Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 29 – L293E

Taimiyyah Zubair
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I was a bit of a genius for him. Lesson number 293 sort of how

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for now, of course he will be not too soon,

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too soon. So I swear by what you see, and what you do not see in hula code or sulan Kareem that indeed the Quran is the word of a Noble Messenger.

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fella aka civil law is extra for the purpose of emphasis

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that fell out Ochocinco I swear Bhima tootsie roll with all that you see, meaning I swear by all that is visible to you, everything that is visible to you, that you know of, like people, animals, plants, apparent blessings, I swear by everything that you see, what am I allowed to proceed on and also by that which you do not see, like angels or jinn, souls, hidden blessings will matter to us later on. I swear by all of that as well.

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So in other words, I swear by the entire creation, what you know, and what you don't know what you see, and what you don't see. I swear that in the hula cola vasudevan Kareem indeed this Quran is the cowl of a Noble Messenger, meaning this Quran has been delivered to you by who a Noble Messenger and who is that Noble Messenger, Angel gibreel

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and also received and Karima refer to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that he is the one who is delivering it to you. What it means is that the stone is being delivered to you through your soul and carry not that he has fabricated it. Not that it's his own statement, but rather he is the one who is delivering it. And who is it that has sent it? Allah soprano tada inserted taquito also this has mentioned from 19 to 21 that in the hula colada sulan Karim vehicle watin are in the Digital Ocean. McKean matar in some mean, that indeed this Quran is a word conveyed by a Noble Messenger, meaning the angel gibreel

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who is this Noble Messenger vehicle working who is possessed of power or in the Villa oshi McKean, and with the Owner of the Throne, he is secure in position matar and obeyed some mean and then on top of that, he is also trustworthy.

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Over here, an oath is being taken by what the entire creation, that which people see and that which people do not see. And what's the purpose of taking a note to make it a witness. So the entire creation, in other words, is being made a witness to the fact that this Quran is not a fabrication, rather, what is it? The word of Allah subhanaw taala, transmitted delivered by who? A Noble Messenger or sulan, Karim?

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Wilma, whoever your coalition is, and it is not the word of a poet. This Quran is not the statement of a poet. This is not poetry kalila to me known Very little is it that you believe meaning hardly, it is that you believe very, very little you believe for very little time. You believe. And then you turn to disbelief for a few moments, you believe and then you disbelieve that emotion fades away kalila took me noon. You get impressed by the beauty of the Quran. And then what happens after some time it fades away? Well, my whoever Tony share it on 11 to noon, whatever you call Lika him nor is it the word of a soothsayer

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who is a guy in a fortune teller, a soothsayer. This Quran is not the word of a fortune teller, who tries to find out the life the matters of the unseen by Jean no kalila matta. karoon little is it that you remember, little is it that you receive admonition.

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The Michigan of Makkah used to claim that the Quran was a fabrication of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam himself that he himself had invented it,

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or that he was a poet, or that he was a fortune teller. And this is why the Quran is so eloquent. And this is why the Quran in forms of the matters of the unseen Allah says no, it's not the case. The Quran is in fact what then Zilla Mira biller Allah mean, it is a revelation from the Lord of the worlds. It's a revelation from Allah, Who is the Lord of the worlds it's not a fabrication. It is in fact a revelation 10 zeal

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Willow Taka Wallah.

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Elena Barbara, a car wheel. And if Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam had made up about some false things, meaning if he had fabricated this on the hawala from the COBOL, and the COBOL is from Bab de Ferran, which gives meaning of the call of dishonor to make up something, it gives a meaning of pretense. So, allow the call when the call is to make up a call, to fabricate a lie.

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So, if he had fabricated if he had forge arlena upon us, bearable car wheel, some statements or wheel is the plural of alcohol, which is the plural of old coal, the plural of that is acquired and the plural of acquired is a car wheel. So if he had fabricated statements about us, lies about us, saying that Allah has revealed something whereas in fact, he has not revealed it, saying that Allah has said something whereas in fact, he has not said it. Then what would happen 100 men who believe I mean, then we would have seized him by the right hand,

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we would have seized him, meaning we would have punished him we would have exacted vengeance against him as punishment. How, Billy? I mean, what does it mean by this video mean with the right hand, meaning with our right hand, or Billy, I mean, we would seize him by his right hand. So mala Katana, then we would have got off men who from him and watin the life archery, we would have got off his archery, we would have held his hand, his right hand, and then we would have got off his life our tree, and watin is from the roof letters, well, that noon. And watin is the main vessel the main artery that carries the blood from the heart. It connects the heart and the brain and once that is

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cut off, that means a person is not alive anymore. So manaakitanga menholt watin. We would have finished him

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just imagine Allah soprano Talia is saying this with regards to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that if even he had fabricated something about Allah, Allah would punish him in this way. That a husband I mean, who believe I mean, some Allah Katana men hold watin feminine coming ahead in an hydrazine and there is no one of you who could prevent us from him. No one could save him from us from income. No one from among you. Men hadn't not even a single person, no matter how wealthy no matter how powerful, no matter how righteous, no one at all, could save unto him meaning Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam had you seen? Have you seen is a plural of hedges and who is hedges? One who

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hinders one who prevents one who prevents wood you're unavailable, Bahraini has jeiza a barrier.

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So no one could become a barrier between us and him. No one could come in the middle and prevent us from exacting our vengeance against him. No, no one could save him from us. No one could defend him from us. So basically in these ayat, Allah subhanaw taala is proving the truthfulness of the messenger sallallahu Sunnah.

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that if this Quran was a fabrication, he would not have been spared.

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If he had fabricated this Koran, ascribed it to Allah, then what would happen? He would have been punished very severely. And no one at all could save him from a law firm in coming in and who hydrazine

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if you think about it, why would a person invent something like this? Why? If a person invents something and says, I'm the messenger and God has revealed this to me, why would he do that? For worldly interests? Right, so that he becomes famous so that people like him, people listen to him. But if you think about it, if he does all of this for his worldly interests at the end, which of you can save him? No one can for your sake he would invent and none of you can help him does it make sense? It doesn't. He would never fabricate in total of eight almost as a miracle Luna Dada Kool Aid after a two fella Tom licona live in LA he she?

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Or do they say has he invented it? Say if I have invented it, you will not possess for me the power of protection from Allah at all. Meaning you cannot save me from Allah at all. What is this Quran, Allah says what in who letter killer to limit Turkey. And indeed this is a reminder for those people who have Taqwa.

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This is why Allah has revealed it.

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That those who have fear those who have consciousness, those who are alert, who are afraid of the punishment of Allah, this Koran remind

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them this Quran has a great lesson for them what in no letter kiloton Lil watin there is a great lesson in the Quran for all those who fear Allah, what does it show? that those who do not have the core? They do not benefit from the Quran?

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Because right at the beginning of the Quran, what did we learn the early Kalki tabula rasa Buffy, who Darnell Mottaki, it is a guide for those who have fear of Allah, those who want to save themselves from the punishment, and those who are not interested in saving themselves from the punishment who have no fear.

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Then for them, this Quran does not mean anything, they can study it, they can read it, they can listen to it, but it will not impact them, it will not change them

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in general, and indeed we know and remain calm that indeed among you are mocha DB deniers.

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That despite the fact that this Quran is true, the messenger is true, and the truthfulness of the Quran and the messenger shines forth. And this Quran has been sent as a reminder for the people, yet we know that there are among you those who don't believe

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we know that among you are those people who don't believe we deny the Quran whereas the truthfulness of the Quran is so evident.

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Similarly, Allah subhanaw taala knows about each and every person, what kind of attitude does he have with the Quran?

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If a person believes in the Quran, Allah knows about that. A person rejects the Quran Allah knows about that. A person accepts the advice in the Quran, Allah knows about that. Every single person, whatever connection he has with the Quran, however, his attitude is with the Quran, what in lenor Allahu Allah knows about it.

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A person can pretend before other people that I love the Quran, I really value the Quran. But Allah knows how much a person has taken from the Quran. How serious he is, how much he remembers, what in lunaire Allahu Allah knows. And I mean, come look at the been, ya know, who, and indeed it has certain annelle carefree it will be a cause of regret for those who disbelieve hestra What is hustla

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regret, sorrow, sadness upon what? and losing an opportunity

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on losing something, you had something and you lost it, you had an opportunity, you didn't avail it was in the hula hustla tuna annelle Catherine, it will be a source of regrets. This Quran will be a source of regret, it will cause regret to those who disbelieve in this Quran. Those who don't benefit from this Quran, they will be in regret. And those who benefit from the Quran, they will not be in regret, they will be happy.

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Just think about it yourself. A person who has given the Hulk do his best ability to the bulk of our last panel data at the end, how does he feel happy that he has done something he has accomplished something

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and a person who knows he could have done better. But he didn't.

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You know, what is that a person wasn't able to there was some genuine reason preventing him. And despite that he did his best. And another is a person is able to but still he doesn't put in the effort he doesn't bother to give the half of the Quran. Then at the end, what does he have happiness or regret, regret.

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Similarly, on the day of judgment, the Quran will bring great regret to who those who disbelieve that they did not get the help of the Quran. They could have benefited, but they didn't. Were in the hula Hassan al caffine.

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Just think about it. Now we have the time to open this car and to read the score and to learn the sport and to reflect on its meanings to study its I recite it, reflect on it. And if we don't avail this opportunity, if we don't do it, then later on it will all be regrets. We're in the hula has gotten a little caffeine.

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There are some people who will be honored on the day of judgment because of the

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honored crowns will be put on their heads, their parents will be honored, they will be on so little milk will come interceding for them suitable karasuma earlier in one will come interceding for them. They will come as flocks of birds covering them shading them, the plan will come interceding for the person. Why?

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When he has spent his time with the Quran, when he has given the help of the Quran to his maximum ability to his best ability. There are some people who will be told read and ascend and there are other people who will only be in regrets. I wish I had studied

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I wish I had recited I wish I had implemented for in the hula has sort of added caffeine. For some it will be a source of pride and honor. And for others, it will be a source of regret. This is why it was said that the Quran is 100 jelica, our alayka it's either an argument in your favor, or it will be an argument against you.

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Either the Quran will come pleading for you interceding for you or requesting for you, or it will be coming against you.

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Like the messenger will say that my people took this honest module, they abandon the Quran.

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So we all have to see that now towards the completion of the Quran. What is our attitude with the Quran?

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What intentions do we have? What plans do we have? What resolve Do we have to stay connected with the Quran? To read the Quran to implement it further? Because for some it will be a source of honor and for others it will be a source of regret.

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What in the hula how Kalia can and indeed it is the truth of certainty. This Quran is the Hokulea again, how it is truth and what kind of help eliakim of conviction of certainty, meaning it is such truth that is based on certain knowledge. It is such truth that is based on certain knowledge, such your pain that is not about

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meaning whatever this could tell this is what a reality

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whether it is the day of judgment, the descriptions of the Day of Judgment, anything the Quran tells you what is it yaqeen there is not even a little bit of doubt about it. Love Iver fi There is no doubt about the Quran. We're in the hula how Kalia clean it is the truth from Allah. There's not even a single thing that is doubtful in the Quran. For sub Bismillah be Kaleem. So exalt the name of your Lord, the Most Great so they do this be this smear of bicolor Aleem the name of your Lord who is the most great sense of

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me me.

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Watch me

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had a nun who had a z

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moolah helped me with this meal, because

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why is the set at the emphasis this mirror beacon, Avi, who is this command being given to primarily the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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And why is this being said to him,

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that he was conveying the Quran to the people, but what was their response of denial?

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Allah subhanaw taala says we know who is denying we know who believes we know who benefits we know who does not benefit.

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So the responsibility of the dairy is what can be the Quran he has done his job.

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And at the end, however, people react whatever people take, however, people benefit or don't benefit, that is their matter with who Allah soprano died and Allah will deal with them.

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So you

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Do your job. And you do this via Bismillah R. Rahman.

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Don't grieve over their denial, just convey the message, fulfill your responsibility, and at the same time, busy yourself in the glorification of Allah, because that is what brings peace to the heart.

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These are the very direct that uses the word of a charade. It's not you say it's gone. It's not. We know there are some who don't believe and those who don't believe it will be a source of regret for them. On the day of judgment. We're in Nola has rotten, lol carefree

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is based on recognition of Allah and then about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and then about piano. And I was thinking that if we were to study these, if in the beginning, first of all, it would probably not have as much as an effect that it has now. And second of all, we wouldn't really understand it, we wouldn't understand the point of what

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there's a lot of perfection in the arrangement of the Quran as well how a las panatela has arranged the solos of the Quran, that the way this was come toward the end of the Quran, they have a different impact on a person.

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Anything else?

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You've studied a lot, and we're all trying to gain the power. But sometimes it's our neffs which stops us and we can control our nerves sometimes so difficult, like it's time for you to study, but you want to sleep or it's time for you to do a certain task but you want to do something else. Why? Because it's you know, telling you, you know, just relax, just calm down, don't worry about it, it will get done. And then also this duck what like you're working at you're trying hard. But a last minute Allah is the one who gives the quote, and that's why we should make a very, very important again and again, a llama itfc de la was a Kia anti-romantic A

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mala, meaning ask Allah subhanaw taala to graduate them again and again. Because that is the only way that we will take this reminder from the Quran if we have that Aquinas.

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kiloton lilavati, not as believers but those who are

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those who have fear. Those who are worried about there are those who are worried about receiving their book, whether it be given in my right or my left, they will take the Koran seriously every I have and they will take it seriously and they will benefit from it.

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And the person who's not worried about the Day of Judgment doesn't care. He's not concerned. He will pass over the thinking Oh, okay. Move on to the next.

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I understand this. No, not well, it's okay. No big deal.

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You understand, the attitude of a person completely changes. When a person has fear, he will approach this person differently. When a person does not have fear you will approach this person differently. The attitude completely changes.

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One more time from the beginning to the end.

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Al-Haqqah 1-52 Tafsir 38-52

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