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Al-Fath 1-17 Translation 1-17

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala la Sunil Karim ummah. Bharath for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim. Bovis Rockley sorry, we're silly Angie.

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determinedly Sani of cococozy probenecid menerima.

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Lesson number 265 pseudo two alpha is number one to 17.

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in indeed we fatahna way granted victory laka for you for 10 a victory Nabina one that is manifest

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Leo Kira so that he forgives laka for you, Allahu Allah, Ma, whatever dakka dakka it went ahead, it proceeded men from them bigger, your sin, your shortcoming warmer and whatever, the ahora it lagged or a delayed

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or you tell him and he will complete Nero Mata who his favorite alayka upon you.

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And He will guide you sit off on a bath, Mr. Kramer, one straight

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on Soraka and he helps you or that he will help you. Allahu Allah nasaan a help. Aziza strong, powerful whoever he led the one who unzila he sent down a Sakina the tranquility fee in galoob hearts and mode, my name of the believers, Leah's Dudu so that they increase Eman and in faith. Now with Imani him their fate when they left and for Allah, Juno two armies, a semi work of the heavens while out and the earth or can and he is ever Allahu Allah or demon all resolved knowing harkaman always always Leo the healer so that he may admit a remote meaning the believing men will mode minette and the believing women genette in gardens, that Judy it flows men from Dottie her

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underneath it and how the rivers Harley Dena wanzhou abide eternally see her in it. Or you can feel her and he will get on home from them. say to him, they're evils or Cana and it was their liquor that in the near Allahu Allah, frozen a success or Rhema great where you are, and that He will punish alimony if you clean the hypocrite man, while Mona and the hypocrite women were mostly clean, and the polytheist men, while mushfiqur and the polytheist women are one Nina, those who think then there he about Allah run a thought, a supposition a cell of the evil. I lay him upon them. That era circle, a cell of the evil will hold labor. And he was angry. Allahu Allah. I lay him upon them when

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they're on a home and he cursed them.

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And he prepared the home for them. jahannam Whoa, What sir? And how bad Muslim destination

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when they left and for Allah, Jude army's a semi wet of the heavens and the earth. What can I miss ever? Allahu Allah. Aziza always Almighty Hakeem and always always in the indeed we are son NACA we sent to you share hidden as a witness were mobis sheelane. And as one who gives good news, when Avira and as a warner, they told me no, so that you all believe

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in Allah or Sunni he and his messenger What are zero who and so you all assist him? What to walk through, and you will honor him what to set the hill and you all glorify Him the curtain in morning we're asleep and in evening

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in the indeed, m la Vina those who you by your own Erica door pledge allegiance to you in honor indeed not but you by your honor, their pledge allegiance to Allah Allah yet hands

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Allah, Allah

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is above, Id in their hands.

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Simon, then whoever meqasa he violated for him Noma, then indeed not but Yan Cousteau, he violates Allah against Neff see he is self, woman and whoever I refer he fulfilled Bhima with that which are harder, he made a covenant rla who upon it, Allah, Allah says to you d so soon he will give him agilan a reward or Lima great sepuluh soon he will say, lucky for you, I will Mohan lephone those who were left behind those who remained behind men from Arab for Bedouins Shahar Lesnar, it engaged us,

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Mr. Luna, our welts Luna and our families festival. So seek forgiveness. Lennar for us.

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Your colonna per se be Elsener to him with their tongues, ma what laser it is not fee in cannubi him their hearts don't say Simon, then who yummly qu he possesses, he has power, law calm for you or maner law from Allah Shea anything in our order, he intended become with you. bourbon, a harm or eduarda he intended become with you know, a benefit, but rather Can he is Allahu Allah Bhima would watch ever, Darren madona you all do hubiera always all aware,

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Ben, rather learn to your thought on that land, never em caliber, he will return a rasuluh the messenger

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and the believers in a towards at least him their families. Our brother ever was a genius and it was adorned their liquor that fee in color become your heart, or one and two. And you all thought one a thought or so of the evil workroom and you were a woman, a people, Buddha, want to be destroyed. Woman and whoever lamb did not use men he believes in Allah or surely he and his messenger. For in, then indeed we are we prepared? Listen carefully for the disbelievers sir era of Blazing Fire.

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When he left and for Allah Mankell Dominion smls of the heavens and the earth, yoke feudal He forgives lemon for whom Yeshua he will

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tell you or they will and he punishes man who share he will work can and he has ever Allahu Allah or foreign one who is most forgiving, or rahima always on merciful.

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selaku so and he will say on the phone, those who remain behind either when Impala cotone you all set for you all departed. Enter towards mohanan spoiled booty later who do hair so that you all take it?

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Leave us not a vehicle we shall follow you. Yuri dooner they want and that you bet Dino De change kalama words a lot of Allah don't say land never that will be owner you shall follow us could barely come likewise you all earlier he said Allahu Allah, men Pablo from before, first Surya colonna, then soon they will say Bal rather. Sedona, Uriel nVs, bang rather cannon they were left not yes Kahuna, they understand in the except for Lila, a little

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old say lindman nephin for those who remain behind men from

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the Bedouins so to their own, soon you shall be called inner towards earning a people only possessors but sin of warfare of strength, shady then intense Ducati Luna home, you all shall fight them all or use the Mona they will surrender for him then he is guilty or you will obey you take home. He will give you Allahu Allah agilon a reward has done a good

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In and if that are low you alternate away gamma just as there were later on you alternate away from our blue before your vehicle He will punish you are there been a punishment a Lima painful?

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No sir, it is not Allah upon alarma the blind Hara June any blame winner and nor Allah upon an outage the lame have Arjun any blame Allah and more Allah upon Imodium, the ill the sick halogen and you blame women and whoever you're there he obeys Allah Allah

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and His Messenger You're the one who he will admit him. Jeannette in gardens tragedy it slows men from dirty hair underneath it and how the rivers were men and whoever yet our heater turns away You're adorable who He will punish him either been a punishment or Lima painful.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Boo me

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wasa my co

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una una

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una de la vlse

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You read

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hola una

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una una

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de levena Milan

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