Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 30 – L309A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of recitation and a conversation between multiple speakers. The recitation covers topics such as war, religion, and money. The conversation covers topics such as recitation, money, and a new character named Rob Baker.
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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pseudogene karimabad Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim furbish rightly so de were Sidley, Emery. Washington, Dr. Melissa Annie of gahoo Holly urban as in our

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lesson number 308 sudo to chumps sudo to ln sudo to Doha, and total inshallah

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translation sudo to chumps Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim what's shamcey by the sun what the * her and its brightness. Welcome Mary. And by the moon, either when the law her, it followed it one now Howdy. And by the day either when gela her, it made it apparent. One lady and by the night, either when yo show her, it covers it was summer, and by the sky warmer, and by who, but he built it one ugly, and by the earth warmer and by who, for her her, he extended it one up sin and by Sol warmer and by who so were her, he perfected it, he proportioned it for Alabama hair, then he inspired it for jewel raha it's wickedness, it's evil, what were her and its righteousness.

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In fact, after her he succeeded, man who Zakah her, he purified it wakad and in fact, harbor he failed. Man who does sir her, he buried it got there but it denied the mood, the mood built over her because of its rebellion because of its transgression. It when in bartha heroes up as for her, its most wretched one for Karla, so he said, let him do them. rasuluh messenger Allah He of Allah, now called the she camel, Allah of Allah was so clear her and it's drinking turn, or and it's drinking water for camdeboo but they belied him for Kuru her so they hamstrung her for them them. So he destroyed he inflicted punishment. I lay him upon them Babu whom their Lord be them be him because

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of their sin. fester were her then he leveled it while and not be harmful, he fears about her its consequence.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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This meeting

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sudo ln is number one to 21 this will cover him one lately by the night either when the OSHA it covers 130 and by the day, either when the gela it appeared warmer and by who hollowcore he created a decorator the male will own sir and the female in indeed Surya comb your striving Russia surely diverse for Amma. So as for money, who are appalled he gave what the call and he feared was like delta and he confirmed better her snare with the very best, faster new Yasuo who so soon

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We shall ease for him lil useful for the most ease.

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And as for man who believe that he was stingy, was the governor and he considered himself free of need, or he considered himself self sufficient

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and he belied build listener with the best first anuja zero who, then soon we shall make easy for him littler slow, for the most difficult, warmer and not uni, it availed I knew from him, man knew who his wealth either when the he falls in indeed, Elena upon us, lead Hooda surely the guidance we're in and indeed, learner for us, lead hero surely the hereafter? Well, una and the first for under have to come. So I have warned you now on a fire de la la it blazes la not yes la her he will enter to burn in it in the except for the most wretched one and muddy the one who get there but he denied what the one there and he turned away was a huge unknown to her, and soon he will be kept

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away from it. And the most biased one led the one who you know he gives Milo who his wealth yet as he purifies himself wanna and not leave a heading for anyone in the home with him? men from near Martin any favor, to deserve, it is rewarded to deserve it is rewarded or it is recompensed inlet except evitable to seek what he says or be he of his Lord, Allah Allah the Most High one a sofa and surely soon

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he will be pleased he will be satisfied.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Number one 211 Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim Well, what the hair by the morning brightness, one lately and by the night, either when such a it became still it became dark. Man not what darker, he abandoned you are buka your Lord warmer and not on a he has heated while accurate and surely the hereafter hiren is better lacquer for you mean then alula the first one a sofa and surely soon. Europe lica He will give you a Booker your Lord fettle then you will be pleased. Alam did not yejide Can he find you yet even an orphan for our then he gave you shelter? What was your data and he found you Donlan last unaware for her. Then he guided well ledger, deca And He found you on

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Elan dependent for for Elena, then he made you rich or then he made rich for unmatched so as for Aliyah tema the orphan finer than do not duck will help you oppress what a man and as for us the questioner, the one who asks finance so do not then help us scold you rebel, what a man and as for binaire mighty with blessing, Rob beaker of your Lord for hedis then proclaim

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let's listen to the recitation.

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sudo TL insurer is number one to eight Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim.

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Allah did not know. we expand, we open lucker for you sidelock your chest? Well, dharna and we removed Anca from you with rock your burden. unlovely that which uncovered it way down the hill rock your back. What a foreigner and we elevated we raised lucker for you. The clock you're mentioned for in So indeed, Mara with an hour sleep, the difficulty the hardship you saw an ease in indeed Mara with a nursery the difficulty the hardship, you saw an ease for either so when I found out that you became free from the new labor, what ILA and towards Rob Baker, your Lord, Father, then you earnestly turn or for less than turn in hope

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