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Juz’ 28 with Ustadha Nuriddeen Knight

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Because we call Mohammed in Salalah while he was alone, why only he was happy he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira hamdulillah. We want to welcome you all back to court and 3430 we have been adjusting our tech we ditched zoom and we're trying something else. And look at this big old mic. I wanted to copy shift Abdullah so I could be like Jacob de la

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new mic as well and shout outside as I can be like Shaykh Abdullah, which is my motto in life is to be like safe.

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And we want to welcome as well as southern New to the night Hamdulillah, who's a fellow at yaqeen who wrote a really beautiful paper before I mean, aside from the content that she does with us, and I'm delighted that she wrote the beautiful paper on it shuttle de la Honda. She also has a book on 40 Heidi from Asia, really framing I shall the law of Thailand has more than just, you know, a discussion about her age but the person that sold the law and that sort of stuff in order Dean, we're honored to have you tonight with us and have the data without I mean, and looking forward very much so to your reflections on SOTA mucho de la. So inshallah Tana as we are now in the 28th, Jos.

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Obviously there are more suitors that are involved here. But all of these sutras do speak to a you know, to to the believer having a deep and sincere commitment to Allah subhana wa Tada, sincerity and really ethics. A lot of this is about ethics and a lot of this is about being true to the claims that you make. And so how to love the beauty of this jersey is that it spans family life, it spans battle, it spans you know, without and but on the concept of Allegiance. It spans everything from marriage to divorce and Juma community life. And the singular theme that that I see prevalent throughout this are present throughout this just is this idea of being truthful to your claims,

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being truthful to your covenants, being truthful to your contracts, and going above and beyond with the people that Allah subhanaw taala has assigned rights to, to please Allah subhanaw taala through doing right by them and so it starts off with two or three Medina, the one surah in the Quran, where the word Allah is in every single ayah of the surah. A woman who pleads understand that note at the end and Chaga is going to talk about the suitor but a woman who pleads to Allah subhanaw taala for her right, as her husband is not physically abusing her, but emotionally abusing her through the practice of the hub, which was one of the the practices from the days of ignorance where a person

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would put their spouse in sort of a suspended and uncertain state, and inshallah tada as a 702. Dean's going to talk about that I'm not going to go too much into detail with that. But this idea that a person mistreats those that are within their homes, and is not true to the covenant and the commitment, the rights of marriage, the right of marriage, that that is to be fulfilled, that a person be loyal to their spouse, and that a person treat their spouse with maroof with excellence in accordance with custom, and a person violating that right. And the last parents are listening to a woman who otherwise would be looked down upon would be neglected. And so how to love this woman's

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during her supplication her plea was so powerful that Eliza reveals a sutra about it. Then you go to certain Hashem and a certain hashtag, do you have

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the opposite side which are the believers who love a lot in the messenger, some of them who assist those who migrate for the sake of Allah and His Messenger sallallahu wasallam people who, despite having their own difficulties, not only honor the covenant they make with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam but they go above and beyond through Nana and footsy him Willow cannot be him kasasa they prefer others to themselves. And this is talking about the unsought of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the people of Medina who welcomed in the people of Mecca and gave them preference even to themselves. They went far beyond what they agreed with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam because they understood that there is a contract and there is a pledge. And then there's a sign. There's excellent so a lot talks about these people and their selflessness right not only being truthful to their claim that they will host the profits of the law, how it was set up, and they will take him in and the risks and the consequences of taking in them. Oh Ha Joon, but excelling for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada, serving them what they themselves were, you know, we're in need of showing love to the Mahajan who have lost their homes and now we're in a situation where now we're in a situation where they were at the mercy of their hosts in the onslaught of the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and you can think about, you know, when a person gets married, the vulnerability of putting your life behind, too

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move in with someone else, you're really at the mercy of that other person, especially when you're talking about the spouse here, in this case, the woman who is at the mercy of her husband, and he has a choice whether to show her cruelty or to show her the right the right way, which is or to establish the right to tumble with her, or to show Exxon to excel with her. Right. And here you have people that go beyond the octave beyond the contract to please Allah subhanho wa Taala. And to do well by those who have come forth, for the sake of Allah, which is the opposite of the Matthew corn, the hypocrites on the other hand, they make claims but they find ways to undermine those claims.

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From the very from the very start of making those claims. They word them in certain ways. They're only present in certain circumstances, they're looking for ways to undermine the mission of the prophets lie settlement to undermine the contract that they have taken with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam as he comes to Medina, Allah subhanaw taala in sort of the soft Allah subhanaw taala admonishes the those that claim to do things that they do not do a lot admonishes hypocrisy Yeah, you Alina Amano, Lima topo Luna mala turfan on camera MK tener en de la junta Hello Amanda Fallon. Oh you believe? Why do you say that what you don't do most grevious in the sight of a loss of

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hundreds Anna is that you say that what you don't do? So why is it that you're not honoring the contract that you took with the loss of Hannah Montana in the law your head will Edina your party Luna fee Sabina he softened cannon banana and moto sauce Allah loves those believers that fight together like a fortified wall. Right that not only defend the profit slice of them but form like a fortified wall around the messenger slice on them. The way the unsaved would put their lives on the line literally grab the prophets I send them in the mic hit me literally grab the profits of the lahardee who was selling them when the prophet SAW the light that was in the battle ahead to protect

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him and you have them on after you've gone from that very same battle that are finding an excuse to not participate in that battle. So last Pattaya says NEMA tough bulunan Allah tough I don't care about on oxygen and the lions Akuma trying to honor that contract honor that covenant that you took with the loss of hundreds around and go forth and protect the profit slice them show him love. And a lot of gives us the example of a Sati Salaam Jesus peace be upon him and his loyal disciples the How are you? And Allah says Kunal unsired Allah be helpers of Allah. The way that he started his Salaam Jesus peace be upon him called out and said men, Ansari, Illallah who are my helpers in the cause of

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a loss of Hannah Montana caught it? How do you know onsala and the disciples said, We are the unsought, we are the helpers in your cause for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. And here Eliza gel has just praised in this very same just the unsought of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who honored the contract, who, who showed that loyalty to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and to the Mahajan as they made their way to Medina to start their lives over and we're in a great state of vulnerability, then what is a lot of talk about a lot of talks about animal unethical and, and Eliza Jen, you know, gives us the opposite side of this people whose words and acts contradict their

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thoughts and their feelings. People that stand up and they say unsleep, who do azula listen to the profit slice alone and they're not listening to the profit slice alone. Instead, they are portraying what is false, in order to attain you know, power and prominence in society and to undermine the mission of the prophets lie Selim So, and sort of the stuff and then certain will not be born, which is not immediately after, but in the same just, you have those two, those two sets of believers that are put side by side, those that are sincere and go above and beyond and those that portray faith, but actually undermine the cause of faith and in between both the monastic own and the mercy known

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here, what is it it's the contract, it's the covenant with Allah subhanaw taala, the rights of Allah subhana wa tada and the rights of the messenger slice of them and the rights of, of the believers, and those who realize was that has assigned rights to and the people and sorts of stuff of course again, are praised because they go above and beyond the monopoly and they hold back then there's a deeply personal part of this to what's sandwiched in between these pseudos is rooted in Jumeirah, where Allah subhanho wa Taala tells the believers to make their way either new the slotomania Amina Juma it fest Sara Ito, the karela without all their daddy can hide on their own in quantum telamon

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that when the call for Friday is made when you hear the call for the Friday prayer rush, hasten to the remembrance of Allah subhana wa tada and leave behind the things of this world. Leave behind your trade

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Obviously we're you know, in an era where it's painful for us to talk about this because of our circumstances but in normal circumstances, what is a lot talking about? A lot is telling us to analyze deeply ourselves in something that we will that we will see on a weekly basis under normal circumstances our a bother how we drag our feet to the call of Allah subhana wa tada on the day of Friday, how we drag our feet, well either o t Giada, 10, Ola, one infobel, la whatever, Kolkata Emma. And if they were to see a better trade or a better deal, than they would leave the profit slice, I'm standing the same way the hypocrites would leave the profit slice on standing alone in

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battle. The people would leave the profit slice I'm standing and they would not come to the call for prayer, the call of Juma because they are pursuing what is of this world not pursuing what is of the hereafter. And so a lot gets to the crux of the matter here, that there are people that pursue this world and people that pursue the hereafter. Those that pursue the hereafter will push themselves above and beyond to answer the call of Allah subhana wa Tada. Those that pursue this world will use the call of a lot to undermine their commitments and undermine their contracts in a way that they seek to hurt the believers and hurts even those that are closest to them in regards to their family,

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and, of course, in the case of the Sahaba, even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Finally, it ends off with

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sort of the Pollak sort of thing. A Pollock

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admonishes the wives in this case, whereas anugerah de la admonished the husband and so it's It is been a matter of whether Hindemith la de la hinda been maroof that treatment should be excellent between both the husbands and the wives. But still Allah subhana wa tada elevating the ethics or setting the standard to not mistreat a person sort of Pollock to not mistreat to not mistreat your spouse, due to some of the things that have emerged, and instead to observe the highest level of ethics, even in the process of divorce. Someone john de la is a person who uses who weaponizes, a jolly form of divorce. Pollock is a form of divorce that is mature, and that's legislated and then

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has to observe certain guidelines and ethics in order for a person to still be amongst those who answered the call of a loss of Hannah Montana, in all of their affairs of their lives. Finally sorted to mean a loss of Hannah hoods. Anna tells us that, you know, those who claim to this world and think that their associations will save them, right, because you're seeing this Jews are the Malathion, who when they went to the disbelievers, they said we're really with you. And then they they hung their hats on their association with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and use that as a means of pushing themselves forward in this world. What is the loss of hepatitis A look at the wives

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of loyalty who set up a new heading salon can attack damage any minute regarding our slightly hanifa Hyuna Tahoma. phenom yovani, our annual nominal law he will plead others with an automatic definitely look at the wives of prophets, loot and newer, or even was Salam. Their association with their husbands meant nothing to them. It did nothing for them whatsoever. It only increased them in humiliation. So they are hypocrites right because they were married to profits. And they used their marriage to the profits to undermine the message of their husbands who were prophets of Allah subhanaw taala then Allah says look at assay it has set up. Well the Allahu anhu already has set out

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who put everything forward and nadiem it his salon who put everything forward Asya married to the worst human being ever but still was able to elevate herself in the sight of Allah subhana wa tada and to perfect her faith and sacrificed everything for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala because she had no need for this world whatsoever. Rob did in the near end debate and Phil Jenner, Ola builds for me a palace with you in paradise. So while some people hold back from their profits and hold back from Juma on hold back from there about that, because of the matters of this world, and some people even betrayed the profits, even their husbands. Here you have a woman that sacrificed

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everything for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and the palace that is in general with a loss of Hannah horchata and the ultimate Pamela mujaddid and the beginning pleading about the mistreatment of her husband and a lot answering her and here rcit his Salaam pleading to Allah subhanho wa Taala about her husband mistreating her for their own and a love giving her a house in Paradise and an elevated state and inshallah tada with that I'll pass it on to Cheb zachman located on Bismillah salatu salam ala rasulillah Juana and he was talking about inshallah we plan to cover is the verses in the chapter hash of verses number 18 and 19 bit in the lead tala, and that is speaking roughly

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about accountability. That's the word that comes to mind when reading these beautiful verses as we know and this month is

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And as should be in every month, that we as human beings hold ourselves accountable. And that means of accountability is that which will obtain will allow us to obtain the mindfulness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's kind of interchangeable because we see that when you have the mindfulness of Allah subhanho wa Taala, you hold yourself accountable. And by holding yourself accountable, a sign of that is mindfulness. And this is what we were talking about earlier, that the actions of a man when you exemplify them, when you do them, whether it's in your heart or your limbs or your tongue, that it increases your faith. And that process is a beautiful process. And that's the process of

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Hidayat that process of guidance. So here last month, I was talking about the chapter and how should I learn how should means the gathering, which was a gathering of the tribe of the nations before from Benjamin Aliyah. The tribe has been the leader.

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They were a gathering against the promise of the line of Islam to plot against him. But what I want to talk about here is this beautiful verse where loss of power with Allah talks about these certain groups and and I add before that, and he says after are the middle ownership on our gene, yeah, you heard the enamelled took a lot was humble enough, some epidemic, but took a lot in the La habito the amount of time and a loss upon analysis, oh mankind, or, excuse me, or Oh, you who you, oh, you who believe, have mindfulness of Allah and look at what your hands have put forth, have mindfulness of Allah, For verily of Allah is the all aware of what you do. So what's beautiful here, the scholars

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have mentioned a number of benefits and we will just cover some of them. Firstly says oh, you who believe so it's a call out to those who believe in the names and attributes of God and they try their level best to exemplify them and show them inshallah, he says it took a lot. Now taqwa as we know, we say God fearing or mindfulness, but actually when one is mindful of Allah, it will result in having a healthy fear of Allah, having a health healthy love of Allah subhanho wa Taala, to where you weigh both of them out and all of the other names and attributes that request from you to show that within your actions. So that is the tough one. And as, as the process of said, a minute took a

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lot when it took a lot of work off. And he says, Whoever has mindfulness of Allah subhanaw taala, Allah will protect him. And that is what the verb walking means, or what God means is to have a protection or a shield and something. So in other words, the actions of good that you do serve as a shield and a preventative measure against actions of evil or actions that are immoral or unethical, etc. So your loss of power says, Oh, you who believe have mindfulness of Allah will tell him enough to melt the metal. So here's what a tumbler and another is to look at something. But it's not only with the eyes also, it's also as I said, another fisherman or another party, or another moment, is

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to look at something and to ponder over it. It's not just just staring but it's if you were to stare and that staring leads to ponder, it's pondering over what you are looking at, to result in something beneficial for you or to result in an action. So here are a lot of saying, well total knifes method, the method and let every soul look at what they are putting forth. Even I should mention this beautifully in this verse because he says, because right after this, a law says What I love most about Anthony and he says, and have mindfulness of Allah He says it twice. So talking about sure says this portion where he says, and every soul shall look at what they put forth. It is

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like an interjection. So it's the basis of the sentence would be, yeah, you live in Amarillo, tequila. It took a lot in the lobby, don't be mad at me. Oh, you who believe

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have mindfulness of a lot for really a lot is all aware of what you do. But it is as though a lie interjecting here and saying, what a total enough. So method, the method and let every soul look at what it's putting forth. It is as though he's telling you how to be mindful. What is the strategy or what is an example of what is an action that you can do within yourself within your heart that shows that you are mindful of Allah. It is looking at what your soul is putting forth looking at what you've done, what are you doing in this life? And that is the beauty of the silhouettes. Just one example. When we see that it is spread out over this time span of a day, five times, you know, the

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province of Allah and it was Southern gave an example if there was a river floating in, you know, flowing in front of someone's house. And he was here she was to washing it every day. Would there be any dirt on he said, Would there be any filth on that person? They said no. And this is the example the analogy that he gave us on the watch. But even looking at a river subpanel it flows heavily. It is always moving. It is definitely a means of cleansing rather than a lake but it's like always moving so it will eliminate those sins. The sins will be eliminated when one is mindful and one looks

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What they put forward. So when you're in your prayer, think about what you've done. If you're in select the Lord, what have you done from fudger to the Lord, and ask lots of for you call out his name. And that is looking at what you've done. What's the lesson method, the method and rather than hear means, you know, London literally Arabic means tomorrow. But here's the problem. The scholars mentioned being that he said it was a lot use the indefinite form of London. Yanina Ella, it is a day, a day, because some scholars mentioned that the life of this dunya this worldly life is like one day and tomorrow is the next life upon Allah. So when looking at what have you done? Being an

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individual that constantly ponders over Okay, what did I do? You know, it's about to be officer when he says, when he or she says Allahu Akbar, they praise a lot, and they think about what they've done from the saucer, and they hold themselves accountable. That is the action of a monkey, that is the action of a mindful person. So right after that, a law repeats what a lot to show the importance of it. In the law hobby, don't be mad timing, a lot as well aware of what you do. Now, some scholars mentioned the difference between a hobbit and Aladdin that a legend says a hobbit be mad time a dune. Why, because a hobby, the one that is well aware, has knowledge of the bow out and has

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knowledge of the hidden elements of his creation. So those things that may be hidden and not, you know, the average person cannot see it. A loss upon Allah is well aware of it. Someone may know something about something, but having a half bottle NBA, having full comprehensive knowledge of the ins and outs, if you will, of that object or of that feeling. A law is well aware of it when you look at yourself and you hold yourself accountable, and your heart is broken, because of a sin that you may have committed, or your heart is broken because of a good thing that you may have done and associated to other than you creator, Allah is well aware of that he's well aware of what you do.

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Then Allah subhanho wa Taala gives you an example never leaving any stone unturned. When he says in verse number 19, when that's a Kunal kaladin and that's all I have for Ansel and forsale, Ola ecohome will farcical

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then he gives an example of the opposite the person that does not hold themselves accountable May Allah make them for me, make us from those that hold ourselves accountable me. He says and do not be like the people

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that forgot about Allah. So Allah subhanho wa Taala we can say forgotten them, but we want to make a clear explanation on that. He made them forget themselves. So repeat, do not be like the people that forgot about Allah. So he made them forget themselves for rarely they are a V, disobedient. Let's just take a small to three minutes here

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sapan Allah when Allah smart Allah spoke about the hypocrites in another verse, you know, he says that they forgot about Allah so Allah forgot them. Now forgetfulness when we speak about Allah is not like that of his creation, LASIK commitment, he Shea he's not like his creation in any shape, form or fashion. But it's showing you that when the individual voluntarily, consistently does not remember Allah, then Allah subhanho wa Taala as a means of accountability as a means of reward. We want to say punishment is where the person will forget their own systems themselves. How many times have you seen someone they've gone off on the far end and said, Wow, where are you? Who are you? I

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don't even know who you are anymore. You forgotten yourself. You've left off what you know is beneficial for you. So when you as a Muslim, you know who God is, you recognize him and you don't try to do your best you're not from the sabich Gumball hayrides you're not me try to be from the mock test see doing this is where if you consecutively consistently do that it can be a means for your for something that is not beneficial for you. It's in this life and dare we even say your destruction even before death. But all of us know now that we are reading we have the opportunity, it's a strong opportunity for us to come back. And that is where loss upon losses for Ansel home and

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fusa home, hula ecoman fassi gone. Those are definitely the disobedient ones. And Fisk comes from someone leaving the place of their habitat that is made for them. And being that it's made for them. It's beneficial for them when they leave from that festival. They left to that which could be detrimental to their benefit. So seeing this beautiful verse we see from spirits and hashtag 18 and 19. The con the theme we should understand here is accountability. May Allah subhanaw taala make us of those that hold ourselves accountable as Omar, even Nakata used to say how Cebu enforce a covenant to have several was in America and tos No, hold yourselves accountable before you will be

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held accountable and

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way your deeds before they will be late the last panel without and make us have them me just worked. On the last panel, I think when you talk about the hypocrites and the way that they always need someone else to hold them accountable, right, whereas the believers hold themselves accountable. And the mycelial in particular, just to go beyond accountability to excellence, right move to the next level. And to just do right by that so exact luck. I think it was a beautiful tie in the arena. I started in Notre Dame to public

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generic winner came out I mean, thank you for allowing me to be a part of this. And thank you to them Omar and shake up the law for sharing these reminders with us, letting you so inshallah to Allah, we're just going to look at the first three verses in Surah Al Medina. And so I'm going to read the English translation, because my Arabic is not good enough. So Alicia, kind of della, he begins this surah by saying God has heard the words of the woman who disputed with you, about her husband and complained to God God has heard what you both have said, is the hearing the all seeing, even if any of you say to their wives, you are to me like my mother's back, they are not their

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mothers, their only mothers are those who gave birth to them. What they say is certainly blameworthy and false. But God is pardoning forgiving. Those of you who say it's such a thing to their wives, then go back on what they have said, less free, a slave before the couple may touch one another. Again, this is what you are commanded to do, and God is fully aware.

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So I want to first weekend, my husband and I were in Ramadan, and we've made it to Ramadan and George Allah meal was to put on Salah except our mobile phone, and English Sarah in particular. And I think often when we approach the put on maybe especially as Westerners who are so used to reading critically and use to kind of finding the meat in our reading, right, what are the important points that we all learn to do in school. When it comes to the Quran, we should remember that every single word and every single letter of the Quran, especially when it comes to the Arabic is crucial and important in every story that Allah subhanaw taala gives us in the Quran is important. And that's

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especially valuable to remember with these three verses because it's easy to read it and to say, Well, this is not exactly relevant to me. Because this entire concept, probably most of us never heard of the concept of the heart before reading the Koran. But when we approached the Koran with all Shaykh Abdullah just spoke about having mindfulness, the holistic kind of words Allah and I have heard a ship translate even taqwa to all of us upon our dialogue, all in the same thing, that we want to remember that the Quran is a book of guidance, it's a book of truth, animalistic planets, Allah, he doesn't have any filler content in the Quran, there's no part of the Quran that we should

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feel, well, let's just skip over that that's not really relevant to me, we should always be looking to change our state through what the Quran is telling us, and the surah. And these few verses are no different. And so while this exact concept of the heart is not relevant to us, everything in the story, a lot of the details even and the bigger picture is relevant to us, despite anila cPanel della, essentially making making this entire cultural tradition, null and void and making anyone who does it have to pay and free a slave as we just mentioned,

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or to also include people who go deeper into the serum. So the verse these few verses in Surah, Allah Jagga, it reminds us to look beyond the world and of cause and effect and beyond ourselves. And beyond culture into into a list economist, Allah Himself.

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College, she, this is the name of the woman who cries out

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a cola, she is, of course a woman of her time, and these are the customs and this is the culture of their time. So this is something that to us, even when we read the verse soilless to kind of, say, you know, your, if you call your wife like the back of your mother's, she's not really like the back of your mother, your mother's only one who gives birth to you. It may feel strange to us, because we're saying, Well, of course your mother's only when it gives birth to you. But in their time, this is a custom, this is a piece of their culture that they took very seriously. So just like in our culture, any culture, we get trapped by our own norms and our own traditions and you can't do that.

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You must do this. And we take it seriously as if it were, you know, almost revelation itself. We take it very seriously as human beings, the society and the rules that we create.

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And so in this culture when a husband pronounced the heart on his wife and made her made her quote, unquote, like the back of his mother, it was a very difficult position to be in because it was, she was divorced. But she was in a position where she was she didn't have the freedom to remarry, but she didn't have the rights of a wife. And so in this moment, so essentially how she had just been praying, and her husband wanted to be intimate with her there after and she refused. And in anger, he pronounced this the heart. And I think it's important that we say that he did it in anger was a moment it was a mistake, because often, or Allahu Allah, but I think sometimes it's easier to see

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ourselves in the victim and not in the one who is the oppressor, what we should realize, we can also be angry and say something that ruins ourselves ruin ruins, other people ruins our family members. And so we also should see ourselves in him and be careful of that. And so then they don't know what to do, because this is the cultural customs. So as far as they know, they're not married anymore. And so Pamela, she goes to the profit center of Southern she actually goes to her neighbor and she gets some proper clothes to wear shows the adult outfit, even in this distressed situation, and she's going to get some clothing shoes so that she can be modest when she goes to meet the Prophet,

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so the longer they will send them. So he goes to her I'll try to summarize the story, inshallah, to Allah to to be brief. She goes to him, and she tells him her situation and she begs and pleads for him to do something. And you know, she's essentially in her mindset is thinking, you know, Islam has come these are these are all cultural customs. What about my children? What about me is that she's giving the Prophet sallallahu Sallam different arguments so that he can remove this vihara thing and just undo it. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is the prophet of God is not just a leader who's trying to do good things. He is a prophet. This is right, he is a revelation is

00:32:33--> 00:33:12

speaking through him. So he can't just say, yes, it's wrong, just go back to your husband, no problem. He can't just, we leave her burden, even though as a believer, even though as someone who is his his follower, who is a Muslim who believes in Allah subhanaw taala, of course, he would want to relieve her stress in that moment, but he can't make things up the hop is, doesn't make anything up. And so she's pleading with him. And he can do anything for her. And so then she finally goes to the lice department alone. And she makes her do it to him and a part of her do

00:33:14--> 00:33:45

is all along it is to you, I complain of the severity of my isolation and my grief at the separation. I complain to Allah Most High of my indigence I believe that's already, at my terrible state, I have small children, if I give them in custody to him, they'll be lost. If I give them in custody to myself, they'll go hungry, all I complain to you. And so it's shortly after this do all that she makes in distress, but Alyssa cladodes, Allah revealed these verses. And so

00:33:46--> 00:34:31

I think that it's important for us to, there's a few things that we can take from this, and we already read the three verses. So just to come back to them and reflect on them, then this is a very difficult situation, because this is a cultural norm that they believe. So as soon as it's pronounced to them, we are not husband and wife, we cannot be together and there's nothing we can do about it. That's how real that that part of the culture was to them. And it's a difficulty because she goes through the proper means, right? She goes to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, who is a believer, and especially within that community, he would think, well, who else can I go to?

00:34:31--> 00:34:59

Right? So she goes to the Prophet similarly, so and he can't help her. But she doesn't turn in despair. In fact, she turns to Alessia canoa to Allah. So and even before that, I want to just go to the moment where her husband pronounced the harm. She could have, even in that moment, had this fear and said, Well, this is just my state, just like the other women who this has happened to it in my culture in our tradition. This is just my state. Now I've been in

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

in distress, and she could have stopped right there and not even thought to go to the profit center, they would send them but she goes to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And when you can't help her, then she goes directly to LSU kinda went to Allah. So this is such a beautiful lesson to us that it's okay and important to go through the proper means go through the proper channels, whoever you think in most directly help you with Don't forget to go to Ole supanova to Allah. And it's also just a couple of points, other points, the primacy of our relationship with Alessi panda with Allah. So in this world of cause and effect, you know, this thing happened to me this person did that. But

00:35:42--> 00:36:25

there it is that no one can do anything unless unless you plan with Allah allows it. And so once we believe that and know that as believers, then we will always feel comfortable to go to allistic Allah no matter how insurmountable The issue is, and then to realize that in her story, then she ends up through her do all annalistic plan without accepting it. And then this revelation, she ends up changing the entire trajectory of her culture and of her society, because of her faith. And because she wasn't willing to just put up with mistreatment and just, you know, throw her hands up and say, This is my state now. She went to the Prophet she went to UConn with Allah and she had

00:36:25--> 00:36:52

faith that this terrible thing that had happened to her could change. And what did Aleister Crowley do in response, he not only changed her condition, he changed the condition for all women to come so that this couldn't happen to them. So the last point I'll say, which is maybe just a repetition is to have faith against even insurmountable odds. Don't think that anything is too big for a lot to

00:36:53--> 00:37:29

to overturn to change in your life that he can change anything as he changed for this woman, something that she in her culture This is this was just what happens to women. And no one could probably foresee that it would change but she had the faith to believe it could change and had the faith to go to a list of allies to free her from this burden. So inshallah to Allah those are just a few reminders that I thought of when reading these verses and wanted to share inshallah I was blessed to step into the into Hanawon. COVID hola in Thailand, all the a lot of time on how one time I mow the lawn.

00:37:30--> 00:38:11

When he was the halifa she admonished him and some of the Sahaba or some of the companions of Ahmad wanted to silence her and he he admonished them he said Don't you know that this is the woman who when she played a lot harder from above seven heavens, you know like Subhana Allah that this woman would otherwise have been looked down upon and deemed insignificant, but the way that Eliza elevated her status, you know that a surah would come down the woman who pleads and Allah placing his name and every I have to say a lot is there a lot is there was there was there is truly a beautiful reflection so they'll reward you. Exactly. Exactly. nodine we appreciate having you and inshallah

00:38:11--> 00:38:20

Tada. We'll see the rest of you tonight. For everybody watching on at 2am Eastern shala and I want to come on to my workouts I can sell our entire weekend.