Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P09 098B Tafsir Al-Anfal 1-4

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of war booty and finding the right reward for actions. They stress the importance of honoring Allah's accomplishments and finding the right reward for the right person to recite the Quran and receive the booster. The history of Islam, including the assignment of the throne and the assignment of the throne to the throne, is also discussed. The importance of trusting one's Lord and not abandoning others is emphasized. The speakers stress the need for positive intentions and showing faith and forgiveness to avoid unnecessary failure.
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Ferodo bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim lesson number 98 Surah TL and file iron number one to 19 Surah Al and fell and fell means war spoils war booty. What is war booty? Yes.

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Okay, so it's basically the goods that belong to the enemy that the victory is stake through victory over them in a battle or after a battle. So basically, two armies when they meet, and when they fight one another, whoever wins, what do they do, they also take the goods of those whom they have defeated. Because usually what happens is that those who have been defeated, they run away in order to save their lives, right or they are taken as war captives. So when they're taken his war captives or when they run away in order to save their lives, whatever of their property they've left behind, who takes it those who have won. Now the word and file is the plural of Neville and Neville, what

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does it mean? Not all prayers nothing further what does it mean? Extra that which is more than the do. So for example, at Lahore time, what is do what is necessary for you to perform your font, right. And the Sunnah Akita also because the prophets of Allah said him, he performed them on a regular basis. So we are also required to perform them on a regular basis unless, you know, there is a genuine reason and for that reason, a person is not able to perform them once in a while is different. Okay, so what is due at that time is your fault salah. And if you perform some extra prayers, you say, I have time I'm waiting, I'm just sitting around. So I might as well perform some

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extra what is that? Never. It is bonus. It is more than the do. This is what Nephal is. Now the war booty is called Nevel and fell. Why do you think so? Because this is an extra bonus that a person makes when he goes out in the way of Allah. Remember that when a person strives in Allah's Cause, and he gains any benefit, any profit, any advantage, remember that that is not his main objective. That is not his main goal. What is his main goal, he is seeking Allah's pleasure, he is seeking to please Allah subhanaw taala with his efforts, and he wants the adjure were in the era. So if Allah subhanaw taala gives him some kind of reward in this dunya whether it is in the form of something

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tangible or intangible, remember, what is it a bonus? All right, it's a bonus, that is not the goal. Because the fact is, that there is nothing at all of this dunya that can compensate for what a person strives in the way of Allah subhanaw taala there is nothing in this dunya no treasure, no money, nothing at all, that can compensate for what you've put in the way of Allah subhanaw taala. Because remember that Allah subhanaw taala he's very, very appreciated. One of the names of Allah is a shellcode the one who is very appreciative. One of the names is an acclaimed The one who is very most generous. So when a person strives to please Allah, then the reward that Allah has for him is

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great, it is very great. And there is nothing in this dunya that can be equal to that reward. So if Allah gives a servant something of this dunya then remember what is it just a bonus is just an extra benefit. It's just a good news that inshallah in the hereafter much much more is awaiting you. So what does it teach us? That whenever we do anything for the sake of Allah, whether we're helping somebody or we are spending in Allah's Cause or we are studying the deen anything that we do for the sake of Allah, our primary focus should not be what we get here. It should not be the recognition that people give us the praise the words of praise that people can offer, it should not be the

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results that you can get here. What should be the main goal? What should be the main focus what Allah has in store in the

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let me give you an example. A person is reciting the Quran, in touch with class

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Okay, why? Because that's what we're required to do at that time. And there's so many people going around checking, listening to our voices, checking our lips, looking at our eyes, where are our eyes? So what do we do we start reciting the Quran at during the dweet class. Okay? Now, if we're reciting Quran, what's the benefit that inshAllah orthofeet will improve? And inshallah our group in charge will be happy with us right and inshallah artha dweet Teacher will also be happy that finally these people are reciting, okay. So this is what a benefit okay? But remember that Allah subhanaw taala has a greater reward for a person in the Quran and what is that for every letter they recite

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10 Good deeds. So, when your teacher is happy, and when you manage to recite properly, these are good results, but remember, this is what extra Nephal the main reward that we are seeking is that which is with Allah azza wa jal is that which inshallah person will find where? In the Accra so unfiled war booty, what do you understand from the name of the surah? What is the surah going to talk about?

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Yes. Wars, okay. War when it comes to the matter of war, what comes to your mind?

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What's the etiquette of war? Like, what are the rules and regulations right? Then the war booty who gets a share of it, who doesn't get a share of it? Okay, so remember the total and file is a Madani Surah it was revealed after the Hijrah, and it was revealed after Surah Al Baqarah. Remember that when the Prophet saw a lot of sort of migrated to Medina, one of the first sutras to be revealed in great detail was which one suited Bukhara, and in Soto Baqarah a lot of commands have been given with regards to fasting with regards to eating halal and per year. Remember sort of tobacco, right? Why? Because now an Islamic State was established, the Muslims, they had Eman. Now they needed to

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know the law. So the law was prescribed where the initial stages were in Surah Baqarah. And soon after that Surah TL and fell was revealed. In the previous Surah sortal paragraph we learned about many nations, how they responded to their profits. And then what happened, eventually those who believed were saved, and those who oppose the prophets of Allah what happened? Allah subhanaw taala sent their punishment upon them. So in this Surah Surah Al and file we learn about the punishment that was sent upon who, those who opposed Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And what was that punishment, it was defeat at the hands of the Muslims in the first battle that was fought between

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the two sides, which was the battle off by the so this surah was revealed in the context of which battle, the battle of battle, the battle of better took place on 17th of Ramadan, in the second year, after hijra, and remember that the Muslims were only about how many number 300. And then we should again, on the other hand, were about 1000 in number. So imagine 300 versus 1000. The Muslims were basically fighting an army that was three times their number, all right, and what happened who won, it was the Muslims who won. So this victory was not a small victory. It was Futter movie, it was a clear evident victory that established the strength of the Muslims that established you know,

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all of the Muslims because until now, there were people who were attacked by anybody, nobody had any respect for them nothing at all. But after this victory, what happened? The people began fearing the Muslims that they have a presence, they can also stand up for themselves, they also have some strength, so we better be careful about in dealing with them. So when this first victory happened, many issues were raised, how are we to go to battle? So what are the rules and regulations of battle in the future? Likewise, when walrus boils, they fall in the hands of the Muslims? How is it supposed to be distributed? Now imagine when it comes to the cat, there are clear instructions

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concerning who has to pay, what amount and it has to be given to who So likewise, when it comes to booty, how is that to be distributed amongst the Muslims? Likewise, when it comes to prisoners of war, that have been captured by the Muslims, how are they to be treated? So there are many questions that were raised

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And as these questions were raised Allah subhanaw taala revealed a little unfair while answering all of these questions guiding the Muslims with respect to all of these matters. So let's begin the surah Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim Yes. Aluna aka Arnall and fell. They ask you about the booty who asks you the Sahaba they asked the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, about the booty that who gets to have a share in it, who gets what, and who gets what. So this was a question.

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In Muslim, Ahmed, it is recorded that Sargon Malik held the low on who he said that when the booty was brought in, it was collected, he saw a sword. He picked it up and he said, O Allah's messenger. Allah has brought comfort to me today over the Mushrikeen. So please give the sword to me. Meaning I fought very bravely. I was very successful in my fight against the machete again. So please grant this sword to me. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said, This sword is neither yours, nor is it mine support it down.

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Because typically what happens when things are brought in? Okay? Like for example, imagine you go shopping and you bring in a lot of stuff. And everybody's looking, okay, let's say your siblings are looking. And they know that you've brought stuff for them. They have their eyes set on the shopping bags. All right. And then what happens? Each one says, Can I have this one? Can I have this? Can I have this? So something similar started over there. So the prophets of Allah Islam said this stuff, neither belongs to me, nor does it belong to you put it down, put it down, don't set your eyes on things that don't belong to you. This is whose property Allah subhanaw taala is property. So Solid

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been Malik. He was a little sad. He put it down, he obeyed the Prophet salallahu Salam. And he said that I felt in my heart that it might be given to somebody else. And I want this sword. And he felt a little sad about that. So he turned away he was on his way back. And what happened? Somebody called him from behind that come back. So sad when Maliki returned. And he found out that Allah subhanaw taala had revealed concerning this matter. Yes. Aluna aka I kneel and Ferb. They're asking you about the booty. That who gets what. And the thing is that the Muslim army in the Battle of budder, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had divided the army into multiple groups, a group of

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companions, fighting in the front lines, a group of companions, defending the Muslims, a group of companions guarding the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So each group was assigned different tasks. And this is something typical, that happens when a group of people are working together. Right? Like, for example, there's a lot of people working over here, some are working behind computers, others are working by invigilating. Others are working at the front desk. All right. So people are assigned different different things to do. All right. But what happened was that each group of Muslims felt that what they did lead to victory. So they said, because of our efforts, we

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were victorious. This is why we should have all of his booty, or we should have a greater share of the booty. Because you see previously before Islam, the Arabs, their rule was that whoever goes to battle and whoever gets their hands on whatever, they take it, finders keepers. That was the rule. Here's the sad look, it was our efforts that paid off. So please, can we have a share of it? So Allah subhanaw taala revealed? Yes, Aluna coronial and file they ask you about the *, say Oh, Prophet salatu salam, tell them that and file the booty. lillahi it belongs to who? Allah? What was Su and the messenger? It's not yours. Who does it belong to Allah and His messenger? It's like,

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if children are fighting over something, then what do the parents do? Just give it to me. It's not yours. It's not yours. It's mine. You understand how many times I have to do that with my two children when they're fighting over something. I said, just give it to me. It's Mama's right. It's not by us. It's not sisters. It's momma's. So then what happens? They give up and then whatever I decide, then they accept it sometimes, and sometimes they don't. So anyway, when this was said that Khalil unfairly law he was Sol, then the entire conflict was solved, that the soul belongs to Allah and His messenger. So fear Allah and handover everything to Allah's Messenger and do not fight over

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this booty thinking that you have

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have a right to it. And when you hand over everything to Allah and His Messenger, then whatever Allah decides concerning the booty, and the messenger instructs you with, then you have to accept it wholeheartedly. When they belong to Allah and his messenger that what does it mean? You have to accept Allah's decision concerning it. If the messenger settled on Islam says, this share is for this person and this share is for that person, then you have to accept it. You cannot go and dictate the Messenger of Allah, give this to me and give this to so and so know. The command comes from WHO? Allah and His messenger, you have to accept that.

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This is why Allah says Fatah Kula Sophia Allah, fear Allah and this is very meaningful over here. Because what happens is that when money comes, then people get become greedy. Right? And people start fighting over it. People start fighting over it. Why? Because this is a natural weakness of the human being. He loves money. Allah says in the Quran, we're in the holy herbal Heidi Lasha did that man is surely very severe, very intense in his love for money. So when it comes to money, people get very greedy. This is why Allah says for Takala fear Allah, look at how you're behaving. Is this why you went for war? Is this why you went with the Messenger of Allah to get these things

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to get the chattels of this world? Was that your objective? Or was your objective to please Allah and His messenger? What was your purpose? If your purpose was this dunya fear Allah photog Allah will Asli who and reform that obey nikam that is the feminine of the What does do mean possessor all right and by Nick on between you that obey Nico is basically an expression which refers to the relationships that are between people because that's a binary come literally means that which is between you that which is between you so we're asleep who that obey nickel meaning a min that which is between you these fights these arguments putting one another down. This is something that does

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not benefit a united OMA, so fix these problems. And then think about you know, demanding some share of war booty for yourselves we're asleep who that have a nickel, reform that which is between you.

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So basically the Muslims are being told that instead of being greedy for the riches of this world, instead of being greedy for these privileges, check yourself why is it that you went to battle? Was it to have self glory to make money to show your greatness because of what you consider the work of others as something less and you think that you deserve more of war booty? Was it to make duniya because of which you are fighting with one another in order to get a share of the booty? Why is it that you went out in Allah's way? Fuck the cola? What Asli who that Albania can reform your relationships, be united and focus on the one goal all together? What is your goal to please Allah,

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your goal is to be an Allah's way. And remember that when people have the sincerity for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala then they are united, then they don't fight over petty issues. Sincerity creates unity. Because when a person is striving for Allah to please Allah subhanaw taala then his main focus is not my right and my money and I should deserve this and I should be promoted and why is this person being given this? His goal is what to please Allah subhanaw taala and then he becomes concerned about the well being of those with him of those around him. Then he doesn't become greedy, he becomes giving and when he becomes giving this will create strong bonds between people when he

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will be forgiving, when he will be generous, this will unite the whole group so Asli who that by nikam reform what is between you fix your relationships were unclear Allah and obey Allah wa Sula, who and His Messenger in quantum mode meaning if you are truly believers, if you are truly believers, then you should be obeying Allah and His Messenger, meaning whatever they decide concerning the booty, you should show some Erina will Alterna

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You should say some Erina What aterna? Not that you say why was this given to so and so and how come I don't get a share of this? Now in this is what is so amazing is the fact that Allah subhanaw taala is not telling the people immediately as to who gets a share of the booty, and how much hair. In fact for the next 40 verses, the ruling concerning the booty is not given for the next 40 verses. And this is very interesting. Because it says though Allah subhanaw taala is shifting our focus, from the booty to what something else

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because like we discussed earlier that when money comes in front of you, then we get greedy, and our eyes are set on money, and that becomes our goal. So Allah subhanaw taala is shifting our focus in order to protect our sincerity, in order to protect our striving in His cause, alone, for his sake alone.

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And over here, the emphasis is being given on what fixing a mending the relationships, because many times it happens that when we go out for the sake of Allah, whether it is to a class, then what is it that we neglect? What is it that we don't pay much attention to? Relationships? It's like we're coming out of the house for our class and we're arguing with our husbands. We're stepping out of the house and we're yelling at WHO? Our children we're stepping out of our house and we're leaving a mess behind for who? Our moms

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What does Allah say? Honestly, who that have a nickel, look at yourself. Look at your relationships. When a person is out in the way of Allah, it doesn't mean that they can neglect their relationships. Relationships are very, very important. In fact, they will show how much a person is sincere and Allah's when they will show how strong of a bond he has with Allah. They will demonstrate how obedient a person is to Allah. His relationships will demonstrate how much somebody has how much forgiveness he has learned. It's the relationships with people that show the level of our faith and commitment with their religion. If our relationships are suffering, then that means there's a

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problem somewhere. It doesn't mean that you leave striving in Allah's Cause it means that you pay attention to fixing your relationships also, because it does not befit a servant who's out in the way of Allah, that outside he has a very good image but in the house, he is considered as the most evil person. This dual personality does not fit a slave who is out in the way of Allah subhanaw taala. So Asli who that have a nickel, reform your relationships. And if you're really believers, then obey Allah and His messenger. In normal mode me Noona.

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Now shifted completely focuses on what Eman Allah says, Indeed the believers are who Alladhina dos who either leuke en la who when Allah is mentioned, why do you not call Uber home? Their hearts tremble with fear? What do you get this from the root letters Wow, Jean lamb Wajid, what it basically means to tremble. The word Mojo from the same route is used for a ditch, depressed ground. Has it ever happened, that you're walking somewhere and all of a sudden you see a hole in the ground. I remember once we went to somebody's farm, and we're walking, and all of a sudden, there was such a huge Well, I've never seen a well that huge. It was deep and it had no wall. It had no

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wall. This was not here, by the way. Okay. And just the sight, just the sight of that well, was so scary. You know if there is a crater or something in the ground, caused by some blast or anything, the side of it itself is so terrifying. So what do you love is when someone trembles out of fear, you know, when you have a shiver down your spine, out of fear. When you're not able to complete your words and you start stuttering out of fear, when your hands begin to tremble when your mouth trembles. This is what would you is? What does Allah say here, that the believers the true believers are who when Allah has mentioned their hearts, tremble with fear, their hearts are affected. When

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Allah is mentioned, then they don't remain the same. On hearing Allah's Name

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They melt, they change. And what is being hinted at here is basically, that they forget about their differences. They forget about their arguments, and what happens. They focus on Allah subhanaw taala. And they humble themselves. Either leuke Allah wa Jalla Kulu boom, like Omar Allahu anhu, when he was told for your life, but his cheek on the ground

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when he was addressing the Muslims, and he was discouraging the Muslims from giving huge amounts of money in Mahalo to their wives, because he felt as though this was a throw off. So he was discouraging the Muslims from being so extravagant when it came to the matter of marriage. A woman stood up and she said, that how can you forbid this when Allah subhanaw taala himself mentions that if you give a heap of wealth to your wife, Can God has been used? And you're telling us we should not give this much money to our wives? Is this what you're telling us? So Ramona low or no, he said, Yes, the woman is right. And Irma is wrong. The woman is right. Why, why did he change instantly?

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Why is it that he accepted the word of the woman because the woman was not making things up herself? What was you mentioning, Allah's statement? So when Allah was mentioned, what happened are mildly the one who has heart trembled with fear and when it trembled with fear, it humbled, he forgot about his ego, he forgot about his image, he forgot about his say, then who became important, Allah subhanaw taala. And when a person feels like this, then he changes, then he can improve. But unfortunately, what happens is that when we are doing something wrong, when we are saying something wrong, and we are reminded, even with the name of Allah subhanaw taala, we are reminded, we say, You

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know what, yes, I do have fear of Allah, however, such and such and such.

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And we say, you know, things to show that yes, we are very biased or we say, forget Allah and His messenger, what about my right? These are the kinds of things that we say, what does that show Eman is weak. Because it is not possible for a person who believes in Allah, that he would say such a thing. It is not possible that a person has faith in Allah. And he doesn't fear Allah when Allah is mentioned, true believers are who and Medina either Luquillo Allah Who would you that perubahan what either and when toliet it is recited or lay him upon them, I add to his verses, when the verses of Allah are recited before them, then what happens? That whom Iman, it increases them in Iman, their

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faith increases? What does it mean their Eman increases, that when the email a person increases, then basically what that means is that a person is motivated to obey Allah subhanaw taala. So when they hear Allah's verses, they're motivated to action. They're motivated to humble themselves. They don't remain the same stagnant, unmoved, no, they increase in their faith in their humility in their submissiveness, they do something. So we see that a man is a strength is a force that creates movement in a person. It removes his arrogance. It removes his feelings of self admiration. And so he surrenders. He submits that home II Myrna, what are not be him yet our cannon. The third quality

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that is mentioned here is that there are those who rely upon their Lord. They do Tawakkol on who? Allah subhanaw taala in all their affairs, they trust in Allah, they expect from Allah, they don't expect from people rather they expect from WHO? Allah subhanaw taala they have this hope, the certainty that the solution to all problems is with who? Allah, they trust on Allah, that Allah who will not waste their efforts, that Allah will not leave them deprived, that Allah will generously reward them, they trust upon their Lord. You know, one of the qualities of the messenger SallAllahu Sallam that is given in the Torah and the previous scriptures is Ellenwood our kin, the one who

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relies on who? Allah subhanaw taala because the person who relies upon Allah is always content. He's always positive, no matter what's happening here

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because you see when money comes in, people get afraid, I better fight for it, or else I'm gonna get nothing. It's like if there is a cake, and you really want it, but somebody sends you for an errand, somebody sends you to go and help somebody out and you're afraid there's 20 People sitting over here one cake, by the time I come back, it's going to be gone. So at that time, you're wondering, should I go and help this person out? Or should I go grab a piece for myself? The person who realizes that it's important to go and help someone else out what happens he is positive over there. He has trust on Allah, that if I help someone, that Allah will help me he will not deprive me. And what happens

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he goes, and he comes back and he finds out that he has to cake has finished, but somebody kept a piece for you.

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So this is what happened to the person who trusts upon his Lord. He is content in every situation. He looks at the positive in every situation he realizes My Lord is mighty, he is just he is capable, so he will not abandon me He will not leave me alone, no matter what the situation. And Levina those who UK Munna salata, they established the prayer woman models Akane home, Yun feel cone, and out of what We have given them, they spend, they care about others, they're not selfish, they care about others. Some people, whenever they do anything, their focus is what what can I get out of it? And others? What is their focus? How can I help someone? The one with iman, the one with the local? The

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one who fears Allah, the One who is affected by Allah, I asked, What does he do? He spends on others, he's concerned about others, by remember, at the end of the previous Surah, what did we learn holding our for? Take forgiveness, meaning forgive others, let go be concerned about others forget your Eagle, and forgive others who they are four. And you know, one of the meanings of awful is what another meaning of our four is what? Increase? Right surplus. All right. So then off what has also been understood as take what comes easily, meaning take, accept what people give easily in the sense that wherever obedience, people show, even if it's a little bit, whatever compliance they

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show, even if it's a little bit graciously accepted, happily accepted, don't demand too much from people, even if they're doing a little bit appreciate those efforts. But what happens with us is that we expect a lot from people we want from them, but we don't want to give to them. The quality of a true believer is what that he gives to others. And this means that even if a person does a little bit, he is greatly appreciative. One is to look at somebody's work and keep looking for faults. They didn't do this, they didn't do this. They didn't do this, they messed this up, they left this out, they left that out. And the other is that you see, okay, 100, at least at this much.

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Right? At least in it this much. It's like when a person is looking at children dealing with children. One is that a person has Oh, look at how much mess this child left behind. And the other is that look at the fact that at least he put all the blocks in one box, all right, and all the dolls in one place. And okay if a few blocks and balls got left behind. At least he put in an effort to clean up the place, look at his age and look at his accomplishment. All right. So when we models of Canal commune for cone, we think we only need to give money. Sometimes we also need to show some generosity. Sometimes we also need to show some forgiveness. Sometimes we also need to show some

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smile on our faces, words of appreciation of recognizing the efforts of people. Woman Melrose Akane whom you and feel goon hola Erica. Allah says it is those whom almost me Nona, they are the believers have gone into who are the true believers, those who possess these qualities, which ones when Allah is mentioned, their hearts tremble with fear. When the Verses are recited, then their faith increases and they trust upon their Lord and they perform their prayers and they spend on others five qualities are mentioned over here. Check yourself these are the believers in truth. Allah subhanaw taala. justifies to their fate. He says that yes, there Eman is true. It is

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acceptable. And those who lie

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like these qualities, who are only greedy for their selfish benefits, then there is a problem with their faith, their faith is too weak, those who fight a lot, who argue with others whose relationships are messed up, then remember that there's a problem with their faith. And we need to look at ourselves over here, that perhaps we might think of ourselves, as, you know, I study the Quran, and I go to weekly classes, and I help so many people, I spend so much in charity. But if at the same time our relationships are messed up, whether it is with our children, or it is with our siblings, that what good are we doing? What good are we doing, when, on the one hand, we go

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accumulate some reward. And then the next moment, we yell at someone, we humiliate someone, we don't show any forgiveness and compassion, and we waste all the good that we accumulated,

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you know, it will kill you, he listed a number of ways in which a fawn deceives, the human being, one of the ways is that Shavon tells a person do this good. Look, look at this great planet, do it, do it, do it. And what happens a person is accumulating so much reward throughout the day. And then at the end, Shavon makes the person disobey Allah in one matter. And what happens that one sin is sufficient to wash away all the good that the person did.

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All the good that the person does. So when the person falls in his rank, then Shavon is so happy, I made him go high, and fall so badly. So this is why it's so important that we pay attention to every aspect of our lives. Because you see over here, the Sahaba, there were so focused on jihad. And there were so focused on the end file that they forgot about being generous towards others, they started demanding booty, they started demanding money. So Allah subhanaw taala corrected them. Pay attention to every aspect. Don't just worry about reciting the Quran with perfection. also worry about speaking good words to people. Don't just worry about being good with strangers, also be

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concerned about being good to those in your own house.

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Honestly, who that are by Unicom, because you see, a believer is a person who has a well rounded personality, from every aspect from every side, he is good, which is why we see the use of La Santa when he was in the prison. When he was in the prison. What did the inmates say to him? We see you as a white person. Can you imagine a person who was in the prison, who deserves to be miserable and angry and show his fury? Imagine he is being called who? A Morrison in that prison?

00:38:06 --> 00:38:57

Why? Because he was good in every aspect, in every aspect. And this is something that we need to focus on. ously who that amania Calm Hola, eco humble movement and a haka. Those are the believers in truth. And for such believers Lahoma Raja tone, they will have high ranks degrees, or in the behave near their Lord will mouthfeel and forgiveness what is concurring and a noble provision? Allah subhanaw taala will reward such people generously. First of all, the Raja Raja has applauded the Raja, what is the Raja, high rank notice? Many ranks are mentioned why? Because everyone's efforts are different in this area con, la shatta. There is one person who manages to tolerate their

00:38:57 --> 00:39:39

siblings, okay, they reach a level, there is another person who manages who learns to tolerate their siblings and their parents. So they have a good relationship now with their siblings and their parents. And then there is another person who manages to tolerate their siblings who has a good relationship with their parents. And they're also good towards the people whom they work with. You see how the level of excellence is different. You see how it's different, one is tolerant towards certain people, another is tolerant towards more and others tolerant towards more. So, when the effort is more, the reward will be more the reward will be different, it will vary. So we have to

00:39:39 --> 00:39:59

see how much are we successful in the different aspects of our lives? We may be excellent students, but are we people who demonstrate patience? Are we people who are able to forgive the more you achieve, the greater your rank will be? The less you achieve, the lower your rank, and in this dunya

00:40:00 --> 00:40:45

We don't like to be of a lower level, or are we okay with it? Are we okay with it? If you find out that someone who's working with you gets to make $500 more than you every month? Are you okay with that? Never like why? If our work is the same, why she making more money, I want to be able to make more money too. We don't accept this difference when it comes to worldly matters. If you find out that your mom gave your sister $10 More this month than you would you accept it? Would you accept it? Even if it's just $10? Well said no, come on. That's not fair. We'll fight for those $10 Even when it comes to dunya. But when it comes to the matters of Accra, unfortunately, we don't think of

00:40:45 --> 00:40:54

them as very important. In Hadees, we learn that the difference between each level in Jannah will be how much like how we look at the stars in the sky.

00:40:55 --> 00:41:17

Can you imagine so if a person managed to get to the 20th level of Jannah he will be looking up at those at the 21st level how as a person looks at the stars when he's standing on the earth. Imagine the difference if the physical difference is so much imagine the difference in reward.

00:41:18 --> 00:41:36

So remember, it is difficult to learn to be patient it is difficult to show forgiveness but remember that every time you go higher in your striving you go higher in your rank in the sight of Allah you get greater awards in the

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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Bismillah your Walkman you're walking

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yes no naka

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law long wodgina Polo Google more either too late.

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To the E mana. Were either too late Charlie

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beam Yeto

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Levina ut Moon

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