Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 29 – L292A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of characters discussing various topics, including privacy, war, privacy, politics, and a garden party. The group also touches on various people's responses to the pandemic and the importance of staying safe. They mention a woman named Alou who refuses to allow her to do anything until she gets her booster shot, and a woman named Lila who refuses to give her booster shot until she gets her booster shot. The group also touches on the potential consequences of booster shots and the importance of staying safe.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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una sala de la sua him Karim amerit for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim babish rashly Saudi were silly Emery wash loler of data melissani of kaaboo coli probenecid dinner in Lesson number 292 similar to column number one 252 Translation known known while kalami by the pen warmer and that which, yes to rune they inscribe their right, man, not under you binaire mighty with blessing, Bob Baker of your rub Bhima junoon at all a madman what in the end indeed, luckily for you, ledger on surely a reward? Why you're not mamnoon one failing. We're in Mecca, and indeed you learn surely upon colocation, a character or whim. Great to see you soon you will see

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where you will see rune and they will see big chrome with which have you Alma stone, the one who is infected, the one who is insane in indeed, Rebecca Europe, who he or Lomu is best knowing Beaman with who Bala he has gone astray, and severely he from his way, well, who and he Arla who is best knowing the name of the dean with those who receive guidance fella so do not tilt there you have a look at the bean those who deny what do they wished low if only did he know you would soften for you to he noon then they would soften Wallah and do not do their you obey color every one left in one who swears much mahina and one who is disgraced one who is worthless hammers in one who is a

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slender, Masha, one who walks much been a meme with calumny.

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manner one who hinders much limb played for the good mark that a transgressor a seam a sinner. earthen Lynn crew BARDA after their Lika that zenni min one of illegitimate births and that Ghana he was the possessor man of wealth, Weber Nene and sons. Either when toddler is recited are lazy upon him a a tuna our vs. Allah He said a South little stories fables alone welline of those who passed earlier Sena Sima who soon we will brand him Allah upon a horse boom, the snout in indeed we Bellona home, we tested them karma just as Bellona retested, US harbor companions agenda of the garden is when up assemble this war layer three Muna surely they will definitely like it or surely they will

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definitely got its fruit must be hain as ones who enter morning Waller and not yesterday noon they make exception photographer so it went around or they hung up on it. But if one that goes around men from a lot bigger Europe we're home while they know a moon ones who are asleep for us by head so it became Gus sledding like the reap or like the one harvested certain addo so they called out most machine as one entering morning. And that oh do you all go out early? Allah upon has taken your field in if you were sorry mean? ones who pluck ones who cut from color cool. So they start out while home while they get a half a tune? they whisper in secret tones and that love not yet oh

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Holanda. He definitely enters it. And the oma today are they come upon you miskeen any needy person? Whoa, whoa. And they went in mourning Allah upon how anger the dean, ones who are capable fellow man then when they saw it, they said in indeed we love our Loon. Surely

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who have gone astray, but rather national we mushroom moon ones who are deprived? honor he said, Oh subtle, whom most moderate of them Adam did not akule I say luck to you all. Lola why not disobey whom you will glorify? Although they said super Hana glorified have been an hour up in the indeed we can now we were worthy mean once you do wrong for acapella so they turned Barbara home some of them Allah upon barcaldine some others DSLR women they blame each other or do they said yeah oh way Lana war to us in indeed we condemn we were calling ones who transgress ourselves perhaps Rob buena our up on that you would Ilana he will exchange for us how you run better men her than it in the indeed

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we Ella towards rabina Our Lord Rosie Boone wanzhou incline because Anika likewise Allah double the punishment when are the devil and surely punishment and asilo of the hereafter a couple is greater low if only can oh they were they are alone they know in indeed Linwood for the righteous ones are in the near but I'll be him there Jenna gardens a name of the delight of the blessing should further than Niger Alou we make an muslimeen those who submit comedy remain like those who are criminals man what Luckily for you okay for how comun you all judge or Luckily for you keytab on a book fee in it that will soon you will study in indeed Luckily for you see in it lemma surely whatever yet the

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higher rune they choose they select

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or lack of for you all a man on earth Elena upon us barely reaching one that reaches Illa to yo the LTM the standing in indeed Luckily for you all lemma surely whatever that comun y'all judge son whom ask them are you home which of them be delicate with that there is one one who guarantees or is there even one who is responsible

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and or law home for them shoulder care partners failure to so they should come be sure okay in him with their partners in if they can or they were side detain ones who are truthful yoma on the euc shuffle, it will be exposed it will be uncovered on from surfing chin. What are you the owner and they will be called either two words as sujood the frustration fellow so not yesterday your own they will be capable, harsher than submissive humble alzado home their eyes that'll help him it overtakes them then the disgrace humiliation workers and in fact can they were you the owner they were called in a salute to the frustration while home while they said the moon ones who are safe and sound

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further needs so leave me woman and whoever you get the boot he denies be had with this and Hades the speech sent us that did he do home soon we will gradually proceed to them or send us the digital home soon we will progressively lead them men from Hazel where they're not yeah the moon they know we're only and I will give a loan to them in indeed KD my plan my Dino strong or does a new home you ask them agilon a reward for home so they made from Muslim men adapt alone ones who are heavily burdened or in the home with them and label the unseen for whom so they react to boon they write fast bear so be patient. They hook me for a decision or Bake Off Your wallet and do not duck on you

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be Ghazal heavy like companion and shoot of the fish is when nada he called out wahoo while he mcloon one who is distressed Lola if not and that dead Erica who it reached him. It overtook him near Mattoon. A blessing middle of Bihar from his robe, learn to be there. Surely he was thrown below

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In the open shore, wha hoo. While he must move one who is blameworthy? sagitta Bear who so he chose him Prabhu his rub fudger Allah who so he made him minify Li hain from those who are righteous. What? And indeed yeka do he was near and levina those who get out of datas believed they use local NACA, surely they cause you to slip be ever sorry him with their sights with their eyes lemma when semeru they heard a vicar the reminder way okolona and they say in the who indeed he llama junoon surely a madman warmer and not who it in the except the cron a reminder Lila either mean for the world.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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mommy daddy

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daddy was

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to salimi.

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You can

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we're only

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