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An-Nisa 36-50 Review 36-37

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For him

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that's number 58. Sort of Vanessa is number 36 to 50.

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We'll be going from I 36. We'll just do a quick recap.

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Wherever the let her run out to shake will be a

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worship of law and associate nothing with him.

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Wobble rarely Danish sirna and two parents do good.

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You will notice that many times, Rebecca is mentioned first and immediately after the parents are mentioned if sent towards parents as mentioned.

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Because of all those who deserve our obedience, is first of all who?

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Allah subhanaw taala. Why? Because he is our Holic. He has our logic.

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Therefore, he deserves our obedience he deserves our Riba

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and among the human beings, who is it that has done most stand upon us,

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our parents.

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So immediately after a bad, who has mentioned the parents and what the parents do their son,

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and you will notice that after the parents, the children are not mentioned?

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Why? Because the person will do x and towards its children. Anyway,

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he will do x&y, the children anyway. But children think that if they are doing your son towards their parents, it's a big deal.

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So, warble Wiley Bay near Santa

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and also assigned to who else will be they'll corba and two relatives?

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Don't forget the relatives, which are these, all those people who are related to you for generations up and for generations down?

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While yet while Mr. King and the authors as well as the needy,

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well, Jeremy Corbyn and the near neighbor, the neighbor who is living close to you, whose door is closer to your door, compared to the neighborhood's farther.

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Similarly, the new neighbor, who else does it refer to

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the neighbor who is also a relative,

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or the neighbor who is also a believer?

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Well, Jared in general, and also the neighbor that is farther away, because many times when we think that we're being good towards those people who are close to us, we neglect those people who are far from us.

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We think that if we're being kind and generous towards the person who's sitting next to us, we can ignore the person who's sitting behind us, or who is sitting two rows away from us. No, everyone deserves their son.

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So Jerry did corba while jejunal boat,

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well, fair, heavy Belgian, and the companion at your side

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was the companion at your side,

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I had Belgium,

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first of all the wife, the spouse mean the person who is living with you, who is always by your side, you eat together, you live together, you sit in the car together.

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So the person who was always by your side, these are some your son because many times we tend to ignore these people, we tend to ignore them even smile at them, so Salaam to them. So the companion at your site, in the companion exercise also refers to Who else?

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The people who are sitting next to you.

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So the companion at your site, perhaps Robin is severe. And also the traveler.

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woman may look at a mannequin, and those whom your right hands possess who does this refer to the slaves? and by extension, who else does it refer to the animals as well that a person owns?

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In a law her lay your head woman can have a stand in for hoorah. Indeed, a law does not like those who are self deluding, and boastful.

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Who is mokdad?

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What's the meaning of the word Mustang? It's from a CL. And what is this the army

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to imagine to suppose so Macbeth is someone who thinks that he is very great, who thinks that he's up there, but he's not actually great.

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He thinks that he has superiority, but he doesn't actually have superiority.

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So it's a person who is delusional, who is full of themselves, who is self considered and he doesn't realize his reality at the same time.

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And if you look at generally, what is it that stops us from doing action towards others?

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I am doing good already. I am doing enough already.

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They should be doing your son to me, why should I have to do their son to them?

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by for example, you go somewhere and you happen to see someone whom you know

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now one is that you are

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expect them to come and say Salaam to you, you expect them to smile at you.

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And the other is that you initiate.

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So mactan is someone who thinks of himself as a lot. So he wants other people to come to him. And he doesn't approach other people himself.

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A man does not like motel because motel cannot do air sign and others.

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And Allah also does not like who Sakura who is for hold

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that Upon doing something even very small, he cannot keep it to himself, he has to boast about it.

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Because for him, what is it for hardest clay with which battery is made. So if you touch it, if you're not good at what happens, there is a loud sound, there is an echo. So similarly for hold is someone who does something very small, but he cannot keep it to himself. He has to publicize it, he has to tell everybody about it.

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So my style is someone who because of his arrogance because of the self considers he doesn't do air sign.

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And for who to someone will Upon doing the least air sign as well. He shows off and that's it, he wastes his reward. A lead is not like such people.

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Rather Allah likes those people who are humble, those people who do assign and others and those people who have airfloss. Who do good only to please our last panel data

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are knocked out in four hole

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and Medina Bahadur Allah, those people who are stingy. They're stingy. What is beautiful. There are a person has, he doesn't spend it on others.

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And vocal is also to not spend where a person must spend.

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Like for example, if there is a person who is thirsty, they're looking for water. They can't find water anywhere. And you happen to have an extra bottle with you.

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So isn't it morally your responsibility that you give them that water? They're thirsty, they can't find it anywhere.

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So this is

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similarly if a person has to give Zakat, and he doesn't give Zakat he must give it and if he doesn't give it what is that book.

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Similarly, it's a person's responsibility to spend on his parents to spend on his children to spend on his spouse. Do not be stingy when it comes to giving a smile.

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So alladhina Yaga Luna, those who are stingy, were Millennium NASA Bilbo. And they also command others to be stingy. Why do they tell others to be stingy? Why, why do they tell others to be stingy?

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Because they won't feel bad about themselves in the sense that if you're doing something wrong, and another person is also doing something wrong, you feel confident, you feel you're not that bad.

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And their stinginess won't be revealed, their stinginess won't be highlighted.

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So alladhina Johar Luna way, moron and NASA will

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also command others to be stingy.

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And it also shows extreme selfishness,

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extreme stringiness, extreme self conceitedness, extreme hard heartedness that you see someone who is needing you fulfill their need. And if somebody else is trying to fulfill their need, you discourage them.

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You know, what is that you're unable to help someone. And if somebody else has helping you support them, you encourage them.

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But if you're able to, and you don't help the other person, and if somebody else is helping you discourage them as well, what is this show that you don't want any good for the for you don't want any good for the needy. So such a person is extremely selfish way more than unnecessary.

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And it's also reveals, like when a person is only concerned about himself and about his family, about his children, and he is not concerned about other people.

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Like, for instance, if you go somewhere, because in the previous day, we learned about your standards, even the Sahaba by your side. So for example, you're on the bus, or you're in the waiting room of the doctor's office, and you and your sister, you and your child are there. Now when is that an older lady comes in you said, you know, don't move your back from there. Don't because otherwise they'll sit?

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And why do people do that? Because we have to sit here for so long. And if you move then the other person is going to take your spot, where will you sit, I want you to sit, I don't want you to get tired. Don't you want the same good for the older person for the elderly. So it shows that a person is only concerned about himself about his comfort about his family, and he cannot care at all about others.

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We have morona ness available

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and they also hide their home alarm in public what Allah has given them of his father.

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And what is

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After a loss of Pandora has given to people of his father different things.

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Its food. Its provision, its clothing, its knowledge. Its Hidayat, its guidance. So now things are lost Pandora has given. So what do they do? Yak to moon, they can see what else Panther has given them on this photo. And notice how Allah says Jackson when a man fell Humala, a man has given it to them in the first place. It's not theirs, Allah has given them

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and they hide it from Allah. They hide it from the people of Allah, to hide it from the creation of Allah will elect a winner Adam will love them infinitely. Why did they hide it?

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So that nobody asks them?

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Because if they show it, other people are going to ask them

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similarly, they hide it Why? So that nobody reproaches them for them? Because if they show it, and they're not spending and others, what are the people going to say? Why don't you spend

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so we have to tell him along in family, what are detonating carefully now either mahina and we have prepared for the disbelievers a humiliating punishment, a disgraceful punishment.

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Now notice over here, it hasn't been set our dinner level, we have prepared for such people, meaning for the people who do boho, what is the word that is being used for them? gasoline costs?

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Because what is to cover something, to hide something to conceal something? So these people what are they hiding? The blessings that Allah Subhana Allah has given whether that blessing is of a man of Islam, or that blessing is of knowledge, that blessing is of risk. Whatever blessing Allah has given them, what are they doing? They're hiding. So for such people, there is a humiliating punishment.

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Why is it humiliating?

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Because it is their arrogance that has prevented them from sharing this blessing with other people.

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And when a person is arrogant, Allah subhanaw taala humiliates him.

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So what do we learn from this ayah?

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First of all, we learned about

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that broccoli is something that is unacceptable. Broccoli is something that is unacceptable.

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The rabbits are about a certain set, what a you there in Edward luminol.

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What disease is more serious than being stingy? Because when a person is stingy, what happens? He neglects himself, meaning he does not spend on himself. He does not spend on his children on his family of the poor on the needy. And when a person is stingy is not just energy about money. He's stingy about little things, but food about a small piece of something about one tissue, literally, and that makes his life difficult. That makes the life of other people difficult.

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So first of all, we learn about them of that how unacceptable boyhood is.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said we're a commercial, beware of being stingy. Why? Because it is what destroyed those people before you? How did it destroy them, it encouraged them to cut their relations.

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And they did. And it encouraged them to commit sad, and they did.

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What this book will do,

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it leads you to cutting your relations with

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your friends, your family, your immediate family, your extended family, and your son, on the other hand, is what

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to spend on your parents, on your relatives, on the traveler on the needy, on the poor.

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And Brazil, on the other hand, takes a person to cutting their relations off. And at the end, he has left alone with his money.

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I mean, who cares about him then and who cares about his money, he and his money and his things? That's it alone, a person is lonely. So, Boko leads the person to walk first of all cutting their relationships and secondly, sending

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What else do we learn?

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If you look at it, and kids man, both of them have been mentioned together. Why Because sometimes, a person will not be stingy towards his family, towards his children and spouse, but he will hide his money removed from his parents or vice versa. Why? Because if it is exposed, then he will be expected to spend he will be expected to do

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so behind kids man go together.

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Alternative and desire that a person who does something wrong.

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The person who does something wrong meaning who does an AMA that is wrong. Then he also becomes

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diary of su

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meaning he also calls other people did that same wrong action

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either actively, directly or indirectly.

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Because when you do something wrong, either you will want people to do that action with you, right because nobody wants to be alone.

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So, either person is going to tell other people, okay, you also do this, you also try this. And doesn't it happen with us you go to a restaurant and you tell other people definitely go there,

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you go to a store and buy something definitely go there, people like to tell other people, right.

00:15:39--> 00:15:48

So, when a person does something wrong, either he will directly invite others to that wrong action, or he will indirectly call other people to the wrong edge.

00:15:49--> 00:15:51

How will he indirectly call people

00:15:52--> 00:15:53

through his actions

00:15:54--> 00:15:58

that I am doing this and other people will follow Him in His example.

00:15:59--> 00:16:04

So a person who does I'm also he also becomes a very of soon

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a person who does a wrong action, he also becomes a color to the wrong action, which is why alladhina, Yamaha Luna, Marina, NASA Bilbo, they do both of themselves, and they also command other people to do but

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also learn from this idea that

00:16:21--> 00:16:39

a person who conceals what Allah spent Allah has given him he has been reproached. So we learn about them about the reproach for hiding something that allows parents Allah has given and remember that kids man, hiding something that Allah Subhana Allah has given is done in two ways.

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First of all, through fairly through action, what does that mean? that a person has been given some blessing, and nothing of the blessing is visible on him.

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He does not use the blessing, he does not show the blessing. He does not share the blessing, he does not benefit other people with that blessing. So first of all kits, man is done How? By ferry. And I mentioned you the Hadees earlier that our last panel started when he gives a blessing to a servant, that he is happy, he likes it, that it should be visible on the person. How would it be visible,

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that when a person will use it, when a person will share it when a person will benefit other people with it?

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And secondly, good man is done through code through words, how that a person says that I don't have this, and I don't have that I can't do this, and I can't do that. And I am needy, whereas he actually has those things. So he is pretending that he doesn't have anything, but he actually has it.

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Like for instance, sometimes we say, I don't have time at all. I'm very busy. We say it. So we're hiding the blessing that Allah Subhana Allah has given us off time how, by our words, whereas actually we have it where's the time going? We're killing that time by watching TV. We're killing that time by just useless conversations. And that same time could be used to help someone that same time could be used to improve our recitation, for example.

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That's the recitation of these verses.

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Wabi Sabi wanna malakut

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