that I accumulated in the dunya that has not Allah now. What does it mean to make someone rich? So my wealth did not make me rich. My wealth did not help me did not benefit me.

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All the wealth that I accumulated. Where's it now? Finished? Well, homiletical Abdul Jabbar for Ducati Captain wahida. All that wealth is gone, man. Oh, now I need Malia and no matter how much wealth the person has accumulated in the dunya if his deeds are not good, can that wealth help him

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Can that wealth help him? No, because the only way of being successful on that day is how, through some deeds that he has performed.

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Because on the Day of Judgment, if a person offers the entire world in gold as video, will he be able to ransom himself? No. mouth now I named earlier, what does it show them? That should a person spend his life just accumulating wealth? busying himself with as well taken care of as well, taking care of his belongings? No, because if that is what his life is all about, then his wealth cannot benefit him on the Day of Judgment Halekulani. So tawnya gone for me is my authority. My salon that I had, it's finished, it's gone, what the salon mean,

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salon has several meanings of them is authority. So, the authority that I had in the dunya I was a boss, I was an owner, I had authority over so and so, all that authority is gone. Today, I am nothing helicon niso tawnya

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whatever powers I had in the dunya, whatever authorities I had in the new whatever abilities, I had, Indonesia, all of them are finished.

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In this dunya for example, just because a person holds a particular passport of a country, then what happens because of that he has some fun, isn't it similarly, because he works at a particular place, because of that he has built on the position that he has in a particular company, or anywhere in a house in a family because of that he has so fun, but remember, no matter what salon a person has in this dunya it will not benefit him on that day.

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On that day, he cannot come as a president. On that day, he cannot come as the leader of the family, he cannot come as the in charge of a certain people know all that authority is finished helicon misophonia.

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Secondly, Safar also means her argument, in dystonia, people have many arguments, that I will say this, I will do this, I cannot be held accountable, I cannot be held responsible because of such and such reason. People have many arguments right now to save themselves in the Day of Judgment. But all such arguments, a person will forget about them. helicon nissle tawnya.

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then, thirdly, Ceylon ultra means power.

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So whatever power a person had, whether it was through his wealth, or his children, or the authority that he had any kind of power Hello, Karen misophonia. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said three things follow a dead person, and what are they, first of all his family members. Secondly, his possessions and thirdly, his deeds, meaning when he has been taken in order to be buried in his grave, three things come along with him, his family, his wealth, and also his deeds, do have them return and one remains with him. His family and his wealth returned they don't go with him into the grave. And what is it that remains with him? It's his deeds hydroxyanisole tawnya it will be said

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who do who sees him? Allah will command the angels sees this person take this person for who and shackle him who knew rain lamb lamb holla What does that mean?

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lol shackled fetters. So for Alou who chained him up, lock him up fetter him, shackle him, bind him up, who fell who knew who some Lj Masanobu and then into the Hellfire, drive him burn him into the Hellfire throw him into the hellfire. Notice first it hasn't been touched sees him, then chain him bind him because in binding, there is humiliation and in binding one cannot escape and then some manager haemost or Lou then throw him into the Hellfire in order to burn him. The MFI Silsila 10 then into a chain Silsila is used for a chain, literally it is a series of certain things.

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So a chain is also what a series of links one link connected with another. So Phil Murphy Silsila, then in a chain that are ruha, its length is server una de la and 70 cubits for suku who then insert him insert him tie him up with a chain. That is how long sub aroona there are on 70 cubits long.

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There are is from the routers that are in

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and there are is an ancient measure of length. And there are different opinions with regards to how long one zero r is. Some say that approximately it's the length of a forearm, approximately the length of a forearm.

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Some say that are the law

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70 bar and one bar is more than the distance between Kufa and maka

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one bar is how much the distance between Kufa and maka

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so imagine one there are is how much 7070 times the distance between Kufa and maka

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over here Alyssa subur una de la en multiply that by 70 times more this long of a chain, tie him up with that for soloqueue bind him with that chain, tie him up with that chain when when he's thrown into the Hellfire

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that even after a person is thrown into the Hellfire, he is locked up he is in a chain so that he cannot escape. He cannot run away. He cannot hide somewhere in hellfire. No, but rather he's constantly presented for the punishment and hellfire. So Murphy Silsila 10 zero has a Verona there on first Lu.

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If you think about it, Hellfire itself is mccannon. But you can a very tight place a very narrow place.

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And then on top of that the people when they're thrown into the Hellfire, how will they be thrown, locked up, chained up in fetters, for you to be nowhere see what's up with them, that their heads and their legs and their foreheads and their necks, all of them are tied up to that they're not free.

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And then when they're thrown into the Hellfire, they will be locked up even more chained up even more so that they cannot escape at all.

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Why is the punishment so great? Because Allah says in who can allow you may not be a healer Aleem. Indeed he did not used to believe in Allah, the One who is Most Great, this is his crime, he did not give the rights of Allah. Now you may know Bella healer Aleem did not believe in Allah who is Allah, Arlene, he rejected Allah did not worship him when I hugged him and miskeen nor did he encouraged the feeding of the poor, feeding the poor feeding the needy, what does that show, giving the rights of people to them, being concerned about humanity. So where on one hand, he did not care about the rights of Allah. On the other hand, he did not care about the rights of people either.

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When you're helpless from how long that lead, what does that mean to encourage someone to do something?

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When does a person encourage another to do something when he does it himself, when he likes to do it himself.

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So if he didn't do it himself, he didn't encourage other people either. When I helped her a lot, Armand miskeen, he had no mercy for other people. He wasn't afraid of Allah. And at the same time, he had no compassion for human beings either. For a Salah who, so there is not for him early oma, today, how hoonah here hemimorphite, any devoted friend

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in the dunya he didn't care about Allah or his creation. And today, no one is going to care about him. You understand?

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He didn't care about Allah. He didn't care about people. And today on the Day of Judgment, no one will care about him.

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A selfish person who's only concerned about himself, doesn't care about his duties, his obligations to others. Such a person will be abandoned on that day, felice, Allah Julio Maha hoonah. What has happened, I mean, here at this time at this place, Hamid, who is having a loyal friend, a very, very loyal friend, because homies from home or to become hot, so he becomes angry when you are upset when you are in danger when you are being treated with unfairness.

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So because of that anger because of those emotions, he doesn't just stay put, but rather he does something to save you.

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But on that day, he will have no hemming one out Armand and nor any food in them in his sleep except for this lien.

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No food except for obviously, what is this lien? Listening? Some say that it's a tree of hellfire. In fact, it is a comb which is just given another name that the people of Hellfire will eat from

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other say that no, this lien is something different. Because this lien is from Blaine seen lamb. What does it mean to wash debate?

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Why is it that something is washed? When it's dirty to remove the filth? When you wash something, all the filth all the dirt, it comes off? It is removed?

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So this lien is the dirty water. Literally, what is it

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The dirty water the dirty liquid that remains after something filthy has been washed. You understand?

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Like for example, you put your clothes in the washing machine clean is what the water that comes out the dirty one. This is what this lien is.

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And wrestling, in particular with regards to Hellfire, what is it? It is that liquid, which comes out of the wounds. So it is body secretions, the blood, the past that will flow from the wounds of the people of hellfire.

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The sleeve that will flow from the wounds of the people of Hellfire without our arm on a man endlessly. No food and drink except for this lien.

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Les kulu. Nan will eat it in the heart they own except the sinners, the sinful people who is a heartless one who sends deliberately one who makes a mistake on purpose. Not that he forgot. Not that he didn't know, he knew. But he made that decision. He did it himself consciously. So a person who deliberately does wrong deliberately commits errors and does not change his ways. Such a person. His end is hellfire. And his food is listening.

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ba, ba,

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People want to secure all the good for themselves, everything they want for themselves all the higher. But we see over here that a person who keeps all the good to himself in this dunya does not share with other people become selfish. Then what will happen when the dunya comes to an end, all the recorded all the recap for himself also comes to an end he will have nothing of it in the hereafter. He will be empty handed over there. My honor and the Malia Hannah Kearney. So Tanya, and the people of Jenna, what do we learn about them? Kahlua shabu, honey and Bhima. ASLEF don't feel a YAML Holly, you send something for now. So enjoy. And a person rewards everything for himself and

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dunya does not worry about his after that all that he has accumulated will also come to an end. And whatever he's accumulated will not benefit him and in the Hellfire is what will determine in luminously. no second option, no other option.

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What happens in dystonia? If you go somewhere, something is given to you. You don't want to eat it. What do you do? Eat something else? Isn't it or you decide to stay hungry? But this food is also punishment, that they will be forced to eat it family on a minute but on they'll be forced to eat this is also punishment. They cannot say no, we will stay hungry. No, give us something else we will not eat we will go on a strike no nothing like that. This is punishment in the Hellfire

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that we see over here the person was given his Record in his left. He will not want to see it. He will not want to share it with anybody because he'll be so embarrassed. But just because he's embarrassed just because he doesn't want to know it. It's not that he will not be given the result No, he will be given the result. So we have to be very, very careful with regards to our deeds.

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What kind of deeds are we performing? are they worth showing to other people? are they worth presenting?

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Is it that even we are embarrassed of them that we don't want to see it?

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We see over here that Well, I hope Darla Turan miskeen, out of all the rights of people what is mentioned that he did not encourage the feeding of the poor.

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Notice that hasn't been said he did not feed the poor himself. Because it's quite possible you cannot afford to feed the poor yourself as much. But definitely you can encourage other people. So out of all the rights of people this is mentioned, which shows its importance, how important it is to feed the needy, because if a person does not feed the hungry now, he will be made to eat asleep tomorrow

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that we see over here les Columbo, lol how to own or how to own those who commit sin deliberately. Those who commit sin deliberately. And who is it that would commit a sin deliberately The one who knows what the sin is.

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Many times it happens that when such either read or recited or learn, people tend to think about other people. But instead of thinking about others, we should be thinking about who ourselves because now we know.

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And once a person has knowledge, that he should become more careful. And if he doesn't become careful, and he sends deliberately, then look at the end.

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If you think about it, this record of deeds, the description that is given over here, it's very similar to how a person's resume is.

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When a person starts working for the dean studying the dean learning the dean, and he's focused on that, then definitely he loses some opportunities, which are with regards to the near

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by, for example, if you spend your years studying the dean, you might not be able to spend years studying the dunya. If you spend your time working for the dean, you might not get time working for the dunya building your worldly resume. When people look at your resume, looking at it, saying that, Oh, you've studied only this much. And you've worked only this much and you worked only at these places, and you've held only these positions, you need to do something more.

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But we see that a person who has done something in this world for the hereafter he will have something to show and he will have something to show to Allah and he will also show to other people how omokoroa Aki tabea

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and on the other hand, a person who has been building his resume of this dunya only what will happen on the Day of Judgment. of now I'm the Malia had a candy so funny.

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The resume that I built in the dunya Yes, it's full of worldly accomplishments, but it carries no weight on the Day of Judgment, no weight whatsoever no value on the Day of Judgment.

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Whatever I hoped or allowed me miskeen remember that Hadith that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was asked about which deeds are the best and in fact, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came to Medina as well, of the first things that he told people was actually said albino comb, and also author Mo, Tom was dakolo Salim Alana, on those who you know, and those who you do not know.

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You see over here that food is mentioned in particular of the punishment. And

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just as a person eat something, it affects him. Similarly, when a person commits sense, they affect him. If you're sent out an order, nobody would be able to sit next to you.

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