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At-Taghabun 1-18 Tafsir 1-6

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim lesson number 288 sudo Tata Harbin I am number one to 10 Surah Taha one is a madonie surah and some have said that in fact it is a Maki surah. So, there is a difference of opinion with regards to it being mucky or muddy. Why is it so? Because the things that are mentioned in this order, they are relevant to both murky themes as well as muddy themes. inshallah, we will learn in this sutra about the importance of focusing on the deen and not being distracted by a person's wealth a person's children, a person's family, spouse, so on and so forth. And we see that the struggle the Muslims were going through in Makkah, and they're

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also going through the struggle in Medina. This was a constant struggle. So someone said this isn't a peaceful and others have said that this isn't a new sort of, however, there are some reports which tell us that it would be another nice

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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim you said, Be holy, let him if is somehow it warm, I feel oddly, whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth is exalting a law, everything in the heavens and everything in the earth. What is it doing, declaring the perfection of Allah, declaring that he is the one who is most perfect, above any deficiency, any fault above being similar to any of his creation? And how is it that everything in the heavens and the earth is declaring his glory, by their words as well as by their state? level Molko? for him is the sovereignty To Him belongs dominion, what I will do unto Him belongs all praise Lahu it's only for him a lolc and unhemmed are

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exclusively his right. What does this mean? That when it comes to ownership, when it comes to possession, when it comes to sovereignty, and the power of governance over everything, that is existant, who has it, a loss of panel data alone, and if anyone else besides Allah does have some kind of power or authority, then that power is how it is temporary. And it's also noxious. It is incomplete. And besides a loss of power data is the one who has given that milk to that person. This is why he deserves praise what I will hand this is why he is the one who is most praiseworthy. We learned about our cat lady via the hill Maluku wahala. coalition in Kaduna, it's only with him via

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the hill molk. Insert jezina 83 we learn first over Hanna lady via de melaku ticklish a were elated or gentlemen, everything its possession is widow, whose right a loss of Coronavirus only when or who do and To Him belongs all praise. What kind of praise is

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such that is offered with reverence with love with respect. And how that the creation does have a loss of panatela means that the creation appreciating what Allah subhanaw taala has done, what Allah has commanded, what Allah has legislated. So appreciating that first of all, and secondly, offering gratitude to him as well for that, and worshiping Allah for that as well. So what I would do for him is all praise. Why, for everything that he has decreed, everything that he has created, everything that he has decided, he is praiseworthy for that, because perfection is for him only. So for him being perfect in every way. in every regard. He deserves all and complete and absolute praise.

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In through the process is 70 learn wahoo Allahu La Ilaha Illa who la who will have to fill una 101 101 la you two gentlemen, and He is Allah there is no deity except Him. To him as you all praise in the first life and also in the hereafter. He deserves praise in this dunya and also where after this dunya is over India as well. Why? Because whatever he has commanded whatever he has done in this dunya for that he deserves praise. We are no one's to object. We are no one's to say why is it like this? No. In fact Allah deserves praise for his decisions and his commands, and in the hereafter for the justice that he will establish for the recompense that he will give to his

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creation. For that also he deserves all praise will who are allowed Konishi in comedy and he is over all things all capable. Meaning nothing at all is difficult for him. Nothing is impossible for him. This is why the whole Molko when a one handed to him belongs a book as well as hand

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If you think about it, we all believe that Allah subhanaw taala is the king. He is the owner, he has created everything. And he alone has a right to legislate.

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And whatever is there who has made it, a loss of panel data, however something is who has decided it, Allah subhanaw taala.

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Now, when we look at what people do, what people say, what people make, don't we praise them? Don't we appreciate them?

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People come up with an amazing phone. And we're so amazed by that we're constantly praising it. Somebody comes up with a beautiful design and clothes, somebody wearing a beautiful color, we constantly praise them. somebody writes something, does something, we praise them endlessly. We are so impressed by them.

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But if you think about it, how many times is it that we look at the creation of Allah, we reflect over the commands of Allah, and out of that we appreciate him, we praise Him. We are impressed by what he has done, what he has decided. The whole Molko what I will hand

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the reality is that we're so lost in our lives, in the apparent that we don't even think to thank Allah for what he has done, for what he has said, for what he has commanded. We are so lost in appreciating ourselves and appreciating the world that is around us, that we forget to appreciate the Creator, we forget to thank him. Because if we truly appreciated him for whatever he has done and decided, then our lives would be very different.

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who led hollyhock on? It is he who has created you, Allah alone has created all of you, there is no other creator about him. From income careful on so from you are those who are disbelievers, from incomes or from you are who cafe? One who disbelieves why men come and from you, men, one who believes Allah will be better maluna bossley and Allah is with whatever you do, always I'll see.

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If you think about it, a lot of panel data has created everyone and everything. Everything everyone you see who is its maker, Allah alone.

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And after creating the creation, he didn't just abandon the creation. He didn't just leave the creation on its own, but rather what do we learn about a las panatela that he is with a bit, he is regulating the affairs of the heavens and the earth, not a leaf falls except that Allah knows about it. And of all the creation human beings especially He has sent special guidance to them, how that he has sent many messengers from the beginning of time, until Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam the last messenger, he has sent scripture.

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And he has laid out many other means of obtaining guidance as well. He has placed so many irons in the earth that surrounds us in our lives, isn't it? So I add that our feet unphysical I utter around yourselves why so that we obtain guidance. A loss of panel data has not left any room for us, that we would be misguided. And if a person is misguided, it's only because of his own error. It's only because of his own shortcoming. Because Allah has done everything, to make the truth clear to us to establish the truth. He has sent messengers for that he has sent warnings for that he creates such events in our lives, he has made the earth such which point to the existence of the Creator, that

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make us realize the purpose of our lives. But still we see that of human beings, there are those who are disbelievers. And there are those who are believers. He is the one who has created people and Shawn the right way to them. But yet amongst people are who, those who disbelief and those who believe. Why is it so? Because Allah has made the truth clear, however, he has not forced it on people. He has given freedom of choice to people, that the truth is there before you. Now you decide what you want to do.

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You decide what you want to take, we learn in solitude, duckweed is 27 to 28. In Hawaii, Nicola aalameen, live and share of income as the theme. It is not except a reminder to the world, for whoever wills among you to take a right course, whoever wants the right course the guidance is there for him.

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So what does it mean that Allah has not imposed guidance on people rather he has left freedom of choice for them. Because if people were forced, that you accept guidance, then this life would not be a test, then there would be no difference between people and the rest of the creation.

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Does a plant have a choice? No. Do animals have a choice? No, the sun and the moon? Do they have a choice? No. What do we learn about the rest of the creation Sahaja Sahara Sahara. Allah has subjected them. What does it mean? They don't have a choice.

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But when it comes to human beings they have a choice. We learn in sort of milk and Lady Hello call moto hi Etta Leah Bella coma eucom arsinoe Amala. So he is testing us as to which of us are best indeed. And if this freedom was not there, then there will be no test, there would be no test. So for men calm calculon women come movement among you, therefore are those who disbelieve and those who believe as well. But we must realize that a lot of panel data has made the truth very clear to people. So if a person chooses misguidance, whose fault is it? It is his own fault. We learn from a hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Could Lumo luden EULA do it.

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Every child is born on fidra.

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Forever. Well, who you have with any? Were you in a salon he where you met giussani. So it is his parents who make him a Jew or a Christian or a major meaning of our worshiper. So, Allah subhanaw taala has created every person on Fatah. And besides that, he has made the truth very clear. But it's the environment. It's the people around him. And it's his own lack of interest that takes him to misguidance. Because we see that those who want guidance, even if they're born in the darkness is of misguidance they will find their way to the truth. And the story is a mental fallacy is a big evidence for that.

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So for men conquer fear on women come what men will love will be matter maluna boss lead and whatever you do good or evil. Allah is watching that. If you think about it earlier, what was mentioned that everything in the heavens and the earth, what is it doing? What is it doing? This we have a law, but out of all that creation, the human being who has been given the choice amongst them or those who disbelieve in Allah? So what's the lesson over here? That when everything everyone is doing this, we have Allah, then what are we supposed to do? When we have that choice, when we have that freedom, what are we required to do? Also, worship Allah also do this we have wonder. And if

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you think about it, this division of being mean and caffeine, this division is found only in Who? human beings and in those who have freedom, the rest of the creation, all of them are submissive, all of them are busy doing this.

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But people in general, they're the ones who are divided in being believers or being disbelievers.

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We learn in certain Hadith is 26, that the offspring of the messengers even for men who work a theorem in home fancy code, and among them is He who is guided but many of them are defiantly disobedient. So this division is only found where in who, in people and engine,

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hollow personality will or will help he has created the heavens and the earth in truth. Allah has created the heavens and the earth, how will help

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What does he mean by will help, that actually really, it is a law Who has created them. In fact, it is him it is he who has created them, not anyone else, but him, this is not an accident, this is not a result of some forces coming together No, this is the deed of Whoo, Allah subhana wa Tada, Hanukkah sumati will, will help and will help also means properly meaning that how it should have been, he has created the heavens and the earth exactly how they should have been. Meaning in the best way, the way the sky is, it should have been like that, the way the earth is, it should have been like that, the way your body is, it should have been like that. Hanukkah somewhere watty will

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oppa will help.

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And thirdly, hello customer what you will order will help also means for a just cause for adjust reason. And what is that? That human beings who are the center, the main creation that is benefiting from the heavens and the earth, the main creation human beings, they are being tested.

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Meaning Allah has not created all of this in vain for her septum Anima. Hakuna komaba them know Allah has created all of this for a reason and what is that reason that you people are being tested? What do you do?

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This is a just cause. And at the end, Allah subhanaw taala will recommend the worst sin for his son and allow him for his

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One was on one outcome and he shaped you, he formed you, someone you saw with a suite to give a surah to give a shape and it is to give the fine details as well. So, what So, what outcome he has shaped you molded you fashion you? How in the best way for Arsenal soracom and he has beautified perfected, made excellent your shapes. So what florala surah. So, he is the one who has given you your individual shape and form and appearance. And whatever shape and form you have been given how is it I center? It is excellent, it is the best.

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If you think about it, if you compare human form human body to any other creation, the human body is the most superior one is the best one. In the way, the figure is if you compare the human body to any other animal, how are the rest of the animals, they're on their fours mostly. And even those who are able to walk on their two, how do they walk with a lot of difficulty. Just look at penguins when they're walking. And this look at monkeys when they're walking on their toes. But human beings when they walk on their two legs, how graceful they look how much balance they have, they can walk, they can run on their two legs. So the straight appearance, the straight figure that Allah has given to

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human beings. This itself is so normal, this itself is so beautiful, because the rest of the animals How are they bend forward? is an utter bend forward. But human beings Allah has given them a very graceful appearance. Then similarly, the rest of the animals, how are they? They're covered in fur, they're covered in feathers, they're covered in hair, or wool or something like that. But human skin is so beautiful. then compare the human face to the face of other creatures.

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other creatures, what do they have big beaks or big noses.

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But human beings have such a balanced such a beautiful, such a noble face. So for us, Anna solara, calm. This is why a lot of personal data says locodoco locker in Santa Fe, Senator Kareem. For us and also Morocco. And every individual alasa panel data has made his form or her form, in the best way, what he lay him mostly, and to him is the destination. Why is this being said what la he'll mostly that only to him you are to return, you're not going to return to anyone else. You're going back to Allah, He created you for a reason. And in this life, he has given you the best form through which you can worship Allah, to which you can do many things. Human beings have their freedom. And

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they're able to do many things because of the physical form that they have. Other animals, they're limited in their abilities because of the bodies that they have. But human beings because the bodies that they have, they have so much ability. So Allah is the one who sent you here. He is the one who has given you all of your abilities, and you're going back to him. And when you go back to him, he will recompense you for whatever you have done.

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You cannot escape him. You cannot avoid him. In certain infobar is six to eight we learned Yeah. Are you insane? Maha waka will be killed Kareem and Larry Hall apocrypha. So worker father look for a useful rotten measure of Aqaba. kaback.

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All Mankind, what has deceived you concerning your Lord, the Most Generous, who has created you, proportion to you, and balanced you in whatever form he will? He has assembled you? He is your Lord, and you're going back to him. So how can you forget him?

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Your level math is similar what he will have, he knows what is within the heavens and the earth.

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Meaning his knowledge is complete. It is absolute. Remember we learned about the name of Allah subhanaw taala earlier, that what does it mean that he has a name that is common, that is chairman, that is dumb, it includes everything, it is complete in every way.

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Nothing at all, is missing. Nothing at all escapes his knowledge. So he knows whatever that is in the heavens and the earth. And to the point that we are in a moment of Runa when utterly noon and he knows what you can see and what you reveal. Just think about it. He knows the big things that go on in the heavens and the earth and he knows the finest details as well. What you can see in your hearts and what you say out will lohar Lima, B that is sudo and Allah is Knowing of that which occupies the chests as well. What is in the chest,

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the heart and what is in the heart, feelings intentions.

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secrets that you don't even speak that you don't even share with another person. But a laws, knowledge is so complete. It is all encompassing.

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That it also includes what you feel in your heart. What you think in your mind, the secrets that you conceal, or law who are allowed won't be that so do nothing at all is hidden from his knowledge. Just think about it. There are some things that we keep only to ourselves. And there are some things that we share with only one person. There are some things that we write, and we don't let anyone read. There are private nodes. And there are some things that we tell everybody about. So anything at any level, Allah subhanaw taala knows about it. Whether you have shared it with somebody or you haven't know that Allah knows about it. Remember earlier we learned that there is no najwa of three

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except that Allah is the fourth of them.

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There is no najwa of any group of people, any number of people except that Allah is one of them, meaning he knows exactly what they're talking about.

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And if a person does not even share it with somebody will law who are the will be there to sudo Allah is Knowing of that which is in the chests.

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And I'm yet to come never letting a calf or woman cover has not come to you the news of those who disbelieve before me dico who does you refer to? Primarily the disbelievers of Makkah, because they are the ones who are disbelieving and they're being given a lesson from the people of the past that has the news of the disbelievers before not reached you. And the vena cava Roman cover what does it mean by men cobble meaning those who disbelieved before you? Those who are living in this world before you?

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And when they disbelieved What happened? Were they forgiven? No further who were Bella Emery him, so they tasted the bad consequence of their affair?

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Well, what does wobble mean? The evil consequence of something.

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Wobble is basically from the word wearable. And wearable is used for heavy rain. And will be is used for such food that is very heavy on the stomach.

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Heavy rain when it falls down.

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Yes, it washes away everything. Yes, it makes the atmosphere very nice and fresh. But because of the heavy rain, has the water collected in various places? Yes. Similarly, sometimes, with the heavy rain comes a lot of thunder, as well as lightning, which results in some kind of loss, some kind of destruction.

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Similarly, with Venus used for food that is heavy on the stomach, that you eat it, but then you feel it sitting in your stomach, it's not going away. It's very heavy, you eat a little bit and you feel that you are full. So this is what will be this. So from this the word well that is used for the evil consequences of something.

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The evil result of something, the harm that one suffers as a result of an action that he has done.

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So for the co wabasha Embrey him they tasted the negative consequence, the evil consequence of their affair. What was their affair? What was their affair? disbelief. So when they disbelieved they were evil consequences. And what was that punishment in the dunya? So when they disbelieved Allah punish them in this world. What a homer they have a leave and for them is a painful punishment.

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So Allah is questioning the people. Have you not heard about the previous people?

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Have you not heard about their news to people of New Zealand, the people of Argentina mode the people have lived on insulin.

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When they disbelieved. They suffered the consequences in this dunya and for them as a painful punishment in the hereafter as well. So when you have heard, have you not taken any lesson for yourself? What's the lesson to be taken from this when Allah is questioning us? elemi dico? What does it mean? Have you not taken a lesson? What's the lesson in this for us?

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What's the lesson in this for us to be careful about our actions, to be careful about what we do? Because whatever a person does, as we have been learning in the previous ayat, he will be recompense for it in the hereafter. We are here for a reason. And this freedom that Allah has given to us in this life is not so that we fulfill our desires, we do whatever we please know this freedom we have been given, but we are to use it in the right way. Therefore, we should be very careful about the actions that we do. Because whatever a person does, he could suffer its consequences in the dunya. But definitely in the hereafter. He will meet it too.

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There licchavi unknown who that is because can attack de him rasuluh whom bill by Gina, their messengers used to come to them with clear proofs that Lika What does that equal refer to the punishment that they suffered in this dunya? They were bad, and for them as a painful punishment in the Hereafter, why is it so? Why Indonesia and afra? Because Allah says, can attack de Muslim will by you know, their messengers would come to them with clear evidences, clear evidences. What does it mean by that?

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proves that pointed to the truthfulness of the messengers, whether they were miracles, or they were the arguments that the messengers presented, or they were the scripture that they brought, will have a net, meaning the truthfulness of the messengers was very evident. However, what was the reaction of the people for kalu? But they said, A Sharia Donna? Is it people who are going to guide us? Is it men who are going to guide us? is a human being going to guide us? By Sharia, Donna?

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This is different about Sharon, this is for the purpose of dark amazement, meaning how is it possible human beings are meant to guide us or out of is the exact mockery that you're right humans are going to be guiding us by showing us do Nana.

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And if you think about it, this arrogance was found in people of the past, and also, in people have today that they're not willing to accept that a person could tell them what they're supposed to do. And other human being is telling them what they're not supposed to do. Many times people do not want to accept advice, they do not want to be corrected. If they're corrected, they get offended. Why? Because they say,

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Who are you? What makes you different from me? What gives you the right to correct me.

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So similarly, the people of the past, they cannot accept the fact that human beings were to guide them, to lead them to show them the way. So just because of this reason, *a follow, so they disbelieved. They refuse to believe in the messengers, what are low, and they turned away, turn away from what from reflecting on the bayonet. Because if they had reflected on the beginner, then the truth would have been very clear to them.

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But they didn't even bother to do that.

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They were low, they turned away from faith. They turned away from guidance, they turned away from believing and what happened was stolen Allah and Allah also dispensed with them a lot also had no need of them.

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When they turned away, it wasn't that a lot really wanted them to believe not what's done when Allah allowed to short is Lena istana is from the word is still not, and is still not is from Lena. What does Lena mean? To be rich to be free of want? And is still no is to get rid of something to manage without something. When you get rid of something, what are you showing? You don't need it. When you do away with something, you're showing that you are in no need of it. You're not dependent on it, you can do without it. So astelin Allah, Allah also got rid of them. He also dispensed with them. How? By destroying them. And he showed that he did not need them at all. He showed that he did not

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need those people at all. So what does it show to us over here? That when people disbelieve, then who are they harming? Only themselves. They cannot harm a lot at all. Because whether people believe or disbelieve, it doesn't make a difference to them. Remember that had is that if the first of you the last of you, the men and the gin, everyone were to become the most righteous would you increase in allas? Smoke at all? No. And if all of you became very evil, like the most evil amongst you, then would that decrease in Allah smoke at all? No, not at all. Not even a little bit.

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So it's done a lot, a lot so shorter than that he didn't care for them. He also showed to them that he didn't need them how that He punished them. He destroyed them into the alley and 197 we learned woman kafala for in the law, honey you and Elijah mean and whoever disbelieves and Indeed Allah is free of need afterwards meaning he doesn't need people will law hula need your Hamid and Allah is rich and he's also most praiseworthy. He is rich. He doesn't need people there worship there, Eamon No,

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and he is Hamid as well. He is praiseworthy for whatever he does for whatever he decides for whatever he creates

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how we see over here in this ayah

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That the cover of the people of the past has mentioned and what is that? That How is it possible that other human beings are going to guide us? This is something that almost every nation had a problem with, with their human messenger. This is something that even the people of the profits of the lotus and other people of Makkah, even they had a problem with that how is it possible that a human being is going to guide us? How come he has received revelation?

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internal Islam 94 we learned one moment our NASA human who is a human Buddha, Allah and follow a Verizon logo Basha Rasulullah, and what prevented the people from believing when guidance came to them, except that they said has a loss into human messenger. But what do we learn? Why is it that Allah sent to human messenger?

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Because who are people, human beings and further guidance who is needed a human being, if there were angels on the earth and along would have sent an angel messenger we learned earlier, instead of Juma that Allah is the one who has sent our soul to the moon from themselves.

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So every messenger that Allah sent to a people, who was he a human being, first of all, and secondly, he was one of them, why one of them, so that people could relate with him, so that people would not be afraid of him. Because if the messenger was not a human, and some other creation, then people will be frightened, they will be afraid,

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and they will not be able to relate with the messenger. It's not uncommon i a 24 Wheeler, and for carlu ever Sharon Minar were hidden, not available in either lovable alien wizard. And they said, Is it one human being among us that we should follow? Indeed, we would then be in error and madness. Meaning if we were to follow a human being, then we would be in error, we would be astray we would be crazy if we did that. So people of all times have this problem even till today.

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And many times we see that people have a problem with following the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as well. They said he was also a human being. Why do we have to follow him? He was after all a human being.

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But yes, he was a human being but Allah taught him something to deliver to you. Allah guided him. Well, my young did Cornell However, this is why you are to follow him.