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At-Talaq 1-12 Translation 1-12

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Mohammed who want to slowly or lotto soudal Karim amerit fairuza Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Allah beshara is suddenly away simply under the watchful eye of data melissani Yahoo Chloe bobbin as in our in Lesson number 289 pseudoscalar is number one to 12

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Translation Yeah Are you her? All NBU the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam either when for lack of you all give divorce and Nisa to the women for Talia kohana so you all divorce them Larry that Tina for their prescribed period what our soul and you all keep count

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of the prescribed period

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what Whoa. And you all fear Allah Allah I become your

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lead do not do three do one you all expel them. Men from booty in their homes wanna and should not Yes, Regina, they go out Illa except, and that yet Deena, they come before he shot him with an indecency mobile unit in clear, whatever. And that her do do our limits Allah of Allah, woman and whoever yet are the he transgresses her liudmyla limits of Allah for God. So in fact, while I'm here on nafsa, who himself last not deadly, you know, learn perhaps a lot of law, your day. So he will make new or he will originate BARDA after their liquor, that Umrah a matter

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for either then when by law when they reached agenda when they're appointed term for mc cohoon, then you all retain them be maruf in a recognized manner, or fabrico. When you all part with them be more aloof in a recognized manner? Well as you do, and you all take as witness the way do possessors are delin of justice men come from you were a PMO and you all perfectly establish a Shahada, the testimony lilla for the Polycom that are you all, you're all he is admonished. Be he with it. Man whoever Ghana he was, you know he believes biller in Allah, when yom and the day after the last woman and whoever yet tequila her he fears Allah ye Jr. He will make Lahu for him. Maharajah a way

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while zuku and he will provide him men from Hazel were led not yet the same. He expects

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woman and whoever yet our call, he puts his trust Allah upon Allah, Allah. For who then he is has boohoo sufficient for him. In Allah Indeed Allah barely who one who reaches one who attains me he his command. And in fact gerada he made Allahu Allah luckily for every che in thing, either a measure

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will lead he and those women who get a snare, they lost hope. Men from Allah healed the menstruation, men from Missa eco your women in if if debitum you all doubted fareeda to hoonah then their prescribed period selasa two is three short months while he and those women who love did not hear Hitler, they have menstruation what led to and possessors a man of the pregnancies are genuine, they're appointed term and that yada yada they deliver hamlen their burden their pregnancy,

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woman and whoever yet he fears Allah, Allah yadgir He will make Lahu for him. Men from Emory he is affair. Yusra is

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their liquor that umbrella is Command of Allah unzila who he sent it down la come to you, woman and whoever he had tequila he fears Allah Yuka fear

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He will expand on who from him say he is evils where you're a lame and he will enlarge level for him as your reward

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as you know when you are large them men from Hazel were second to you are lived you all well. Men from widget the comb your means whenever and do not do the ruhuna you all harm them little by Yoku so that you all make difficult I lay in upon them we're in and if goodness they were Olathe, possessors Hamlin of pregnancy, for enfeeble, then you all spend on a hinge upon them Hatta until your darna deliver hamlen their pregnancy, for Indian if outdoor in their circle, luckily for you for 200 then you all give them a euro when their wages, what Daniel and you all consult bainer come between you all be more often in a recognized manner we're in and if there are self don't, you all

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created difficulties for each other faster to there, then we'll circle laahu for him. Another

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Leon Fiq he should spend the ceratin possessor of abundance men from southie he his capacity, woman and whoever it was measured. It was restricted RNA upon him this boohoo His provision for Leon fit so he should spend mimma from that which at who he gave him, Allahu Allah. led not you can lifou he burdens Allahu Allah nevsun any soul Illa except ma what after he gave it say agera lu soon he will make Allahu Allah BARDA after ursuline difficulty you saw his

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work alien and how many mencari attend from townships are that it incidently disobeyed I'm from Emory command on behalf of its Rob also Lee and his messengers for her Sabina her so we call to account it Hassan and accounting shaden severe weather Bonanza and we punished it either been a punishment nohcra horrible

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for that, so it tasted horrible and evil consequence and rehab of its affair. What Karina and it was our people to consequence and rehab of its affair, hustler loss or the he has prepared Allahu Allah La home for them. I've ever been a punishment shaden severe factor coup so you all fear Allah Allah. Yeah. Or Alba possessors of the intellects and Medina Amano those who believed but in fact, under Allahu Allah sent down an icon, do you recall a reminder

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Rasulullah a messenger yet Lu hemocytes. Are they come upon you Atilla verses of Allah mobile unit in one's clear leader. So he takes out a Latina amanu those who believed were Amina and they did a song they had the righteous deeds means little math from the darknesses in a new to the light woman and whoever you mean he believes the law he in a way and he does solidly hand righteous you the Hill who he will admit him Jeanette into gardens, that God it flows, men that they have from underneath it, and how the rivers carlina ones abiding eternally fee her in it other than forever. But in fact, our son he made excellent Allahu Allah, La who for him that is our provision.

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Allahu Allah, Allah the the one who Hanukkah he created several seven somehow working heavens warming up and from the earth mithila hoon like them yet and as it descends, Unruh the command bainer hoonah between them later Allah mu so that you all know anila that Indeed Allah, Allah upon Galicia in everything garderen always are able or unknown and that Indeed Allah Allah, but in fact, a helper he has encompassed be equally shy in with everything in in knowledge.

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That's let's listen to the recitation.

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for the job

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in your

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