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Lesson 96 – Chapter 16-20 Hadith 554-564

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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salir de la ciudad Karim another word for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim. Frobisher, he suddenly were silly angry.

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Dr. Melissa Nico Cody

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Bob number 17.

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Bob fugly. Salatu lasry the excellence the virtue, the importance of the apostle prayer, meaning what's the reward? How important is it? We know that all five prayers are mandatory. And when an action is mandatory, it is fun, it is wired up and we know that it is also most beloved to Allah soprano guard, because in a hideous cookie, what do we learn that of the most beloved actions to Allah or which ones those which he has made obligatory on his servant, because when he performs them, then he draws closer to Allah. And then what happens when a person performs voluntary good deeds and he draws even closer to Allah. So of the five prayers, default prayers, which one is most

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important? Some scholars they said also, prayer is the most important next in importance is fudger. Why is our software so important? Because we learned earlier that if a person misses their lesson, then it is as though they have lost their entire family and their property. This is how serious it is. So what is the virtue of solitude? So it is made clear in another head these witches had nothing on her lady you call her number one more are we better, but I had definite is married and facing our injury didn't call a corner in the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or for Nevada, even Marie Layton. He said, we were with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So he looked, meaning he

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looked at it and Amari at the moon, lay Latin in the night. So it shows that they were sitting with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam during the night. And what happened? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam looked at the moon and the moon urinal bedroom. It was the full moon for Carla. So he said in nachum, indeed, you set our owner back home soon you will see your Lord come at our own, just as you see Heather Amara, this moon, you see this moon so clearly, just like that one day, you will see your Lord and how will you see him lair to bomb moon a few iati you will not be harmed in seeing him. Meaning when you're looking at him, you will not suffer any harm to LA Mona Toba. Mona is

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basically from the word bomb. But me mean and what does that mean, to join to bomb Mona joining with one another.

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When a whole lot of people are trying to look at one person than what happens, they are joining with each other pushing into one another. Think about a very important person if they are in a public place. So what happened crowds gather around them. And in order for an ordinary person to go and see them or go and greet them what happens they have to push into other people. And as they're standing in the front again, they're pushed from all around them. But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that when you will see your Lord, you will not have any such difficulty in looking at him. Just like when the moon Full Moon is up in the sky then do you have any difficulty looking at the moon? No, you

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don't. You can see it from far so easily comfortably. Everybody can see just like if there is a person you know for instance in in some auditoriums you see that where the speaker is standing, it's low, that place is low, right and the rest of the people they're sitting high. So what happens everybody can see easily. So likewise, if something is high and the people are low, they can also see very easily so layer two bar mountfield at another harm that a person might think of at this time is that when musala ceram he requested to see a la soprano Darla what was he told lentil Ani you will not be able to see me Why? Because you're in this world. And you have the eyes you have

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right now and with those eyes, a person cannot see a love letter that he can absorb. And when Allah subhanaw taala casts some of his light on the mountain what happened to the mountain Jana who the cat right and musala salam hora Sarika he fell unconscious he couldn't handle it. Now person might be afraid that if we are to see a law in the Hereafter, with the same thing happened to us, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said no led to the moon if you look at you will not be harmed at all in looking at your Lord, for instance. So if you are able to alert to level that you are not overcome Arlo Salatin on the prayer which prayer popular today is Shamsi before the rising of the sun will

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Pablo who will be

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And before it's setting the two prayers which bears are these, before the rising of the sun fudger before the setting of the sun.

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So these two prayers if you can manage to not be overcome by anything for follow, then do that meaning, perform these prayers on their proper times. So mokara then he recited with some behind the rock bigger umbrella turi Shamsi, workable robe, glorify Your Lord when before the rising of the sun and before the setting meaning performed as well as a bit over here means suddenly perform the solar energy time and uracil time Allah is Marylou is Mariela Narita, he said, if our new lead for technical, the prophet Tolleson statement for our Lu, what does that mean? That ladder photonic on make sure that you do not miss these prayers?

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Why? What's the connection over here, that if you miss these prayers, then you might miss out on seeing a face of your Lord in the hereafter.

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Seeing Allah in the Hereafter, with so much ease, and so frequently, is dependent on what on performing these two prayers at their proper timings.

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And if a person does not perform these prayers at their proper timings, then he's seen a loss penalty is at risk. So this shows to us the virtue of salah and also federacija

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had the center of the law human use, or had the center Malik and Abby Zener the annual ology and OB hooray Radha and the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said he uttara kabuna fecal Mullah. ecotone Vilain, yet there are kabuna What does it mean? From arquebus Hill

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aka taco is to follow one another

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that when one goes the other comes, so it is basically to come in shifts, okay to come. How while taking turns. So one comes, the other goes, the other comes back, the first one goes so yet are all kabuna free come, they come by turns, who Mullah a cotton angels and fee con in you What does it mean to attend to you? meaning in order to watch you in order to record your deeds in order to guard you in order to see what you're doing? So yet our our Kahuna, FICO, Mila ecotone, angels, they come out bill early in the night woman, a cutter and other angels, when is their time but in a hurry with the day. For some angels, their shift is for the night and the other angels their shift is for the

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day. Were to them, Your Honor. And they gather fuselage and veggie was selected as three, they gather meaning all the angels, the angels of the night and the angels of the day, all of them are present at two times, which two times feast fanatic veggie at the time of fudger prayer. And secondly was selected as we enter the time of prayer. So at these two times, all the angels are present. Why? Because one group is coming, and the other is leaving.

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Samira, would you lead in about two feet? Then what happens here? Or do you have a sense, who led in about two feet from those who spent the night with you? The angels who spent the night with you? What happens? Then they go, they go to who? Allah subhanaw taala The one who sent them first alone, then he asks them, well who are allowed to be him? while he is most knowing of that meaning he knows exactly about what his people were doing what his servants were doing. Yet he asks the angels gave a talk to Murray birdie, how did you leave my servants for your coluna? So they say, Doc now Whoa, whoa, whoa Musa alone. We left them while they were praying, what attain our home for whom he was

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alone, and we came to them while they were praying. So what does it show? That daily report is given to a loss of primal turn regularly.

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Allah knows who RLM will be him. But still he asks he inquires, why, in order to give due importance to these two prayers. Because when you ask about something, even if you know what happened, when it is important, so when Allah subhanaw taala asks the angels about the servants what they were doing when they came and when they left, and the angels say that they were praying, it shows that fudger salah and also Salah, so important that Allah subhanaw taala takes a special report concerning and if a person is sleeping, or they're too busy, then what's the report that's going to be given? Because in the previous Hadees What did we learn the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said lead to Nobu.

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Make sure you are not overcome, overcome by what at these two times? What is it that overcomes a person at whether time it's sleep, and also time, it's work and literally It is as though a person is overcome

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So over there, he has to rise up and he has to throw off these things and get up and pray and remind himself that the angels are going to tell a loss of parameter. And if the report is not good, then what's going to happen on the day of judgment? Will I be deprived from seeing my lord bagman other Kanaka items 10 minute or three Goblin man andraka, the one who gets meaning the one who manages to catch rock art and even wonder Carmina Russell, from a superior Goblin guru before sunset? Meaning what if a person he intended to pay selected artists proper time, which is the early time, however, because of some genuine reason What happened? It just kept getting delayed and delayed and delayed.

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And this is for a genuine reason. Okay. Remember, there are two reasons why a person delays. One is procrastination

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and procrastination. Why? Because of the fact that he is enjoying something else more, or something of this world seems to be more important and necessary, whereas in reality, it's not that important. It's not that necessary. So for example, a person is talking on the phone, it may seem like yes, it's urgent. But is it actually urgent? Is it actually urgent? No, unless there is an emergency somewhere, and you are giving life saving instruction to somebody on the phone, that is a different situation. However, if it's just casual conversation on the phone, and because of that a person is deferring deferring, I'll just get up in five minutes. I'll hang up in 10 minutes. And like that, he

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ends up delaying his Salah until the very end. What is that? So a lot of who are women afric? Because he is seeing the time of slipping away, but what is he doing deferring and deferring? So the rhythm I have said that if a person differs it in this way, without a genuine reason, then if he performs the Salah at the last time, meaning right before money, then he will not get the reward of the prayer. Even if he performs a prayer 1000 times he will not get that reward. Why? Because he deferred it for no genuine reason. He just procrastinated. It's like if a person is lying down in bed, they are awake. But what do they say? I'll get up in five minutes, I'll get up in 10 minutes,

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snooze again, and snooze again, and somebody comes in wakes them up and they say, wake me up in 10 minutes, I'll be up in five minutes. And they keep deferring and deferring like that until the sun is up and it's bright. So who's responsible over there? The person is responsible.

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But we also learn in our heads that when a person when a believer is buried, meaning he dies, and he's buried in the angels come to question him, he sees the sun setting. And he says my solar, so solar, I have to perform my solar.

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Why? Because he is so used to performing our solar regularly, that even at that time, he will think it's necessary for him to pray. However, he's not required to pray at that time.

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So if a person differs, because of procrastination, remember that if he performs a salon even 1000 times, he's not going to be rewarded. Because he has deferred his salon until the very end. Second is some genuine reason.

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Like, for example, a person was actually sleeping and deep sleep. They heard no alarms, even though the Senate, nobody came to wake them up because they thought they were already awake or they didn't know they were sleeping. Okay, this is a genuine reason. Right? And as soon as a person wakes up, they realize 10 minutes to Muslim. Now that they were delaying, they were actually in deep sleep. Likewise, some emergency a person is on the road, they are out heavy traffic. And let's say they're on the highway, you can't even exit you can't even just stop the car and pray. So by the time you get out, and you can pray there's like 10 minutes left for Muslim only. so in this situation, should

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you pray, or should you leave the prayer? No, you should still pray this one. Because when other calacatta men are also the problem guru, the one who gets in one regard also before sunset, even that person should pray what's the evidence had definite abouna Iman color had definitely a ban on your hair and a B cell ammeter and a B hula takakura Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said either arducam such the tenements or that either other aka when he finds when he gets ahead to come one of you said that and even one set the min solitary asleep from the hustle prayer popular under over shampoo before the sun sets then what should he do for you Tim

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was Aleta, who then he should complete his prayer. What he that a draka and when he gets such the 10 Min, select a soupy one cider from the morning prayer meeting the fudger prayer, cobbler and doubler shrimps before the sun rises falutin Muslim

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And then he should complete the prayer. So for example, a genuine reason person realizes 10 minutes left, he gets up immediately. Performances will do and stands in order to pray. And by the time he finishes one rocker, he hears the other. Oh, here's the beep off. So, in that situation, what should he do break his prayer? No, he should complete the prayer. But this will be when he manages to complete one record before sunset, one record why because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said said the 10 So, this shows to us that a record is complete how with a site if a person manages to do only takbeer

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only that with

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Mahara happens, then no,

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because they have not caught the prey. Okay, such the 10 over here, or am I upset it means rocker, you should have caught one rocker and based on this the scholars have also said that if for example, a person joins the juveniles for the day they come in late. Amen. And what happens the Imam is in that the Shahada

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then they lost the entire prayer. So in that case, they have to perform either find another tumor or they have to perform stilettos.

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Why? Because in order for you to catch the prayer, you should have at least completed one record that's the bare minimum requirement.

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If it's less than a record, then the demand was not gotten the Salah was not caught it has been missed.

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Had the center of the disease Ameer Abdullah Allah had destiny Ibrahim it should have been unsightly with nerve delay on a V and the hula hula hoop and Osasuna lies on the Lahore it was salami akun. The Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam he said in November cocom India indeed your stay in the car means to stay to remain. Basically the car over here gives the meaning of your time of existence. FEMA, compared to that which Silva kubla Khan has passed before you who has passed before you mean illuma me from the nations meaning your time compared to the time of the nations that have passed before you and your time means the Muslim ummah. So the time the period of existence of the Muslim

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Ummah, compared to the period of existence of the previous nations, like the hood and the masala is gamma just as bainer slatted asleep either who bishops like the time between us and the setting of the sun. So, from the entire day, from the beginning of the day, a wiluna. Until us that is the example of the previous nations

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and from Russia until sunset is the example of who the Muslim Ummah clear, this is the time period an example that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is giving of the time period

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of existence of the previous nations compared to the Muslim Ummah is a clear,

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Give me an answer. So I know if I should explain or not.

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Should I explain again Should I not explain?

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Okay, so the profit sort of artists, Adam said, Come on baina so that there are three inner hooroo bishops. Your time is like what between us until the setting of the sun. So what does it mean before that? time is the time of the previous nations if your time is between outside and the setting of the sun, and the time of the previous nations is what happened before us. Okay, this will be clear from the Hades oduya notoriety the people of the Torah were given what were they given? autodata they were given the Torah for me Lou, so they perform their actions had that until he then does often now until half of the day. So what does this show that the Jews their time was from when to

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when mourning a one and a half until half the day?

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Or what happened had that he then does have an aha until the day was half our Jesu they got tired and they just gave up. So what happened for peloton, peloton so they were given a lot a lot, meaning a lot is a huge amount meaning that much reward each person was given a lot a lot for their

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summer Odia alone in jail, then the people of India were given what were they given in jail? So what happened for amilo so they did their Amel Illa salata until the time of us, okay, so from half day, until so that also was a time of the Christians. So marriages who then they also gave up, they got tired, they gave up for too long

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logon so they were given the lock for their efforts therma routine and then we were given the Quran meaning the Muslim oma for our millionaire Illa hora missions. So we did Arma until when the setting of the sun notice it hasn't been said that we gave up

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rather what has been said for me Let alone will be chumps for clean after all. fania pirot Lane so we were given two pirot each meaning double reward was given to the Muslim oma for color alone could have been to the people have the two books that people are the two scriptures mainly who the Minnesota they said a lot better why our Lord are a place that you gave How old are these people in the Muslim Ummah

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Why did you give them to Iraq? Or Clayton act Iran Iran and you gave us one thing not only one national corner xR Milan, and we were more in our actions, how? Because the time from a wiluna until half day, okay, is more than the time between us and sunset. Isn't it so? So if their time was more, that means their actions were more so when our Hakuna kurama caller he said Allah azza wa jal, Allah subhanaw taala said handelian to come, did I wrong? You mean actually come from your reward mean che in anything at all? Meaning? Did I give you a lesser award for your actions? pallulah they said no. cauliflower, probably. He said so this is my father. Ooh, TV, When shall I give it to whomsoever I

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will. Now, why does it matter how you mentioned this head is to prove that you can perform also for that even right before sunset? Because in this Hadees what do we see the time of rustle is from the time it begins until when? Until the setting of the sun rubish jumps. Okay, so if before Globish jumps a person manages to create even one record, then he will catch the entire prayer, even though he's performing three record, as the sun is setting or after the sun has said. So from this hadith we learn about the time of prayer. But otherwise, this Hadees What does it mean?

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Basically, in this Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is explaining the age of you can say this world,

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that it can be compared to an entire day, from beginning of the day, until half the day was when the nassarawa

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after that, until the time of Elsa was when the you who would work and then from us until sunset is when the Muslim woman.

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Now we don't know when that I will know how to begin. And we don't know when that sunset will come.

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This is just to give us an idea, just so that we can compare that the time period of this oma from acid until mercury. And also this Hadees shows to us that loud and clear that each person of the mo was given a lot meaning each person was given according to his efforts. Now we'll read the next Hadees and then a few points about this or this will become clear.

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Why doesn't our Caribbean caradonna Abu Salah, and Braden and Avi Buddha and Avi Musa and inbhir sallallahu alayhi wa sallam matter muslimeen Alia who do not follow the example of the Muslims and the Jews and the Christians is like watch. Come fly rod Julian, like the example of a man is that Jarrod Coleman who hire some people, Yama lunella, who are Merlin to do some work for him until when Elaine until the night so basically hires them at the beginning of the day. And he asks them to do some work for him until the nighttime. So basically until the end of the day, for me, no. So they did work in an arena until half the day for Carlos. So they said la hija de La Nina Illa angelic we

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have no need of your reward. Meaning we don't want your wage, keep it with yourself. We quit. So they quit.

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first job. So he hired a hurting some other people for color. So he said a Camilo complete Bucky yetta Yomi come for the remaining of your day for the remainder of your day. Meaning complete until the end of the day. Well, I'll come and for you, Alicia to that which I stipulated meaning you will get your reward. You will get your wage for army No. So they did their work had that until either Canada until it was hanaa time of sonetel awesome. until it was the time of Russell. Carlo. They said laka I'm in LA you can keep what we did meaning you can keep the wage. We don't want it we quit faster. So he hired Coleman and other people for our middle so they worked Buffy yetta Yomi him

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The remainder of their day had the until harbor the chumps the sunset was stuck Malou. And they took in full, a jewel for your cane, their award of the previous two groups. So what happened? The previous two groups? What did they do? They said, We quit, we quit, you keep the wage. We don't want anything. They left. The third group, what did they do? They worked until,

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until it was complete until the time that was agreed upon. So what did they get? Just the wage for that time? No. for the entire work. Why? Because they completed it. Is it unfair? The previous two didn't get their award? No, it was because they quit themselves. They said, We don't want to do this, and you keep your money. We don't want anything from it. So they left themselves. So what do we learn from here? That every work that has begun, eventually it comes to an end?

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Right? Every work that is started? Eventually, it reaches its completion? Is that so? Yes? Whether it's some course or it's some contract? Or it's a small task, big project, small project? Eventually, it comes to its end? Some people they leave before time they quit halfway through? Or what do they do just before it's going to end? They leave? They say we can't do it. So what do they get? In the previous Hadees? They brought up just one pill at each. Whatever they managed to get in that time. They got it. That's it. But there are others who complete the work who stick around until the work reaches its completion. And what do they get? Clear outline, double reward, one for

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completing the work. And secondly, why? Because of their consistency,

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because of their efforts. Because remember, that in normal, our marylu behati Mia actions, the reward is based on how how they end up because starting something is very interesting. Why? Because everybody's doing everybody's doing it. Let's do it. But not everyone takes their work seriously. Some people they get distracted by other things, and they leave halfway through. They don't want to continue anymore. And what do they say? You can keep what we have done so far, we are not interested anymore. We quit by and they walk away. Who do they deprive over there? themselves? Who's going to suffer? They're going to suffer? All right. So who's the fortunate one, the one who starts and he

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completes it. And when he will complete it. A lot of panel data will bless him more.

00:27:47--> 00:28:35

And you see over here that in the previous her these are just who they gave up in this Hadees la hija de la la la cama. I mean, we have no need, you can keep what we did I quit attitude. So this kind of attitude is something that doesn't benefit a person. Then we also see over here in this Hardee's that Allah subhanaw taala He bestows his favor on whomsoever He wills. But definitely, that depends also on the servant that with what attitude was he working? The houden Asana, they got a lot in the previous IDs. That's what we learned why for them, but the Muslim Ummah purifying, purifying, why? because they did not give up the previous nations. What did they do they change their books,

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they altered the deen, but the Muslim Ummah, the book is preserved, even though there are many deviations, but still the Help is preserved by at least some people look at the efforts of Mohammed even humble.

00:28:50--> 00:29:33

That how much he strove to preserve the truth. He was beaten, he was publicly humiliated, he was jailed. But still, he stuck to it. He didn't give up. So people who have this kind of attitude, who stick it out through the difficulties, then for them is double reward. And when the Holden Asada, the previous Hadees, we learned that the complaint that how can you give double to the Muslim woman, and to ask you gave only one? What did Allah subhanaw taala say, this is my father, I give to whomsoever I will, and I did not deprive you. So this shows to us. Another very important lesson, which is that when you have two people, and you'll give to both of them, there have

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both of them are given their health. But then one you give him more extra fuddle is that injustice? It's not injustice. Why? Because both were given their health. It would be injustice if one is deprived of his help. And the other is given that by for example, amongst children. If a person is giving a gift, then he's supposed to be

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equal in them. Why? Because all of them deserve it. But let's say if he gives to all three children 1000 1000 1000 but one of the children is more obedient is more caring, you know, he's striving more than in that case, the parents they give him 500 more. Is that one? Is that injustice? It's not. Is that favoritism? No, it's not why, because the other two children were also given their share. So in this case, it's not injustice in justices when one is deprived and the other is given

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bad walk them till the time of mobile. The time of mockery begins immediately after the time of Russell ends because like we learned earlier, the four prayers from Lord until Russia, their timings are connected meaning as one ends, the other begins immediately after

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the diamond model begins immediately after the time of Russell ends, meaning when the sunsets until the Twilight, or the red after glow has faded. Because once the sunsets you see this redness in the sky, different shades, different colors, and then eventually what happens, it disappears, and it's only darkness. So when that red after glow has faded, it has disappeared from the sky, then the time from 100 has ended, the time of Russia has begun. Now in some parts of the year or in some places, this red toilet, it never completely disappears, or it takes very long,

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sometimes an hour, sometimes two hours and sometimes it just never disappears completely. So in that case, the scholars have said that the people will perform their Isha or they will consider Muslim to have ended when the closest place to them, the closest place to them, their Isha has begun. Okay, so for example, let's say from a certain place, let's say at a distance of 1000 miles, that place, the darkness comes in one hour after the sunsets. So they will also follow the same thing. What will they do, they will start your show in one hour after the sun has set is clear. So they will go according to the closest place. So Bob walked in Muslim, or Colorado on an outdoor set yet Maria

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Maria boo binal Marie Valerie sharp, he said a sick person, he can join motive, and Tricia, meaning he can perform both of them together. Why? Because if he's too sick, to get up for mcglue, and then rest again and then get up again for a shot, then his sickness will worsen. Because sometimes it happens that a person is so sick, they're not able to sleep. And finally when they sleep, it's time to pray. So they're made to wake up or they're allowed to sleep but with guilt in the heart of the families that okay, they're sleeping through mothering. Has it ever happened, that someone is extremely sick in your family. And it's time for Maghrib and you're trying to wake them up and

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they're not able to get up because they just managed to fall asleep after taking so much Tylenol. And then you wake them up and they're not able to pray or they pray with a lot of difficulty. So you let them sleep and as you let them sleep you have this guilt in your heart that I should be waking them up. So remember that a dino use our Deen is easy. If a person is sick, they can join motive and Russia and who said this out loud said this had the center mohammadu Bumi Juan Cora Henderson and Walid calahonda Santa Rosa, you call a definite una joshy. So hey, one molar off here with Neha dejan Kala severity of affair of nodige yaku he said ko nanosatellite River we used to perform a

00:33:43--> 00:34:25

rip, Maren Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam meaning in the masjid fanzone foolhardiness. So one of us would go back meaning go back to his house. Well in who and indeed he loops through surely he could see my welfare, Laura love mocha, the place of work our meaning the place of falling naturally, of his arrows, meaning if a person shot an arrow at that time, he could see it falling. So what does it mean? It wasn't completely dark, because if it is completely dark and you shoot an arrow, then you don't know where it's going. You don't know where it's landing. So basically what we learned from this is that the prophets of Allah said that he

00:34:25--> 00:34:59

performed at Uppsala, early, meaning immediately after the sunset. Had this no Mohammed Abu Bashar Kala Hassan, Mohammed Abu Jafar Kala had the finisher butter and Sardina and Muhammad Amir Amir has ended near our Legion, Allah He said he will Hadji Hajaj came meaning Hajaj came as the leader of Makkah. And this was one of the lessons of he was killed faster. And so we ask Java of knob delay. We asked Java even Abdullah about what about the prayers, their timings because her Jasmine use of and many other leaders

00:35:00--> 00:35:27

At that time, what was their habit? They would delay the prayers beyond their proper times. So the people they were upset, they were disturbed. So they went to Javed bin Abdullah and they asked him about the proper times for Carlos so he said canon abuse Allah when he was alone the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he used to use sandals O'Hara used to perform those over when Bill had you at midday? Well, I saw an acid wash him soon after a while the sun wasn't appear What does nothing I mean?

00:35:28--> 00:35:29

Can I you know,

00:35:31--> 00:36:20

Dennis, to be claimed to be white, to be clean and white. So nakiya meaning it would still be white, meaning, you know as the sun as a draws closer to sunset, as the time of sunset draws near, you see the redness, the yellowness appearing, it becomes more orange. So, they said the prophets are allowed us to perform our sun when the sun would still be white, well model river either whatever, and mother when whatever, but it became wider meaning as soon as the time for mercury would come in meaning at the time of sunset. Well, our Asia and Russia are here and we're here and meaning at different times how? either at home when he saw them each tomorrow, all the people are there, or he

00:36:20--> 00:36:58

will perform a shot early for either a bottle and when he saw that they were taking their time, then a Huracan he would defer it. So basically he left it to the convenience of people. If everybody was there, then he will perform Russia. He will perform it early. But if the people have dispersed after Mahara, and they were taking their time coming, then what would he do? He would defer until the people came was super, and the supermini morning prayer can they used to ocalan abuse or the law or to sell them you suddenly have evil as you perform the budget pray at all as well as meaning when it was still dark. And remember, we learned earlier that by the time the prophets Allison would end the

00:36:58--> 00:37:27

prayer, a person could then recognize the ones sitting next to him, but all it's you because before it was completely dark, they couldn't tell who was sitting next to them. But after fudger prayer, they could see one another. So again, fudger prayer the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to perform early. So in this Hadith, what do we know about Mughal prayer? Eat our job but as soon as it becomes Where did meaning immediately after sunset?

00:37:28--> 00:38:10

Our problem is that we go by the clock, we say well, it's only been 10 minutes. It's only been 15 minutes it's only been 20 minutes. Russia is an hour from now. No, we have to follow the sun. And what is the sun as soon as the time enters perform the prayer raesha the prophet SAW the medicine What did you do depending on what was convenient for the people sometimes early and sometimes late had the Sonoma key you know Ibrahim Paula had done is he didn't appear obeyed and Sarah Mata Kala he said co nano Salima Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and mother River. In a world with hijab we used to perform Maria with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when the son

00:38:12--> 00:38:40

had either the wallet What does the word mean? It concealed it had been hijacked by the veil, meaning until it was concealed by the veil, which veil is this, the earth because when the sun is setting it as though it is going behind something. So the veil of the earth, the sun, when it would go behind it, meaning the sun had completely set completely disappeared from the sky. That is when the prophets all of a sudden would perform.

00:38:41--> 00:39:20

This shows to us how important it is to look at these things to look at the sunrise and look at the sun setting to look at the red glow in the sky. Because this is what tells you you know when you should perform a particular prayer right but we just go by the clock we don't even look out the window. So it's necessary that we do that sometimes. So we can understand these texts at least half a dozen Adam Allah had done a Sherpa to call ahead the center of Medina Casa Mira to juggle organization and even the best out of Sunland abuse Allah la hora de you alayhi wa sallam a sovereign, Jimmy Aaron with a minion Jimmy and he said the prophets have a lot of sin and performed

00:39:20--> 00:40:00

seven together and eight together. Seven meaning motive and Aretha together and eight together meetings will hold and also together we learned about this earlier as well. And I would like to clarify this issue over here. I thought also set the model of inertia can be joined by who by the person who is sick. So it shows to us that there are certain times in which a person is permissible to join the hood and acid and mobile inertia. The general principle is what that a person must perform the prayer at its proper time. He should not get distracted by

00:40:00--> 00:40:48

Anything, the profits or losses? And what did he say? If you're able to learn to let go, don't be overcome by anything, all right. So this shows that every seller should be performed at its proper time. So that comes first and everything else comes. Second, right? That is of secondary importance. However, there are certain situations in which a person finds a difficult and by difficult, I don't mean that he has to finish his dinner early or he has to cut short the conversation or leave a party early. No, there are certain situations in which a person does not have any choice. And if he performs a prayer at its proper time, it will be extremely difficult. So in that case, he is allowed

00:40:48--> 00:41:30

to join the prayers. What are those cases inshallah we'll identify them. But before that, what's the evidence of this? What's the proof of this the statement of Evan Arbus which is also mentioned over here and in Sahih Muslim, it is in more detail. In our basado manual he said the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam has often combined noon and the mid afternoon prayers, meanings LaHood and also prayers. And he also combined the motive and reshot prayers for no fear or travel. Generally, in a state of fear. People would join the prayers or travel people would join the prayers but the prophets Allah doesn't often join. Why? For none of these two reasons for some other reason, in

00:41:30--> 00:41:46

another version, the Messenger of Allah subtle autism combine the Lord and ossur prayers, and combined Muslim inertia prayers in Medina under no circumstances of fear or rain. And when he was asked why, he said, because he wanted to remove hardship from his nation.

00:41:47--> 00:42:21

Now, once we learned that it is also Muslim, that even our bass solo on who he was once delivering a hotma after us a prayer until the sunset, some other people came in. And what happened, it became so late that the stars began to appear in the sky. So basically, the red afterglow is disappearing. And all of a sudden, the people kept saying solar, a solar and a man, he came to even our best and set him strongly a solar that Stop what you're telling us and Come on, lead the prayer now. So even our boss said, Are you going to teach me the sun?

00:42:23--> 00:42:58

He said, Are you going to teach me the sun? I have seen the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam combine the load and ask for prayers and combine Muslim and Russia prayers. So the narrator, eventually he was a little uncomfortable about this. So he went to Abu Laila. And he asked him, and I will help you know, and who also confirmed the state, not even our back. So we see that even our basketball blowhard who didn't just narrate this. He also did Amil on this, now, even Tamia, he said, when even our best said it was in Medina, it means that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was not in any kind of journey.

00:42:59--> 00:43:45

Even Tamia also said that even our bass was not traveling, nor was there any rain when he did this. But he mentioned this narration as justification for combining his prayers. He knew that there was no rain, but even our bass was involved in something important for the Muslims, as he was teaching the people what they needed to know about their religion. And he believed that if he stopped at that time, and came down from the pulpit, the opportunity would be lost. So he deemed that the activity he was engaged in, permitted him to combine the prayers as the prophets of aloneness and uncombined prayers in Medina, without there being fear or rain, but for some other necessity. Now, sometimes it

00:43:45--> 00:44:29

happens that there is a huge class of like 600 people Muslim has come in, and especially in winter, we see that Salah times are literally back to back Muslim has come in just now was the break for us. And now again, if people break from it immediately as the time has come in, then what will happen? The teacher won't be able to teach. Right? Why? Because constantly there are breaks. So if he says, Okay, we'll defer Muslim. Half an hour, we'll give the break after half an hour after 45 minutes. Why? Because there are so many people who are learning right now. And if he was to work immediately at Muslim, it would take at least half an hour, 45 minutes for everybody to pray and come back. All

00:44:29--> 00:44:59

right. So even our bus What did you do in this situation? He deferred mclubbe until it was almost a short time a low RM he may have performed with your show. So we see that when there is a necessity because of which deferring the prayer joining the prayer would be easy, then there's no harm in joining the press. This doesn't mean that for every little thing. We start doing this. This is like for instance, a person has a three hour long exam.

00:45:00--> 00:45:45

These days, let's say it is from 130 till 430, the appraisal hub before going in. Now there also, if they pray after the exam, they might miss it. Okay, because getting out of the examination hall and going and doing too and performing the solid, they might even miss it. Okay? So in this situation, what can they do? ideal would be take a break from your exam and go pray. But will it always be possible? What if the exam is really long and very difficult, and the three hours are also not enough? So in that case, every single moment is necessary. This is not a normal situation. So in this case, if the person says, Let me pray my son with my little heart, and then go in for my exam,

00:45:45--> 00:46:24

can they do that? Yes, they can. Will they do this for every single exam? For the sake of convenience? No, they will do this only when this when this is a necessity. Likewise, you could be recently I was at a government building. And I was there for several hours. And what happened, the time for the hook came in. And by the time I would get home, it would be almost Muslim. So I asked if they could give me you know, some corner if I could pray. They said, No, we have no free space over here. And I saw myself there were multiple rooms, but I guess they didn't want to cooperate. So I didn't, I didn't push them. So what happened, I went outside, and I prayed Salah, but the ground

00:46:24--> 00:46:55

was wet. And it was extremely windy, it was extremely cold. hardship, right. And I was also taking a very big risk, because while I was outside of my number was called I could have missed what I had been waiting there for so many hours. Now, in this case, what could I have done for ease for it with non-local, you know, so that I could also pray with who sure what would be easy to join overheard, and that after I'm done with my work, I could go and perform an analysis

00:46:56--> 00:47:37

right outside the building. Okay, I could join them. But I had to go pay lower. And afterwards I had to go pay us twice, I had to go and pray outside in the cold. Now this was an unusual situation, could I have joined the prayers I could have because it was not a normal situation. All right. Now, there are times when the time is the tree back to back. It's not enough, and you are engaged in something extremely urgent. So in these situations, you can join the prayer, even taymiyah. He said, all the ahaadeeth indicate that he combined prayers to make things easy for his people. Therefore combining prayers is permissible, if Otherwise, there would be some hardship that Allah had lifted

00:47:37--> 00:48:12

from his nation, combining prayers due to extreme illness. So for example, a person is extremely ill, and their illness is only getting worse. Like for example, old age is all the more permissible. Somebody told me that they know the lady who is extremely old, and she has hired someone to please come and pray my sorrow with me. Because I forget, I forget to pray and during my Salah, I forget. So please, come do this work for me and also helped me with my Salah.

00:48:13--> 00:48:53

Now, think about it for someone to be available to help another like this. Can they help them for all five prayers? It would be difficult. So if they come from Frederick, and they come for the harasser together, and they come from rebutia. Together, five trips are reduced to three trips. Is that reasonable? Yes. Would it be easy on that old person also? Yes, it would be easy. So in that case, it is permissible to join the prayers. Also, the same applies to the one who cannot maintain his purity for two prayers. Like the woman who's bleeding continues past her menstrual cycle and the likes of for example, a woman has to help and she wishes to perform also before the prayers. So if

00:48:53--> 00:48:59

she is performing looser before every prayer, very difficult, but if she joins the prayers,

00:49:00--> 00:49:06

and mother of Russia together, okay, and she performs also before performing the prayers, that is perfectly fine.

00:49:07--> 00:49:47

At the same time, we have the same from her motive. And who that combining of two prayers without an excuse is one of the grievous sense. It is a serious and without an excuse. So a person says, Well, I'm shopping. I'm just going to combine the prayers. Otherwise, I'm going to miss out on these deals. No, that's not a genuine reason. You can stop, pray at the mall and go back joining the prayers for the purpose of shopping. That's not a genuine reason at all. Now, some stating that if combining the prayer and alpha is permitted, how mother the time for mother comes in, but what do you do? You leave and you perform a river show together? Why to give more chance for pilgrims to

00:49:47--> 00:49:59

increase the supplication because you keep making the array until mother and also at RFI you join a lot and so why so that they can increase this application and listen to the helper that

00:50:00--> 00:50:44

It is also similar to the permissibility of combining the prayer for need. But remember, as long as it is not taken as a habit. Now the question is, how do you join the prayers? How do you join the prayer Some said that you defer the whole until almost also time. So you perform her then. And as soon as Zohar ends, basically acid has begun. So you follow with us. Same thing with Muslim, you defer Maghreb, until the Muslim time is almost ending, you perform a hip and immediately perform a shot afterwards. But others disagreed with this. They refuse this opinion, because he said the purpose of combining the prayer was to remove difficulty from the oma to wait until the end of the

00:50:44--> 00:51:20

first prayer and perform the next one immediately without delay is not something easy, and will not suit the purpose. And besides, that is not general either. Are you combining the prayers, you're combining them you're performing the hood and it's time and all sudden it's time macgibbon assignment, and it's time just the hood is late and Muslim is late, but technically, it's still within its time. That's not jammer. It doesn't fulfill the purpose. So this shows the jammer can be done how, for the hood and also, from the time that the hook begins until after ends from Russia from the time that Missouri begins until Russia ends. So you can play both the prayers early or you

00:51:20--> 00:52:05

can perform them later, depending on what is convenient. Ideal is that each song is performed at its proper time. But when it is difficult for a person Last time, we discussed that if there is a 10 year old child who has to stay up until 11 o'clock to pay Russia and then again wake up in a couple of hours to perform fudging it won't be possible, the child won't be able to develop the habit of performance either. So in that case, can he joined Maverick with OSHA? Yes, there is no harm. Likewise, an old woman and old man can they join mcraven OSHA a sick person can they join? Yes, they can. However, remember that that room I have said it should not be taken as a habit. So just because

00:52:05--> 00:52:46

the child is performing Muslim inertia together during the weekdays because they have school doesn't mean they should also be doing that on the weekend, okay. And gradually they should be trained, they should be trained. So for example, one day they were made to take a nap during the day and then they were made to British on time, if not 11 o'clock, okay, then 1045. So, gradually, they should be led to that which is best, so it should not be taken as a habit. So in conclusion, what do we learn, it is permissible to combine the prayers for a valid reason, but it should not be a habit. Even as he said, he wrote on federal body, which is the shutter observable body that the best way to view the

00:52:46--> 00:53:26

Hadith is to understand that the prophet SAW the light Islam combined between the side prayers, particularly that day for some hardship, whether it was sickness, extreme cold, mud, or something else. So it was an unusual situation hardship of that day. Now, sometimes you are traveling, and by the time you reach home, from a different city, it's most of time as you're entering the city. It's Madrid time and your children are there they're crying, they're exhausted, long drive. And if you say okay, Masjid, is 10 minutes drive from here, we should take a different route, go to the masjid first. Perform McGriff, salah and then go home. Would that be easy on the family? It won't be easy.

00:53:26--> 00:54:06

Would that be easy on you? No, it won't be. So okay, by the time you get home, mother is a little late. But it's not a big deal. Why? Because it's an unusual situation. Best is that you stop and pray. And you will get your reward for that for your effort. But remember that religion is easy. And when we make it hard on ourselves and others and what happens? What are we doing? Basically, we're discouraging ourselves and others from practicing their religion. Because sometimes it happens that when we become so forceful, and we force our husbands that no no, first go to the masjid. And even though it's getting really late, we still have to go and I don't care if the children are crying. We

00:54:06--> 00:54:39

have to go to the masjid and pray. So we have to perform the Salah is yours we can be supportive. Are your children going to be supportive? No. They're just going to become more and more averse to the deen. Combining doesn't mean you shorten the prayer. No, you perform it in full. So for example, if a person is sick, they had a surgery and they're on medication and they're sleeping. You go wake them up and pray. No, you let them sleep wake them up. After a short time they perform their mother of four and they Russia for not shortened, joined but not shortened.

00:54:40--> 00:55:00

By mencari how are you calling in murrayville Russia Mancha The one who disliked a new corner that is called lil Margaret Margaret prayer Allah Russia, Russia, meaning those who dislike the calling of Muslim prayer. Russia, is it allowed to call Muslim Russia. Russia is evening so if somebody

00:55:00--> 00:55:47

refers to the magro prayer by calling it Russia. Is that okay? It's not okay. Why? Because we should stick to the names that Allah and His Messenger have taught us. We should not mix up the names. Why? Because the names, they're meaningful, aren't they? So for example, motive. Is it a meaningful name for that fella? Yes, because what does it mean? At the time of sunset meaning as soon as a sunset immediately after you pray or a shot, night later, okay. So remember that the names are meaningful, because of this reason, we should not make up our own names. And at the same time, we should not mix up the names which alone is messenger have

00:55:49--> 00:56:15

had the honor of Mr. Merton who are Abdullah hidden Ramadan Kala had the center of the word is Anil Hussain. Cora had the center of dilla have nublado or the head destiny or de la him was an EU and then the BS en Allahu alayhi wa sallam a call length of lieben Nakula arrabal that are allowed the Bedouin Arabs should not overcome you Allah on his mythological Muslim. Over the name of your prayer, which prayer massage

00:56:16--> 00:56:40

parlor, he said the narrator he said, Well, arrabiata kulu healer, Aisha the era they used to call mother prayer, Russia. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told the people don't let this overcome you. Meaning don't start following them. Don't let them make the name, Russia for mothership so popular that you forget the actual name from our prayers, motive, and not Russia.

00:56:42--> 00:57:27

So what is the status? Another important lesson which is that? Don't let the words the habits of other people affect you, influence you, especially when they're not positive. And when they're positive. That's a different thing altogether. But when they're negative than No, don't let them overpower you don't let them overcome you. Bab Lickliter Russia, he will automatic woman who was here in the Lickliter Russia, dimension of Russia will item under item and those who saw the matter to be West here, vast meaning permitted, that it is permissible to call it Russia, Russia, and it is also permissible to call it atama. With regards to Margaret, what do we know? Only Muslim? You can't

00:57:27--> 00:57:32

call it Russia. But when it comes to Russia prayer, can you call it Russia? And can you call it automa?

00:57:34--> 00:57:51

Can you if it's proven by the center now remember that Russia has also been called an atom. This name was not necessarily given by the law, but we see that even the prophets have allowed us to use this name and many companions also use this name Artem dislike fudger

00:57:52--> 00:57:54

It has also been called sub

00:57:55--> 00:58:42

Orisha has been called a hero. Also the last prayer okay. So, the names different names they may be used, but they must have some basis. And we should not mix up the names interchanging names because that will create confusion in the people. If you start calling militia, then what will happen? People will think it's the same prayer and the meaning of atom atom. It's basically from atom an atom is to defer defer something that is specified. And arratia is called artha especially when it is delayed. Because remember that sometimes the prophets of Allah said performed your shot early and sometimes he What did he do? He delayed it depending on what was easy for the people. So when it is

00:58:42--> 00:59:03

delayed, then it is especially called automa. Basically, it is said that automa is the milk that remains in the other of the she camel, basically after sunset in the evening when the people would milk the camel. Sometimes they would leave some milk meaning they would not fully take all the milk out they would leave some for later.

00:59:04--> 00:59:49

Okay, they would leave some for later. So that was called Atala. So from this when the show was not bred early, rather it was deferred for the later part of the night. That's why our show was called aka carnival. Hoorah. And in OBS, or Allahu alayhi wa sallam as follows slatey Arlen Luna, Filipina and arratia will find it the heaviest of prayers on the hypocrites are which ones are Isha and fudger. We'll call it and he said lo Yara Allah Muna. marfil automaty was in February, and he said if they only knew their award, that is anathema. And so he called her Isha atama father of Abdullah Abdullah meeting Buhari, remember he said well if the arrow in your culinary show better is that it

00:59:49--> 00:59:53

should be called Arusha. Why, Likoni tala woman Vargas Allah

00:59:55--> 00:59:59

in the Quran in surah to know what do we learn after so

01:00:00--> 01:00:43

natalija so that's what a lot a lot of the times of privacy, you remember where the rules of St. Dan are given salaamu harissa because Allah subhanaw taala uses the word or SHA. This is why we should also use the word resha. However, if automa is used, that's also not a problem because the prophets are the loudest and we use the word artha. When you go to a V muscle call Akane nutana una vez en Allahu alayhi wa sallam, we used to take turns in the solitary *gy for our Donna beha. We used to take turns in performing solid Russia with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and one night What did he do? artha maybe he deferred it. We'll call it not our best and Laura Isha to even our best scenario

01:00:43--> 01:01:27

said our term and abuse of the Lord. He was a llama veneration he deferred or she will call her Babu marinara I*a baritone and abuse Allahu Allah bill or Adama in another version, Artema has been said, we'll call a javelin cannon abuse on Allahu alayhi wa sallam you suddenly Russia. He performed Russia Wakanda cannon abuse or a Lago running selama you officially Russia he deferred Russia, we'll call it a heroin abuse or Allahu alayhi wa sallam Russia. So we see another name over here. The last we'll call up newer model, a yubo Abner Besson Robbie Alomar Arnhem, Sunland, abuso de la who are new Salomon muffler when arratia. So we see all these names are valid, which ones are here, Russia

01:01:27--> 01:01:58

and Atom better than us? Which one the one in the Quran because every time you say it, inshallah, you also get the reward of reward of 10 good deeds for every letter had the center of Daniel color of the law of color a foreigner Yunus and his re Allah Solomon avallone, Abdullah, Allah salena Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam la Latin the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he performed the prayer for us when night which prayer solitary, shall ye allottee and it is the one that the other nurses that people call an

01:01:59--> 01:02:56

Orisha, the one that people call it item, someone sort of then he went for awkward arlena then he came to us for color. So he said, a tone Did you see meaning? Tell me of Bernie, lay letter calm had he this night of yours? Have you thought about this Tell me for interrupts me at the sanity minha For indeed rasa at the head of me at the Senate in 100 years men have from it meaning from tonight. So, in other words, 100 years from tonight, have you thought laya will call he will not remain men man from those who who are allowed will be he is on the surface of the earth ahead. Anyone? Have you thought about this? 100 years from tonight? No one who is alive today will remain alive, meaning

01:02:56--> 01:03:40

within 100 years, all the people who are alive tonight will be dead by then they will be gone by then. Have you reflected on this? Have you thought about this and man who are allowed on it? It refers to people, not the jinn. Okay, not the angels, not some other creatures, but it refers to the human beings. It doesn't even refer to the judge, because the judge, even though he's a man, a lower limb, of what kind of nature and even though he is alive today, and from a decent Muslim, we learned that he is jailed on one of the islands. Okay, he's not included in this. But this is a general statement that have you thought about is that none of the people who are alive today will be alive

01:03:40--> 01:03:51

100 years from now. So he's making the people reflect that our time is very short. And we think we'll be here forever. No, we're not going to be here forever.

01:03:52--> 01:03:56

Think about it. 100 years from now. None of us will be alive.

01:03:57--> 01:04:02

Allahu arland. If any one of us will be alive 200 years definitely none of us will be alive.

01:04:03--> 01:04:23

So what are we waiting for? So in this Hadees what do we see the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he performed Russia and their share prayer has been called itema. So different names can be used in Java would include over here. So panicle law we have the condition to allow either Atlanta, Mister federal governor to really a celebrity color with a label