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At-Taghabun 1-18 Translation 1-18

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Kareem birth for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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Silly Andrey better melissani Yakubu Kohli probenecid narodna. Lesson number 288, soda to toe Haagen Ayah number one to 18. translation, you serve the hill, it glorifies littler he for Allah, ma water, whatever, fist summer wet in the heavens, warm Earth, and whatever fill out in the earth Lahu for him allemaal qu, the Dominion water who and for him Alhamdulillah all praise or whoever, and He is Allah upon cliche in everything odilon always all able, who he is a lady, the one who hi Lacan, He created you from income, so from you, gaffield on disbeliever women come and from you, me non believer, well ah who and Allah Bhima with whatever Dharma Luna you all do. Basilan always all

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caulerpa he created a similarity the heavens while upper and the earth will help with the truth was so welcome and he shaped you for our center. So he beautified so Arakan, your shapes, where he lay he and to him, and mostly the destination,

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the airline will he knows man, whatever fist somehow whacked in the heavens, while and the earth way or the moon and he knows, man, whatever, to seal Runa you will conceal, warmer and whatever. During the noon you will reveal one law who and Allah or Lehman always all knowing that he with possessor a slew of the chests.

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Allen did not yet decom eight come to you never news and levena of those who cafaro they disbelieved. mencoba lu from before, further who so they tasted whether the evil consequence and Rahim of their affair, what a home and for them. Are there been a punishment, a Lehman painful? There Lika that the unknown who because indeed it can it it was that the him it comes to them, but also lihong their messengers, Bill by unit with the clear proofs for carlu. Then they said a shell by Sharon men. Yes, Dona Ana, they will guide us for careful so they disbelieved What are low and they turned away, was still there. And he became in No need. He was in no need. One law who and

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Allah, honey young, one who is free of need hamedan one who is praiseworthy?

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Zara zarma. He thought Alevtina those who cafaro they disbelieved on that land never UberX through they will be raised. Say Bella, why not? will be by my lord led to Barcelona, surely you shall definitely be raised. Some then led to enter but surely you shall definitely be informed, be man with whichever are meltem you will get whether Lika and that Allah Allah upon Allah Yes. Ilan very easy for me, no. So you all believe, believe in Allah, Allah suli he and his messenger when new andalite and Lady which einzelner we sent down Allah who and Allah Bhima with whatever, there are meluna you all do hubiera always all aware yolmer en de yeji Martin calm he will gather you, Leo for

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a day, a gem of the gathering there Lika that young day at the hub of the mutual loss and game while man and whoever you mean he believes biller in Allah, why are ama and he does sila Han righteous you can fit he will expand on who from him. So he it he his evils, his sins. Were you the Halo and he will admit him generating in gardens tragedy it flows, men from dirty hair underneath it and how the rivers Holly Dena once would well eternally Fie her in it other than

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Forever the Holika that Al foes is the success under Aleem the great.

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One Lavina and those who cafaro datas believed work at the end they denied the ayah Tina with our vs. Allah aka those us have our companions and now of the Hellfire, Holly Deena once obeyed eternally, Fie her in it will be, and how bad and must leave the destination.

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Man not a Saba it reached men from mostly but in any misfortune, any calamity. Illa except be in with permission, Allah of Allah, woman and whoever you mean he believes believe in Allah. Yeah, the key guides Allah who has heart will law who and Allah because cliche in with everything, are Lehman always all knowing what else we are and you all obey Allah Allah What else do you do obey Allah Sula, the messenger, for in then if there were later on, you will turn away for in Nima then indeed not but are allowed or solina upon our messenger albula the conveying Alma being the one clear

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Allahu Allah land not Ilaha any god Illa except who he or Allah and upon Allah, Allah failure tawakkol so he should trust me known the believers. Yeah, you have all alladhina those who am I know they believed in indeed men from as logical your spouse's or oladipo and your children, I do one enemy Lacan for you for the room, so be cautious of them, walk in and if they're fool you all Pardon? What does for who, and you will overlook what have you and you will forgive? For in than Indeed, Allah, Allah, or for on most forgiving? Or Haman always All Merciful innama indeed not but unwelcome your wealth are allowed to come and your children fit in atone a trial, one law who and

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Allah are in the who with him, as your own reward, or Lehman, great factor who so fear Allah, Allah, Ma, whatever? Is that our tone you're capable of? What's my rule and you all listen, what are clear and you will obey or unfair coup and you all stand higher on best, the unfussy comb for yourselves, woman and whoever you are, he is saved, show her selfishness nuptse he of herself, or should have stinginess for all Erica than those whom they are mostly shown those who are successful. In if you are lend Allah Allah, Allah alone has done a good job or a foo, he will double it, he will multiply it Luckily for you, while fair and he will forgive. Luckily for you, one law who and Allah shockula

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on most appreciative halimun most forbearing ottimo nor a labor of the unseen was Shahada and the same are xizhou the always Almighty and Hakeem the always always

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let's listen to the recitation

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