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Ya-Sin 13-32 Tafsir 18-19

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Now what was the reaction of the people call you They said, in the play of Nabokov? Indeed, we consider you a bad omen.

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We consider you a source of bad luck. You're a bad omen a source of bad luck for us.

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If you notice how it's going back and forth, the messenger said very nicely, politely, we're messengers, do you.

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The people said, you were liars.

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The messengers, they became a bit firm in their response how that in a Columbo saloon, robinair Allah, Omar, Elena 11 will be they became a bit firm. And the people, they became more harsh in their rejection. And you can see their harshness in desire that they said in letter for your Nabokov, we consider you a bad omen that way you'll know from their newsletters for years. Yeah, or played, what does fight mean? bird

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and the Arabs, they would use birds in order to make decisions.

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Right? Whenever they were confused concerning a matter, what would they do? They would make a bird fly. If the bird flew to the right, they would do it. And if the bird flew to the left, they would not do it.

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So the flying of the bird to the right meant Good luck. And the flying of the bird to the left meant bad luck. Okay, so from this, the word that I use is the euro euro. It was used for something that is a source of bad luck. bad omen. Okay, and it's not just limited to the flying of a bird. But anything that happens.

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Like for example, people, they also have many superstitions such as if a blackout passes by in front of you then don't go. It's a source of bad luck, right?

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So people have many beliefs and the Arabs also they will do things like this. So they said in order to become, we consider you an evil omen.

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We consider you a source of bad luck for us. Why did they say this? Were the messengers?

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Why? Why do you think so?

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Did the messengers really do anything harmful?

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All they did was they just said to the people in a coma also known? What was the bad luck in that? What was the harm in that? What was the harm that the people suffered because of that?

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Why did they say this? Think about it.

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Because the message that the messengers brought it required change from the people, right? And many times people don't like that.

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When people reject the messengers, then what happens? Allah subhanaw taala, in fix them with some difficulty.

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Why? So that they can turn to Allah, they can realize that what they're doing is wrong.

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So when the people suffered the consequences of their disbelief, what did they say to the messengers, we consider you an evil Omen, you brought a lot of evil to us.

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Like, for example, the people of Iran when they rejected most artists, and and what happened with

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our own destiny, isn't it so years of famine, and so many disaster struck them, their water, their crop, their animals, all of them infected? Isn't it so with frogs and lice, and so on and so forth. So, inadequate your navigation, we consider you a bad omen, because since you have proclaimed your Prophethood Our lives have become disturbed.

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Our society has become disturbed. There is dissension in our people.

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Our Unity has gone

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just as a profit sort of an incident when he proclaimed his prophethood What happened? There was unrest in the people, isn't it? So some wanted to believe some were confused, some rejected, everything was normal and all of a sudden, the society was disturbed.

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So in order for your navigation,

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and it threatened the profits, let Elon tanta who Surely if you do not stop if you do not stop from the stability of yours from your blog, in London to Leonard joumana comm surely we will definitely stone you. Were going to stone, you know joumana come from Raji mean, Roger, what does Roger mean? to stone someone to hit them to help them with stones with rocks so that they will die? Then I'll do Monica will kill you by stoning what I am a sudden knuckle Minar either when I leave and surely it will definitely touch you from us a painful punishment. Meaning don't doubt it. We're very

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Very serious. We are definitely going to afflict you very painfully, if you do not stop what you're doing.

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When you think about it, this was such a severe life threat, isn't it? We're going to store new, we're going to kill you. We're going to afflict you with a painful torture. Up until now, they were just rejecting.

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But now, they became extremely violent and harsh, isn't it?

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But if you think about what was a crime that the messengers had committed?

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What was the crime? After all, what was it

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just simply in a in a communal saloon,

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but look at the way that the people are reacting.

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The messenger simply called people to Allah.

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And look at the way that people are reacting so harshly so violently. Why?

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Because they did not like the message.

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They felt threatened.

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And they were too arrogant to accept.

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When there's pride, then a person finds it extremely difficult to accept the truth. And he will do anything, he will also cross the limits of decency, in order to defend himself.

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And this is exactly what the people were doing, that look at how violent and harsh they have become in their response to the messengers. If you don't stop, we're gonna kill you, we're going to abuse you. After all, what had the messenger said to them?

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Simply in a couple of months alone.

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And many times, you will also experience this, that you have just said one thing to the other person, just one statement. And they react so severely. It's as though you have abused them. It's as though you have curse them or something. They react so severely. Why is it so because people don't like the message they don't like to be told.

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So if you ever faced this, don't feel disturbed. Why? Because it is very normal. Look at the way these messengers are being responded to. We don't insult the prophet Isaiah 28. In general, we learned about this incident as well, that when musasa went into their own, this digital movement, a believing person from the court of fit, he supported musallam. So Colorado middlemen elevator owner, yuck to a man who attacks on Rogen and Nicola viola, there are believing men from the family of their own, who conceal his faith. He did not proclaim His faith, he did not let the people know that he was a believer. He said, would you kill a man simply because he says, My Lord is Allah? Because

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we are on set to musala Islam, he will kill him. So the soldier movement said, You kill someone just because he says, My Lord, is Allah? Is that really a crime?

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And if you think about it, what can Joe Cumberbatch anatomy become, when he is brought to clear proofs from your Lord, what he who can even fairly he can he will, if he's a liar, then he will suffer the consequences of his lies. What can you say we'll come back to come but if he's truthful, then what he's promising you, it might affect you.

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So it's very, very simple.

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The messengers, they simply call people to Allah, and people did not like that. And they oppose them extremely harshly.

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Remember the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he was in Macau also.

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And he was calling people to Allah, how the people abused him. Right? Abu Bakar to learn how he came to defend the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and how he was abused, right? Why? Simply because they had said, Robin, Allah, our Lord is Allah.

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We learned in our life I 131. That the people of the past also they accuse their messengers. Similarly, these people said to their messengers that inevitably, your Navajo, the previous people also said the same thing to their messengers.

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In sort of RFI 131, we learned for Elijah Otto hasn't fallen ahead, he went into safe homes a year atonia yoruba musawah Mama, that the people of Iran, if they received anything that was good, they said we deserve it.

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And if they received any difficulty, they blame you.

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It's because of you. Since you have come our lives have become so disturbed

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into the number line 47 we learn Carlota yo Nabokov in America, codified in the law, and compel me to stand with

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Sally Harrison, his people, what do they say to him we consider you a bad omen, you and those with you and he said, You

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Omen is with a lot rather you are people being tested

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talofa iroko miracle. These messengers also they said the same thing to their people, that your evil Omen is with who? miracle, it's with you.

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You say that we are a cause of bad luck. You take us as an evil omen. The fact is that your bad luck is already with you.

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I will call iraq American. What does it mean by this?

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The thought iraq American, this has been understood in a number of ways. First of all, this is understood as a DA that may your evil Omen be with you.

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You consider us a source of bad luck may bad luck befall you.

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Understand? Why did the messenger say that

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as a punishment for your disbelief as a punishment for your threats?

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Secondly, Carlota kumarakom. What this means is that your bad luck, whatever evil is to befall you, is with you, meaning it is written for you, you will definitely have it. It's not because of us. But rather it's with you, it's destined for you.

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If there's any evil you're suffering, it's because it was already destined. And we have learned about this already in the Quran in Islam, that wakulla insane and el de novo woofie Okay, that every person we have imposed his fate his slide up on his neck that says something is tied to your neck. Can you separate away from it? No. If it's tied to you, it's with you. Similarly thought it'll kumarakom whatever Evil has befallen you it was meant to befall you. It's not because of us. Carlota iroko Morocco,

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Enzo kitten. Is it that you have been reminded? Well, until Allah merciful rather you are and extravagant people, you are transgressing people. What does it mean by this indicator? This indicator, Hamza is different. What it means is that is it because you have been reminded that you threatened us.

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In the previous era, what do we see that the people accuse the messengers, right, first of all, that you are an evil omen. And secondly, they threaten them by saying that if you don't stop, we're going to kill you.

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Right. So the messengers, they responded to both of these statements. accusation they said by Eero kumarakom As for the threat, what are the messengers say, indicate them? Are you threatening us simply means you have been reminded? Is that really a crime that we have committed?

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Is this key really a crime that you are threatening to kill us in zookeeper? Do you understand that is it that you have been reminded that you threatened so severely

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but until Cabo Masri phone rather than reality vine you're disliking us. The reality behind You're threatening us is that you are a people who are Muslim phone was reformed laurila Muslim was was

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one who commit one who exceeds all bounds. He does not care about what the limits are. He exceeds the bounds of an uncommon Steven you are an extravagant people, excessive people

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transgressing all bounds in what in opposition in hostility in disbelief

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in different different ways you are was referred

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now we see over here that the messengers

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they were threatened very harshly. Just imagine somebody tells you will kill you.

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Just imagine how would you feel?

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And they're saying very clearly look at the way that people are saying this. That well I am a center convener that Aleem lamer center come look at Okay, the emphasis that don't doubt at all we're very serious, we're going to kill you, or we're going to punish you very severely. You better stop.

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Don't we feel worried? We feel so worried we feel so frightened and immediately we give up. But look at the messengers. They did not give up. Right? They did not stop what they were doing. They did not fall away. They remained firm, they remained strong.

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You understand? This is something very, very important. When can a person do this? That no matter what threat he faces, he stays firm. When can you do it?

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When he knows that a lie sufficient for him and when he knows that what he's doing is right because truth gives you confidence.

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It gives you courage. When you know that you are right, then you will have strength to continue.

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No one has ever told us properly that we're going to kill you. If you do this, we're going to stone you to death if you dare do this, if you dare, you know, take the step or go here, go there. Nobody has given us this threat. But still what happens? Somebody just says, one statement of disapproval. I don't like what you're wearing. I don't like where you're going. I don't like what you're doing. And we give up

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all our courage, all our confidence gone, isn't it. So? Why? Because we're weak inside.

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If there's strength on the inside, then no matter what the threats are, a person will not give up. But if a person is hollow from inside, weak from inside, then the slightest disapproval is enough to shake him. slightest discipline.

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And the fact is that even in a person's life is taken away in the way of a lot still, you're successful.

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So look at the way the messengers are being threatened. But look at their firmness.

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They said follow Pyro commerical indicator anthem calm was revoked. And we see that they were accused and they were threatened. But how did they refute the people with evidence? Isn't it's a it's a thought it'll come Morocco. It's not because of us. It's with you. It's destined for you.

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They didn't say Oh, you're liars.

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They didn't say Oh, stop abusing us. They didn't say stop threatening us. Look at how calmly the messengers are responding. They did not create a fuss. They are not behaving emotionally, irrationally. They're so calm in their response.

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And what happens with us, somebody says one remark to us and we start crying. We start wailing. We start calling one person and we start calling another person. And we say maybe we should call the police and maybe we should do that and maybe we should just leave and maybe we should go there. Why? Because there is no strength on the inside. When a person is strong inside, what does it mean? He turns to Allah.

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He turns to Allah he seeks help from him. He takes support from him.

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He doesn't need to turn to people then he remains calm in the most difficult situations as well. And I in the Olia Allah, La homophone earlier, when I home Yes, no, isn't it so? That the only of Allah, no fear upon them, they do not grieve. Why? Because they are turning to who to Allah subhanaw taala.

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And a person who does not turn to Allah, like we learned yesterday, then the entire world frightens him, the entire universe frightened.

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He becomes a coward.

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So the messengers are severely opposed, but look at how can they are? They're not behaving emotionally, irrationally.

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And we see that the explanation that the messenger is give over here is that bell, anthem, calm, merciful.

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This is the reason behind your

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threats, this is the reason behind your denial.

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And what is that that you are and extravagant people?

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The people, they have always opposed messengers. Why? Because the messengers have told people to remain within limits, isn't it? So

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every messenger that came, he told the people what to do and what not to do.

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When you know what you have to do and what you don't have to do, what does it mean? You have certain limits, that you have to observe, know that you have to stay within No, you cannot do certain things and you have to do certain things.

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You have to follow certain rules. So the messengers, they told the people to remain within limits Do not be extravagant, and people in general, what do they do? They commit Islam, isn't it in fulfilling their desires, they do not wish to stop at any limits whatsoever.

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This is why people do not like to conform to religion, because they want to do whatever they want. They want to fulfill their desires. This happened in the past, and this happens till today as well. Right? That people just want to fulfill their desires, they do not want to stop at any limit. They do not want to care at all that in fulfilling their desires. They are disobeying a law or they're violating someone else's rights. Right? Or they are harming someone. They're going against nature. They're going against fitrah they're going against alcohol. They're going against what is decent, they're going against what is good o'clock, they don't care about that. So this is why when the

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messenger store that people

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About the limits, they oppose them extremely harshly. They oppose them violently.

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And today also just to fulfill their desires in the name of freedom of rights, what do people do?

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They do whatever they want to do. And if anyone stops them, then that person is condemned, isn't it? Some

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people want to do whatever they want to do, like, for example, in making money, don't stop at any limit, take interest, charge people interest, right? This is what people do. And if anybody tells them interest is not right. They think they're crazy,

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isn't it? Such people are condemned. People want to have any kind of relationship, any kind of relationship with a person of the same gender or person of the opposite gender, whether there's marriage or there's no marriage, there's contract, there's no contract responsibility, no responsibility. They just want to fulfill their desires. And if somebody tells them what you're doing is wrong. They say no, you be quiet,

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isn't it? And if they're reminded, what's the reaction Go away from here?

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Isn't it go to some other country you do not have this right. And if a person speaks up, he is accused, he is charged he is fined.

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So, this happened in the past and this has happened today as well.

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That mustafina do not like naseeha they do not like the key. They do not like to be told

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a person who just wants to fulfill his desires does not like to be told.

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So but until almost the phone rather you are a mystery people. You are an extravagant people. This is why you are doing what you're doing and you are reacting so severely.

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Can we listen to the recitation and then we'll continue.

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else has been bothering me at ease

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