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Qur’an made easy’ delivered at EIC masjid.


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The transcript describes the history and use of the Z act in driving people's behavior and causing them to lose money. It uses various examples and references to different points in the discussion. The transcript also touches on topics such as privacy, social life, and personal issues, emphasizing the importance of protecting one's privacy and reputation.

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wa COVID man, we come to the second use of the Quran and Allah azza wa jal straightaway opens up with the fact that they the Jews and the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam made such a big issue about Rasulullah sallallahu, turning away from Jerusalem as is similar towards Mecca macabre. And Allah reminds them and reminds us, especially to us, he says, leave the matter, none of them are going to none of them are going to follow your Qibla This is an EIN number 145 of sort of Allah, what Allah is trying to tell us is that some arguments, there's no point of going into them no matter how much you argue that I'm going to, then I'm going to accept it. So then in I number 148, Allah says, look,

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everyone's got their own direction. So what you your direction is festival hierarchy move towards good, don't waste your time in certain futile arguments, then Allah tells us to turn towards the Qibla in the next ayah I number 149. Wherever you are in the world tend towards the tip Lana made this Masjid al haram made it your Qibla your direction. Thereafter, Allah tells us 151 the way I said the messengers, before, I've sent this messenger for specific reasons, he's going to teach you the book, he's going to teach you wisdom, he's going to teach you the things that you you never knew from beforehand. And the whole point is that you remember me and Allah says, I will remember you and

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you'll be thankful to me and don't be unfaithful to me now, why Allah said that is because he is now going to show how through Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi Salaam we learn. So the first and foremost thing is that we have to have suffered and we have to have patience is one of the pillars of the religion. And number 153. There after Allah tells us that look, you're going to be tested in the world with certain things through fear through hunger, through losing your wealth through losing certain people, members of your family of your community, and losing certain you know, profits that you wanted, from your business and so on, you might lose some of that. But Allah tells us that the

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best of you are going to be those who can hold on to yourself in during those times. Then Allah azza wa jal tells us that after some things about our beliefs, and he says, look, concentrate on the things that are around you. And these are things to keep us again to help us with our support and patience is that you reflect on what Allah has created, created around us. So looking at number one, six, do you see that Allah talks about the heavens, he talks about the earth, He talks about the changing of the night and day he talks about the the ship that sails across the, across the sea so easily, he talks about how he brings life after death right in front of our eyes. Why? Because he

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wants us to use nature to make ourselves believe more about the ACA and the fact that we return him back to him. Then he says very importantly, before he gets to the major part about some of the pillars of Islam, he says you need to be thinking about what are you consuming inside because if you take halaal inside shaytan will be away from you, if you take how long shaytan will get to you. And this is number 6169 and 168. Thereafter, Allah says he from the best of what I've given you stay away from Haram, again, always stretching across 173 he then says this is virtue. This is real virtue of what you should be seeking as as good citizens or good Muslims on the on the earth. Don't

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make a case that whether you're turning this way for for Salah that way for Assad don't make that the biggest case, the biggest case should be that you are looking at Mohammed Abdullah, he those who believe in Allah wa Yamanaka believe in the in the last day believe in melodica the angels believe in the books, believe in the leaving the profits, and give their wealth out of the love of Allah to those who are close to the Dharma who are orphans, to the masakan, who are needy, to the one who's a traveler to those who are, you know, to those who are asking, and to free slaves and to establish prayers to give the car to keep your promises and to have suffered again allow men to suffer why

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because the dean this religion, you will not be able to follow properly if you haven't men suffer properly. If you have learned patience, probably one of the major pillars, internal pillars of this Dean is suburb. And this is an EIN number 177. All these things that I said and he turns around to us saying that look, there's something called retribution without which I've told you, if you have things that go wrong between yourselves, there is something called retribution, which I've told you that will happen on the earth, but it's because you're going to save lives through through retribution, not lose lives. And number 183 Allah talks about so many talks about fasting the whole

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Ramadan and all and the fact that Ramadan is connected the Quran and the 185 Allah says that it tells us too fast in this month of Ramadan

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And then it tells us for this he says if I say like a bad he says, you know, asking him do i is a central part of this Ramadan. So for me the central part and making Guatemala central part 186. Then he talks about the fact that we've got the moon and the moon is there because of us learning went too fast. We're not too fussed about HUD, this is an EIN number 189. And it shouldn't be nothing more than us, us knowing this through that. He then talks about us having certain people that might want to stop this Deen and stop us practicing our religion. And if you want to know about what Allah says in how, you know, he says, there are certain people who become aggressive against you regarding

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this. And he says don't put yourselves to destruction well as to be a de la taluka This is 195 then the aisles of Hajj come these are major Pillars of Islam. 197 so on Hajj, Allah discusses why you're going to have again it's about taqwa Ramadan, Allah says tacos taco taco is God consciousness being aware of Allah all the time, because when a person fast, he's always thinking about Allah. When a person goes towards Hajj, he should always be thinking about Allah throughout the Hajj. And this is all mentioned in our number 197 onwards, you will find that there after latos law came back from HUD when you come back, don't cause corruption on the earth because you're supposed to be changed people

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look in and number 205.

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After this 11 talks about what will know when you get when you come back or when you are in your own locality and so on. There are certain things that will split you apart. And one of those things Allah says is receiving the gifts of Allah azza wa jal and not appreciating them and using that as a premise to go into certain other disputes that people may have. And these disputes are mentioned in 213. Allah saying, look, seek guidance from Allah when it comes to disputes. And then Allah says that look, you will have times when you will have problems in your lives and you will want to know when is the help of Allah coming, and the help of Allah is close. Why does Allah say that is because

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as long as you're doing what you're supposed to do, leave the rest to Allah, leave the rest of Allah don't try and make, don't try and tell Allah when to bring the help on the earth, He will bring the help on that when he wants. Thereafter, we have a whole section starting on family life and about social life. So he's told us not to not to drink and consume alcohol and gamble in EIN number 219. He's told us to look after those who are weak, like the uttama, those who like like the orphans, he's told us to be very careful of who we get married to, because that's to do with social life. And I number two to one, and he's told us specifically not to get married to those who commit ship and

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those who assigned partners with Allah, He then took goes into the right into the house about domestic life and talks about wives, and how we spend that time with them even right to the to the closet, how we should spend time with them. And number two to three, then it he talks about my true problem, man come because a lot of people have these things. And Allah talks about about telecon about divorce and about a woman seeking his separation. All of this you will find from a number two to five onwards, onwards about for a good few verses, you'll find that but what he reminds us about is not to make this a mockery not to make divorce a mockery to be very careful in how we use the

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word divorce. He then moves on to saying that there will be certain times you've got children that need to be breastfed. And there might be certain issues between your household issues and maybe somebody passes away, a husband passes away what should happen, then how should the wife react? And how should the family react all of that, and number 234235, and so on, and you might want to re marry again, 235 how you should go about that. Now, a lot of is to do with the domestic problems that a person might have. And in the middle of that I Allah mentions in Aisle number 248 he says hi, Fuzhou, Allah salatu wa salatu salam, he says in all these disputes and things that you've got going

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on, don't forget to guard your prayers. Your prayers are really important because normally, you know, when you have marital problems, domestic problems, your Salah and your concentration, all that goes all out the window, you forget that you're even time praying on time goes out the window. So Allah told us Be very careful of that. From number two, for four to four, sort of three. Allah talks about a whole part about people going and trying to stand up for the truth. And these people standing up for the truth. Allah says that you've got to be prepared. Be careful what you say. And he gives us a really good story about that Buddha is a lamb and when he stood up against john Luke,

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and David and Goliath is the story of David and Goliath is all over and number 247248 and so on. And the whole point of it is coming at in kalila. There's been so many small armies of us

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But he atom kathira who've taken over large armies through the permission of Allah, why will law Hamas forbidding allies with those who can hold themselves together and have suffered our patients and that is that the message is that my photos that I like my head lower

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and having